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Hey yo There [Kon]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Hey yo There [Kon] Empty on Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:13 am

Lee Nakamura
There was only endless blackness as she called out for anyone. No one was there. It was just her as she slowly stopped. Apprehensive of where she was. A small image appeared. It looked to be some sort of memory. She couldn't make it out, but it looked like some sort of ritual with a frightened girl on it. A voice, a male one, spoke. "Elizabeth, stand still" e spoke firmly. The ritual was being performed as time passed a girl's life was ended with a loud scream.

A loud male scream forced her eyes to flare open seeing a white ceiling. She looked to see she was in her bed with the other side of it not baring Hans. Quickly, she threw on some clothes and grabbed a hairband to tie her hair in a ponytail. She ran downstairs to the kitchen. Concord, a tall young man with dark black hair and glasses with a complete white outfit, stood there looking at the floor that was covered in split hot tea. He gave Hans, who was taller than him, a disgusted look. Both of them were bickering like an angry couple. The red head was not tolerant of this behavior. "Concord! Hans! If you want to fight go outside! I..was...trying...to...sleep..." she hissed as fire burned from her hands. They stopped as Concord began cleaning his mess. Now that Concord was living with her and Hans, it seemed now those two bickered like they are the ones getting married. Sometimes she wished it was that way. Things have took a total 180 degrees since the other day. She was now a Sokolov. Now she had more to tell Hikaru and now her newly founded cousins. Concord was done cleaning his mess and made the floor look spotless as Hans started boiling something in a teapot. "This house is too unbalenced for me" she groaned, looking at the mess she had now. She decided to go outside of cool down after being rudely woken up. It was nice and quiet ut not too quiet there were people passing by saying hello to the Rune Knight as she sat on the porch just watch he crowds go by.

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A gentle rustle of the leaves blew from the left to right, animals chirped, whistle and otherwise sung. In this sea of natural noise, Konstantin sat listening as he closed his eyes as if to mediate. His staff lay a meter or so from him and his companion, Sparky was close by resting on a soft bed of moss. Kon was there to try and regain composure from the last few days having worn himself in order to reach the standard of becoming an apprentice. Whilst he hadn't received any information on becoming one from a page, he was now no longer in a hurry to get more powerful. His concern had been alleviated by him having slain something he could now summon though he would have to obtain the corpse of it. Recognising that the weather was coming in, at least where he was, he knew he and his companion would have to go to warmer climates most likely Crocus.

Considering he was returning to Crocus, he thought it wise to return to Leeann to check up on her as she had seemed distracted when he last met here back at the inn though that could have been for a multitude of reasons. Passing the lower class residential sections, Kon portrayed his disregard towards the occupants by paying little attention to their squabbles. Despite being a Rune Knight, he didn't feel like it was worth his time dealing with such petty problems. Eventually, he entered an area of higher class, where he met those he deemed as on par with him. Eventually, however, he made his way to Leeann's place, where he spotted the owner.

Wanting to surprise her, Kon hid from her line of sight as quickly as possible and went to a store that was selling flowers before going to a bakery picking up a couple of pastries, pies, buns and other baked goods. Having purchased everything, Kon's hands were now full though with his staff slung into his belt that resolved most of his issues. Returning to where he spotted Lee, he made his way to her place, rose the hand that was wielding the lilies and waved it gently. Approaching the house, he called out to her. "Hi Lee, How's it going?"

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#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She was sitting there hearing shouting between Hans and Concord about how to make tea right. Each of them had a different preference. She did hear at one point that Hans did boil chocolate milk from Concord yelling. It made her really question everything they were talking about. She was definitely not paying attention to anything. A voice called out of her that sounded fimiliar to her ears. Looking up to see Konstantin to see at her gates, she smiled. "Hey there blondie and pet? COme on in, gate's unlocked. What brings you here" she asked with a smile. As she made her way down the steps, she heard loud crashes of pots and pans as well as a large amount of cussing involved with both arguging men in the house. She grew a little irritated with them two fighting.

Come on in, I have a few words with the two inside. It's cold out here and get your little companion some warm climate" she smiled. She walked up the steps and opened the door to Concord and Hans bickering yet again calling each other the most stupidest names.

