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Rallying the Troops [Rune Knights ONLY]

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#1Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru sat down at the table of the safe-house that the Rune Knights had in Crocus. He was pacing thinking about what he would say tot he people. As of recently the need for Rune Knights had increased significantly. With Etherion down the council no longer held all the power and many people weren't as scared as they once were of the council. Now in days you had people willing to revolt against the council like the ones who had blew up the Etherion cannon. They left Fiore and the council in a weak and vulnerable state. Now Dark guilds could roam more freely and this would most likely create Chaos. Most of Hikaru's life he had been a lone wolf. He didn't work in teams and he only stayed by himself. However, with the way crime was increasing he couldn't manage much longer.

For the newer members as well as himself it would be much beneficial to start forming teams and squads. That was the best way for survival. It sounded a bit questionable but there was truth to the saying "Strength in numbers" Hikaru continued to pace calculating how he would divide the team. Of the members of the Rune Knight he was one of the stronger ones that were currently in Crocus. He was curious as to how he would go about helping his team. Maybe he would have to go on their type difficulty missions for a simple hand. The difficulty of their missions was like walking through a park for Hikaru, but he supposed that if he was serious about forming a team he would have to go on their missions and accompany them making sure they gained the proper experience and training to become stronger mages. Hikaru sighed and began to pace as he looked at the clock. He was half an hour early. He told them to be there at 8:00 and it was 7:30. Hikaru assumed that he would just have to make time fly by.

He decided to go through a cabinet filled with former mission reports of Crocus. There was no top-secret or important files since it was a safe house. However there were basic missions reports that even he could find interesting. He continued to read the reports as he waited for the other Rune knights to come. It was going to be a long night.

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#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
There was nothing else to do in Crocus. She was awating orders from anyone to do something besides taking small jobs. It was rare for her to wear her armor, but it was needed. Her fiance couldn't go into the Rune Knight safe house since he wasn't an official knight. It had been a long time since she actually heard from her brother. Being on missions to find her mother and doing Rune Knight work kept her busy on top of engaged to her fiance. There was a lot on her shoulders at the moment. With the recent chaos, she didn't like it at all. Lee had always been Ms. Independent and hated help. She was better about it now than ever with the will of possibly trying to round up some members to keep the choas down.

Passing by other lower ranks and paying her respects as she passed by, she nodded and went on her way. She was told to show up at 8 o'clock sharp, but she liked to give a good impression. It was drilled into her to show up early like an hour. It was probably a little crazy, but rather safe than sorry. It took her a while to walk there and figure out where hte place was. It was odd being in the armor again. It clanked as she would walk in it. Arriving near the same room as Hikaru, she looked at the time. 7: 30. A half hour early. Good!

She walked into the room where she saw her brother. The quietness stuck out the like a sore thumb to her. She hated it. As she entered the room, she had a earbud in playing some mild rock music not enough for Hikaru to hear. She knocked on the wall. "Hey, Mister Busybody. Care if I join? I got your message about needing some team or along those lines. What's your concern about?
she said. She made it noticeable she was addressing the issue rather than asking how he was doing. The redhead saved that for another time. Now was something serious, it was her job as a Rune Knight to keep order in this country even though she didn't always follow the exact orders. The matter was she was going to get the job done. LeeAnn would take a seat across from her older brother.

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Screams of help rang out around him, they were of his younger brother, forever etched in his mind, as his eldest brother, robert crackled as he swung the blood soaked dagger left and right cutting his brother's body. Konstantin thrashed in his sleep drenched in a cold sweat, unable to awake from his nightmare until Robert's face rushed towards him, causing him to unleash a fear-filled cry. This was how Konstantin always slept and woke up, ever since that day, for him it was almost a ritual, the chronic fatigue, the pain of knowing he'll just be reliving the painful experience of what he went through, the only positive thing that could be said for this would be that he was now an early bird.

Having woken up at just the crack of dawn, he tried to calm himself, feeling his entire body shaking uncontrollably, knowing he'd be like this for a few moments he reluctantly resided him to sitting on the ground drawing his legs to his chest. After perhaps a full hour in this position he composed himself, he cursed not just his brother for causing such mental scarring but also himself for letting it get to him so much. Breathing in a deep breathe he finally rose fully and donned on his clothes, he had remembered that he was suppose to do something today once more for the service of the rune knights. Since he wanted to make a good impression on his superiors, he was determined to get there at a relatively suitable time, with the meeting apparently starting at around 8 am.

