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Konstantin had never been one for sleeping in even before the traumatic experience that had only really seemed to affect him, or at least that’s what it looked like to him. This was why he was awake at five thirty in the morning walking around in the borders of Crocus just in its forests. He had gone out this far because he wanted to get out of the town for a bit, not just from the people, but also his associates. Whilst he did enjoy their company and support, from time to time, he felt he just needed his space. So there in the woods only accompanied by the wild animals and their respective calls, Konstantin sat down on a comfortable clear portion of the forest.

There he sat cross-legged in a sleep deprived daze for perhaps for about an hour and a half before he started to hear a pained animal noise as well as the gentle falling of rain followed by thunder, the animal noises were getting noticeably louder and clearer. Woken by the noise, he was first rather confused then he realised in one of the scrubs close to him was an unusual creature that seemed to be getting stuck multiple times by the lightning though it seemed to be having little to no effect on the creature perhaps the opposite of what’s normal.

No wanting to risk his own hide to help the creature he waited for the lightning to die down slightly though he maintained eye contact with it at all times. Once it had the lightning had finally finished, Konstantin made his way to the animal realising that one of its rear legs had been injured and he had been left there to fend for himself. Knowing that the creature would easily die out there by itself like that, he picked it up despite it fighting against him.

Knowing a few healers in Crocus he went to the first one nearest to him and told her to ensure that he can walk again with the healer telling him that he should come back the following day to collect it and asking for its name. Unsure of what the beast was called he thought of something off the top of his head. “Sparky.”

And so returning one day after, Sparky was back into tip top condition, definitely better than what he had been when Kon got him from the forest. Wanting to return the beast which the healer identified as being a Blitzle, an animal native to the Crocus forests, to its home, Konstantin made his way back to the forest with it following after him once he paid the healer for his services.

Once at the forest, another problem arose, the darn animal didn’t want to leave his sight much to his dismay. After some careful thinking, he reluctantly allowed the Blitzle now named Sparky to remain by his side as his companion. Interestingly somehow he knew that this Blitzle would may save his life one day.



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