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The Search [Kon]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

The Search [Kon] Empty Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:14 am

Tori Lancaster
Arriving in Crocus, Tori was determined to find Sakama. Her wounds were still healing and she was still in pain, but not enough to stop her from finding the green haired girl whom she wronged so greatly. Before too long, she found herself in a square of sorts. A plaza filled with all manner of citizens. It was as good a place to start as any.

"Hello." she greeted a man on the corner. "I'm looking for a girl with light green hair, goes by the name Sakama. Any chance you might have seen anyone like that?" she questioned, only to have the man reply he hadn't seen anyone with green hair that day. She probably missed her, but she had to try. Just then she saw a heavily armored man and assumed him to be a member of the town guard or even the royal military, considering this was where the royal family lived.

Approaching him, her wounds started to ache again, but she pushed through. "Excuse me, sir. I'm looking for a missing person. Could you help me?" she inquired. Should the man agree to assist her, she would go on to describe Sakama to him. "She looks as young as me, late teens to early 20s, greenish blue hair, and blue eyes." She omitted describing what she was wearing when they last met, considering it had been a couple of weeks at least and she would probably be wearing something different. "She goes by the name Sakama." She finished her description, unfortunately having nothing else to help. She hoped the man would be able to help her, or at least point her in the right direction. As she waited for him to reply, the seconds felt like years. And every second she waited to see Sakama again hurt worse than every would Cell had given her.


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Standing in the heart of the town, Kon's thoughts had been plagued by something, his newly acquired power it had devastating effects on the person he had targeted. He hadn't heard anything since the incident so it was safe to assume that she hadn't died in the process of him taking her down. Raising his gloved hand he looked at it through his visor of the expensive helmet he was wearing and smiled. "Yes, I can use this." He said softly to himself, clenching his hand into a ball as he spoke. While he focused on his hand, an individual who he could now strongly recognise from multiple interactions approached him, Tori... "What the heck was she doing here?" He thought to himself, Unable to recognise him in the armour, he was questioned regarding a missing person. Looking back he normally would have just done his duty taken down the information and sent her on their way. Things had changed though within his behaviour towards people and he was starting to like the absently minded lass.

Removing his helmet to make sure there was no mistaking identity. "Unfortunately Tori I'm sorry to say I haven't spoken to a girl under that name, those characteristics, however, may bear some importance as girl matching them took a hostage the other day and forced my hand to put her down." He said going gradually colder. "She isn't dead though, the rune knights arrested her to be taken to the prisons in Era town." Remembering back to the incident, what she said stayed within his thoughts. "She wanted to say to you from her "Thanks for giving me false hope in humanity."" he said with slight confusion. "Attacking the girl was never my intention, she forced my hand by taking a senior citizen as a hostage and cutting the old man like a dog."

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Tori Lancaster
Tori looked on as the man removed his helmet to reveal his identity as being someone Tori had met before. Konstantin, a member of the Rune Knights looked down at the Fairy Tail mage with a look of despair. He apologized for not knowing the name, but regaled her with the tale of a woman he apprehended some time ago. Apparently, she matched Tori's description of Sakama and said that she had taken a citizen hostage. This forced the knight to use force to stop her before she brought harm to anyone. As Tori listened to the man, tears began to well in her eyes, but she was trying with everything she had to hold back.

It was when he delivered her message..that was what did it. The words echoed in her head as she stared at Konstantin blankly. "THANKS FOR GIVING ME FALSE HOPE IN HUMANITY." Tori could no longer hold it in. Her legs gave out, causing her to fall to her knees. This sent waves of pain through her torso, but those pailed in comparison to the waves of pain that currently flooded her heart. She sobbed uncontrollably on the ground, burying her face in her hands. As she wept, she cried out. She was unaware of whether anyone could make out the words that escaped, but she didn't care either. "SAKAMA, I'M SO SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" she cried, knowing the words wouldn't reach her, but hoping with everything she had for a miracle. "I NEVER MEANT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN! SAKAMA, PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHING!" she shouted, uncaring about the scene that she was making in the middle of the street.

Passersby slowed as they passed in an attempt to see what was going on, some mumbling to each other with thoughts of the cause of the sobbing woman. Tori was officially broken.


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Kon neither had the time nor the patience to watch as Tori balled her eyes out on the ground asking for her beloved Sakama to forgive her. He cared little for her problems and felt no sympathy towards the woman who chose to take pity upon herself instead of taking a look at the cause of the issue at hand. A man of action he swiftly bent down and grabbed her skinny frame from one of her arms ignoring any pleas that she would make. "Look Tori, Sakama wasn't well, I don't know what kind of relationship you think you had with her but you need to think about your own life choices don't let her weigh you down." Whether or not Tori had taken his advice was not his concern he wasn't her or anyone's life coach nor did he like the idea of ever being one. "Now I have things to do You should find something else to distract yourself, take up a hobby, join the rune knights and serve your community, heck go find yourself in a camping retreat." Said in complete seriousness expect for the last suggestion with heavy sarcasm.

"See you around kid, perhaps when we see each other you'll be more willing to talk to me with a clear head." Letting go as he finished and beginning to walk away from the depressed Fairy Tail mage. Formerly he might have helped her however things had changed he was bound by no rules and instead felt no need.


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Tori Lancaster
Tori listened through her tears as the knight spoke to her, doing what little he could to console her, if that was even his intention. He told her that Sakama wasn't well and told her that she should basically cut her losses. She felt lost and all alone, but Kon had suggested that she do something such as take up a hobby. She thought that might help, but what? As he bid her farewell and took his leave, Tori stayed in the knelt position trying to put together some remnants of a stable mind. She looked around and saw the many people staring at her, and quickly got up and hurried away from the scene. She found an alley nearby, dark and abandoned. She leaned against the wall and thought to herself. If Sakama was a lost cause, then what would she do next?

Regaining her composure, albeit slowly, she decided that she should head back home to Magnolia and hope that something was there waiting for her to ground her back to reality. Maybe some more work, as she was sure that no one else needed help with anything around Crocus any longer. Not to mention Kazumi was likely there. She had to apologize to her as well, and attempt to right the wrong that befell the crystal mage. Tori sighed deeply and figured she might as well get it over with. Heading back towards the gate, she noticed an orange blur rushing towards her. "Psyduck!" he called out, wobbling to his friend.


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