As it was just 7 am at the moment, he would have plenty of time to get there and see some people there hopefully Leeann and Selena once more. For now though with his stomach grumbling, he heading out to the inn front to order the only thing his refined palate could handle from there some nice bacon and eggs with a mug of freshly ground coffee, so after receiving his meal from a still half-asleep inn keep, he scoffed own his meal and made his way to the supposed safe-house.

Along the way he noticed as the merchants rose and left for work joined by many others in different professions, reaching the building, he quickly gazed around spotting a Clock-tower revealing he had made it at a reasonable time of 7:35 am. Once entering the building he made his way into a room filled solely with two people for now, one he was unfamiliar with and the other one he was sure was Leeann, which put a smile on his face as he hadn't seen her since their last encounter and he had been looking forward to see her.

Knowing there's a time and place for pleasantries he refrained from behaving to sociably to her but instead chose to seat himself relatively close to her so that when she did notice him, they wouldn't be interrupting business if they wanted to talk by themselves.

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#4Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Finally! The only word that sprung to mind as soon as she got her orders. Selena was vegining to get bored being stuck in Crocus with nothing to do. Although she did have some entertaining days aroubd the Hoky capital, meeting loads of new people from all arou d Fiore each unique in their own way, Selena was glad to be getting bwck to her roots of the Rune Knights. Speaking of which Selena had packed her armour incase a situation such as this arised. So goibg to her wardrobe and strapping herself into her armour she headed down to the wear house.

Selena walked with a slight spring in her step on the way down to the wear house. She had already met a few magic council members in Crocus and now curiosity was begining to cone ibto her mind. Who all was coming to this meeting? Selena's mind began to wander as she continued on her way. The warehouse was in a slightly remote area of Crocus, away fron the busy main streets and shops. But that wasn't nessesarily a good thing. With the rise in activity of the dark guilds these kinds of places weren't as ideal as they once were. At least if it was located in a busy area they would be covered by the crowd and almost hidden in plain sight. Selena then lost tge spring in her step after thinking sbout this. Maybe waring my armour wasn't the smartest thing to do. She thought to herself. At the same time however she did feel as though it was a warning to those eho would have tge balls to attack her. She was apart if the Rube Knights, not soneone to be messed around with. Still Sekena felt it best to move a little more cautiously.

It wasn't long until she reached tge warehouse and ebtered. Sge was about half sn hour early but it seemed as though despite being so early others had beaten her there. Selena recognised them all, having met two of them already and hearing great things about the third. Selena made her way inside snd would wait to be greeted before doing anything else.

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#5Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru turned his head to the first person who walked in. Lee-Ann walked in first and addressed him as Mister Busy body. She asked him if he cared if she joined and asked what Hikaru's concern was about. Hikaru began to put the papers he was just viewing away as he spoke.

"I'll be discussing it when everyone get's here."

Hikaru said as he finished putting the papers away. Just moments after that he would sit down waiting for everyone else. He meant 100% Business. He gazed as another individual walk through the door and after that another one. Hikaru looked around and waited maybe 15 seconds before beginning to speak. He figured this was already a majority. He didn't expect many to show up, but he assumed this would be enough. Finally he began to speak finally.

"Hello everyone, Please state your name. Full name before we begin this meeting."

He said looking at the three other people in the room. He thought about what he would say next. He assumed that he would have to learn their names as well.

"I am Captain Hikaru Nakamura. Alright so this is where we stand. You've all heard about the Etherion cannon. For hell everyone in Fiore has basically heard about it."

Hikaru took a brief moment to see if anyone had any comments regarding the Etherion cannon. After that he began to speak once again wanting to get as much accomplished as possible. Hikaru took a deep breath and decided it was time to get to the point. He didn't really enjoy working in groups he had always been a solo act but there was a first time for everything.

"It's no longer safe to be wandering Fiore. With the increase of prescence in dark guilds after hearing about Etherion they're starting to outweight us. Therefore it would be wise for us to form a team. I understand if you've always been a solo act, trust me I know the feeling. However, when we are weakest we are strongest together. Therefore I invited you all here to propose building a team. I've done some brief digging regarding you all. Didn't get much detail's regarding your personality or even your magic. However I know each and every single one of you show promise. You can walk away if you don't want to do this, it's not mandatory. However I urge you to think about it. Forming a team would allow us all to become significantly stronger together. Plus I have one of the highest mission completion rates in my class, so think wisely."

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#6Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Hikaru would have her wait. She was not surprised by how serious he was. Usually, she would say a snarky remark, but that was not necessary. The recent event placed her a panic position and was bound to do something about it. She would have to wait and find out. Konstantin came in first and took a seat next to her. Rather close for that matter...