"Four eyes"
"Fur Coat"
"Organized Freak!"
"Mess Maker"

LeeAnn smiled at Kon. "Just stay right there" she smiled sweetly. Quickly, she paced quickly to them. Her hands were lit on fire as so was some of her hair. She was not too happy. Dragging them into the kitchen as you could hear sound effects and complains of their heads hurting. She walked out back into her friend's sight. A small sigh came from her out of relief that was done. "Sorry about that. We recently had a new member come living with us. He's another spirit that is going to help me find my mother. Anyways, since you are here and you a Sokolov I have some news" she said. They would sit on the couch as Concord came in knowing what they were going to talk about. There was still a large bump on his head. She leaned back.

"Recent events have lead to figure out I'm related to you guys. So I'm a Sokolov" she said. Concord gave a sharp look at LeeAnn as she pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose. "What she is trying to say it. She discovered her mother was trying to hide she was a Sokolov. I'm a spirit created by her mother when she was 17. For some reason, her mother was trying to deny the existance of the family and never spoke of it. Sorry this is so sudden, Konstantin. I know Leeann is not very...keen on things" he said.


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Shaking his head and sighed, "Blondie?, Really another nickname, oh well i won't complain." he thought to himself. With the gate open, he and his companion walked with lee towards the house. His opinion of what the house was like and its inhabitants was his own and something he would never mention lest he would end up getting a bruising from Lee and not be seen as a friend anymore. Interestingly she seemed to have something to say to him what it was he didn't know, though dozens of thoughts popped into his head before being pushed out by other ones. As they got to the house and Lee opened the door, Kon couldn't help but overheard not one but two people's voices who seemed to be arguing with one another.

Confused about who was the other individual as he could identify one of them as Hans, Lee's fiance, he was slightly on edge wielding his staff more as a bludgeoning instrument that a walking stick. Alleviated by Lee's reassuring gesture's he returned his hand back onto the pumpkin end and placed the bottom back onto the ground. Ignoring the following outburst, Kon moved to one of the adjacent rooms pulled out a jug from a cabinet nearby and stuck the flowers into it. Placing down the flowers and the baked goods, he quickly returned to his position as Lee came back to him.

With her returning and the arguing over, Lee finally began to talk properly although in a very vague manner, explaining that there was yet another spirit now helping her with finding her mother and that somehow there was some significance concerning the fact that he was a member of the Sokolov family. In his mind all he could think of was guilty, somehow it was first thing that came up, his family had done terrible things to other people. She didn't seem angry though so that wasn't the case for her mother.

No, instead the two sat down on a couch together next to the table where he had put the baked goods and the flowers. As they sat down, Kon picked up the bag of baked goods pulled a pastry out chomped on it as Lee began to talk until about half-way where he coughed on the pastry. Perplexed and choking he was unable to response for a moment. "Today was certainly a big day, but how?" He thought to himself. "Did my mother have a secret lover?, no that would make her a foster, what about my father, no he wasn't the type, a cousin perhaps?" His question had been answered when the new spirit who he had yet to be introduced to explained that it was her mother that was a Sokolov, thus logically making her his cousins. Surprised but glad about the news, Konstantin rose from the couch, having recovered from the choking fit and gave a big now familial hug to his new cousin. "So what should I call you cousin, cous or would you prefer if i still called you Lee-ann?"

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#5Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn noticed Konstantin cough as she patting his back to help out. She was careful to do it gently and not rough like she always was. There was no gently with her, but this time she was going to be extremely careful. The red head let him recover as she gave him a glass of water Concord handed her. She never knew where her mother stood in the family. She looked at Concord. "Kon, feel better? By the way, this is Concord. Concord this is Konstantin" she introduced. Concord nodded to him simply and left the two of them alone. The red head began to think when she felt arms wrapped around her. It caught her off guard.

It took a while for the whole family thing to hit her. The muscles of her face softened as she gave in and hugged Kon back. It was so sudden for her to receive a huge hug from someone. though, she accepted it. "I really don't care, Kon. Call me what ever you please. I know its sudden, but I found out a few days ago. Did some research she is actually your aunt on your father's side of the famil I believe. Right, Concord" she asked. The spirit leaned backwards with a cup of tea in his hands. "That's correct" he replied. He disappeared quickly to go back to drink his tea.


