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Back in the capital [Finn]

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Here she was... Crocus. She hadn't come to the capital in a few months, busy as she was changing yet another dead end lead. Truly the more Alisa pondered on it, the clearer she realize just how much time she wasted on hopeless leads. Not that it ever deterred her resolve, quite the opposite. Bounty hunting the small fry to test and her abilities was all fine and dandy, but not once did she ever forget the name of that brought her into this life in the first place.

Black Sun.

And with every clue she validated or scratched off, she stood one step closer to finding out who and where they were. For now, it was time for a break. And by break this means, spend most of her day training, then either work on her art or go admire someone else's.

The weather was cold today, the cloudy autumn skies threatening an afternoon rain than never seemed to come. Yet whoever looked at Alisa might be inclined to think otherwise: Wearing a pale violet tank top and black bike shorts, she jogged around Crocus sweating like a marathon runner. This was simply the conclusion to an average training routine, aimed at exhausting the last of her stamina before a long, well deserved rest.

However, even tired as she was she not only maintained her coordination, but also scanned her surroundings every time she turned a corner and into a new block. And wherever she looked, she saw Halloween goods, Halloween goods everywhere. It wasn't surprising given how it was only a bit more than a week away, and it still made her wonder what kind of costume would she wear this year. She truly enjoyed trying out new outfits, and halloween was not only the time to be spooky, but more importantly the best time to think outside the box.

As for the people, she occasionally saw some sporting Guild Marks here or there, but so far none bearing the same as the one exposed on her midriff. All of these mages... Just how strong would they be? A pleasant, motivational as such greatly staved off her exhaustion, keeping her on the run for yet another block, not even feeling the weighted rings around her wrists and ankles. Every now and then she did yearn for a real challenge. A powerful opponent who she could respect, and do battle to her heart's content.

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The sound of feet on pavement could be heard, coming from a shirtless man running through Crocus. It was funny, really. When Finn first discovered other people, he was far too shy to be seen by even a single person shirtless. Now, he was going through the Capitol of Fiore in only shorts, socks and shoes. It was crazy how the simple act of living could slowly change someone, whether or not for better or for worse.

Sweat dripped from the boys hair, face and body. The warm liquid contrasted with the cool air to make him get occasional chills when the breeze came through. It was a positive feeling, one that he desperately needed after his intense workout. Hair down to his mid back and tied in a sort of braid to stay out of his way, the young adventurer continued forward. He was not scanning his surroundings at the moment, but rather focusing on the path ahead of him. Should anyone wish to cross him, he'd deal with it as it came.

Turning one corner after another, Finn soon realized that he heard footsteps coming ahead of him. They were either heavy enough to be loud, or were moving similar to how he was. Stopping and jogging backwards and towards the middle of the street some, he'd have done so just in time to dodge an oncoming woman who was turning the corner.

Jogging, and as drenched in sweat as he was, the young lady wore equally revealing clothes as Finn. Albeit slightly caught off guard and embarrassed by seeing a woman dressed that way, Finn merely averted his eyes quickly, continuing to jog in place. He assumed she'd just keep going, and he'd continue back on his workout. He had no way of knowing, due to his averted gaze, that she was Blue Pegasus as well.


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She ran, and she ran so far away, yet she still had enough left for more. Watching the people of Crocus go about their pre-Halloween business was interesting enough, but after jogging across over half of Crocus and only seeing more of the same, it started getting repetitive. That was, until a particular something, or rather someone, caught her attention.

"Araa, hello there Finn...!", she greeted the younger boy with a charming, nonchalant smile, followed by a soft chuckle when she saw him bashfully look away, "Long time no see~!", Still flushed and sweating from her intense workout, Alisa felt the burn even more as her heart rate gradually dropped - as well as the faintly glowing weights - but that didn't stop her from casually resting her her hand on her hip in a lax position.

Like most Guild mates who spent enough time at their Guild Hall, she knew this young man well enough, like her he was an adventurer, a powerful one at that, though he sought his power for a different goals than she did. Her fellow members of Blue Pegasus wer among the only ones privy to the secret behind Alisa's so far successful bounty hunting career. They and some other knowledgeable individuals could put a face to White Empress of Blue Pegasus, a powerful yet mysterious wandering sorceress who rarely showed her face. Alisa Vollan the woman, now that was a different story: Also representing Blue Pegasus, she had her more public Magical work and her modelling for Sorcerer's Magazine to give her some measure of reputation...

