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Worth Woodsea to Crocus The Holy Capital [Foot Traveling]

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Worth Woodsea  to Crocus The Holy Capital [Foot Traveling] Empty Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:39 am


Life, death meaningless to those can create both.
Both Physically and Mentally fragile, Konstantin decided it would be appropriate for him to leave the Worth Woodsea. Having found them to be a not so suitable destination for him to look for solace, the opposite had been shown, he couldn’t contain the constant shakes of fear that his hands had developed. This had stemmed from his encounter with the illusionary figure of his brother, Robert, he was a monster of a man having killed his own kin front of him. Konstantin had grew an unnatural fear towards him that even lead to him developing an extreme case of insomnia and near suicidal depression. This trip was the last thing he had needed, all he could think of now was of the kind people he had met in Crocus, which more than made up for the crowded state of the town itself.

So trusting the paths and his best judgement, Konstantin made his way back to Crocus town. Continuing on the path back he came across a group of travellers whom were passing through the woodsea from Myras town, something that didn’t surprise him in the slightest. After all with his brother now in charge of the family matters he had become far more aggressive with his tactics on taking over Myras town. For now though he just wanted to get his brother and the rest of that family out of his head and just focus on returning to the town, where he hoped he’d find his comrades there.

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