LeeAnn took no notice to bother that fact. Then Selena came in, another person she knew. Small world they were all called here. At least she was on good terms with them or what she thought. He waited a few seconds. Then her older brother rose up beginning to speak. He greeted and wanted everyone to speak their full name. LeeAnn was forcing herself to act proper and try her best to now show any attitude. This was her older brother. A small sighed of no surprise came from her. It was no shock he was this flashy, showing his rank. After he greeted himself and his rank. LeeAnn stood up from her chair showing she was speaking. "I'm Litentant LeeAnn Nakamura, a fire mage" she said. Looking at her brother directly into his eyes showing she was serious.

Her mannerism was different from what Kon and Selena had seen her. She sat back down allowing the others to introduce themselves. From what she knew of, she was the second highest ranking officer in the room. Kon had just recently joined the few months ago as for Selena. She didn't know. Though, she could be wrong. Gathering the information from her brother. He stated they should of her what happened with the Ethrion cannon. A little anger shown in her as she looked down thinking about the countless lives lost in the blast. She resumed from her pure emotion. Hikaru stated the country was having more dark guilds roam around and it wasn't getting any safer. There was a reason she didnt go walking around in her armor.

He proposed to form a team and strength in number. She knew her brother was the lone wolf type unlike herself that prefer to be around people. Though, she didn't like people helping her due to her pride. A small smiled shown on her face proud to see Hikaru changing a little. After he would finished, she smiled and leaed back. "Glad to see you excelling, big brother. You have me on your team for sure. With Fiore the way it's looking, things do not look so good. The smart move is to blend into the crowd if your going to solo a mission as a Rune Knight" she said. The redhead gave a pause to breathe. She looked at Konstantin then Selena. "Unlike Hikaru, I know you two personally. Now, I am not speaking for the both of you. But think about it, it would be stupid move on your part to turn down a opportunity like this. We're gonna need all the help we can get. I think all four of us would make a pretty good team" she said with a serious face. She couldn't help, but smile, excited something like this came around.

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Watching an listening to the meeting taking place. As the head of the meeting, the pink haired man introduced himself as Captain Hikaru Nakamura, and called forth for the rest of them to introduce themselves, He gathered that the pinked haired man was none other than Leeann Nakamura's brother rather than her other family members due to his age. Captain Hikaru Nakamura spoke of the relatively weak status of the rune knights after the destruction of the organization's power, the Etherion Canon and how it would be a good idea to form a team to strength ourselves. With Lee having introduced herself to the members in the meeting, Konstantin followed suit by leaving his chair himself and looking directly at the man he'd most likely be working under from now on. "My name is Konstantin Sokolov, I'm a new member of the rune knights, so new in fact I'm just a page. What i lack in power, i can make up for it with my unusual and perhaps unique abilities."

Lowering back into his chair, he continued "As for the etherion cannon, my knowledge on that device is fairly limited, I've never really heard of it before i joined however after this meeting i'll take a look at the cannon's specifications." Cracking his knuckles. "As for forming a team, I'd gladly take part I have practically no power what to speak of in terms of magic, that is due to how my magic works, which I'll discuss with you further if you want in the future, Captain."

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#8Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
"My name is Selena Maelstrom, Apprentice." Selena said as she approached the other three now. Selena brushed her back behind her hair, taking in everything Hikaru was saying. She nodded along as he talked. She was slightly worried about the incident with the cannon, The Rune Knights ace in the hole had been totally tarnished by a single mage, not the greatest thing to help uphold the name of the Knights. The way Hikaru talked seemed to support this too, he wasn't exactly sugar coating that fact either. Konstantin though had no clue on the cannon but said he would look up on it. "No need too, unless you plan at looking at some dust particles where it once stood." Selena answered with a hint of sarcasm. She was still annoyed about how it could have been  so easily destroyed, but pushing that annoyance down she returned to the room.

It was then the captain suggested a team. Slightly but not over surprised, Selena did agree. Even without Hikaru's motivating speech it was obvious to see that more knights together would accomplish far more than by them self's. Hikaru though seemed a little reluctant, saying he preferred to act solo and wouldn't blame anyone else for not wanting to join for that reason. At this Selena looked at Lee. From first glance anyone could see that Lee was a closed book, but even she warmed to the idea. Selena figured it was because she  the captain's sibling. Never the less even konstantin agreed for his own reasons too.

