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Crocus to Magnolia Town [Foot Travel]

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Crocus to Magnolia Town [Foot Travel] Empty Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:58 pm


Konstantin had been told to go on duty in Magnolia town, somewhere he had never truly visited merely past during his travels as the son of a nobleman. The town itself never really attracted his attention purely based on its general description by those he spoke to about it. For now though he was packing up his stuff along with the things he acquired in Crocus just recently donning on his regular attire and putting his new clothes into a backpack. Placing this on his back with staff being used as a walking aid and his companion, Sparky by his side. He ventured forth though ensuring he would have plenty of supplies to make the trip, even if he could stop off at another town, after all he didn’t want to be saved by his superior, Leeann once more.

The walk itself was relatively smooth sailing with it being readily used by both travellers and traders, which allowed him and his Blitzle to make their way without having to navigating through thicket of the Worth Woodsea. Soon the two reached Era town where he booked a bed and rested for the night. Following a restless night's sleep, Konstantin and Sparky continued their journey reaching the magnolia town outskirts just as the sun was setting, reddening the sky revealing the beauty of the town.

Surprised by the overall appearance of it, Konstantin was taken back and chose to simply look at the town whilst clutching his staff in one hand and resting his other on Sparky. Eventually the redden sky faded and light turned to darkness, wanting to get into the town before the inns were fully booked out, Konstantin increased his pace and move to the closest one and booked a room though unfortunately he’d be forced to leave his companion behind.

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