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Translate The Note [Request][Kon]

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With the success of his this last quest of assisting Armin with training his cadets still in his mind, Konstantin was eager to do another request. This was also to keep his mind off of what he was still experiencing albeit with the symptoms being relieved from regularly seeing Leeann, and the recent meeting with his fellow team mates from the Watch Dogs. For now he’d do his normal routine of going to the request board, find one he liked and go do it. His pace was far more relaxed this time, as he wasn’t contesting with the public for space through the streets to get to his destination. All around him he saw men, women and strange beings looking and picking from the request board. Given his low status as a D rank, he’d be limited to doing the minor tasks for now as a result he moved aided by his cane towards the board section more suited for his abilities.  

With it being a saturday the number of people in his bracket would normally take the day off but as the saying goes the early bird gets the worm, and so he wanted to be darn sure he was that bird. Looking through the list there were numerous that interested him, Find the Sword, Flip Em, Conman Coward, however he stopped at one titled: Translate the note, it seemed a note needed translating by a woman named, Luciel who whilst knew about translating, she didn’t have the time to do it with other duties from her superiors distracting her.

Comfortable with doing something like this he made his way to the library which the quest giver and the overall job would take place. Gaining access both to the public sections and the private sections with relative ease using his Rune Knight status he met up with a woman called Luciel an odd woman but who was he to judge he’d look strange to any bystander as well his is comical pumpkin staff and almost halloween themed suit. The woman provided him with the note and explained that all he needed would be a dictionary that one of the Librarians could help track down for him in the labyrinthian sized Library.

Leaving her to her own duties, he made his way to one of the bookkeepers and asked for the assistance in looking for the book he would need, after giving him a once over she shrugged and gestured for him to found her. After about 5 minutes of walking through what seemed like the same section of the library they reached the location of the book, though it took another 15 minutes to actually have her find the book with it not having been correctly listed.

Wanting to sit down to decrypt the note, he asked for a place to work, with the near silent keeper whispering. “Sure.” Gesturing once more to him, she took him to a section of the library that was packed full of silent students, mages and anyone seeking knowledge all doing their own thing, being lead to his own spot, he thanked her with her merely bowing then walking away to do some other task that he didn’t care to find out about.

Finally having actually taken the time to look at the note he was perplexed about what the language even was. To make matters worse when he opened the so called dictionary it used an old form of the current language which almost needed it’s own one to translate to today’s form. Struggling through the translation processes however he began to pick up on certain rules that the language followed, having gained an understanding of that, he was capable of figuring out a few of them. “Ox Hooves?, Hare Meat? What the heck is this?” He thought to himself. As he continued to translate it, he became a bit disappointed it was a bloody shopping list.

“Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves…” He said under his breathe before swearing a few expletives. He was annoyed that he had essentially spent his day translating this useless note. Sighing to himself he made his way back over to Luciel who would be giving him his reward. Reaching her with a downtrodden look in his face, she questioned him what was wrong, with him merely saying the note was useless and he was sorry that he couldn’t be of anymore assistance before providing the translated version of the note., patting him on the back and rewarding him despite the outcome she sent him off.

With the book still in his free hand he looked for a librarian to take it from him, after walking around the grand building for about 10 minutes he spotted a different one from the one he met earlier and handed it to her. Thank her and the library for their services for him and the community on behalf of the Rune Knights, he made his way out of the Library and towards a cafe where he could hopefully find a nice coffee to distract him from the outcome of that request.

Finding a spot away from as many people as possible he waited for a waiter who provided him with a menu, though he immediately just responded as he took it. “Could I please get a long black no sugar, to start with a bottle of water.” With him replied. “Right away, sir.” Thinking to himself. “Sir?, I haven’t been called sir in a while at least not by someone older than him.” Wanting to distract himself until his drink got here, he plucked a copy of the sorcerer magazine. All it really contained was another bolster piece of what was the strongest guild, the resurging strength of the dark guilds and the Rune Knights inability to stop it, with a sigh he folded it up and took a sip of his drink that arrived just as he put down the magazine and flicked open the menu for the first time, thinking to himself about the quality of the coffee. “Delicious.” Deciding what he wanted he called back his waiter and told him “I’ll take this and that thank you.”


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