But to the outside world, most believed these two women to be different mages, as she refrained from advertizing her power or skill as a mage in the same way she did for her cool beauty and shimmering art. The boys usually seemed more interested in the fine nuances behind her secretism, whereas Alisa herself had no such favoritism: "...What brings you to Crocus?", she asked, raising a quizzical eyebrow.


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Finn quickly looked back at her, his eyes slightly widened in surprise. "What the flip?" He couldn't help but speak out loud when she finally registered in his brain. Even if they hadn't been in a guild, this girl was famous throughout Fiore. She was rumored to be one of the most powerful in the Guild, and he himself had always wished to get to know her better. Someone of her fame and prestige had to have earned it. Whether or not he ever got a chance to go toe to toe with her, he was happy that he finally got to run into her.

"Wow Alisa, this is wackzo. I didn't think I'd see you any time soon!" Offering a bit of a grin and running his hand through his now drenched hair, he offered a laugh. He wasn't entirely sure what to say to her, but she quickly directed the conversation for him.

"Oh, yeah, about that." he started, dropping his hand down and resting both of his hands on his hips. He explained that he and Jake had originally been planning to go to Worth Woodsea, but things had arisen. Jake was requested to stay behind by their Guild Master, and the guild master requested that Finn go to Crocus for a short time. With that explained, Finn just kinda laughed and shrugged. "It's whatevs though, figured I'd keep fit then continue on exploring Fiore for a bit!"

Finn had no way of knowing that the Guild Master and Jake had intended for him to better adapt to his own race by taveling Fiore alone finally. Nor could he have known that the Guild Master wanted Finn to run into his fellow guild mates. All he was doing was moving according to the plans of others for now, while filling in for himself in the middle.


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He was visibly shocked to run into her here, enough for to earn a giggle at the rather amusing reaction. They didn't know each other that well and meeting so far away from home was naturally surprising. Less so with the amount of tourists in Crocus, but still a happy coincidence, "...And way from the guild of all places.", added the dark haired mage, noting how both of them travelled around a lot. As a rule, the more people approached Alisa at once, the less approachable she became. Naturally, the opposite was also true, untimately making this a better place to get to know one another than inside the guild hall.

The young adventurer then went on to explain his original plan, visiting Worth Woodsea. Alisa too heard Rumours of some halloween event being set up in there - something about a haunted house - but until the time came they were just that, rumours... As luck would have it, the Guild Master asked him to go on a different sort of the adventure, to the capital, for reasons unknown (which he likely preferred, she wagered), and here he stood before her, "Indeed.", she smiled and nodded, "There's never any shortage of things to do... Well, there's plenty of see in Crocus around this time. Everyone's getting ready for Halloween and all."

Looking around at some of the decorations already set up, she was pretty much just stating the obvious. Turning back to Finn, she moved on to her current plans: "I'm looking around the City and see what else I can find. Wi", she smiled and explained her own plans, adjusting her hair and clothes now that her training session had come to an end, then finally crossing her arms, cocking her head slightly with an inviting smile, "If you'd like to come with, we can catch up some more~"

deciding this was enough stamina training for one day, Alisa pressed a button in each of her four weighted rings, weakening their glow and visibly relaxing her stance more more. The rings had now reverted to ordinary wrist and anklets. Lacrima powered training equipment was defenitely wonderful, and Alisa felt light as a feather once more...

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Finn couldn't help but offer an amused smile at Alisa. It wasn't one of amusement at her expense, but rather at the vast similarities that he was seeing with himself. There were very few mages who would be out, training so hard at this hour. From what he had heard, Alisa was an actual mage and could use magic. The determination, willpower and drive that it would take to continue to work ones body alongside their magic at equal standards was impressive. He hadn't known her long, but he was definitely earning some respect towards her.

Crocus had indeed began preparing for Halloween. While the holiday simply passed over some towns, Crocus seemed to embrace it fully. Cobwebs, spiders, decorations everywhere and some places even doing themed events. They all seemed rather boisterous, and a positive experience all in all. To be able to go around and see it all with a member of his guild, and potential friend, sounded like it was too goo to pass up. Without spending much time thinking, Finn flashed her a smile and a thumbs up.

