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A Wizard's Night Club [Ariessa]

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Stars littered the cloudless sky, pale in comparison to the beauty of the full moon. Konstantin had been on duty since the morning with his new companion, Sparky by his side. Whilst slightly tired he had heard about a new scene in town that seemed to be attracting the attention of a lot of people around his age. Wanting to socialise a bit more outside of the Rune Knights, he made his way there with his pet following after him. He was surprised about the loyalty that he already had towards Konstantin evident when he pushed him out of the way of a rolling barrel causing him to be hit instead. Wanting to treat the beast, he fed him a treat as they walked further to their destination. As it turned out, the place was none other than a done-up warehouse that had been turned into a club for wizards to interact with each other.

The entry to such a place was a mere demonstration of magic is it small, large, from the user or something else. Whilst Konstantin didn’t have any spells as of the moment nor would want to reveal his magic he used his companion to gave entry by telling it to cast a Lightning Bolt at the wall, with it responding immediately striking the wall charring it slightly. The bouncers allowed both him and his companion in recommending they went to the beastmaster section.

With them misunderstanding his abilities he thanked them for letting him through but didn’t follow their suggestion and went to the front of the house to buy a drink and get the latest news about everyone here, bribing the bartender if need be. His interest in the others was purely out of interest rather than acting as a Rune Knight as he was no longer on duty.

Having acquired his drink, a Scotch on the rocks, Konstantin bent down and pet Sparky, scratching him behind his ears before looking around at the other unusual members in the club.

Sparky's Mana Reserve: 175/200

Spells Used:

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Something was amiss as Areissa stood in front of a mirror within her suite. Her eyes of purple, blue and a sideline of pink were sparkling within the reflection. Something was going on with her heart, herself in general. Her hair felt more darkened then usual as the pink within her eyes disappeared. Her facial expression turned into a rather mischievous look. 'What's going on?...' she questioned to herself in her thoughts softly. All she could hear was a rather dark chuckle. 'We're going to have fun! Party! Dance and more!' a womanly voice started to uproar and echo in his head.

At the moment her aura changed. ''Alright Areissa. Let's have fun. First the outfit ya?!'' she questioned out loud and walked towards her closet as she was firstly standing there in front of that single long mirror. Her hand grasped upon the closet door and slid the door to the right. Her eyes brightened like some purple and blue Christmas lights and smirked. Her eyes then found a black leather-like outfit that was in one. The shorts stopped at mid-thighs as it was sleeveless. Her hands grabbed it and put it on. Finally she would slick on some latex boots that went over her calves after some black sock tights that left only five inches of skin to show.

Slowly she would shift to do some simple stretches. After that she would put her hair up in twintails and put in her neon-like party ears. ''Nyaaa.~ This is so cute! Why do you never wear this stuff. Silly Areissa.'' she spoke rather snarky and smirked. She'd chuckle and turn to leave her place. She'd go to the elevator from her room and leaves the hotel.

Her heart beats with excitement and her eyes would light up as she saw the place. ''Let's see if we can have some fun.'' she spoke quietly to herself. She passed all the people that were in line as she didn't like to wait. Her face would have simple pink blushes and a sexy-like smile. Her hips positioned a lil more to the right as her hand placed upon them. Her head tilted up to look at the bouncer.. ''Eeeeh.~ I'm here from the Suite in that inn. Can I follow-up in?'' she'd request with a sweet yet alluring voice. ''Mm?'' he started to speak and looked down. He cocked his eyebrow and looked at her. A huge grin appeared from her lips. ''Eeey? Ya. Go right in Areissa.'' he spoke and made a huge lumberjack-like laugh. She would giggle and then walked right in. Right before she went all the way in, she could hear people booing and getting angry that she got in before them.

'Oh well. Deserves them right.' she thought darkly and shrugged. The door would shut and the place lit up her eyes even more as she saw the party.