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Gladly accepting the water that was provided to him by Lee, he quickly gulped it down to relieve the irritation. Prior to hugging Lee, he was introduced the spirit called Concord, an odd name for a spirit though he wouldn't judge. Now hugging Lee with shared joy from Lee, he smiles it was truly a rare occasion for him to experience this time of happiness and wanted to savour it. Reluctantly almost, Kon let go and returned to his spot as she informed him that he could call her anything he wanted. Not wanting to press their new relation Kon would remain to call her something a bit more formal than "Cous." Her explanation of how she came to know that she was a part of his family was a bit vague, though, it was simple enough, apparently, she was the daughter of his aunt on his family side, though he didn't know which one. The tricky part of his family, after all, was the sheer number of them, his father's side, he had two aunts and the same for his mother.

Now that he thought about it, he remembered that he met yet another cousin of his only just recently as well this time on his mother's side, though. Fortunately for him those that he had encountered all seemed to be friendly. Wanting to help give as much information to Lee-ann as possible regarding the family even it was rather unpleasant he took another sip of his drink as he began to elaborate about the ongoings with their family. Drawing his right hand down his face dragging his skin with it, he began to open up. "Right it is fairly possible that you are my cousin every likely in fact, basic reason behind this is due to the sokolov family, whom I and most of my brothers only relate to by blood and name have deep ties with criminal activities be it giving to dark guilds to promote unrest, performing banned and dangerous rituals, the list of thing they do are huge." Pausing for a moment to focus on the seriousness of what it meant to be a sokolov. "This has been continued for generations upon generations, of course numerous family members have disapproved of the methods and left the family for instance your mother and our other aunt as well as Alek, Victor and I."

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Lee Nakamura
She would free him the hug and give him the water. He gladly appreciate it. Concord would stand with his back leaning against the wall as Hans walked into the room. The kitsune glared at Concord as he wrapped his arms around LeeAn. She recognized him by placing her hands on his. Carefully she listened to what Konstantin had to say about the family. The crisp information had stung her at it's dark secrets they wielded. No wonder Kon was a little hesitant on telling her what happened in his family with his brothers. The news really hit her that the Sokolov family did things like that . It was a valid reason for her mother to deny the existence of her blood family and brought her only daughter up as a strong Nakamura. Concord pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose. He had forgotten the true reason why she left. It was because of what her family had done. Though, there were gaps in why Elizabeth left. She would say they were her family, but would not contact them. That's how she always was, but to deny everything except the Nakamuras.

He found all of this confusing. She claimed herself as Glenshaw and pretended they actually existed for a period of time before LeeAnn was born. Like a kid with their imaginary friend, she would do the exact same thing. She would pretend they were there, but no one was. It was a hard thing to explain. "Kon, I have a question. Was there any history of mental illness? Elizabeth...acted odd after she left the family" he asked. LeeAnn perked up at mental illness as she look at Hans a little worried about herself. The kitsune shrugged. "A little crazy never hurt anyone" he smiled. She only sighed.


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Taking another sip of his water and yet another one of the finely crafted pastry he listened as Lee-ann questioned him regarding the family's history with mental illness. "Well, this will be interesting." With resentment, he continued to open up to her. "Well as with all of what I told you it would require people of abnormal mindsets to continue on with the tradition as such numerous members were or are inflicted with severe mental illness, I for one am suffering as you know chronic depression, my eldest brother, Robert is a clinical diagnosed sociopath, my father literally drove himself made in the attempts to acquire the powers i now have and from what I recall my great uncle, Konstantin who is still alive apparently is a demented old pervert with almost sadistic behaviour, i remember from when i was a child he met my mother and...." trailing off before continuing leaving the rest to Lee's imagination.

Going back on track as he picked at what would be his lunch, he continued. "Sorry I went off track, Lee unfortunately from my point of view it seems like our family does have some predisposition to mental illnesses though I don't know why." Knowing that it would come as a shock to her, Kon reached out with his spare hand to place it on her own and grasped it firmly but in a caring fashion.

