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Travel Crocus to Hargeon [ Foot travel]

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Alisa had been quite lazy lately... It started as simply following leads that became dead ends more often than not, and ultimately wound up staying in Crocus far longer than intended. Hardly a bad idea mind you, the capital was a lovely place. That said, even a lone roaming cloud had to come home eventually, and that time was nigh.

Walking would help her exercise, but mostly Alisa wanted to take the scenic route under this lovely spring sky, bright and cloudless. Her cool blue dress hugged her figure nicely around her bust, but below that fluttered gracefully with the breeze: all in all a refreshing choice outfit for a nice stroll... A nice, 3 day long stroll... The woman brushed a lock of Raven hair behind her ear, then adjusted the hem of her dress, pulling it a bit higher on her breast. For the sake of class more that modesty really, Alisa was after all a vain girl from Blue Pegasus, devoting so much of her focus to appearance other things took to the background...

To her left, litwick hopped along after her with a cheerful look, under the cool shade of the overhanging canopy. Made sense, being a living candle and all that... But he (or she, Alisa hadn't quite figured that out yet) was also the silent type, so tlhis would be exactly that kind of journey, with nothing but singing birds and rustling leaves gracing their ears... But that too, was perfect...

She had to wonder if he too would be able to evolve like some other mage's partners... She saw no reason why he couldn't really, but that said, she wasn't really comfortable taking such a cute little thing somewhere he might get hurt. She was a fighter, though she wasn't always as collected a battler as she was now... Blue Pegasus had changed that for her... And she was coming back

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