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I can trust you! [Kazimir]

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:04 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn lied in the booth of the resturant just waiting for Kazimir to show up. He said he would meet her there after a few days since the last mission they had done together. They worked well as a team, but this last one had a trigger to her anxiety. The old man was spatting about non-sense about Satan and if she said anything against Illumin, there would be people on her tails about it. She would bet her bottom dollar.

LeeAnn wore a black jacket with her hair up. Blue jeans. Knee high heeled boots. AND her lucky chocker. Her eye patch was off today for the first time in a while. She sat in the lonely corner away from prying eyes. It was light enough for her to see as it was only early afternoon. The sun was almost at it's peak. A long heavy sigh came from her.

At least her brother was back home and she got to see him. That was the best news! Still, it could not fully heal the damage that had been done years ago dealt by people over the course of time. She had gotten to a point where even just talking to people was aggrivating. Humans were nothing but non-sense. Slowly she was starting to come around. Kazimir and Akira were her first forms of friends. LYing her head against the window pane, she looked outside thinking about her family and thought about Kazimir. "What does he see in me as a friend? God, I got to stop thinking this" she whispered to herself.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:18 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir wandered around for a bit trying to find the place. Luckily he left early so he wouldn't be late. he'd hate to see how angry she would get if he was. It had been a few days since their missions and even longer since the day they met in the woods. They talked about a lot both days but didn't really follow up on anything. He had a few questions lingering in the back of his mind as well.

He arrived at the restaurant seeing LeeAnn in the window seat he waved and made his way to the door. She sat back in the corner. A place he knew she would be at and crossed the room to join her. He sat across from her and greeted her with a smile, "Hello LeeAnn. Been A little bit since we've been able to meet up like this," he said even though it was only two days and they usually spent time together.

"Have you ordered yet?" he asked and once they had ordered he would ask her the question he really wanted to. It was simple but powerful. 'are you okay.?' She had reacted strongly in their last mission and thought she had shed a few tears. He wondered what was it that caused that painful reaction and if there was anything he could do to help her.

Even though he knew the heaviness of the conversation, he was still pleased to meet up with her. It was always an enjoyable time.

If she hadn't ordered he would call the waitress over for them. She could hear the rumble of his stomach.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:43 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
She closed her eyes about to doze off, but heard the door open. The bell dinged as Kazimir entered the diner. Her ears perked up with a smile. A sight for sore eyes was what she was at the moment, but the last mission has really worn her down. Since her and Kazimir met, she has felt a close connection with him. Different than anyone else she has ever met and been 'friends' with. The talk with her brother the other day really put things into perspective and a fire was lit inside of her. She waved back as he made his way over to her.
"Hey Kazimir. It's only been two days, but I have felt even lonelier than before without seeing ya" she agreed. It had been lonely since she had not seen him. Living in solitude in a hotel room, was not the smarest thing if you wanted someone by your side.

Right now, she was dealing with a lot of demons internally. Being with Kazimir just gave her a sense of hope. He was the first soul she could connect with since loosing Hans and Abraxas. Hikaru was always there. Yes. No doubt. But she wanted someone outside of the family. "Yes I have. I already ate. Go on ahead and order, their steak is five stars" she said with a light smile. Obviously, she was forcing the mood. She looked deep into his indigo eyes nad knew that she could not hide things from him like she could with most people. Once he would order, she would hear the question from his lips. The kitsune looked down at her hands that lied on the table.

"No. I am not. Old memories are coming back. What...that old guy said about religion struck a nerve. I don't like religion or the church for a very good reason" she started. Looking around to make sure there was not one else listening, which there was not. She sighed in relief. IF she mentioned about what had happened, she bet her bottom dollar that they would be harping on her.

