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(Trump)ets of the daily ruckus [Kon]

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Evictus stood upon one of the side streets in Crocus. He was watching a old man begging for jewels. All that passed through his mind was pity. Pity that the old fool wouldn't simply go to church have a confession for his inability to simply go die in a pyrefire. Of course he did not go through the hassle to actually tell the man to bury himself in brimstone.

And so it was that he stood there smoking his cigarette the smoke slowly making it's way in and out of his lungs. He looked once more upon the disgusting old man before he slowly made his way forward muttering only a few words that the old man could clearly understand "Humans truly are disgusting."He then put his arm on the collar of the man and pulled him into the nearby alleyway. The old man did not have the strength to fight against him.

In the alleyway he would toss the man to the ground and kick him a few times in the stomach. All that passed through his mind was disgust and absolute hate. After kicking a few times more the old fool no longer moved. Evictus looked at him before he ended his suffering with a nearby rock.

Fight Rules wrote:No weapons/magic.
Non maim/kill viable.

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It was the eve of the week’s end, mist stooped low beneath the crowded streets of Era, People all around came to watch the travelling Circus road came into the town with their bright colours, loud noises and exotic animals. The man in this story had no time for such trivial matters, he was on a quest to his restore some shred of his self-confidence. He had started his journey with Leeann yesterday with her giving respite and offering some moral support. So with his clean clothes and freshly shaven face he wove through the crowds into a less busy section of the town. It was far less decorated and with a sickly odour clinging to it, similar to what he had smelled like only just yesterday.

He would have turned around and dealt with the public instead of the depressing alleyway, however, he heard the distinct pleas of a person in need who it was he didn't know. All he cared about now though was finding and helping the man. Rushing through the alley mudding up his pants once more he finally came across the man who had called out before he could do anything though he watched as the final blow to kill the man was struck by an assailant. Looking at the attacker, he had one thing running through his mind. "Stop him, Konstantin, anyway you have to." With a goal in his mind, he made his way towards him being vigilant of any reaction he made towards his presence. His weariness in taking down the criminal is he was unsure of his capabilities and the difficulty in retreating he would have with the alleyway being a two lanes away from the main street.

For now, though, Konstantin had to stop him, noticing he was wielding a bloody rock in one hand, he decided to attempt diplomacy and even fear to persuade the man to surrender before they had to fight. Calling out to him in a bold and confident tone as he approached the man at a stead but true pace ensuring his guard was up at all times. "Sir, I'm placing you under arrest for the charge of murder to the 2st degree, anything you do or say may be used against you."


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Evictus simply smiled as he was apparently found out by this one other piece of human swine. It was apparently someone of authority as the man had told him to stand down and that he was to be put in jail for "cleaning up the trash". This was something Evictus did not take kindly to and so he would simply drop the stone that had been soiled by the brain juices of the old bloke.

"Let's do this deeper in the alley." After saying this he would wait to see if the man complied to his one enquiry if he would comply Evictus would take quick steps deeper into the alley always keeping a watchful eye on the man. If not he would ready his fists for the probable fight about to happen.

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"Let's take this deeper in the alley?" He thought to himself repeating the attacker's response. "Bah." Take a once over to eye the odd looking man, he guessed he was about the same height and weight and ordered him to stop. "If you move an inch, I'll be forced to respond in force and in doing so you will also have resisting arrested added to your charges."

With him heeding his warning he watched as the criminal drew his fists up as if to fight him. With a shrug, Konstantin looked at him and resigned himself to the fact that he would be fighting a fair amount of people. With the pain lingering from the glass shards in the back of his head still, he drew up his hands closer to his face and waited for him to throw the first blow in the attempts to do what he had done to the person who assaulted him just a few days ago.


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Evictus would note the fact that he did not wish to go further into the alley and so that would mean he could send for help if he was a coward and things started to go downhill for him. So he decided to take a few fast steps towards him to close the distance so that they were just outside of fist range. He would then shift his body to put extra weight behind a right straight punch towards his enemies face whilst guarding his left side with his left arm.

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Watching as the man drew closer to him, he rolled his shoulders whilst maintaining his stance, he knew what his behaviour meant. He was going to have to fight the black-haired individual and was now lawfully able to with him throwing a punch at Konstantin. Due to the far amount of distance that had been between them which had been covered mostly by the attacker, he was able to see the right punch targetted directly at his face. Fortunately, however, he would capable of evading such a punch by redirecting the force by first moving his weight and body to the right as well as further forward towards the man as well as ducking ever so slightly, going close to the alleyway wall and using his left arm to force the punch to go up and left away from his face essentially causing the force of the punch to carry him forward closer to him. This was Konstantin's moment to strike, he had left himself exposed by not pulling back his punch which would allow him to gain purchase on the extended arm with his right hand and he began to move behind the man to lock his arm, forcing his arm into painful positions until he would be capable of slamming him into the nearby wall pinning him there.


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Evictus arm was sadly redirected away from his enemy and by the time he noticed in the final moments that the other dipshits arm was moving to grab him he would twist sending his left knee flying for his enemies lower right side just around where the kidney and stomach this movement also allowed him to move his right arm further to the side so that his enemy would need to reach further to grab it but he also pulled it closer to him as he spun making this even harder.