"Of course! Sounds like a great time!" Glancing at her and then down at himself once more, his face tinted red once again. "Perhaps we should show and change first though. I don't know how I feel about spending all day naked." He wasn't, of course, actually naked. Still, shirtless was enough to make the young man take notice of himself. While embarrassment wasn't running thick, it was noticeable enough to make him reconsider.


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Her smile widened into an excited grin when her guildmate accepted, jumping at the chance of adventuring with someone else for once. She was so used to being alone she could just stay that way for the most part, but times like these reminded her how much fun it could be to have one or two companions, especially if they were from her guild and didn't exceed that number:

"Let's get going then~!", she said merrily, ready to turn away only to find Finn without the energy she so often associated him with. Instead there he was, glancing down with a (rather cute) fidgety look, before he explained his problem, reminding Alisa how she too had a similar one. But there was blushing at the thought of walking around shirtless. With an elegant giggle, Alisa winked, "You're pretty shy huh...? That's welcome change, most boys in Blue Pegasus just jump at the chance to show off, so much it gets annoying sometimes..."

What she seldom realized was how they only did that for the pretty girls like herself. She enjoyed how the men of Blue Pegasus actually tried to dress well and look good instead of just dismissing their appearance like so many others... But Finn, while pretty enough to fit in, lacked much of the excessive vanity even Alisa suffered from. Vanity was indeed the reason why she agreed with him, she felt pretty proud of her body - she put plenty of effort in reaching this balance of curves and fitness - too much to stroll around in sweaty training gear:

"But you make a good point. I need a shower and a fresh outfit before going anywhere...", she reached one hand to her cheek with a curious look, "Where are you staying..?"

She naturally stayed at one of the most expensive hotels in the capital - five stars were the bare minimum for the picky crystal mage - only staying away from the best one so she could have money for other things.

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She wasn't too far off from the truth, he guessed. He was indeed shy as opposed to the other members of Blue Pegasus. Most of that had to do with his own absence from humanity, though. He had yet to grow fully accustomed to the norms and what he was. While he wasn't as embarrassed as he had been in the past, he was still slightly self conscious. All he could do was recall the words of his parents and Jake, telling him that being naked wasn't allowed by humans, and even being shirtless was naked. It wasn't meant to scare him- They just simply didn't know better.

"Haha, I guess. All that doesn't matter too much though!" He didn't care if he was seen as shy, or whatever he was seen as for that matter. Quite the odd mentality for a Blue Pegasus mage. That being said, he still very much so cared about his friends opinions. Although she was not quite a friend yet, she was still his guild mate- And one with quite a bit of fame and power.

When she asked where he was staying, he kind of laughed and glanced at her before giving her an answer. It was one of the better known "Shitholes" of Crocus, although there was no actual bad hotel in the capitol. Truth be told, it would be considered a decent lodging in most towns. Only here did it find itself falling short. "Should I meet you at your hotel when I'm ready then, and we can be off?"


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He quite readily shrugged off Alisa's observation, to his credit he was defenitely not self conscious about it, indeed the opposite of some other Blue Pegasus mages who were defenitely not bashful, but terribly self conscious about a myriad of other things. As for his living arrangements, he had picked one of the cheapest places in the city. All things considered, even that couldn't be any lower than three stars and was still pretty good. He went on to suggest meeting up at her Hotel, an idea Alisa could defenitely get behind. Yup, she still needed a shower and everything, so in between him walking over that might give the girl some more time to get ready:
"Mmm, sounds like a plan~", Humming and nodding, she gave him the name of her lodgings - the Crown Hotel - along with the address to go with it in case if he didn't know where it was. And with this out of the way, she ready to head back, "Well then, I'm off. See you soon!"

Waving she her hopefully new friend, Alisa turned around on her heel and headed back to her hotel. Time for a long walk back to her toom...


The refreshing shower was a godsend, it washed off not only the sweat and grime but the fatigue itself; the perfect finale to a fruitful, lengthy workout. For a moment forgetting she had a guildmate waiting for her, she luxuriously soaked under the pouring hot water longer than would be necessary, and in the end her bathroom looked more like a sauna than anything else. Stepping out of the shower properly wrapped in a towel, the young artist thought about where they might be going and seeing, before opening her wardrobe and slowly pondering each of her options...