"Don't think I can add anything else to those encouraging speeches." Selena said with a small smile. "So yes, I will join this team." She knew herself it would be best, despite the fact she wasn't crazy on the idea of going on requests with people she only barely met prior to this meeting. "I myself like to think I'm fairly well rounded. I can defend a little better than most as well as attack well." She then stated to the group. Selena wasn't sure exactly on what Hikaru and Lee had for magic so stating what exactly hers could do wasn't top priority. "So Captain, Lieutenant what kind of magic do the two of you poses? I presume it's something similar with you two being siblings and all?" Selena asked Lee and Hikaru. She knew right well that their magics could be polar opposites but it was a fair assumption.

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#9Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr was sleeping, dreaming about the hardships in life. Magic and histories and how he was changing them, while it was childish to dream of such things but Alek would be Alek. Then something peculiar happened in his dream, while fighting in an imaginary war, an arrow struck his chest as he fell down and in real life too, from his bed which of course did wake him up with a bang on his head that hit the floor of his inn. What he did after waking up was brush his teeth, take a shower and get ready taking out his outfit out of the closet and dressing up in an armor as this was serious business for the rune knights, he had got orders from Captain Hikaru Nakamura, finally. He had arrived in Crocus just yesterday and tired, he had immediately slept without eating anything.  He then started to make his way to the safehouse which was at considerable distance, had told them to be there by 8:00, it was 7:15 now. So he could have a little breakfast.

Aleksandr had coffee and omelette for breakfast and as the safehouse wasn't at much distance, he took his time to eat. He was finished eating by 7:30, it was still half an hour left. Making his way through the streets to the safehouse, he was thinking Konstantin would be there or not. Well, who cares anyway. He had reached the safehouse by 7:40 and made his way through it passed many members that were lower than his rank, Lieutenant. He reached the room with a considerable amount of time left and seeing other introducing themselves, he decided not to interrupt them and went inside and said "Aleksandr Sokolov reporting for duty, sire. I am a ReQuip Mage, you can count me in for your team." he said in a plain tone and was in the mood for business. He had overheard Hikaru saying about the Etherion Cannon and how he was forming a team while coming in, so that was his response to that but he had enough time to say hello to the other around him including his brother "Hello, fellow comrades." and then he went quiet waiting for some response while taking a seat next to Selena.

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#10Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Following Hikaru's calls to arm Lee-ann's call to arm he figured she knew them. Hikaru himself didn't and to be honest he wasn't sure how he felt. He was less of a all talk guy and more of an action guy. She seemed to encourage the people she knew to hop a long, now it was just their responses. Each one had something different about them. Maybe it was the way they presented themselves, but personally HIkaru thought everyone in the room had a different Dynamic. Hikaru like Konstantine. Something about what he said seemed to catch his attention. He was the first person to tell what they could offer. A unique ability, which made Hikaru quite curious, but for times sake he wouldn't question that matter but continue to listen on. The male seemed to be a Page and that was a very mature comment. From the get go he basically just said he knew he couldn't contribute in terms of power as well as the rest, but he would bring something else. this was the first thing Hikaru heard that had sort of made him look forward to the team. He stayed seated with as he crossed his arms on the chair. He leaned back a little bit and continue to just stare at each person as they spoke, allowing each person to speak uninterrupted by him.

Salena Maelstorm was next. She was an apprentice. That itself was interesting. She had brought up a good point about not needing to look at the cannon's specifications. He was establishing each person's role as they didn't know it. She seemed to be more of the analytical type. She spoke about how she could contribute. It seemed she had some offensive capabilities as well as offensive ones. Just by the questions she had asked regarding their magic, she seemed like someone who sought for information. This was all him analyzing her. Before he could speak something took his attention. It was the man who he had seen walking in while he was talking earlier. Hikaru didn't pay much attention but allowed him to speak before speaking. Aleksandr Sokolov, it seemed he wasn't the only person with a sibling on the team. It was a requip mage, and he said hello fellow comrades. With his brief introduction Hikaru couldn't get much of a read off him. However since everyone spoke Hikaru now returned to speaking himself.

"I'm glad I have all your cooperation. As for my magic, we'll leave it at lightning to simplify it."

Hikaru said. It was lightning magic but the entire white elemental affinity wasn't something common. Actually it would throw most people off and explaining it usually took a long time. Hikaru continued to speaking informing the team about his capabilities.

"I am a purely offensive mage. For me the best defense is the best offense. I'm physically strong too. The only thing i'll be contributing is offense."

Hikaru said giving the team a breakdown on what he did. He did have other types of spells he could use but none of them could be used ot help everyone so he figured his magic is best described as an offensive type of magic. Hikaru took a moment to think before speaking.

