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Coffee with Friends [Salem]

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Breakfast has always been one of Konstantin’s favourite meals of the day, it was something that would start the best of days or if avoided leave him starving and disgruntled. Today he sure wasn’t going to miss the chance to savour the local foods that he normally wouldn’t have the chance to taste. So after having a quick hot shower cleaning out the dirt from his golden hair Kon got dressed, left his room and exited the inn he was now staying at. Sparky was outside shivering slightly as an icy gust of wind blew through the center of the street, he was there as like many places he wasn’t allowed to stay inside, so Konstantin made the best of the worst situation. He had purchased a number of things the day beforehand to ensure that Sparky wouldn’t be too cold for the night including a blanket, a warming lacrima and he placed that in the more enclosed section of the porch binding it with magic to ensure only he could move it out of position, after all the lacrima had been rather expensive and Sparky seemed to be quite fond of the blanket.

After gaining the attention of his companion, he made his way into the market with him in toe. He was looking for a nice place where he could sit down have a nice cup of coffee as well as a couple of things to eat and read the newspaper whilst he observed the community around him. Fortunately he was able to find several places that fit his preference in the end it all came down to what seemed to have the nicest food. With his companion by his side he entered the restaurant of his choice it was eccentric to say the least, the chef and owner was a tall butch gentlemen whom was wearing nothing but a pair of short shorts revealing body hair and all, Kon couldn’t help but let out a shiver as he looked outside to see the snow then back at the bare chest. Ignoring the man’s odd clothing or lack thereof he went up to him and asked for a table.

“O’ so you wunt ah table eh?” The musclehead responded, with him giving a simple “Yes” to make sure he understand. Fortunately the answer got through to the nearly naked man who pointed at a table then a stick with a number. “Muh niece will take care of you.” Taking the stick he moved over to the table and took the seat pointing out towards the street and watched people walking by. Examining the table he spotted today’s newspaper opened it up and waited for the waiter to arrive.


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Early morning workouts had become routine to Salem, being something that he had come use to doing threw the Rune Knight Paige training. Thus being the reason that Salem now found himself early in the mornings roaming threw the town of Orchidia. A town that was still slightly strange to Salem having spent most of his childhood growing up in the capital of Crocus. Not to far from the town of Orchidia, but still in the central part and north part of Fiore. Both areas being slightly different to one another. Especially with north Fiore tending to be colder during the winter. Even Orchidia in the lower parts of Fiore was cold with its snow falling to the ground even as Salem jotted threw the streets for his morning jog.

Snow flakes hitting the shirtless body of the young mage, something that would usually send a chill down the spine of most. It would just manage to give a small tingling filling to that of Salem, having come use to pushing his body to extreme limits in order for her to train and become a stronger mage. A task that most would not even dare to try. As even now as Salem proceeded jogging threw the streets of Orchidia on this morning he could notice the eyes of those gazing at him in astonishment to the fact that he was willingly parading threw the town with no short on showing off the complete muscular body that the Paige had been working on.

Standing at six feet and four inches tall, Salem was what one would consider a massive giant. Not only being tall but being completely filled out and ripped with muscles all along his body. Strutting threw he street Salem could only feel that he came off as some sort of character from a movie of sort feeling all the eyes on him with each and every step that he took. Soon reaching the section of Orchidia filled with small little coffee shops as well as inns starting their breakfast meals. Salem was sure that the streets would soon become even more filled with the eyes of others waking up from their deep sleeps of the night to proceed to eat. A task Salem felt was next on his agenda having built up an appetite from the morning workout. Salem figured it be best if he find himself a nice healthy meal, thus beginning Salem’s search of breakfast in Orchidia.


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Soon a busy hastily dressed lanky waitress greeted Kon with urgency thrusting the menu over the top of his newspaper, ignoring the rudeness of the girl, he began to scan over the menu. Recognizing that the cafe was understaffed with her as the only staff save for the naked gentlemen, Kon quickly listed off his order bluntly straight to the point. "Coffee, Black, Three strips of Bacon, Crispy, Two Eggs, Sunny-side up, Sausage, Well-done, Toast, Wholegrain." With the waitress quickly scratching down his order on her paper, she took the menu back from him allowing him to get back to reading his newspaper. Most of it was just gossip columns and information from past events just rehashed to entice readers using titles like: "New information of the murder of Lord Mun." Which was vague and often only gave told you about stuff that you didn't know nor would care to know.

Sighing Deeply as the crowded cafe was filled with the noise of dozens talking at once, Kon folded the newspaper back into its original position and using his free hand scratched Sparky behind his ear. Turning outwards to the market he looked outward as if for someone else to talk to besides his mute Blitzle. As luck would have it for him, he spotted someone he recognized, someone he meet only just recently in Crocus wanting to catch up with him, Konstantin tore off a piece of the newspaper grabbed a pen and quickly wrote down a message giving it to Sparky and commanding him to hand it over to the man. The man in question, Salem a fellow Rune Knight he was curious as to why he was here as well but the organization was branching out since the attack and the presence of two Rune Knights is greater than one.

With the swift return of his companion with his note still in his mouth making it clear that he would be having breakfast by himself, he returned to his paper and ate his hearty meal that he ordered before paying the busy waitress and leaving the cafe to begin his newly assigned duties whilst he was in Orchidia town.


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