"Since were getting closer, I need to be up front nad honest. I would not tell anyone this if I did not trust them. This says a lot! Several years ago, my mother and I were kidnapped by the Church of Illumin for my mother putting one of their leaders in jail. I was an easy target. They tortured my mother and I for being full of sin. To cut it short, I was used as a sacrifice and curse wit the illness and this hidieous figure. I...was forced to eat humans. The curse was a Wendigo type. Meaning...I had to each humans in order to survive. They force fed it to me evne when I would not eat it. Now...thats not the case. I eat a lot of bacon and pork" she said. She would take multple pauses and breaths in between talking and explaining.

LeeAnn's eyes were getting watery with tears from remembering the events. A lot of htem were blurry, but the ones that she could clearly see and hear her screams. The thoughts of that made her shiver. LeeAnn got up and sat next to Kazimir. "I finally got the guts to tell my older brother this. Now, you and him know about it. You two are the only two people who know besides my father and mother" she spoke.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:36 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn's response to him was light-hearted and welcoming.It brought his mood up being there but he knew it would only be brief as he was going to ask her about what happened by the river. Either way. he felt at ease being there and open about the topics at hand.

"I see," he replied to her already ordering and gestured for the waitress, "I'll have the waffles, thanks." LeeAnn took a moment to look deep into his eyes but he did not feel as awkward about it as before and peered back at her. Today she didn't wear her patch. Both eyes open to the world and it was nice to see into them.

Kazimir sat quietly. Listening intently to her horrid tail of the injustice done to her. He made no overt movements and kept his face the same throughout the story aside from the look in his eyes, trying to reach out in sorrow for the tale she wove. It was grave mistreatment of a person. All this time his clans fought to protect people from outside dangers when so much harm could be caused from within. Forced to eat people. those words sent a shiver down his spine thinking about it. Thinking about how she felt when it was happening. And then to who the monsters were that did this to her.

he didn't say anything until she was completely finished. She made her way next to him with tears in her eyes. Kazimir was one of the few to know, he thought to himself. She had built a lot of trust in him and for that he was grateful. He felt close to her as well and would stand by her regardless.

He leaned his shoulder against hers as she wept next to him and once again removed his headband for her to use, just in case.

"I am terribly sorry that you had to go through that. It sounds awful. No matter what has happened to you in the past or what you were forced to do, I'll still be here. I'll help in any way I can. Finding a cure for this, or Taking down the ones that did it to you. My job is to protect, and that includes your emotions." he paused thinking for a second, "I don't know much about the church of illumin. Is that what gave you the form of the Kitsune as well?"

"I am comforted knowing that you feel you can confide in me Ann."

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:00 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
As LeeAnn explained what had happened, she could tell he was listening. Not making any sort of facial features or remarks. It was nice to have another body to talk to about her problems. She trusted Kazimir ciompletely for some odd reason. It was perhaps her instincts telling her to relax and lower her anxiety a bit. A lot of people had always said trust you instincts. This time it seemed rightfully so. LeeAnn only lowered her eyes near the end after she had finished her small speech.

When she moved, Kazimir leaned his shoulder against her. It was his weird way of supporting or comforting her. LeeAnn just silently wept. Looking over at him, she saw that he took off his headband. Without asking she took it and held it. For some reason, that too was comforting as well. LeeAnn listened to him and just looking into his eyes like a hurt puppy dog.

What he said, lifted her spirits up a bit. He would always be there for her no matter what. No matter what she was force to do or how she was treat, she had another person there! LeeAnn's ears perked up a little. He wanted to help her find a cure or take revenge on those who hurt her. A spark of her brother's determination was seen in his indigo eyes. "T-Thank you, Kaz. I...I don't know what I would do without you" she said to his reply. Her speech was broke due to her crying and calming down.

