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Conman [LeeAnn and Konstantin]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Conman [LeeAnn and Konstantin] Empty on Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:32 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn waited for Kon in the streets in the town square where the giant manitcore statue stood. It was where she found the next clues to her mother's scavenger. The redhead waited, but she would look around and to see what else looks strange to her. The request she picked up was getting some con artist or something. LeeAnn really did not read it much as she just took off a random on that was low enough rank to do with Kon. She promised him that she would rank him up and do some jobs with him since they were on the same team. The young co-captain still wondered how she was not a good leader. Sure she did have a lot of problems, but she still would improve over time. She heard footsteps up ahead as she would see Kon. "Finally your here twinkle toes" she would say.



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With heavy-set bags underneath his eyes, he stretched out his body and ruffled his blonde hair to get rid of his bed-hair a bit. Leaving his bed, he tied back his hair with his commonly worn headband, before getting dressed. Having grabbed a quick bite, Konstantin made it out of the door of Leeann's place at roughly 9 am. Normally he'd be going at his own pace to do things, but today he'd be working under Lee with her being his superior he would ensure that he didn't make too many mistakes. Making his way to their agreed meet up location considering she had already left the house, Konstantin was easily able to recognise Lee's crimson hair that was gently blowing in the wind. Lee spotting him, greeted him leaving him to pause for a second curious about the nickname. "Twinkle toes?, Why that name, I've never shown her whether or not I could dance." Shaking his head, he otherwise ignored the nickname and greeted her in turn. "Hello, Lee, nice day today." Looking around with his free hand shielding his eyes from the sun as he scanned around them. "I understand we're looking for someone today?"

Word Count:

Conman [LeeAnn and Konstantin] 6LwW1QF
#3Lee Nakamura 

Conman [LeeAnn and Konstantin] Empty on Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:43 am

Lee Nakamura
Laying a hand on her friend's shoulder, she smiled. For some reason she had a nack for calling people twinkle toes at least those close to her, Hikaru and Konstantin. "We're going to find some con artist. It seems he didn't pay for something" she replied. LeeAnn took her hand of his shoulder and look around. Where to start, where to start? The young knight looked at Konstantin to see where he wanted to start. "Got any preference. We have to find the con artist who scammed a customer" she said. When he gave her an answer to not, she would go into a random direction. They would search high and low until someone caught her eye. He stood out to her.

LeeAnn approached him in his direction or at least passing her by. "Why hello, ma'am would you be interested into some trinkets" he would ask. She gave a serious death glare. "You scammed someone and Batra would like the money back. Return it now" LeeAnn would order.



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Nodding as he listened to Lee informing him with her hand on his shoulder, that they would be going after a con artist. Feeling no strong emotion on the task they had been given, Konstantin merely shook his head when she asked where he'd like to go looking, allowing her to have free rein on where they would go. Walking through the streets, though, the two eventually past a hastily put together bench where various bits and bobs were being looked at by tourist, that was being run by the man matching the description of the conman.

Given the pair's contrasting appearance to the public, the man's attention was drawn to Lee who called to her in an attempt to sell his wares. Unfortunately for him, Leeann recognised him just as Kon had, though she decided to take a more frontal approach than he would have chosen. Understanding that he had been caught in the act, the man flung the bench towards them and bolted in the opposite direction of the pair, causing Konstantin to groan slightly and comment under his breath. "Great...." Before speaking up louder. "I suppose we better go after him." and then followed after him at a swift pace, with his staff in his hand ready to give him a wack with it if he had to.

Word Count: 432

Conman [LeeAnn and Konstantin] 6LwW1QF
#5Lee Nakamura 

Conman [LeeAnn and Konstantin] Empty on Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:18 am

Lee Nakamura
The con artist bolted away from them. LeeAnn growled as her lip curled. "Kon, he's heading north towards a the square where the manticore statue. Go catch him over there there's an alley way right there that would catch him in time. He's pretty fast, but not smart enough. Now go, GO" she demanded she would chase after him bolting through crowds and poeople and also a fruit stand or two. She was a like a Rhno. Finally cornering him with the two of them, she glared having her hand out for the money "Alright alright, here take you money" he would hiss. She smiled sweetly with the sudden mood change.

"Thank your quaperation. Come on Kon, lets go to Barta" she would say. They would go back to their client with the money. She saw him cleaning the floors. He look up. "Sir, we recovered the money" she said. He happily looked at the money and gave it a weird look from what she noticed. "This isn't real money. Looks like he scammed you guys too. Go get me the real money" he said. LeeAnn took the money and crushed it. She did not like to be lied to.



