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Crocus The Holy Capital to Worth Woodsea [Foot Traveling]

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Crocus The Holy Capital to Worth Woodsea [Foot Traveling] Empty Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:29 am


Life, death meaningless to those can create both.
Having made a complete embarrassment of himself in Crocus in a less than professional manner in various whether it’s with the general public or his own superiors, Konstantin decided he would remove himself from the large town of Crocus. Before leaving though he went back to where he had dinner with Bianca and returned her umbrella by giving it to the staff for them to pass on to her. Remembering his duties as a member of the newly formed, Watchdogs he returned quickly to the safe house and left a note saying: “To Hikaru, Gone to Worth Woodsea, want to get out of Crocus for a bit, just need some space away from people, Regards Konstantin Sokolov.” After completing his tasks he made his way out of the city towards the Worth Woodsea, He had never been there before save for a brief trip through it from Myras Town. Unsure of what he’d find there in terms of food and drink, he quickly made yet another detour to the market to get some just in case he couldn’t get anything there from a village or find something to kill for food. With everything ready Konstantin made his way to the border of Crocus and out into the Worth Woodsea.

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