He asked if that's how she gotten her kitsune form. LeeAnn shook her head. "No. I was born like this, but my true form was suppressed by magic by my real parents. I am really adopted" she replied. LeeAnn hugged Kazimir gently, careful to not catch him off guard. She squeezed her eyes shut and wanted the memories and pain to be over with. "I want to trust people, but my mental mind is not letting me. Though, with you...it allowed me and told me to trust you" she spoke. She looked open her eyes at him. They were a little puffy and red from crying, which was embarrassing to her. She wanted to appear strong and thought crying was not needed. Hikaru would want her to let out her feelings and admit this to someone she could trust.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:01 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
It was painful to see LeeAnn in such a hurt state and he was glad to know his presence at least helped a bit. He smiled as she held onto his headband and thought that perhaps he should let her have it one day. When he made the comment about revenge, for a brief moment he thought about his own goals, and maybe this was the path he was set out on. Maybe this is what it meant to follow the white wolf. He dismissed them as soon as he could, only lingering for a few seconds as this was LeeAnn's time and he didn't want to be away from it.

"I'm sure even without me, you would be able to accomplish and live through a great many things. However, it's n nice to know I'm helping." Her hug was a bit slower this time and didn't startle him as much. Something it would seem he needed to get used to. His hand gave a small twitch as if he was about to reach up and place it on her shoulder for comfort, but an all to familiar pain stung his heart and he returned it to his side.

"Born a Kitsune and adopted then. You have gone through a lot. You released the magic then?"

LeeAnn looked up at him with puffy eyes concerned about trust and her feelings. "Don't worry about any of that. Don't force yourself into anything. Just take things a day at a time and it'll all fall into place. The winds are always blowing. And I trust you too LeeAnn." Kazimir didn't mind her tears. Crying was just as much a part of life as laughing. Each had a time and a place for healing, and he would wait with her for however long it took.

The church she spoke of though. He wondered if they were still after her. She was a knight and growing in fame. Would that be dangerous for her? His mind pondered all these avenues as he thought about protecting her. Although if that were the case then once again he would need to be stronger.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:27 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn felt better talking to Kazimir about her feelings and what was bother her. There was something about him that just made it easier to let things go. It reminded her of how she felt around her older brother. The air around them was growing more denser with the feeling of tensity. It was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Kazimir being a wind mage could probably sense this. Lee's body emitted embers in rage and sadness. It was a cool yet dangerous expression for a fire mage. She had accidentally lit things on fire in the past, but this time she did not.

Kazimir mentioned even without him she would accomplish and done many great things. Ears folded down. "Without you, I would be someone completely different. I would still be lying aorund in my room, trusting no one but my older brother. The fact that I made you as a friend proves that I can trust people" she ensured him. It took bit by bit to get over this fear. Of course, it was not going to go completely away, but she would overcome most of it. She still had a long way to go, but this was a great start! When she hugged him, this time it was not as abrupt and sudden like last time. She noticed the first time they met he was not one on physical affection for some reason. Normally, she would notice the little things, but she was too emotional to really notice his hand.

"I never knew my parents. I was found as an infant in the woods by Nicolas Nakamura. He was out on a mission for the Rune Knights and found me. Was a Nakamura ever since! I did not gain my true form until a few months ago, actually" she summarized. The redhead could go one forever about her life story, but he would probably not want to hear that right now.

She would rubbed her eyes clean and free of tears. If Hikaru would see her now, he would want to know who hurt her. Being the protective brother he was, he was not overly protective, but protective enough. He allowed her to live her own life only with a watchful on those who messed with his little sister. The thought about him meeting Kazimir made her worry a little. What would he do to him? That was not the issue. Right now, she wished! But sadly not yet. "You and wind comparisions! That's what I love about you" she laughed a little in admiration. She loved how he compared the wind to almost everything. It always sounded true. It was different and really cool she thought. "Much like how my internal flame will always burn bright fueled by my determination to fight. It's just really hard doing it alone. Now...I know what it feels like to have true friends and family" she thanked him.

