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[Foot Travel] Crocus to Magnolia

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[Foot Travel] Crocus to Magnolia Empty Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:16 am


Things were definitely different since he had become a Neko, he was still getting used to the idea of being a cat person, still somewhat ashamed about his transformation, he had been wearing his armour, even more, squishing his cat hairs down as he donned his helmet and wrapped his tail around his body when he donned the torso portions of his armour. Whilst the situation wasn’t comfortable in the slightest he didn’t mind pushing through the tight fit. Fortunately for him he would be going to Magnolia town where he could easily have his armour reworked to accommodate his racial changes, even now he was incapable of using his claws with them damaging the glove portion of his armour in the process, this, of course, meant he needed to actually get to the town first. He had gone to the peaceful town several times in the past and it would like to be the same as those times, with his companion still missing it would require far more effort to travel from here to there than he was used to, in that regard he hoped that his companion would eventually return to him perhaps on his journey to Magnolia, for now, he didn’t know.

Leaving the capital city Kon was greeted by open grassy plains for the initial portions of the journey then from time to time becoming woodlands. Eventually though when entered the town there was little for him to do with Alice likely still far behind so instead of knowing that she would like to stay at the bed and breakfast they stayed in as last time. It was a fine establishment from what he could recall and when he approached he was met the lovely couple who owned the building. They, fortunately, had a spare room for both her and himself wasting no time he booked the room and threw his stuff into the rented room.


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