With this in mind, Alisa dressed casually, and by casually that means by Blue Pegasus standards of course. Even though the outfit was comparatively simple, her blouse was made of the finest silk with the faintest sheen to it. Her shoes had short heels, stylish but still suited for walking around the town. She knew Finn as an eager adventurer, and breaking a heel on the more jagged stone pavement defenitely wouldn't help her keep up. The weather had warmed up somewhat in the past few hours, prompting Alisa to go for a short skirt and leave her blouse unbutton, as well as forgo any excessive jewelry in favor of a simple string around her neck.

Only after twirling around in front of the mirror and properly drying her hair did she leave her room and stepped into the elevator, heading down towards the lobby. Hopefully she didn't keep Finn waiting too long.

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Finn's hotel was approximately three blocks and a half from their previous location, however he was not completely spent. While he had cooled down to the point of being unwilling to to run, he decided to fast walk back. The walk itself only took about eight minutes. Once back, he made his way upstairs and to his room. The hotel had a rather weak air conditioning system, but the feeling of cool air on his skin was a godsend. Making his way inside, he basked in the feeling for a few moments before moving on with what he had to do.

Undressing and stepping into the bathroom, Finn quickly showered off and stepped out. Putting on his favorite blue shirt and some white shorts, he fitted his white hat upon his head and affixed his socks and shoes comfortably on his feet. For a brief moment he remembered his argument with Jake, about whether or not to bring more than one pair. "Your feet will be covered with sweat stink Finn, bring the dumb socks!" Letting out a slight chuckle, he made his way outside.

This time around, he took his time walking to her hotel. Crocus really was a beautiful town, and only five blocks separated the two hotels. By the time he arrived, the decision came to him. Should he go inside and wait, or stay out. The air conditioning once again called his name, but the sun was out perfectly to bask in, despite the autumn chill that occasionally presented itself with a breeze. After momentary consideration, Finn made himself into a lobby, dismissing the person who offered to help and quickly explaining his situation.

Sitting on a couch for about ten minutes, he finally caught a familiar wisp of dark purple hair. Looking up, he saw Alisa was now dressed and seemingly ready to explore. Smiling, he stood up and quickly rotated his shoulders, as if the small time sitting had allowed his back to begin to stiffen up. Without thinking, the words that Jake and his mother had ingrained into his head presented themselves. When you wait on a woman, you can't just let her know you been waiting. You gotta smooth it in. Be nice. Compliment them. Just say-

"Wow Alisa you look amazing!" Was that right? He wasn't sure, but the positivity in his voice and smile on his face weren't just for show.


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The sculptress eventually caught sight of her fellow adventurer, smiling as she approached the slightly younger guild mate with a radiant smile, only to recieve the best possible greeting she could. Elegantly reaching one hand to her chest, Alisa actually cocked her head down and blushed for a split second, imperceptibly so anyone who wasn't paying attention. This was truly a rare sight from a girl who for the most part always looked too cool to care. Turned out the vain girl was weak to compliments huh? Who would have thought:

"You're sweet~ And looking good yourself too.", she winked her response before adjusting her hair behind her ear and addressing the elephant in the room, "Not too long a wait, I trust?"

But now that he was here and they were both ready, well it was time for the really fun part: Adventure! Alisa looked up in deep thought, crossing one arm under her breasts and raising the other hand to her cheek, "Hmmm, now where should we go first, I wonder...?", thinking out loud, she hoped Finn would suggest something, otherwise she'd just shrug and look at him nonchalantly, "Oh well... Let's just look around and see what happens, shall we?"

With this, Alisa would walk out of the hotel with Finn, immediately looking around to see if she could spot anything interesting, otherwise just heading in a random direction, say, to the left. The crystal mage was indeed dressed rather light for this weather, but she seemed perfectly comfortable with this. All things considered, spring in her native northern town wasn't much warmer than this, so she was perfectly used to the cold. Finn himself seemed perfectly at ease before, jogging around topless as he was.

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Finn had almost been caught off guard by the blush, and likely would have reacted differently if he were anyone else. For him, however, he chalked it up to the effects of a compliment. When people noticed anything about someone, the person would get happy. It was just nature. The less noticeable, the better. A kind of assurance to the one you're with that you do pay attention, and that you care enough to bring it up. It was how he felt when people complimented him on his fighting. The boy hadn't been with the world enough to care much about comments on his looks, despite his embarrassment with the lack of a shirt earlier.