"Hmm.. I Guess we've got most of it figured out. However there are a few logistics. For starters, team name and roles"

Hikaru said. He didn't want to force all of this in at once but it was something simple. He wasn't good at brainstorming so he would give them a few ideas he came up with.

"Sadly i'm not creative, but all recommendations are welcomed. It seems odd, but we need a name to make a reputation for ourselves. As for roles I say we have several different ones, but Leader is always the highest ranking official. Unless anyone objects."

Hikaru said. His reasoning was the fact that he was a superior officer to everyone in this room. Them giving him a command could go two ways. Him saying yes or him saying no and then giving them a command. It was just to avoid conflict. As he waited for people to respond and give their roles he couldn't help but realize the personality roles each one would play. He has a few ideas in mind but was curious as to what they had to say.

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#11Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
After her introduction, everyone else went as she had an idea what magic they had for most of them. Konstantin was a simple page, but LeeAnn already respected him from prior meeting before. He was a simple Page, but LeeAnn knew he would excel from the looks of it. Next was Selena, she met her from the Crocus Garden cafe as she was trying to protect her own lover, who was a kitsune. Typical. It was still funny to her that she could read through Selena's disguise. Her question was directed to the siblings, Hikaru and herself. Her brother just replied with a simple Lightning magic. There was a little smirk from her thinking about how Hikaru was going into a little detail for what he could offer the team.

It was her turn.

"I have a fire magic, Seal of the Fox or Kitsune. I mainly offensive and defensive type. I aim for more endurance and using my surroundings to battle" she replied.

Someone else came in a little late according to LeeAnn. All of them showed up early, but guess he was running a little late. It gave her a tick in her brain of slight irritation with fashionable late. But she remained still and unphased showing no emotion. He introduced himself as Kon's little brother.

The team roles and name had to be done. Hikaru wasn't much of the creative spectrum of the family. Something she had that he didn't. She thought for a moment. Lions had pride and held a honorary figure and sheild is a symbol of a knight and protection. She snapped her fingers.

"How about The Lion's Shield. The lion is a symbol of king or bravery and the shield for a knight means protection. Perhaps that? Since we are Rune Knights" she suggested. She hoped it wasn't a terrible name, but something that held some sort of meaning to it. "I think the roles should go to who's best fit. Not only strength, but leadership and skill. For leader position, should go to Hikaru since he's a captain and not only that, but he brought us all here for a reason. He holds qualities of a natural leader. If anyone else here objects, speak now or forever hold our peace. For other roles, I do propose a co-leader in case per say Hikaru is absent or down, there is still some sort of leader there. Not as experience but there. As well, perhaps a tactian to help us discuss the strategy and plan for battle. Someone with intelligence and battle knowledge" she said. She looked at everyone of them and remained quiet.

"That is all. Anyone else would like to propose ideas or vote with any of my suggestions? Please speak up, opinions matter" she said.

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Barely containing a loud yawn, that he covered with his right hand, Konstantin apologized to his comrades and soon to be team members. "Sorry about that i didn't know the cannon had been completed destroyed though two of you mentioned it earlier when we meet, my yawn wasn't directed at this conversation though, yesterday was a bit of a tiring one, after-all i met a fair few people then, as for a team name I'm open to suggestions Lion's shield is an interesting one though that implies we are the shield for a person rather that the community." Rubbing the bridge of his nose before continuing. "As for the positions it only seems appropriate that the highest ranking officer holds the position of leader, because of this logic I'd also recommend that the next highest member of the team be the co-leader though that is just my opinion."

Reaching over to a jug of water that was placed in the center of the table and taking one of the several glasses next to where it lay he poured himself some water and took a sip. "My role as a few of you will know and from what i just told you, Hikaru is a largely supplementary capacity at least until my powers become more developed, so if when i'm with the team i'll need to hang back or help in other ways whether it's crowd control, gather information, etc, just no fighting for the timebeing."