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Unable to grab hold of the attacker's thrown fist being out of reach, Konstantin began to pull back as quickly as he could. In his quickened pace he would be capable of moving his centre of gravity as well as the rest of his body to his left side, which while would allow the kick that was targeted towards him to hit it; it would cause it to graze the portion of his torso with some of the force being absorbed into his white robe, rather than the excepted numerous broken ribs. Wanting to put the assailant off guard as he moved his right leg, he moved it back so he was now parallel with one of the alleyway walls, allowing him to recover from the breathe-taking kick and focus on defending his front. Recognising that he was the weaker of the two in builds, he knew he'd have to rely on his mind instead, knowing that time would be a key factor in this fight.

For now Konstantin's goal was to take this man down how he would do it, he didn't know at least not at the moment.


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Having sufficiently recovered from the grazing that he had sustained from his opponent he was back in tip top position ready to fight him head on. Normally he wouldn't be fighting someone like this but he had no choice as such, Konstantin got into a defensive stance and made his way towards the criminal whom seemed to be just standing still why he was he didn't know nor care. Knowing this could be a chance to strike him, Konstantin began his assault by going for his left knee by give it a quick jab from his right shin and then pulling his right leg back into position to ensure it didn't get grabbed just as he had tried to do earlier to the foe.


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As Evictus had mostly been standing around waiting for the other man to attack him he did not have time to dodge the man who attacked him by swiftly kicking Evictus leg with his right shin.

And so instead of backing up to dodge the attack Evictus took it sure it hurt a bit but taking a hit and giving one was good enough and so he moved in closer to throw a right straight punch aimed towards his enemies nose with the intent to break it.

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Pain shot through the center of his face as a swift blow struck Konstantin's face, an obvious follow up on the criminal's part. "Bah, attacking the legs, what am I thinking." He cursed to himself. Feeling the hot blood going down his face, he had to keep his cool and make sure this sort of stuff didn't happen. He had no idea how the blow slipped through his guard though he wasn't about to give up on detaining the murderer. Regaining composure as quickly as possible, he preparing to grab the man ignoring the pain of his nose and potential blows he could receive, Konstantin lunged at him with his guard still raised and bellowed. Still roaring at the top of his lungs he would slide to the side of the man and grapple the man's feet with his own, alternatively he'd tried to grab hold of one of his arms again if he tried to punch him away from his new position.


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Evictus noticed how the man lunged at him and so he decided quickly when the man would slide to the side that he should also move to the side but in the opposite direction so that when the man came he could kick him in the side.

He followed his plans and executed this move quickly stepping to the side of his enemy and moving his leg up to aim a kick at his side again this time hopefully the man would not have time to dodge or block the attack. If the man would dodge or move to the side he would remain stationary in his new position and prepare to block a incoming attack by observing his opponents joints and eye movements.

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As he moved toward the black haired individual he couldn't help but notice as he had side stepped in an attempt to avoid his tackle whilst drawing up his leg for yet another kick, unperturbed and still focused on the potential attack he would adjust his course so that he would grab the man's other foot and knock him to the ground. Whether or not he got struck wasn't his concern but instead to draw out the fight. The reasoning behind his intentions were due to the fact that he was sure that at least someone had overheard their fight even with the festival so close, which would lead to people and eventually some Rune Knights to back him up.


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Noticing how his enemy changed course Evictus decided on his next move. He would instead of just being tackled to the ground by this person raise his other leg quickly so that he would fall to the ground on his own. However Evictus would time this move so that it was just before his enemy would attempt to grab him and by doing so he would probably have to take his enemys attack head on however his enemy would have no room to dodge Evictus attack.

When raising his other leg so that both his legs would be in the air he also put his arms and elbows in a position where they would slam into the back of the head of his opponent when he tried to grab his leg. If this attack hit which it probably would because of how close they were to each other it would with most certainty knock his enemy cold.

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Red flooded his vision, ringing was all that Kon could recognise whilst his other senses had dulled significantly. He was confused one moment he was fighting against a black-haired individual and now here he was floating on an almost sea of pain. He didn't know what had happened in the time in between that. Slowly he began to understand simple words and gestures in a concerned, caring tone. Opening his eyes slightly he could make out two individuals both roughly the same size, both dressed in standard Rune Knight attire. Noticing that he was waking up one of them ordered him to remain where he was as the other Rune Knight left to get a healer.

According to the Page that remained with him, they had found him after a noise complaint had been issued in the area. Removing a hankerchief from his jacket, Page Manny began to remove the blood that had been caked all over his face. From the pain he felt like that bastard had broken every bone on his face, but as the Page dabbed and wiped it gently most of it remained in place save for a small portion of his nose. Eventually the healer arrived along with two burly gentlemen whom were carrying a stretcher, with the five of them, Kon was placed onto it. Lifting him into the air, he was taking to the infirmary to be healed so he could be back to normal as soon as possible.



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After having downed the man and stood up again Evictus would look down at his fallen opponent for just a moment. He also checked if he had some form of name badge or ID but he did not. Evictus was slightly disappointed that he had not even been able to get the name of his enemy. But no matter he would surely get another chance at some later time.

He would stand up straight again and slowly walk away dusting off his clothing as he left the area. Whilst pondering on if he should switch clothing and or head to a new area...

Maybe a cup of tea?


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