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Running in the general direction of where the conman went, aided by Lee's advice, Konstantin made it to him before Leeann. Instead of trying to pounce on him as his fellow rune knight had tried to do, he merely waited for her to come and back him up. With their combined presence, the conman had no choice but to hand over what he had stolen. Having obtained the stolen property, he made his way in toe with Lee to Barta, their client, whom upon arrival informed them that it was fake money. Disappointed but unperturbed by the claims, he was the first one out of the inn wanting to hunt down after the conman just as much as Leeann at this point.

Assuming he would return to his stall to gather his things before he bailed out of the town from the rune knights, Konstantin ran to the same location and called out to her at the sametime. "Come on, Lee we need to get back to that bloke's stall before he pisses off for good."

Total Word Count: 610

Conman [LeeAnn and Konstantin] 6LwW1QF
#7Lee Nakamura 

Conman [LeeAnn and Konstantin] Empty on Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:07 pm

Lee Nakamura
Without hesitation, LeeAnn grabbed Konstantin and dragged him out the door. She look around fiercely not happy with being tricked like that. She did not take lies too well especially someone who was not following the law. It rubbed her the wrong way. She pointed to him right in front of them. "Right there!" she hissed. LeeAnn calmed down a bit. She approached him with the fake money. He looked quite annoyed or scared she couldn't tell. But he backed away one step, knowing what he did wrong. The Rune Knights were stupid, just fooled. In her eyes, he deserved to be extremely punished. Her eyes glared at him. "Give us the real money, now" she said. He sped off again told Kon to do the same plan again and corner him. It was a very basic but effective strategy. She charged after their con artist, who looked paniacked.

They would corner him like a helpless rat. Nothing thrived her more than seeing an enemy of the opposing part, who broke the law or did evil, in her eyes. She smiled and looked at her team mate. "Use that wacky stick and I will use my fists" she smied. She would pummel him in the gut at least twice give 2 d-ranks worth of damage. After a while, he would give up and give both of them the real money. "You guys win, I give, I give. I am not match for Rune Knights" he would confessed. She would lean down and yoink the money from his grasp. "Never forget it!" she hissed. They would make thier way back to where their client was. She was happy to get this job over with after being outsmarted by a damn stupid con artist and then lied to. That was two things asking for a recipe for disaster. Thier client seemed to look up from his work. "I reckon you bring my the real money this time? That no good conartist means nothing but trouble for my business" he said. LeeAnn handed him the money with honor. "Here. I hope this is the real money. After all, this would conclude puting someone in the lesson on learning to not lie to anyone especially to Rune Knights. I am glad we we're both of service" she smiled. Looking at her comrade, she sigh a little frustrated. "I hate being outsmarted....I'm hungry....come on Kon I wanna eat" she said after collecting their reward.



D-rank damage: Strength stat-1


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Being grabbed by the scruff of his collar instead of given free rein on his movement, Konstantin was hindered by Leeann more than helped. Wriggling free so he could do more good than harm, Konstantin ran at the same pace as Lee back to the Conman, whom now at his stall once more was busily pouring his thrown wares into a brown satchel. Once more Lee much to Konstantin's dismay revealed their presence to the conman who seemed to have acquired a bat of some type. Unconcerned with the weapon giving that he too was wielding one, Konstantin began to kite him into an alleyway just as Lee told him to do.

Once in the smelly dark alleyway, the pair began to fight the Conman with him swinging his bat and Konstantin and Leeann. Understanding that he had been given authority to inflict harm on the individual he began to attack him in turn with his staff described by Leeann as a "Wacky Stick." "Wacky Stick?, Why that name oh well." Eventually with him outnumbered the conman was disarmed and began to cower. Leeann forced him to give up the real money, however, Konstantin knew that the client wanted the man arrested as would the Rune Knights, so he slipped his staff into his belt, knelt down next to him before handcuffing him and dealing him to a stand.

With Lee heading towards Barta, Konstantin followed after her though at a much slower pace due to having to deal with looking after the conman, as they walked the conman was berated by the public. Ignoring the insults that were thrown at the criminal and even the ones aimed at him, he reached the inn just as Lee delivered the money hearing traces of Barta saying. "...the real money this time." For the most part, he didn't listen to the rest of the conversation. Wanting to get rid of this waste of space he was carrying around he spoke to Barta. "Barta, here's the conman, take him, give him to the authorities once you're done with him."

Apparently hungry for once, Leeann called for him to join her in getting some food. Not one to pass up the offer he didn't decline. As they were still at the Inn, Kon grabbed a quick bite here as he received his reward and then went with Lee to her place.

Total Word Count: 1012/900

B-rank Damage: Strength stat 1 + 10 (staff) x 2 strikes

Conman [LeeAnn and Konstantin] 6LwW1QF

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