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Travelling to Worth Woodsea [Travel Oak to WWS]

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Travelling to Worth Woodsea [Travel Oak to WWS] Empty Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:32 pm

Yumi stood in the room of the inn she had rented. The old woman was packing her things intending to leave oak for a while. For some reason while she had been conversing with her fellow guildmates a feeling had washed over her. The feeling had caused her magic to stir and something to rise within, a desire to travel to the Worth Woodsea. She did not know why she needed to travel there only that something, something familiar was telling her to go there. Her familiar Venom was floating about watching her as she walked about packing a small rucksack with clothes. She removed her clothing from the dresser folding it neatly before putting it inside. Once she had the last inside she tied the rope off and threw the bag over her right shoulder, holding onto the draw string with her right hand.

Yumi was ready to get going. The old woman left her room shutting the door and headed down the stairs towards the reception deck. The old lady placed her room keep on the desk, where she then began to organise paying for the days she had spent. Yumi removed a wad of jewels from her kimono with her left hand and began counting. It was a thousand jewels a night and she had been there for ten nights. Yumi counted out ten thousand jewels and placed them on the counter before filling her information in, using a fake name of course. Yumi then used a fake signature before saying her goodbyes and departing from the inn. She ignored the looks she received as she walked out the front door and stepped into the crowd of oak. The old woman's gaze fell onto the crowded streets as she forced her way into the crowds, making her way to the front gates.

While the streets was busy, they were quiet. Yumi enjoyed the peace as she walked through the streets, her feet quietly touching the stone floor. Yumi pushed through the crowds arriving at the gates. She removed her ID a fake made by the guild with a fake name and everything. She showed the ID and got it stamped before leaving the gate. She began making her way down the path, Venom following loyally behind her. The old woman came to a stop five meters from the entrance of Oak. She turned around facing the town home to the dark guild of Phantom lord and a popular spot for her own guild Grimoire Heart. Yumi hadn't expected to be travelling so soon again, but she could not ignore the feeling that she needed to go to the worth wood sea. Even worse was the image of a decaying temple that flashed in her dreams over the last couple of nights. A stone temple, covered by darkness, one hidden deep in the worth wood sea.

Yumi did not know why she knew it was in the worth wood sea just that something was compelling her to travel there. The old woman felt as if she was going into a trance that she was herself yet not herself at the same time. She felt like a haze was encompassing her mind, to lead her to the temple she needed to find. A feeling told her if she travelled and found this temple what she desired most would be granted onto her, that her youth would be returned. The one thing Yumi desired more than anything was for her youth to return so that she could continue to worship and act in the name of her Chaotic God Malum, the one said to be called 'The Evil One'.

Yumi turned away from oak and began making her way along the path that would lead her to Worth wood sea. No doubt she would see much on her travel to a land that was days away, but she knew when she arrived she would find something gravely important. She had this feeling that by finding the temple she would become even stronger. The old woman took another step forward and her eyes glazed over as she began walking as if compelled by an unknown force. As she walked in her trance her familiar Venom followed close behind not wanting to be lost. The creature was confused at its masters actions but followed as it was loyal.

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