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Let's Get Physical [Request][Kon]

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With continuous therapy from Leeann Nakamura, Konstantin’s mental state had become fair more stable to the point even where he was once again able to take on requests, as such he decided to check the request board in the middle of the town. As he had been living and recuperating at Leeann’s place he didn’t have to travel far just a mere 5 minute walk. Getting the request due to the sheer number of competing mages there who would nab all the easier quests.

Finally managing to actually take one albeit out of random, his task for today: To look after and train five young children seeking to become Rune Knights later on in life. The reason the request had been  placed had been explained in the note referring to the quest-giver, Armin and trainer being bedridden and thus incapable of doing the task. Understanding the need for consistency and wanting to help out a fellow rune knight he would surely take on the request by first approaching the man to confirm that he would be taking them under his wing for today. Figuring that Armin would either be in the infirmary or the Rune Knight’s safe house, he would make his way to the infirmary and then the Rune Knight’s safehouse if he wasn’t there.

Whilst the town was very spread out numerous facilities were extremely close to one and another, so he got there with another 5 brisk walk. Inside the building he found a nurse who took him to a sickly Armin who allowed him to take on his role after he mentioned he was also a part of the Rune Knights, wanting to help Konstantin further he pointed at another person lying adjacent to him with difficulty who was apparently wielding a powerful staff that he would find potentially useful in this request and the many that would surely follow.

Though the prospect was a rather morbid one, raiding a corpse with the approval of another Rune Knight he jumped at the opportunity amusingly it was ornate with a carved pumpkin. Swinging around the pumpkin staff, he laughed to himself then slung it onto his belt and made his way to a small park where the children would be waiting for him. Checking the time on the request note and the clocktower nearby he knew he had to be fast to but not to make himself appear foolish.

Meanwhile at the park, “Oi, Harry where do you think Armin is?, he said he’d meet us here at 9 am and it’s 9:15 am” Said the heaviest, less intelligent of the group. “I dunno Mikey, maybe he got stuck ‘n the crowds of people on the way.” A scruffy, lanky boy replied. In the meantime the group of boys entertained themselves through various means. eventually though, Mike spotted a figure he thought was their instructor and called to the rest with excitement . “Hey everyone look it’s Armin” This was quickly damped when the figure’s hair reflected sunlight almost blinding him, recognizing that Armin had brown hair, he knew this man wasn’t him. Expecting the man to walk by he merely gazed at him with poorly contained boredom. He had been very mistaken when the man turned to him and began to bark orders at him and the rest of the group first getting defensive and then submissive with a few words.

Reaching the boys with relative easy, Konstantin both wanted to surprise and see how the group would respond to him. So just as he was about to walk past them, he turned to them and spoke to no-one in particular whilst staring down at them all. “Who is the leader of your group, Armin has given me the task of looking after you sorry excuses for Rune Knight Cadets.” A few shifted in place though none revealed who it was, still a little bit sore from his win yesterday he shifted his muscles and looked at each of them now for a solid 30 seconds as he spoke for a second time. “Look it’s 9:20 am the longer we wait the later I extend this into the afternoon.” Reluctantly one of them rose a shaking hand and proclaimed himself the leader. “I am, the name’s Mikey, What’s yours?”

Wanting to test him, he introduced himself with his rank as well. “I’m Konstantin Sokolov of the Rune Knights, a Page and you will address me as nothing but Sir or Mister Sokolov from now on and nothing else, you got that?” Angry about the deception that they felt that he had put them through he pulled out his staff and slammed the bottom of it on a nearby bin. “Listen to me, I’m here for one reason, Armin’s sick and needs you looked after, all i want to do is see you guys get fit.” Though in the back of his mind. “Geez I wonder how fit I am…”

Recognizing the makeshift training course that he went through during his brief time as a Rune Knight cadet, he didn’t even the boys but he knew he couldn’t let up on them otherwise they’ll just slack off. Wanting them to start off with a couple of laps of the park, he returned his staff into the makeshift sling and commanded the group. “Right I want you five to do three laps around the park, no cheating otherwise, I’ll make you do it again, Remember I’ll be watching you all the time…..and go.”

As he ordered the group followed, good at least he had obedience drilled into them. Watching them like a hawk, he noticed as one of them tripped with the rest picking him up without question. “Good, good, nice teamwork.” He commented to himself. Eventually they returned slightly out of breathe, however now they would be doing some more intense training, starting with some sparring using the wooden swords, whilst had another doing some archery in the meantime, he pitted two pairs against each other and had the weakest of them focusing on hitting a target about 10 meters away from them with a training bow.

Happy about the results of what had been done today, he gathered all of the boys together around a table and provided them with some sandwiches and water. Wanting to bolster their morale, he spoke to them with a proud tone. “I didn’t know you boys that well, however I can say that if you five continue to work together I’m sure that you’ll make great progress whether it’s in the Rune Knights or anywhere for that matter, though I hope it’ll be the Rune Knights.” Understanding he was complimenting them, they said nothing and then he continued after he gazed up and spotted a Clocktower. “Geez it’s 5 pm you five best get to your dorms, hurry now I don’t have any power to stop you getting in trouble.” And so with that they bolted to the dorms, some dropping their food and water others not, starting to pick up all the equipment and leftover food he returned to the safe house left them there and made his way back to Armin.

Looking up at the clocktower once more 5:30 pm, “damn it.” he swore as he bolted to the infirmary, he hoped that he’d be let in so he could get his reward and not have to catch up with Armin the next day. Fortunately the same nurse was still on duty and let him through to a now recovering Armin, who was able to hand him his reward albeit with difficulty, with the two thanking each-other for various reasons he departed once the nurse returned to him and he made his way back to Leeann’s for some rest.

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