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Remove the Drunk

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Remove the Drunk Empty Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:34 pm


Stars littered the cloudless sky, pale in comparison to the beauty of the full moon. Konstantin had been on duty since the morning with his new companion, Sparky by his side. Whilst slightly tired he had heard about a new scene in town that seemed to be attracting the attention of a lot of people around his age. Wanting to socialise a bit more outside of the Rune Knights, he made his way there with his pet following after him. He was surprised about the loyalty that he already had towards Konstantin. Wanting to treat the beast, he fed him a treat as they walked further to their destination. As it turned out, the place was none other than a done-up warehouse that had been turned into a bar which Mitya’s mother spoke of when he was looking after her.

The entry to such a place was fronted by a crowd of individuals standing against an exceedingly tall individual dressed in a tightly fitting suit, pushing his way through the crowd he revealed his status as a rune knight granting him instant access. With him being welcomed into the bar with open but reluctant arms, he thanked them for letting him through.

Before going to far away from the bouncer out the front, he was pulled aside and informed that the barkeep needed someone with a bit of authority to deal with a situation. Understanding the circumstances of what the man was referring to he went to the front of house to buy a drink and get the latest news about everyone here as a ruse. His interest in the others were purely out of interest rather than acting as a Rune Knight as he was no longer on duty.

Having acquired his drink, a whiskey on the rocks, Konstantin bent down and pet Sparky, scratching him behind his ears before looking around at the other unusual members in the club. The Barkeep introduced himself after taking a glance from the bouncer who pointed him out. “So you’re the rune Knight? Mind taking care of some business for me?” with suspicion running through his head Kon replied. “Hmm it depends on the job itself elaborate for me.” Placing down the glass he was polishing, the man continued on with his request. “A man, Mitya will be coming here, he likes to drink my booze and make problems with my customers just make sure he doesn’t get out of hand.”

Recognising the name, Kon nodded and accepted the request. “Of course sir I’ll keep an eye on him.” After finishing off his first glass of whisky and half way through his second, Mitya arrived at the bar with bouncer out front letting him through without hesitation, which confused Kon considering the trouble the barkeep implied he caused there. Reaching the bar front, Kon greeted him with a firm handshake. “It’s good to see you again Mitya how is your mother still baking I hope?” Despite his pleasant behaviour towards him, Mitya didn’t respond in kind instead looking at the barkeep directly after the handshake and speaking to him from the side. “She’s good, and yes continuing her cooking even now.”

The first couple of beers the messy haired man appeared fine however as the night due on his behaviour worsened swearing, provoking people to fight him as well as blatantly sexual harsh a scantily clad lady that was working by. Finding his rudeness completely out of line Kon stomped the bottom of his staff directly onto the ground and spoke to him bluntly. “Mitya cease this foolish behaviour or I’ll remove you from the bar by force.” Sizing Kon up, he ignored his demands only for him to be dragged out by his collar by the blonde haired necromancer with a grimace on his face. “Why oh why did I have to deal with you tonight?”

Multiple times the man tried to slip his way through back into the bar however the door was now practically blockaded with people and his sense of balance wasn’t one hundred percent causing him to fall over multiple times. Pulling him from the puddle that he managed to fall into Kon lifted him up to his feet and began to drag him back to the apartments where his mother resided.

“Come on let’s take you back to your mother’s apartment to cool off.” His statement seemed to annoy the drunk depends due to their relationship however it was not his concern whether they got along with each-other walking through the streets, he eventually cooled off enough to walk by himself without Kon having to support him. Apologising for his rudeness he clasped his hands together in the hopes that he’d leave him alone and not leave him at his mother’s place. Unconcerned about his wishes Kon pushed him up the apartment pulled out the key that matched the room, opened the door and threw the man into the apartment before closing the door behind him.

Annoyed that his evening had been wasted watching over Mitya, he returned to the bar to collect his reward. The lights to the bar front were now closed with the doors locked, the barkeep was now out front with what looked like a wad of jewels waving it in the air with a grin as kon drew closer. Eventually the man spoke to kon directly. “Thank you for looking after that silly bugger, here’s your reward in full, say I know you were happy about doing the job obviously you wanted to relax otherwise you wouldn’t have been here, how about I treat you to something I’ve been keeping for a special occasion.” Interested to what the man was offering he accepted causing the man to reopen the bar stride over to the bar and pull out a dusty nondescript bottle. “Triple distilled whiskey sixty years old, older than me and definitely older than you.” Smiling to himself as he poured a glass for himself and Kon, he took a sip and was stunned by the quality and richness of the alcohol. “It’s a fantastic bottle, thank you.”


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