As she questioned where they should go, Finn began to contemplate it for a moment before realizing something. "I've got just the thing!" With that, after a reaffirming nod to Alisa, he began to lead the way. While they were indeed side by side, it would be obvious that he was half a step ahead of her for their journey. "I actually found it when I first got here! It's this big thing that just- Ah you have to see it"

His words of excitement were, luckily for him, not childlike. Rather, the tone one would hear from a man who was passionate about a long standing interest of his. A hobby that he couldn't resist the urge to share- Adventuring. And now, if only temporarily, there was someone who seemed as excited about it as he was. As he began to lead them through the streets, his pace much slower than a man on a mission, he glanced at her. "So how have you been Alisa? You're like never at the Guild. People always bring you up though!"


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Fortunately, aimless wandering soon proved unnecessary for Finn had a better idea. Much better in fact as the moment Alisa asked that question, he had just the right answer in mind. Trust the professional adventurer to have a better plan outlined, and better yet, to thoroughly tease his partner with brand new sights to be seen:

"Oh..?", the curious, beauty loving Alisa, raising an eyebrow with visibly intrigue. Finn caught her full attention with this proposition, "Well, let's get going then! No need to spoil the surprise~"

Strangely enough he actually looked more mature when all hyped up for adventure like this, which in turn made him cuter. If she were the betting type, she'd defenitely call this disposition as Finn at his best. She kept up, walking beside him as curious eyes scanned her surroundings with every new street, remembering everything worth visiting so she could come by later, allthewhile making small talk with her new friend:

"More of the same I guess... Chasing leads, clearing requests... Family business, you know?", Alisa's answer felt pretty contemplative, indeed she'd been working on both her famlies individual businesses: Her birth family, and the Guild who took her in, "Finding a specific Dark Guild is proving much harder than I once thought... But I'm getting closer."

Alisa had been question to find and destroy a certain Dark Guild long before she even joined, thus she was known for picking quests often revolving around Dark Mages or people who hired them. Doing this she both helped her guild and advanced her quest, but so far her progression was pretty slow on the second part.

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"Shall we dance?"
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"Well," he began as they turned yet another corner, the streets beginning to fill with more and more people. "Be careful. I know you've been doing this for a while now, but you have a family in Blue Pegasus. Me and Jake can always offer a helping hand." His words came from him without any amount of weight to them. He was not reminding her of some vastly forgotten truth so much as he was stating something that, to him at least, seemed as obvious as the sky was blue.

As he had finished though, he turned the corner and stopped, a broad smile on his face as he raised his hands above him. They were near the gardens, but what lay before them was a much rarer site. Halloween decorations adorned the streets, hanging on lamp posts and buildings alike. Shop keeps found themselves dressed in ways that accented their shops, while a vast majority of the people there had either a costume or black and orange clothes. In the exact center, almost as if it dared to challenge the Halloween vibe, was the most extravagant fountain that Finn had ever seen. Tall, marbled, with separate fountains to spray a multitude of water within it- All of which was casting a multi-layered rainbow.

At night, with the moonlight hitting it, the fountain would likely give a more ethereal vibe. For now, however, the look was a stark contrast to the streets it was surrounded by. Glancing back at Alisa with a broad smile, he turned his body and beckoned her forward, both hands allowing her to take the lead. "Well? Let's go!"


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The more people she started seeing the more uneasy she got, her previously cool laid back gaze swiftly glancing at each person, as if tying to keep track of them all. Her dislike for large crowds was known inside the guild - particularly the pushier among the guys, who learned the hazards of crowding around her with their bodies - but in a lesser known fact, Alisa struggled with an unhealthy mix of agoraphobia and paranoia, so much that when she walked into a crowded place was look around and single out every single person. If she couldn't do that, she'd likely just walk out or seek a secluded place. She had it under control for now, but eventually she'd urge Finn to take a more discreet. Hopefully she could get past this without revealing such an embarassing secret, fortunately Finn was here to help with that.

She found his concern touching, after all Alisa too felt protective - overprotective even - towards her guildmates, even those she barely knew, "I'll keep that in mind.", she smiled and nodded, looking at him before once more doing that thing where she looked up into the sky in deep thought, "Maybe we should take a look at the job board once we get back to the guild, hmm?", she'd finally suggesting, looking back at Finn.