Now that things were calm, she noticed he was thinking. It was a look that she knew about him cause she had that same feature. He was staring off into space focused. Kazimir's brain was gearing something in there. "You're worried about something? Or just thinking again" she would ask.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:06 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir felt the same dense air that LeeAnn did and saw the embers flickering in and out of existence around her. They were harmless for now but he feared for the table. It was a reaction he had yet to see from her, but remember her saying that fire was dangerous and so was its user. Although they did not hurt him and he sat unafraid of them, knowing that LeeAnn's actions would never cause him pain. She wasn't that type of person.

It would seem Kazimir had made two important connections since joining the Knights. Her words showed how much she cared and he simply gave her time to cry and wipe away her tears. Her careful hug showed she was attentive to his response as well. It was still something he wasn't used to and would take some time before he would be really comfortable with it. A part of him did appreciate it though, even if it did not seem that way outwardly.

"Ah, So he is the reason you joined the Rune Knights then. It is nice you were taken in my such a nice man it seems. What happened to cause you to gain your new form? What does it let you do?" The last question was one that just slipped out from pure curiosity and hoped it didn't offend her.

"Hm,"He said absentmindedly thinking about how many comparisons he did make to the wind. "I suppose you're right," he closed his eyes and tilted his head back toward the ceiling. "Maybe I am an air-head after all," a grin coming across his face.

He opened his eyes, still looking at the ceiling, "Your flame is powerful", he remarked about the embers she emitted even now. "Don't worry, You won't have to do things alone if you call on me. Just try not to get into too much danger. I hear Fire mages are a handful," teasing her a bit.

She had caught him lost in thought. He didn't realize it was long enough to be noticed. Although they had been spending time together and picking up those things probably began to come naturally. "Just worried if that church was still around and would come after you again. And about getting stronger." He made no qualms about telling her exactly what he was thinking. He wasn't the type to cut too many corners with words especially with her.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:52 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn just wanted him right now. She was now vulnerable to him and if he wanted to, he could hurt her at any time. Though, he was not that type of person. She could sense these things. Her instincts were always right!

Kazimir was a nice guy who has gone through a lot much like she has. It made her wonder what things he was put through, but she was not one to pry. Thinking about herself and how he asked her questions. LeeAnn gently let him go and wiped her extra tears that were left behind by accident.

"Hikaru was the only reason why I joined the Rune knights! To be just like him, he is a strong mage and is always there when I need him.
I love him more than anythingi n this world. He's the best brother any sister could ask for"
she responded. Her eyes glowed happy for a moment picturing that salmon haired lightning mage. Hikaru was the world to her and she was to him. It was a mutal strong bond they both shared. Most coudl never compare to their bond. Her train of thought was interrrupted by another question. "Honestly, I think my magic had enough for the seal broke. I dont know. My dad said it was probably due to how strong I became" she replied.

His reply to her comment made her grin. Then a small laugh escaped her lips then started to cause her to laugh harder. So hard she was hold her gut. "Now you notice? That is a CLEAR sign. Air head" she laughed. Wiping a ter from her eye, she looked up at him. He said that her flame was powerful. His words brought her comfort knowing that she always had someone to rely on when it came to doing things alone. He teased her about fire mages being a handful. Playfully, she shoved him a little. "What about you? You are not much better SIR. You wont pay attention to where you are going, you just might end up in a ditch somewhere" she teased.

they had their sahred of laughs. Things gotten more serious when she asked what he was thinking. His reply was soemthing she didn't want to hear. Thinking about the churh and if they were still after her. She never thought about that. Not to worry though, if they EVER went after her. The Nakamura family would FOR SURE be on their case about it till the church itself has end. The look in her eyes changed into pure hatred and yearning for revenge. "They would be fools to think so! The Nakamura family is one of Fiore's most powerful families. Were all mages! ost families dont have mages and wealth in a combination. If they mess with me, they got to deal with the whole family. Not just me! I will torture them in I have to...just...like they did..to me" she said. It was a look for of hatred and revenge, but on the bright side. She was not going to do anything illegal. Just destroy the church and take revenge on them for what they did. It was not easy for her to handle. She closed her eyes.

