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Scold the Brat [Quest & Solo]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Scold the Brat [Quest & Solo] Empty on Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:01 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was rather bored this morning, as she was not sure what to do. She knew what she needed but not sure how to get it. She wanted to do another job, she had gotten a few before but that was Yami that arranged it all, she actually had found one quest that he had already taken, the note was only on the board. She tabbed her foot on the floor, as she was pacing back and forth trying to find a way of how to work for that.

She had to actually finish dressing up because she was walking in a black and white t-shirt and black jeans but was still missing a vest and socks including shoes. She sighed as she thought that the only reasonable thing to do was head out and find a job in the stores or notes or anything that would point out that someone needed help, maybe she should visit the doctor's witch shop as she had done before, again with Yami. She actually wanted to leave Phantom Lord but she needed money for that, or well not specific for that but to be able to buy weapons to be able to defend herself, to feel safe. Selena wasn't here, Yami was though and he wanted to leave too, she wasn't alone. Or well nto as alone as she always had been, she was alone now at this point.

She found some socks in her drawer and but on the black ankle boots that she had and found a dark red vest that would keep her a little bit warmer. She got her black trenchcoat and thought she was ready to leave after she grabbed her purse. She quickly went downstairs to grab some food, even though it wasn't really tasty here, she needed something right now if she wanted to go out immediately, so she got herself a grilled cheese, you couldn't ruin that, could you now? Well she was wrong but she ate it none the less. She needed to eat something after all.

Not much later she was standing in front of a door of some shop, it said help wanted and she was wondering if it was about help in the shop. She looked passed the sign and stepped inside and walked to the person behind the counter, with her thumb she pointed back behind her, "I see you need help, what's it about?" The shop owner, apparently it was him, sighed heavenly and told her the whole story because she seemed like an honest person. Ha that was funny. She ignored that part and simply crossed her arms and keeps listening, that there was an orphan boy that keeps stealing goods from his shop. She nodded and got slightly where this was heading, a job without Yami! And it wasn't occupying a shop because that would just be boring, though easy. Probably easier than finding this kid because she had no idea what he looked like,

"That's him over there." Alice quickly turned her heel to stare at the boy that was just passing the shop front with a eye on the wares that were there. Obviously looking for something to sneak away, "I get it. See you in a bit." All she had to do was make sure he wouldn't do it anymore. She quickly hurried to the door, opened it and took a few quick steps outside. Her eyes scanning the surroundings to her left to find him, her eyes shortly met his and off he darted. "Hey wait!" which was obviously a stupid thing to go for and she found it rather annoying that she did it but she ran quickly after him. Damn the kid was fast, very fast.

Alice had to give everything in her own body to go and get behind him, even if he was fast, he was still a kid and her legs were longer. She finally got him but he slipped out of her hands again and ran away again. Nothing to look at, she thought. Which was kind of obvious that everyone seemed to be staring after she yelled for the kid. Someone pointed out which way he went and she sighed a thank you before she started running again. She wondered if Yami would have caught him in two seconds, because of the long strides. Damn it. She needed to hurry, this was definitely not the fun job she had in mind, she would rather have stayed in the shop.

She rounded a corner and came to a dead end, she was sure the child Jerr should have entered this alley too but he was no where to be seen. However there were a few trash cans where he easily could have hid himself behind. She turned around as if she didn't know, shrugged "Damn must have lost him." However she prepared to summon her bow and as she focused on her hearing, she could hear something to the left and pointed her bow at that and let one arrow escape, she could hear a squeak, "Come out or I'll shoot again." This thing wasn't a weapon on children but she had to do something to get this mission over and done with.

Finally the boy appeared, he had a scared yet proud look on his face and Alice didn't like him, she simply knew that. She kept the string of the bow loose but still two fingers on it, "I'm a fast shooter." she warned him, and he seemed to understand, "This is by the way your last warning. Another stealing round and I'll hunt you down and shoot again and this time, I promise I won't miss on purpose." She tried to let her voice sound sugar sweet to make it mayb even more scarier, "Now come on. You have some apologizing to do." she seriously hoped no one would ever bust her out like that. She didn't like the idea herself but if it worked, than her job was done.

She walked behind Jerr, still her bow in hand but her right hand had let go of the string. It was now just a warning. They arrived back at the shop and the kid apologized and the two of them let him leave. The shop owner thanked Alice and gave her a sum of money before she took off.


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