He had a good point, perhaps it was time to try doing things a bit differently. Even though she'd joined the guild a bit more than three years ago, there she was still roaming around like a lone she-wolf, doing everything by herself, relying on nobody else. And here was Finn, one of the strongest in the Guild and an experienced adventurer, offering his aid. Between the two of them, they'd have enough power to take bigger missions, greater challenges, without having to worry about the other lacking enough strength.

As they crossed the next corner, they walked into another halloween decorated street, or rather, the mother of all halloween decorations. Alisa visibly relaxed as she found the number of people there to be manageable. She clearly should have brought a costume...

Ultimatelly, it was her partner's eagerness to explore that snapped her back to earth and away from her admiring trance, "Let's!", she answered with a nod, taking the cue and the lead, walking up towards the fountain, leading Finn on a stroll around it, "Wow, you were right...! They've certainly exceeded themselves!", Alisa commented with a rather vague "they", before finally catching sight of something even more fun, "Look, they even set up game stands!", she commented, pointing towards a nearby whack-a-mole.

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The two of them had made their way to the square, and although Finn was often daft to his surroundings, he certainly noticed her change in atmosphere. The girl became more withdrawn as more people appeared on the streets. Her eyes, quick as they were, would be noticeably darting around as he glanced back at her. Her head was like it was on a swivel, trying to keep track and monitor everyone that was around. He gave out a mental sigh, not actually making any physical motion or sound of doing so. He should have probably thought this through better.

As if to comfort him on his own mistake, however, she brightened up as they reached the center. The girl was very obviously still stiff, but it had gotten better. That was a good thing, hopefully. Maybe this crowd was more manageable for her. He'd do his best to stay close to her, just in case she needed an emergency escape. As she took in the surrounding, obviously pleased by it, she pointed to a game.

Glancing over at them, he looked for any that he might remember from the arcade. Soon enough, however, the realization that there were no familiar things set in. "What are they?" His voice would come out suddenly, and if she'd turn to face him she'd notice his quizzical stare and tilted head. "Where I come from there were no games- At least not like this. It's all so funk. What do they do? Which ones are fun?"


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"No games...? Not even one?", she was visibly surprised by this statement, eyes widening and mind wondering if he came from a remote village or anything of the sort. Even that seemed odd thanks to travelling carnivals who might stop by just about enewhere. She wanted to ask him about it, but for now, she much rather preferred being the one to show him to the wonderful world of festival games, her eyes seemingly unable to leave that machine now that it was unoccupied, "Depends on the game really... Come on, it's best if I just show you."

She hadn't seen proper festival games in a while and though she did a good job at hide her eagerness, Finn could probably still pick it up if he look close enough: Gesturing him to come along, she approached the whack-a-mole game, while continuing her explanation, "See in this game you just have to smack these guys as they pop up...", Alisa plopped a coin into the machine, grabbed the foam hammer, and waited... And waited, and then some more. Suddenly a mole popped up, and the martial artist reacted in split second, "...THERE!!", she smashed the hammer onto the target's head, knocking it back down.

At that moment, the laid back gaze in her eyes had been replaced by a burning flame, brighter and brighter with each target she smacked down. Seemed like someone was getting into it...

Her eyes darted to the next target at lightning speed, her striking arm sped up with each and every smack, to the point her movements became a blur. After one minute was up, the moles started popping up and the game machine rung. Her score was up. Without anybody to compare it to, she seemed pretty indifferent towards the numbers on the lacrima screen, and instead turned back to Finn, smiling and offering the hammer, with the look of a tutor just finished with her lesson, "...And thats how you do it. Feel like having a go~?"

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Finn glanced at Alisa as he saw her prepare herself for the ordeal. He had understood her disbelief at his inexperience, but it was the truth. Most of the people at the Guild knew nothing about him. It wasn't that he hid it- On the contrary, to him it was normalcy. Jake never told him to hide it, and the Guild Master didn't seem to care what Finn did with his own past. That being said, Finn wasn't one to go around talking about himself unprompted. There were better things to do than force people to hear about his life story.