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#13Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Seen nodded as Hikaru and Lee told them of their magic. Selena had barely noticed the new guy come in and was now thinking more about the magic they had just said. Lee''s magic seemed the most logical of the two. A kitsune fox fire made seemed reasonable , since her partner as indeed a Kitsune. Although learning a magic such as that would be quite hard. Selena felt reassured that Lee would be strong then. Hikaru, he was fare more vague. he simply aid a variation of lightning magic. Selena wasn't sure about his vagueness, perhaps to save time because his magic was a bit complicated? She did the same when explaining her magic too, since most didn't quite grasp what she could do and how she could do it. Lee and Konstantin then began to talk more about Team names. Placing her hand on her chin Selena began to think. "Lion's Shield does sound good." Selena began looking back up at the group. "Sadly I'm not too creative either, but that name will do. Should strike fear into the enemies hearts and all that." Selena said bringing a strand of hair behind her ear. "And as at as Roles go, I think a scoter and defender would be best for me." Selena then said getting a little more serious. "You see I have a very acute sense of smell. I can smell things up to 25 meters away, not perfectly mind you but it could alert us of any dangers in the area." Selena said, rubbing the side of her nose as if she was petting it. "And although I do believe a good defence is a good offence, that's more so of you work alone. But my defence is rather good I like to think, so while for example, if I smelled that someone was approaching i could cast a few defence spells. Sound good? " Selena then asked the group. She wouldn't e surprised if people had more questions about her smelling ability. This time around she wouldn't mind answering, since these people were going to be her new team mates it would be best to start off on the right foot.

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#14Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov

Rallying the Troops

Aleksandr was mildly shocked by the fact that even his brother didn't say anything to him and none of them replied to his greeting, even if this was serious business, but what about some thing known as social conduct? Isn't there? That aside, he was focusing on Hikaru. The Captain said that he used Lightning Magic, plain old Lightning Magic. He said nothing more about it, which was one of the things Aleksandr found particularly vague about him because he thought that there was a lot more to him than meets the eye. LeeAnn said that she had Seal of the Fox magic and he was bewildered about what this Fire Magic did, he showed a courteous interest in it in the way of his body language and eyes. As Hikaru had also asked for team names, LeeAnn had suggested The Lion's Shield, a particular that he wasn't fond of for no good a reason, but if they would choose it then he would let it be. Then she gave a speech which he didn't like, it included words such as 'Say it now or forever hold your peace' which he found cliché but gave it courteous interest of though while he didn't want to do it. He decided to keep quiet until it was his turn. The other two members, including his brother liked the name from his thoughts. He did already know his brother's magical abilities, while Selena only revealed she can smell up to a 25 meters radius, nothing else about her abilities just like him.

It was his turn to suggest a name or oblige with the current one, which he wasn't fond of. Suddenly, his mind shot a thought through his eyes. He found the name! He was gonna suggest Watchdogs. So as it was his turn now, he spoke up in a dignified, respectful manner "I suggest Watchdogs, Watch as means to see, observe. In this case, oversee. Oversee the people of Fiore, Safeguard, protect them from any harm and crime, give justice to the masses of Fiore. Dogs are the most loyal of animals, loyalty is their virtue. Loyalty to the crown, the people of Fiore, the magic council. Though, that's just my opinion and I totally respect your opinions but this is just my take at it and by any means I am not saying that we are dogs of other people." He said it with respect, courtesy to the people, soon to be teammates around him. He then said about his role "My form of ReQuip is centered around machinery, weapons, Guns, knives, swords and other weapons along the line along with armors. While I mainly offense, somehow I think that having weapons while spying and stealth attacking would be helpful, with knives. While Konstantin will hang around observing the surroundings to help us and me." That was his take at it, He then stopped talking, waiting for response from other mages around him.

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru listened to Lee-Ann describe her magic and her role. She was a strong balanced mage in contrast to Hikaru who could be said to be too much offense. Lee-Ann seemed to back Hikaru's claim to leadership. He wanted it to be the highest ranking official because he had no doubts that some of the people in this room had the potential to surpass him. Hikaru listened to Lee-Ann propose a Co-leader and that wasn't a bad idea. He nodded looking at her. She had his full backing for Co-leader but as for tactician he wasn't sure what else would come about it. He wanted to know more about these individuals, he needed to. After Lee-Ann finished speaking Konstantin made a large yawn. Was he tired? Hikaru saw the gesture and figured most likely it was because the meeting was so early. Konstantin seem to take the same Logic as Hikaru when it came to naming the leader and co-leader the highest ranking member of the team. So it seemed like it was about settled. Hikaru and Lee would be the leaders.

Konstantin seemed to grab water before speaking. He listened to every word the man had to say. He seemed to be 110% for a supplementary role and accepted it. Hanging back. It seemed he would be in charge of the support for the team. Selena brought her strand of hair behind her ear and she said she would take the role as a scouter and defender. She seemed to have a great nose. Hikaru stared at her nose wondering if she could take in all their sents and rather memorize the sent of someone. He figured that was a question for later as she continued to speak. She seemed to want to play the defensive role and Hikaru wouldn't deny her of that. He nodded toward her. As the final speaker, proposed Watchdogs, Hikaru's eyes lit up. He enjoyed it. Something about it sounded much better in his ears at least. Lion Shield wasn't a bad name, it meant something too, but Watchdogs sort of had swagger to it that was different than that of Lion's Shield. Aleksander seemed to be another offensive mage like Hikaru the only different was versatility, it was finally Hikaru's turn to speak.

