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Distraction [Request][Kon]

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In a bold, red font the words, Help Wanted!, occupied one third of the notes paper with a large remaining portion containing a photo of the client with a tiny portion of information regarding the request itself all Kon could identify clearly from it was that the cleint’s name was Jelies Sov, who was the head guard of a noble family in Orchidia town, the Muramasas, Kon himself had once meet the family as a guest of one of their events however today he knew he would be a worker for the event in one way or another. Slipping the parchment into one of the pockets in his vest, he went to the castle by just simply remembering the path from a few years ago, little had changed save for the trees growing in size and a pavement path instead of a dirt one. Eventually reaching the entrance of the castle, only stopped by a man dressed in ridiculous attire who seemed to be anxiously awaiting his arrival. “Are you the florist?, Where the heck have you been?, Where are all the flowers?” Perplexed by his line of question Konstantin shook his head to all of his queries. “I’m not the florist, I’m here for a request from a uhh mister Sov, Jelies Sov?”

A man apparently overhearing the conversation made his way towards them allowing the other gentleman to leave. “On your way Steve.” Looking up and down at kon before taking a quick glance at his companion, he greeted Kon. “Well Hello sir, I understand that you’re here to take the request?, I guess I should elaborate on what I need you to do for me.” Looking left and right before talking once more. “There’s a party that’s suppose to be taking place here in the castle however there’s a old man goes by the name of Leis every day he comes up here to badger us however it would look poorly if he were to appear here today I need you to take him away from the castle at least until the party is completely finished.”

Grumbling at the task he had been assigned Kon reluctantly agreed though had a few questions to ask Jelis. “Why did you hire me instead of getting one of your guards?” With a slight amount of sweat appearing on his face, he responded surprisingly honestly. “There’s a jewel that the family has rumored to have we need most of the guards defending it whilst the party is happening to prevent its theft.” Understanding the situation, Kon questioned him regarding Leis himself. “So who is Leis, the man you spoke of earlier?” Sighing and looking directly at Kon, “He’s a deranged elderly individual who proclaims everything to be an illusion just get him out of my hair, please, He’s generally here at about 12 as soon as you see him take him away.” Recognising the senstivity of the job at hand, he put up his hand and nodded multiple times at the man. Looking away from the man, he thought to himself “Another crappy job in the hopes that it will lead to something eh kon?”

With the knowledge of Leis not appearing for several more hours he requested from his client just before he left to return to his post for a coffee and some toast, the man’s timid response surprised him causing a steward to appear about half an hour later with his coffee and toast. Eating his breakfast at his leisure the steward continue to stand by his side until he was done, at which point he hastily returned to the castle. Eventually the arrival of Leis was announced by the squeak of a wheel looking in its general direction, hopping off where he was sitting, he approached the noise causing a elderly man in a wheelchair to come into his vision as he reached the top of a hill.

When the crazy old man finally reached him, Kon stopped in front of him, speaking to him an authoritarian manner he attempted to redirect the man. “Sorry sir you can’t pass through here there’s an event on at moment you’ll have to leave.” Swearing under his breathe the man tried to push his way past him, none the less Kon didn’t move. Not wanting to make a scene considering there were guests arriving soon, he had to think quick on his feet. As he need to get him away from the castle, Kon offered the man to buy him some lunch. “Sir how about I buy you some lunch and we can talk about why you keep coming to the castle despite the owner's dismay.

Reluctantly Leis didn’t put up much resistance, and will allowed Kon to turn him around back to the streets of Orchidia to a cafe that he had become fond of. Passing through the streets people gave various looks at him and Leis due to his unusual behaviour, occasionally becoming lucid and speaking about his wife to Kon as he pushed him to the cafe. Apparently he had lost his wife a few years ago, she was his main caregiver taking him around town when he lost the use of his legs in a tragic caravan accident which crippled him a decade prior.

Eventually they arrived at the cafe where the waiter greeted him with a wave and cleaned up a table for him outside, there the two of them had lunch with him purchasing a pie and some tea and Leis ordering some fish and chips. Thankful for the Kon’s generosity, Leis requested he do one final favour and lead him back to his house, reaching his home he thanked him spending time with him along with the free lunch.

Fireworks could be heard in the background announcing the end to the event which signified in essence the completion of Kon’s job as such he made his way back to the castle knowing that the man was now back home. Jelies appeared happy, relieved and perhaps a little bit drunk when he finally caught up with him grabbed Kon by his shoulders and pulled him forth into a deep bear hug before giving him his reward and sending him on his way. “Thank you sir for your work.” he shouted out to Kon as he left the castle grounds.


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