"I'm sorry. Hikaru and I are planing to get stronger. Him and I are going to take our revenge on the church for hurting me and messing with the family" she said. Lee's eyes were softened and more sincere, but filled with determination and hope

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:07 am

Kazimir Seiryu
It was nice to hear that she had such a strong tie to her brother. It only reinforced the fact that she was taken in by a kind family. Something that could brighten up her past. It was also reassuring to the thoughts he had about her being in possible constant danger.

She talked about her magic breaking the seal and Kazimir replied, "I see. So it was your own strength that caused the seal to break. Are there any other seals around you?" He asked and thought about his own situation, not with his race but the awakening of his own magic. He also wondered if there were other seals how it would further change her."I had an awakening of sorts as well when my magic changed."

As LeeAnn's laughter escalated, Kazimir's eyes widened as if he had missed something again, just like that time on horseback. He Returned to a smile as she shoved him, with a witty retort. "Well, then It's a good thing I have you to stop me from falling. And that thing with the falling tree branch in the forest was not my fault," he said with a relaxed tone, recalling the training mission they were on where he stood on a branch that snapped and sent him tumbling.

As the mood was light, the pancakes finally came and he ate them between sentences trying not to detour the conversation and not eating while LeeAnn spoke.

Kazimir was intrigued by the fact she came from such a powerful family. One made up of all mages sounded powerful. The last two years wandering around had taught him that this was an uncommon occurrence throughout the land. "I feel better knowing you have such a strong foundation of support and protection." It did not ever occur to him the caliber of the person that he sat with or how their friendship would impact his life, getting close to someone with such an expansive family or what their reaction to him would be. He simply enjoyed the time he spent with her.

Kazimir put a comforting hand on her shoulder as she closed her eyes, "No need to think about those things now. Like you said. It probably wouldn't happen." He wanted to say, just let me worry about it but knew he was not strong enough to really do anything.

"I'm sure together the two of you will be powerful enough to put a stop to them for good,"
he said relieved to see the fire return to her eyes, "That's the flame I like to see in your expression."

He did not need to offer his help. He was confident she knew that he would be there if she wished. This was a family matter and he knew the importance of needing to take care of some things yourself.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:16 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Her family was one of hte few things that was a positive thing is her life. There was nothing more assuring than having an older brother whose's best interest was to make sure his baby sister was alright. Her father was very fond of her. And her grandparents and cousins though the same of her as well. They never saw her any different and always apart of the family no matter what or where she came from.

"That's what we think or it weakened over time. There is not true proof or answer. No, there is not" she answered Kazimir. There was no sort of magic seal left behind on her from what her father had sensed. Magic was much like a flower and is blossomed within time. That's how she saw  the world. "Think of magic as a flower. Its blossoming into something new everyday" she spoke to him.

LeeAnn's laughter filled the whole quiet atmosphere in the restaurant. She could not help herself but to laugh and let loose of all the stress and anxiety. It all washed away down the drain. Opening her eyes that were filled with tears, she wiped them away. Looking back at Kazimir, she could see he was a little puzzled, but happy. "What is it with you and falling? You will never let me down on that will ya" she sighed with a smile. It was going to be a continuous trope between the two of them.

It seemed that her origins were rare as the whole family of the Nakamuras were full of mages and all lightning based magics except herself. She was the  first one in decades to not have the affinity of lightning. Though, it was not much of a problem unlike in most families since she was very powerful. She exceeded further at a faster rate than most Nakamura, that being due to she was not Nakamura blood. "The Nakamura family has strong origins with lightning based magic excluding me since I am fire. They are not a force to be recon with. Get one on your bad side, you got most of the family on your case. That's if you piss them off by tainting the name. I know its rare of families to have a rich history like the Nakamura family, but I do know the Nakamura family has not always been on good terms with the church" she explained. Her family was biased against the church for whatever reason. She believes that it waS their views on races and people. The Nakamura family has always  been either Rune Knights or Blue Pegasus mages. A few have been in Fairy Tail or Lamia Scale.