A Wizard's Night Club [Ariessa] Kuri

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Planting himself onto a bar stool, Konstantin bobbed to the music though avoided looking directly at the lighting effects that were being used. He had never been a fan of them, and found they gave him a headache. He had chosen instead to gaze towards the entrance of the club with a new person entering the building almost every minute. His attention wasn't truly gained until a purple haired, cat eared woman approximately the same age as him made her way into the building. Wanting to say hello to her, Konstantin called to the bartender and called for a refill of his drink and a cider that he'd offer to the woman. As his drink was being refilled he placed his staff behind his back with the bartender supplying him with his and her drink. Holding onto both drinks, he made his way to her and called out to her over the loud music. "Hey there, I'm Kon, How's it going?, I thought I'd offer you a drink to celebrate the start of the weekend."


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A smirk appeared on her lips as she was slowly walking down the stairs. Truly this place had a lot of things to entertain this party beast, but how wild shall she get? She knew that Areissa had plans, already attached her soul to a gentleman in which she hopes to become lovers. Due to that she knew that she couldn't really mess around with anyone. 'Mmmm...I'll at least favor and grant that one request.' she spoke within the thoughts. Soon a man of yellow spiky hair and blue eyes would approach her with a drink. Her purple and blue eyes would look at him, crossed her arms against her chest and listened. He introduced himself as Kon and offered a drink. What the hell was that anyways? 'Cider? Really?' she thought a tiny disgusted. 'Don't be too harsh now...' The original spoke softly within her thoughts. Slowly she would raise her right hand up a little to make a simple wave and take the drink. ''Yo, name's Areissa.'' she introduced herself and then looked around to then soon look back at him. ''Going alright. Just here to enjoy the night. Yourself? Also thanks for the drink.'' she spoke rather optimistic and relaxed. ''Shall we walk to some stalls or a booth then or?'' she questioned and cornered her eyes at him as she wasn't sure on what to do. She didn't want to be 'harsh' within request and just ditch the guy.

A Wizard's Night Club [Ariessa] Kuri

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Smiling as he handed the drink to her, which she accepted with some hesitance perhaps it was the drink not being her preferred choice or it was from him a complete stranger, he didn't know. Offering her name, Areissa, he couldn't help but somehow find some sense of familiarity between her and someone he glimpsed awhile ago, though he couldn't remember where. Responding to her follow up inquiry, Kon let out a sigh that's be hidden by the music before just saying simply. "Just a bit tired thought I'd check out this place i heard it was a nice place." Having given his response, she asked whether the two should go to the stools or a booth. Weighing up the choices in his mind, Kon recommended a booth as one had just become free of people and the stools had been largely taken by a group of husky, hairy whose odor reached all the way over where they were. So leading Areissa towards the free booth with his companion close to him, Kon placed his glass onto a mat, removed his staff from his back leaning it on the table and slid into one of the sides of the booth, with Sparky on leaning besides him.


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Areissa looked and watched this guys every move. She wasn't highly sure on if he was a good guy like Raphael or a bad guy...like no one she has met yet. Her galaxy color eyes would then look towards where he was walking. He seemed to have chosen booths. Was it because of the people around here? The smell and odor from the men and females? Some of them had really strong colon and some even smelled like they haven't showered in ages. Her purple hair would flitter behind her strands being seen separately in slow motion.

As they would get to the booth she would sit on the side that he didn't sit. As she slowly slide in and sat down she would lean over a little with her elbows on the table. Her chin would rest on her hands as she looked at him. Slowly Areissa's eyes looked over a little to see some creature. 'What the hell is that?' she wondered and then looked back at Kon with a smirk. ''So...what exactly do you like to do at these types of places? As in what's your fav?'' she questioned and then saw a waiter come on by. ''Strong yet fruity margarita's please and some snacks.'' she ordered and waved her left hand to shoo unless of course Kon would want anything. So far this night was like any other night of hers. She'd find company, talk and eat with the one person.