"Alright, as for names, I vote Watchdogs. Since another option is presented everyone state your vote. Majority wins. However I enjoy the ring of the sound of Watchdogs, but it is a democracy in this team so we'll put it to a vote. "

Hikaru took a moment to think and everyone had gone into detail about their ability so he decided that the roles would be much easier to assign.

"Alright, so based on what everyone said, Leader and Offense will be me. Alongside with Lee-ann as Co-captain.To be honest I find her to have the most versatile role so she should operate as she sees fit. Selena, you'll be our scouter as well as operating as you see fit. Though you and Lee seem to have the best defensive abilities based on what you said so you'll also need to be keeping tabs on Konstantin. If you're being overwhelmed I'll provide support as well. Aleksander you seem to have similar offensive capabilities as me yet you have so much versatility that you must be offense. From what I heard Requip is a magic where you can switch out weapons right? So with that knowledge you could have weapons to fight against any element? If lightning encounters something like nature or wind you'll become our strongest offensive weapon. As for Konstantin I found you to be the most supplementary role based on the information you gave. Therefore I assume you'll usually be pulling the strings from the back and you'll be capable of seeing all of us fight in most scenarios So I think you'll be best off with being the tactician of the team. Planning, calling out who needs support, or aiding if you can."

Hikaru said giving his analysis of the situation. He had gone into detail about a lot and it was a mouthful to the point where he took a glass of water and nearly chugged it. Hikaru looked around and decided to continue speaking.

"Also The reason why Aleks would have to be prepared to fight off Wind and Nature users is because my magic is white lightning, or Light lightning to be specific. Therefore it takes both weaknesses of both elements. Also referred to as demon slaying. This is the simplest version of my magic without going into detail. Oh, and i'm also immune to lightning."

Hikaru said. He was going to put it all on the table figuring his team would have to know his strengths and weaknesses if they were planning to support each other. He wasn't sure if they would bite for the roles, They weren't assign roles cause different situations called for different things but that was the idea he had of them operating.

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn listened to all of them. Everyone with their own ideas and suggesting roles. She never expect anyone to agree with her ideas since she didn't want to disappoint herself to much. She simply was suggested for the role of Co-leader alongside with her brother as the leader. At the mention of it, a small flush came to her cheeks. She said nothing at all, but the thought of actually being a Co-leader made her very modest. If that's what they thought then go for it. Alek suggested Watchdogs as their team name. Again, she never expected anyone to agree with her ideas. She was just throwing stuff out there. Regardless, she just shrugged it off. They all decided to take a vote on it to make things fair. "Why the hell not, I vote for it. Seems better to me" she said, raising her right hand.

LeeAnn took out a water bottle full of ale and was drinking since she was very parched. Sipping her drink, she had a mouth of the the tasteful liquid. Hearing her brother carefully, the second sentence made her swallow her drink the wrong way and cough a little. "Oh god...sorry. Carry on" she managed to blurt out. Her chest was burning a little from the sudden moment. It took her by surprise. Hikaru would carry on. This was very shocking to her. If her brother agreed, then so be it. LeeAnn always sold herself a bit short in the talent spectrum and never wanting to be in the center of attention feeling like she was a selfish person. The roles were decided or suggested to them However they took it, she took it as an order.

After Hikaru was done, she could analyze everything and see that it was assigned according to fighting style. It all made sense to her. With a small nod, the woman took another mouthful of her drink. She gave a small smile. "If Hikaru assigned this, then I will take my position as Co-Leader with honor. I can see this all makes sense so I would agree with my brother" she agreed. There was nothing else for her to say since Hikaru explained everything. She smile holding up her drink slightly then took another drink.


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Still extremely tired from yesterday's encounters with Selena as well as his dinner with Bianca, he couldn't help but let out another yawn which he could barely hide from the rest of the members in the meeting. When it came to his turn to vote on the team's name, he simply nodded and gave a thumbs up which held up whenever his name was brought up. If he were more awake he would have been offended by Hikaru's comment of him needing looking after, though in his tired state he just let it slide.

