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More Hunting and Gathering [Yumi]

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Yumi tsked in mild annoyance as she stood at the gate of Oak town. She had received a request from the insane Doctor Stephan Mabuz, who she had already taken a number of requests for two involve the testing of unique magical tags the other to collect rare and illicit goods. Now she had been hired again, since she apparently did so well. It seemed Yumi's no fuss work ethic rung with the doctor. She was quick to get the jobs done, did not ask questions and just wanted to get paid. Yumi did not care what the task was as long as she got paid for it then she would do it.

So here the old woman was once again preparing to do another request for the insane doctor. With her floating directly behind was the old woman's companion or familiar as she called him, Venom, a rare duskull that seemed to have gotten attached to her and would not leave her alone. She had grown fond of the odd little creature over the few months they had been paired. it was nice to have a travelling companion even if it could not talk to her, the creature did understand human tongue well enough though and always seemed to know what she was saying.

Yumi pulled the quest out of her right kimono sleeve and unrolled the A4 paper poster in order to read over the details. The good Doctor Stephan Mabuz was after a dark green leafy fern-like herb that grew at the top of a tall hill that would no doubt require effort. The old woman tsked in mild annoyance, she was in no mood to do any climbing but if it meant getting paid she would do it. Not like there was that many options in terms of quests at the moment, things seemed a little slow as of late with only the odd D ranked quest to be taken here and then. There was no use in complaining.

The old woman left the streets of oak parting through the gate that led to the outside of the hill town. She began her travels towards the location of the herb. The sun was high in the sky as it floated above her, rays shining down upon the old woman. She raised an arm blocking out the sun's rays as she made her way down the dirt path. On the back of the quest poster was a map that was leading the religious zealot to her quest location. The old woman walked in silence, her familiar floating behind not wanting to be left at town. The two travelled in silence ignoring the looks they received, it would be odd for such an old woman to be traversing through such a hilly area, even more so with her odd companion. But the two paid it no mid. The old woman had long since learnt to forgo what others thought of her, there was no need in fussing about the ideals of others.

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Yumi made her way down the path finally arriving at the bottom of the designated hill. Yumi looked up at the scaling green hill, giving a scowl in annoyance. This would take a little effort to climb with her current age. If she was younger this would not be a problem, but Yumi was 75 and while she was still physically fit she was not a young witch. She would be drained after this and require rest once the quest was completed. She would have to state to the dear doctor that she was not doing anything this strenuous again. Yumi began to stretch her limbs getting her old bones ready for the climb that was to come. Yumi cracked her joints and allowed her bones to roll in place as she moved her muscles preparing herself.

Yumi took the first inclining step and began to make her way up the hill. It had a large incline, and the hill was quite high up, no doubt after today she would find her endurance or stamina had risen after this. It would be a decent work out for the old woman, who had not exercised for some time in the last months. She had slacked off every so slightly in her training in order to relax. She was an old woman she was not as spry as she used to be, she got exhausted more often than she used to. Tasks that were never strenuous were now exhausting to the old woman, climbing stairs were a pain as well as it made her joints ache.

Yumi inhaled deeply before exhaling as she trekked up the hill, following the path ignoring the looks she received from passer byes. The old woman made her way to the top, walking for what seemed like minutes. She could already feel a little stiffness forming in the back of her legs but she pushed on forcing her ageing body to move. She had pride in her own abilities and would not let something like age beat her. With one final step Yumi made it to the top and relaxed a breath. The old lady stretched her limbs allowing her shoulders to pop before she began to rub the back of her legs to relieve the ache that had formed. Once she was done she began looking for the herb she needed. It did not take like to find the very green fern. Once she had she retrieved the amount she needed and made her way back down the hill, taking her time so she did not roll down and hurt herself.

Yumi headed back to town silence falling upon her, her familiar Venom still following as always. The two made their away across the path and through the gates of oak before heading to the streets in the direction of the doctors shop. After finding the store once again the old lady walked on in, Venom remaining outside. Yumi spotted the doctor behind the counter so she approached setting the fern down on the counter top. The doctor inspected it before acknowledging it was what he was after. After doing so he handed Yumi the jewel reward. Carnage stored the money away and left retrieving venom along the way and headed back to the Inn to rest and recover.

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