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Taking a seat in the plush red booth Konstantin took his drink off the table, swirling around a few times and took a gulp of it. Savoring the taste, he placed the glass back down and gazed at his companion of the night, albeit indirectly. She had an odd sense of familiarity to her though he couldn't tell what it was. Before he could probe her for answers, her attention was drawn upon his companion, Sparky. Sparky had been something of a talking piece as of late, but considering he walked around with him all the time it was to be expected. Wanting to get that line of the discussion ended, Konstantin never really enjoyed these types of places too much so he gave a quick response of. "Socialize, drink, dance sometimes?." Before answering with the typical response he came up in regards to acquiring his companion. "Well, that is Sparky, he is a blitzle, a native animal that is found near Crocus in particular the forest, it has a special affinity towards lightning and will often times collect it before using it for spells later, as for how it came to be my companion, I found it in the forests took it to a healer and since then he has become very attached to me."

As he gave his explanation, Areissa called for the waiter that was making his rounds, having ordered her own drink this time along with some food, Kon quickly ordered something before he was rushed away from them by her. Not wanting to lead the lady on any longer he chose to reveal himself now instead of much later in the night. "So before we get too much further into what I'm sure will be an entertaining night, I should probably just let you know that I'm a page for the Rune Knights and my full name is Konstantin Sokolov, if you've heard of last name and you want to part ways, I'll understand."


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Areissa leaned back against her booth chair and armed against the back of it. Her eyes looked at this guy's blue eyes and his blonde hair. Who was this guy? She would corner her galaxy eyes to see if the waiter was coming. Where the hell were her drinks? Within seconds her eyes then looked back towards Kon in question as he was explaining who that creature was. He was supposedly his companion, his buddy, his pet in some words. She really has never met one although she wished she had one. Maybe some day she will have one.

Honestly she wasn't quite sure on how it'd be to have something living becoming her travel partner. The only thing or one she had was her other voice, personality or soul in other words. After the explaination of who his companion was she would then listen to him explain who he was. He started to say how he was a rune knight paige and his last name was 'Sokolov'. If she wanted to part ways then she could do so. Why the hell would he say shit like that?

Slowly she would lean forward to let her elbows on the table and chin resting on her hand, looking at him. Her eyes would study him as her soft lips would curve into a smirk and chuckled. ''Why would I care on what group or whatever you joined? Or what your last name is? It doesn't describe who you really are, yknow?'' she'd say bluntly and leaned back once more letting her arms rest against her side. Her hands would rest on her lap as she still waited for her drinks. 'God they're late.' she thought irritated. Areissa would chuckle softly yet dark as she did remember something, a tiny bit. ''Sokolov though? I remember my mother talking about them...Never met one though.'' she'd speak and rested her feet on the other booth chair, feet being next to where Kon was sitting. ''Doesn't matter though. Soooo...'' she started and looked around ending back to looking at him. ''What do you like to do for fun?'' she wondered.

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Initially downtrodden by the potential loss of his new drinking companion, Konstantin's mood rose when Ariessa cast aside any concerns he had. Her opinion of him didn't seem to change with the new information, in fact, she wondered why it would. Wanting to explain himself, kon replied. "Well, depending on what groups other people are associated with it is considered poor taste to be seen interacting with people who are from the Rune Knights, Hell I've even been attacked twice because of my status." Pausing as he rubbed the back of his head that had a small scar from the glass that was thrown at him. "As for the last name, that's another matter entirely." Stomach grumbling, he looked outward to try and spot the waiter that was serving them with their order. Apparently, Ariessa was also hungry or at least thirsty, commenting on their slow service. Their shared concern on their items only seemed to delay her as she had more questions about him.

Bringing back the topic of his family name, she spoke of how her mother talked about her, which as usual he assumed was in the worst way. His family wasn't exactly the most well received within the public though he was interested to see what she had to say about it. Seeing no harm in revealing a bit of information to her, he spoke briefly of his family with a pitch of sadness mid-way. "Well, the Sokolov name has been around for generations, I have three brothers, my father's name is Boris Sokolov and my mother's name was Sonja Sokolov-Foster." Regardless the prospect of entertainment was brought up again, with her asking him what he did for fun. Amused by the question he responded fairly broadly. "I like to do a number of things; eating, cooking, socialising, look after Sparky but largely at the moment i've been 'having fun' by developping my magical abilities."