As he didn't want to seem completely rude to his superiors, he shook himself a tad and looked at all of the members with a nod before finally speaking. "Comrades, whilst I have met most of you, Hikaru I don't want to continue making a fool of myself further in front of you by falling asleep." Paused holding back yet another yawn and continued with as much enthusiasm as he could offer. "So it is with this I must bid a farewell to you all and I hope that when we meet again I'll be in a more professional manner."

Giving his final words to the group he rose from his chair bowed to Hikaru and Lee before nodding to Selena and Alek. Having given the appropriate formal gestures he turned and left the room closing the door behind him with a light thud. Leaving the room he made his way outside so he could try and start a functional day with numerous cups of coffee.


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Selena Maelstrom
Selena listed to everyone and what they had to say. Seemed lion's shield had competition. The name Watchdog was suggested  by Alek. HE gave a very valid  reason as to why but still, Selena  wasn't  crazy on the name. Everyone else however  seemed to like it. About to speak up, Selena's stomach clenched. Probably best not to make confrontations right off the bat. "Yeah, great idea, and if everyone's  okay with it sure, lets go with it." Selena  said hiding all reluctance from her voice. Hopefully iy wouldn't  be the cause  of any bad names flr them. HIkaru then went on suggesting  everyone's  roles too. HE even nominated Lee as co-leader. Again Selena  wanted to speak up but her stomach decoded to flip to stop her from speaking this time. Selena  felt a twinge  of envy. She knew that Lee was more quilted  but Selena was certain sne could out skill her.  Yeah that all sounds good. BUt those roles shouldn't  be set in stone. People change  in many ways, so maybe its best if those  are the 'Preferred' role." Selena said, ig oring the flutterimg of her insides. Hikaru then went on to say how his magic was Demon Slayer, which was why he needed Alek to do some things for him. At the mention  of the word slayer Selena's eyes glinted. A slayer too... Selena's mind raced at the fact. She had onky met one other slayer before  and it was  her own brand, Dragon slayer. Felling a little  mlre trust in Hikaru Selenandecided to speak up too.  "Wow, two slayers on one team. Seems kimd kf unfair." Selena said with a coy smile.  "To tell the truth, I'm  a slayer too, a Dragon Slayer. It's  why my nose is as good as it is. OH and I'm  immune to water based magic, so Lee I can cover  that weakness  of yours." Selena then said making sure to  point  out Lee would be weak  to Selena  since theor elements  clashed.

Konstantin  excused himself saying he had to leave bcause he was very tired, as indicated by his constant  yawning. Returning his nod Selena  stood up too.  "I thknk I'll take my leave also. HIkaru, Alek it was nice meeting you both and i look forward ro working  with you in the future. Till then stay safe." She said with a small bow. SHe then left the building wondrous  how she could upstage Lee to get promoted  within  the group.


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Aleksandr Sokolov

Rallying The Troops

There it was, team name decided and hopefully it was the one he suggested, he wasn't fond of Lee's name being one reason he could have shouted yes when his name was selectes. But that would not seem nice, so what he did was just nod. Hikaru suggested that Alek would have to do things for him as he replied "Sure, sire." Then Hikaru went ahead and appointed LeeAnn as co-leader. He gave a valid reason as to why because she had the most versatile role, oh wait. He forgot to say that he was good at defense too, making him also a versatile mage in terms of offense and defense. Buggers, he should have said it. Hikaru also said that she was the most higher ranked member next to him, wasn't Alek too a Lieutenant? Oh well. He gave a simple nod until Selena spoke up, seemed she was with him in deciding the roles. So seeing another member speak up, he also did "I think Selena is right on that. They should be preferred roles, that aside I forgot to say that I do have a versatile role being a ReQuip Mage because Armors and Shields. I am sorry for not mentioning it before, silly me. Yeah, alright you can be co-leader for now." As he almost yawned cause he was a bit tired by now. So he stood up, bowed to LeeAnn and Hikaru and took his leave by speaking up "I'll take my leave now, sire. Hope we meet again in the future." as he exited the room and went his way.


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Hikaru Nakamura
It seemed like everyone there had abandoned Hikaru almost at the same time but each had given their own input on thing and he had an idea of what everyone did. He would have to register his team with the magical council, but he assured he had a rough idea of what everyone did. Hikaru couldn't help but laugh as he sat in the room by himself. It seemed like he would finally begin working in a team. How it would go? was a mystery to him, but he enjoyed the dynamic. He had his sister who was the excitable one in his opinion, The kid who almost passed out, the intelligent one, and of course the pretty boy. It made for the perfect team. Hikaru stood up cleaning up the glasses of water as well as the pitcher and left the safe house hoping the next time he came here would be under better circumstances.

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