His thoughts were cut short as he saw a fire light in Alisa's eyes. Her body tensed, her eyes dilating as if she were about to enter battle. Finn's own moth found itself agape, if only slightly. Something about seeing her this way, he realized for a moment that Alisa really was incredibly beautiful. A blurring motion quickly caught Finn's attention as his eyes darted towards the game beside him. Before his vision could make it, however, a hammer slammed into whatever it was.

Catching the tip of its head, Finn gasped and put his hands to the side of his head. This was a carnival game?! Killing tiny, defenseless animals? This was considered normal? She didn't even seem hungry! Within a moment, however, another of the mechanical moles popped up and Finn realized the error of his assumption. Face turning a noticeable scarlet, he glanced at Alisa right as she finished the fast paced game, asking if he wanted a try.

Normally, he would. The game seemed fun after all. Now that he was embarrassed, however, he just wanted to get away from the source. "Ehhhh how about we play another!" As he suggested it, he avoided her gaze, instead staring at the ground beside her.


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Oddly enough, Finn looked oddly embarassed when Alisa turned to him, leaving the young sculptress wondering what he might be flustered about. Was it her score? Did he not feel confident smashing the moles that fast? Not once did she consider he might have assumed the moles to be living creatures, and wondered if perhaps he too had a competitive streak about him: In that case she figured it might be best to get him started with one he might feel more comfortable with.

And clearly, Finn thought so too.

Not one to stand between a man and his choice of games, Alisa nodded, "Sure~", not really bothered or anything and more than willing to help her new friend pick one more to his liking. She would invite him along for a stroll around the shimmery fountain, where there would be plenty of options to choose from. Would he be type of showing off his strength at the hammer game? Or perhaps his aim with the darts? There was even a magic game where one had to lob fire lacrima to light a candle up in the distance...

"What would be more your style, I wonder...?", she cocked her head, crossing her arms as she pitched various suggestions, "Strength? Aim? Or maybe Wits?"

Or perhaps he would want to try them all! Who knew? No doubt Alisa would in a few moments...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Finn pondered the question for a moment, the blood in his face slowly receding enough that he didn't look totally embarrassed. "I don't know... Why not... Strength?" He hadn't a clue. He had no idea how strong he had to be, or coordinated. While he had decent confidence in both, who knew what the games would test. As they made their way over to the strength game (Alisa obviously leading the way), Finn eyed the game before him. He couldn't decide what caught his attention more- The game, or the thick mustached fellow who was yelling beside it, daring people to "Test their strength!"

Stepping forward and grabbing the hammer, Finn couldn't help but grin as the man yelled about another challenger stepping forward. Mages could become strong- After all, muscle development was not unique to those without magic. Normal people could develop strength, as the fields did not toil themselves. Adventurers? They lived every adventure by what their body could handle. They fought with only their bodies capabilities. They had not only strength training, but their daily lives and every request they went on, all increased their power.

Gripping the hammer, Finn went to lift it- Only to feel it slip out and fall to the ground. The handle was slicked? Glancing to the grinning announcer, Finn felt his cheeks flush as the man yelled about the poor young boy being barely able to lift it. I'll show you, his mind raged as he gripped the hammer again, this time hard enough to turn his knuckles white. Lifting the hammer in an arc above his body, he crashed it down with perfect aim upon the platform that had been pointed out to him.

The gong shot up like a rocket, crashing into the bell with incredible speeds. Everyone cheered instantly, the announcer himself congratulating Finn and daring others to come up. The young Pegasus was shocked for a moment- The man had mocked him, yet was still happy he won? The realization that it was all a ploy to get more people to play set in, and Finn couldn't help it.

He laughed.

Heavily, from from the bottom of his stomach, Finn laughed. Before long he felt tears forming in his eyes. The onlookers, one would think, would assume Finn crazy. The joy, innocence and sheer emotion on his face, however, had an odd effect. The crowd themselves started laughing, and before long he turned his joy to Alisa. "That was- Slamikow! Ah! Thank you so much!" He couldn't help it. When he got excited, he said the things he said around Jake. Which included made up words. Such as Slamikow.


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Finn picked his poison quickly enough, and strength was his choice, "Strength it is then", nodding, Alisa lead him to a gathering of the strong him, where the two of them clearly stood out judging from the humorous reaction of the big burly contestants. She watched him grab the hammer and struggle with the visibly slippery handle, readying a mighty swing that none of the others expected...