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#9Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
It had seemed that the whole family was prone to mental illnesses. This would explain about Lee's mindset. A small blink as she listened. Hans played with her hair a little as Concord listened intensively. She could see Kon had chronic depression as his brother was a sociopath. Though when it came to their uncle Konstantin, she was left with a horrible picture. A shiver came down her spine with a horrid look of disgust. Her eyes widen at the thought of that. Incest?! There was now an offical reason why her mother would avoid her family. Though, her eyes were big in disgust. "To...much....information" she whispered. Concord blushed a little out of the subject Hans seemed to be thinking. A huge smile came from the kitsune. "Lee, I have an idea we could try something toni-" he said. LeeAnn covered his mouth with her face extremely red. That subject made her a little uncomfortable. After that, she cooled down now thinking about her episodes.

Konstantin went off track a little and apologized. Their family went was really prone to it unlike the Nakamura family. Hikaru had his head on his shoulders her father was starting to since he broke down after her and her mother's disappearence. LeeAnn was slowly recovering from what had happened to her. Kon grabbed her hand and held it. "That explains a lot. People...or docotors...have dianoigsed me as a depressed and a the most chronic case of anxiety they have seen a few years ago. Its gotten better because of Hans. Though, it was because of what happened to me. I was tortured...I can't be alone, in the dark, or in quiet places. Explains why I always have Hans with me or loud music playing, otherwise I shut down and my mind snaps" she said. She did feel a shame of it. Hans shrugged. "Hey, a little madness is always fun. Too much order can cause everything to be serious which probably explains why your brother hates me" he smiled. LeeAnn looked back and cracked a smile. The derpy kitsune was standing on the cieling thinking. Although, it did make her smile. She turned back to Konstantin. "This explain a lot in my childhood as well. Kon...I'm sorry" she apologized


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Sighing at Lee-ann's response, Kon help but feel rage around Hans at the moment his past couple of comments were beginning to set him on edge, particularly his comment which he saying how being a little crazy never hurt anyone, his grip on his glass was visibly noticeable. His behaviour towards Hans was only being restrained by Lee-ann continuing to elaborate on her own painful history. Kon's rage finally couldn't be quelled as Hans comments on how , a little madness is always fun. This idiot really didn't seem to get it did he....? Unable to hold it together he gripped the glass so hard and slammed it against the table sending pieces of it all across the room as well as cutting the hell out of his hand. Ignoring the pain focussing instead on the cause, he pointed at the fucking furball and look at him with seething distaste. "Look here you fucking spirit, mental illness is nothing to laugh at!, I lost my brother to Robert, you might think I'm being sensitive but this is my life you piece of shit, I came here opened up to Lee-ann, I thought you as her Fiance would be capable of respecting me even the slightest bit. You've shown to me that I can't trust you and for the time being you either Lee-ann." Covering his bleeding hand with the hand formerly grasping Lee-ann's he continued now wincing in pain. "I understand you've welcomed me into your home, however, this is completely disrespectful, Lee I can't talk to you at the moment I need time to think." If there were any protests as he left the building he ignored them all, if he was physically stopped he'd push through them. What was a joyful encounter had quickly become potentially relationship breaking.


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Lee Nakamura
Hans's comment was really meant towards LeeAnn. The red head knew he meant it light-heartedly and was only trying to cheer up the mood. Though, most people she knew did not find him humorous such as her brother and Selena. She never seen this side of Kon. His knuckles would turn white shattering the glass. Lee's eyes were a bit shocked as the shards flew past her. Concord grabbed her and pulled her out of the room as well as Hans. The kitsune was being yelled at how insensitive he was. Concord only rolled his eyes at how stupid Hans was being towards him. The kitsune looked a bit surprised as well as LeeAnn. What hurt the most was he didn't trust LeeAnn now. A stab to the heart made her freeze. Hans could only stand there with his ears flattened while Concord could only watch.

LeeAnn had a few tears come down causing her to wipe this away. "I'm sorry. I meant that to you Lee not him. You knew I was joking, right" he said. Concord even knew, but could understand a little why Kon reacted that way. LeeAnn nodded and turned away. "I think its best for me to...just leave" she said. LeeAnn decided to leave the house and go somewhere no one would bother her. For once in her life, she wanted to be around no one.


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