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She stretched back as to arch her back against the booths headboard. Her chest rose simply from stretching and her long purple hair would fall back till a second later from sitting up straight. She wondered about this dude as she was every other person so she had to get comfortable. She leaned in a little as she listened to Kon's speech. He said that the reason was - was because rune knights aren't exactly liked by some guilds or groups. It was true enough though as there were dark guilds that hated all those who got in their way.

Honestly she really never met anyone from a dark guild, yet. She has been wanting to to get some input of how they really are. Slowly she licked her soft glossed lips as she smirked. He explained soon afterwards of some of his family members names. 'That name sounds familiar.' she thought simply and coldish. 'But who?' she wondered more as she awaited the softer her to respond. Honestly Kari was thinking as Areissa was waiting. ''Mmm...my mother talked about them yet...Nah.'' she left off and then saw the waiter come in a rush. He felt all scrambled and put down the order.

Slowly and coldly her eyes cornered to look at him. ''Took you long enough yknow...'' she spoke rather spiteful yet sighed softly, lowering her gaze. ''Guess with all these people you can't help it though. Thanks dude.'' she spoke and waved her hand for him to go away. He did so as he saw that. Her head and eyes turned to look back at Kon. ''Cooking is fun. So is baking though. I don't really socialize much as to everyday people. It's kind of like...sudden talk. Most people I somehow meet...I just don't speak to them again.'' she'd say distantly yet soft and soothing. Her eyes would look away as her pointing finger and middle would ring around the glass. Her pinky would be out as she took her drink feeling the alcohol go into her system.

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Evidently, from what Ariessa said, Konstantin concern was alleviated and he relaxed slightly in his booth, savouring his beverage. Drumming his fingers against the table he waited for the waiter to return with their food, just as Ariessa was though with him making far less noise about the delayed service. After all, he did understand that it was a busy night and they weren't the only people he would be serving by the looks of it, their waiter was serving over twenty tables. Fortunately, they didn't have to wait too long as their server supplied them with their drinks and the snacks that his new drinking companion had ordered.

Hungry from a hard day work without any lunch, he took a few pieces from her plate, pardoning himself. "Sorry but those look really tasty and I'm absolutely starving, to be honest, I really should have just gone to a restaurant instead of this joint but oh well." Nibbling at the snacks he took and drinking periodically he listened as she told him how she also seemed to share his interest in cooking particularly baking. Her interest in socialising wasn't as prominent as Kon's as he would talk to basically anyone and from what he gathered that wasn't a trait she held. He was humbled in a way when he realised that he was perhaps an oddity in talking to her, though with his blond hair and a companion tailing him it was hard to not notice him.

Finishing his drink and snacks he sat his glass upside down and watched as Ariessa drank her own. Not wanting to disturb her fun but at the same time bound by the duties, he spoke to her. "Unfortunately Ariessa this is where I'm going to have to say good night, it was a pleasure meeting you I hope that we catch up sometimes, I should be in here in Crocus or Era in the future, though for now, I'll be going to Magnolia town." Before rising from his booth, giving a smile, bow and a kiss on the cheek on both sides and leaving the club with his companion following after him.



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Her eyebrow cocked as she watched him take some food off of her plate. 'If he was that hungry, he could've asked.' she thought and just watched him. Swiftly she would take her right hand and move a bang away from her eye. Her galaxy eyes would then see that he was probably going to leave. She made a small smile as she would just enjoy this chat till then. As time flew on by though she would be finished with her drink and food too. As she did guess she heard him say how he had things to do, therefore he had to leave. ''It was nice meeting you Kon. Perhaps we'll meet again.'' she spoke womanly and waved as he left, ignoring the kiss on the cheek. Inner her started to blush as Kari felt the warmness. Was that really her first kiss upon the cheek? She tried to remember if it was or not. Areissa got restless though and got up to finally then leave the place on her own account.


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