Kazimir laid a hand on her shoulder. Mentioning that her and her brother will take them down, she looked at him. "You think so? You...can see my flame? I guess my brother is right" she said. She smiled at him.

Looking into the distances or the wall, she could hear Hikaru's words saying:

"That's is the LeeAnn I know"

She sighed happily. "Maybe I am my old self when I feel comfortable around someone. For a while there, I thought I lost who I was" she opened up a little bit more.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:57 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"your flower analogy seems to be pretty accurate. My magic changed over the past two years also. I once devoted myself to defensive arts but that all changed. One day my magic turned into something almost completely offensive. It has been...difficult to get used to." he said with a deep exhalation but with a sense of trying to pull things together. It was an abrupt change and a sudden one for him. "Was yours a gradually change?" he asked if it contrasted his own change. Her words about it being a flower were beautiful, it showed a more poetic side to her he had yet to really see.

He patiently waited for her rigorous laughter to die down with a smile. She wiped her tear away and he replied, "It was YOUR horse that threw me to the ground," teasing again and also realizing that he had fallen off things quite a bit while he was around her. Had he really become that clumsy. Although the tumble from the horse was a memory he did not mind. It was also pleasant to see her laughing without caring about the others in the restaurant. She just let loose.

He heard the words 'never let me down,' and for only a fraction of a second did his mind trail back to his youth. The time where those words were spoken to him, and he failed. But he would not show that outwardly, not now anyway. He just wanted to focus on the time at hand.

"Was it odd for you to wield fire while the rest brandished lightning. I imagine a bit of diversity was refreshing. It seems there is still a lot to learn about Fiore, with such prominent families around. Why have they not been on good terms with the church in the past?"

He listened intently to her answer and then decided to speak a little about himself, "The Seiryu clan lived far to the north in a large forest by Seven. They were a group of all mages so being around lots of magic is not uncommon for me or coming from a..."family" of mages. Similarly, we were all trained in one type of magic." He spoke on it as plainly as he talked about anything else.

"Of course I can see it. I see the fire reflected in your eyes. Your determination and drive,"
He spoke as he looked directly into both of her eyes.

'Well, I am glad that you found yourself again," smiling back at her, "Old self though...to me this is how I've always known you even if it hasn't been long." He said recounting their time together. She had always laughed a bit around him even the first day they met. To him, LeeAnn had always been a kind-hearted person, prone to the occasional outburst of laughter.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:23 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Her cheeks were a little flush from his comment. Batting her eyes a little from the compliment, she was very poetic due to her love for hte arts. She had and affinity for reading and writing. Soon it would be art. Her interest into the arts was something left she held about her adoptive mother, Elizabeth Sokolov. She thought about her still feeling bad for banishing her from her life. There was just something off about her, but then again she went through the same trauma she did. Though, her father was to come first since Hikaru was not there to protect him. "Uh...you think? I never gotten a compliment like that before" she said a little flush. She listened carefully to what he had to say about his magic.

It only made her think of herself. "Magic is a weird thing. Without it, we could not have half of the things we do now. My magic is more spirit based than fire. The fire itself burns on soul energy, so if I wanted it to, it could not burn you. Though, what's the fun in that" she smiled. She played with a will-o-wisp only he could see and no one else.

"Just a note. Whenever you see a red will-o-wisp, that's mine. My magic or I guess fox abilties whatever you want to call it, can have me make will-o-wisp only certain people I want to see them. Its a cool effect. I only use them when I am in dire need of help. Just in case you see them" she mentioned.

They would both laugh and talk about the last time they actually talked. When her horse reared up, they both feel. LeeAnn on top of Kazimir which still made her blush red. She would hide her face from Kazimir when he mentioned it. That was something that did bother her.