The announcer and some of the other hopeful strongmen around were just standing there, grinning triumphantly as the comparatively smaller, pretty boy seemed to having trouble with the hammer. Yet all that time Alisa's smirk didn't fade, showing obvious confidence in her companion. She knew he was one of the strongest in the guild which was naturally due to his physical abilities. Without any form of magic, Finn naturally had to work his body twice as hard to reach that level and venture where even the bravest of explorers wouldn't dare. His skill as a warrior presented the only limit on where he could go, and like Alisa he seemingly saw it not as a boundary to resign oneself, but a plateau to transpose.

And then he swung. With a visibly well trained stance he swung the hammer in a wide arc, making the most of his power, and ringing the gong loud enough to deafen the cocky three who dared stand two close. When he came back, he could barely contain his excitement as Alisa just nodded approvingly, "Impressive... Very impressive."

But then this wasn't the end of it. Seeing him so excited about a game made her want to try it too, she was in fact, the only woman taking up the challenge with a confident smile on her face. Truly, men had the edge in sheer strength, they weighed more and built muscle more easily... But only men who trained just as hard could hone that edge enough to beat her...

She started off holding the hammer in a low stance, one that looked suspiciously like a swordsman's. And like the blonde adventurer, she too found the oiled hammer a rather cheap trick to weaken a contestant's swings, but she had her own way of dealing with it:

"...Baki baki..."

A very faint crackling sound filled the air for a moment, its source something only a person familiar with her might understand as Alisa's magic. The shimmering in her left hand hinted at her temporarily crystallizing both her palm and the end of the hammer's grasp, gluing them together like skin to ice. Once more narrowing her eyes at the target below, the martial artist suddenly rose up, lifting the hammer as fast and as close to her body as possible, maximizing speed and imprinting as much momentum as possible on the hammerhead. And once at the highest point of the swing, she turned both hips and shoulder into the blow and brought it down even faster, both hands on the handle to make the most of gravity and centrifugal force.

"Speed is weight", was the lesson she had for all wannabe strongmen, in case they didn't get it the first time...

The result was an incredibly fast swing with an even louder impact, that sent the target soaring upwards with stupendous force. Judging by the scores tagged right next to it and the jaw dropped look of the announcer, Finn was the only one so far who had topped her result. This time around, the announcer didn't even muster the composure to congratulate her. He just looked on flabbergasted.

"Well, that was fun~ Guess you're thoroughly sold on festival games then?", she'd inquire playfully

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Nodding his head enthusiastically, his laughing slowly died down. The two would go around trying out many more of the games, allowing Finn to get a feel of them. The test of strength was one of the few games that he was able to beat Alisa's score. She was every bit as impressive as the rumors said- And this wasn't even her in a serious setting. The urge to see her for real, in the middle of a mission, was growing within him. He enjoyed their time together, and soon the day gave way to dusk.

Despite her likely not needing it, Finn went ahead and followed Alisa back to her hotel. She didn't need protection, and that wasn't the reason he did so. He felt like he had made a real friend today in Alisa, and a connection with her he'd never expected to make. Walking back with her to the hotel was the only way he knew of extending their time together before they'd part ways once more.

"Thanks for today, Alisa." With that, he flashed her a smile. "I wasn't expecting to have this much fun in Crocus. We need to do this again- And make sure to stop by and see me in Hargeon. You owe me some jobs, remember that!"



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With his nodding affirmatively, Alisa giggled knowing that they had defenitely found a good adventure to be had: Going around the carnival games and trying each and everyone of them. She did better than Finn on most of them, but she also noticed how he beat everyone else's score just as easily as she did. She was defenitely sold on his ability to keep up with her without making her worry; they'd be able to take on some high level missions without much trouble.

They had a delightful conversation throughout the whole time out, and in the end he even accompanied him back to the hotel (what a gentleman!). In the end, he thanked her for the time well spent, once again stating his interest in working together once they got back to Hargeon: A request ALisa would defenitley honor

"Anytime Finn. There's a lot to see in the capital, we've only scratched the surface.", she winked with a playful chuckle, "And don't worry, I won't forget that.", and with a wave, she headed off, "See you soon~"

Hopefully they'd be seeing each other very soon indeed, Alisa had known many of her guildmates for a long time, but seldom had the chance to befriend another like this...


Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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