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All In A Day's Work [Request][Kon]

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With a sigh, Kon tore a note from the noticeboard, he had grown sick of completing these dull requests the day in, day out. This note was from a gentleman named Dex who was a self-proclaimed detective, little was said in the note beside the reward and the location where he would be to elaborate on the quest itself. Folding up the paper and placing it inside his right pocket, Kon returned his hand to his staff formerly resting on the board and called forth his companion and walked to the coffee shop to meet his client.

Approaching the coffee shop, only one person could be seen outside whom he assumed was his client, approaching the man who was focused on his coffee, Kon coughed whilst covering his mouth to announce his presence to him. Startled by his appearance the man’s grasp on his drink weakened causing some of his scolding hot coffee to spill onto his lap. Wincing in pain the man quickly placed down his cup onto the table and dabbed his pants with a napkin. Kon couldn’t help but wince as well imagining the pain of similar scolding hot coffee on his own crotch.

Grumbling to himself as he mopped up as much as he could, Dex responded to Kon’s presence. “Damn it, man, at least say hello to a person instead of just coughing at them, who are you and what do you want?” Already knowing this was going to be a difficult request in regards to testing his patience Kon spoke to him calmly and clearly. “I am Konstantin, a member of the rune knights and I’ve come to aid you in your request.” Looking at the Blonde-haired mage Dex rose from his chair and did a once over on Kon nodding as he recognised him as a mage with his unusual clothing, staff and companion. “Alright, Alright, let me just finish off the rest of this coffee.” With a quick slurp of the remaining black drink, he threw down some jewels and pushed Kon towards the streets with Sparky following directly after them.

Walking down the street the detective began to ask the citizens of the town, first the baker who seemed perplexed about the man along with the murder he spoke of, later briefly pulling Kon aside to inform him that he was a loony as they left the bakery, then a merchant that was on his way to Era town that simply shook his head about his questions, eventually Dex grew desperate and looked through various objects with Kon having to remain on guard to make sure nobody spotted him though at the same time he seemed to have forgotten he was a rune knight and could charge him with a whole assortment of claims.

Kon finally had to put a stop to Dex’s disillusions when he tried to beat something out of an elderly woman, pulling him off the poor woman, Kon shouted at him without falter and with authority. “Dex get a hold of yourself there has been no murder here, no-one here has seen anything if your claims regarding a murder are true then tell me everything about them.”


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The detective merely laughed at Kon’s demands, “Bahaha, you think I’d let you see my evidence, MURDERER!, I know what you are.” With a roll of his eyes, Kon was in no mood for this as such he simply took it upon himself as Dex continued to remain on the ground to bind his hands as he began to swear at him and pleaded for help from others. Wanting to ensure that matters didn’t get out of hand by others interfering Kon rose up his voice over his client and informed the community that he was simply taking the man somewhere he could cool off.

After a long and tedious walk with him resisting the entire way through the two made it to the Rune knights base in Orchidia town, it was basic, to say the least though had enough to house someone for a period of time. Placing the deranged “detective” into one of the holding cells, Kon spoke to him in a calm fashion trying to level him out. “Dex do you know where you are?” With multiple expletives later and pleas for help, mercy and begging he spoke surprisingly lucidly. “Yes Kon, I know exactly where I am, I’m in the Rune Knight holding cells I’ve been here numerous times.” With a deep sigh, Kon began to question the man properly this time. “Dex what happened was there really a murder?” Looking down his knees and fiddling his fingers. “My wife she died 3 years ago, they couldn’t find the murderer so everyday i go out and look for clues but nothing, damn it nothing.”

Feeling the pain of losing a loved one, Kon couldn’t help but accept the man’s response though the extent of what he was doing he couldn’t justify. “Dex I’m going to have to leave you to cool down in here for a day or two, I’m guessing you know the drill?” With a nod, he approved to the punishment before telling him the location of his reward. “It can be found at the coffee shop we went to earlier just tell the owner of the shop that you’ve come to pick up a package I left behind.” Acknowledging kon’s vigilance and stopping him before things got too out of hand he quickly thanked him before he left.

Bidding the man farewell, Kon left the rune knight base and returned to the coffee shop speaking to the owner regarding his reward before ordering a coffee for himself. He, himself wasn’t an avid fond of coffee instead it was merely a nod to Dex using his reward money to indulge himself on something his client seemed so fond of. Looking at his companion as he sat down outside. “What a strange man, so quick to point fingers, I suppose we will have to be more careful here in Orchidia considering the man’s outburst regarding him.” Resting his face in his hands Kon looked out towards the main street of the town, unfortunately, the word had got around as such kon was getting weird looks as such he quickly finished his drink and left to his hotel.


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