LeeAnn never spoke of those words to just anyone. Only to those she truely considered as a friend or closer. The 'closer' part was the hint to him. Leeann begun to think she was forming some form affection to the young man. He was sweet and really cared for her. It was probably just her personality. Who knew?

His question about how the diversity affected her. She shrugged. "It was a little weird at first, but I am the family favorite amongst my dad. So...no one really gave it a thought. I never felt out of place....sometimes, but I know they wont shun me for a different magic" she replied. It was considered odd, but it was a known factor to the family tradition to have an affinity for lightning based magic. She saw that he opened up a little bit about the Seiryu clan he was from. He sounded normal as he always had been. His past or country he was from had an odd way of considering family, but who was she to judge? She found it rather interesting. The kitsune's ears were perked forward and head tilted a little to the side showing interest. "That's an odd way. Though, that does sound really interesting. Did you guys protect something? Looks like we have a lot more in common than we think" she commented with a smile. She nodded at him.

"Thanks for sharing that with me, Kazimir. I would like to know more about hwere you come from and more about your people's history with this magic. Though, I am not going to force you by asking questions all too much" she smiled. She would place a hand on his shoulder showing she really felt a bit more important back towards him. Seeing how she had been wondering about his origins.

The next thing he had said just blew her out of the water. Saying all of this to her, directing making eye contact. Her cheeks went a little rosy and mouth slightly open. No one, but her father and brother have said these things to her. "No one...has ever said anything like that to me. Only my family has..." she spoke a bit shocked. LeeAnn was still surprised by how often he would compliment her. She could not see any threat in him other than for her own protection. "I'-I'm sorry...I never get compliments like that ever. Not even Hans...my fiance...Kaz...you are so sweet. I can see why any girl would fall for you. You're very kind and thoughtful...tad bit airheaded, but that's ALL wind mages for ya. You will do anything to protect those you care about even with a painful scar. I see a lot of me in you as well...good things though" she replied. LeeAnn might of dropped a small hint about her having a crush on him, but it was all by accident. It was her way of making a compliment to such as sweet person. She knew her family would love him in due time when they given up the tought act like Hikaru and her father.

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Kazimir Seiryu
“Really,” he asked with a slightly surprised tone about her never receiving a compliment like that before. “Perhaps you should share more of your writings.” He said to encourage her to try and express herself more. Something he rarely did either though. But she could at least show off her talents to her family.

Her explanation of her fire being connected to her soul was interesting. It prompted him to think about his own magical connection but his was born of a blessing but was that blessing a part of his soul now. 

“A flame that doesn’t burn huh. That is a useful gift. Mine simply destroys, for now.” he started to say but then heard her say where the fun would be in not burning him. With a playfully worried look at the dancing will-o-wisp he replied, “Let’s just stick to cooking…and not me.”

He was impressed by her control over her magic as she conjured the figure. It didn’t garner the attention of any of the patrons around them. “An even more useful gift than I thought. You have an impressive understanding and control over your magic,” he paused, 

“It’s too bad you don’t have the same control over how hot-headed you are,” said jokingly with a smile. She could tell he meant the compliment about her magic but couldn’t resist making a joke about it.

It was amusing to the wind mage when she hid her face as they reminisced about the horse incident. It was something that didn’t bother him at all and he just gave a light chuckle at her shyness about it. He felt a closeness to her that he hadn’t thought about in a long while, but he dismissed the thought and carried on the conversation.

“I guess being unique has its benefits,” he said to her answer about being the family favorite. He then thought about whatever healthy sibling rivalry existed,So have you ever competed against anyone in the family. I imagine with so many mages they have ‘contests’ from time to time. For fun or sport that is.” He could see LeeAnn in those games trying to be the best and having a short fuse about coming in second.

For some reason, he did not expect follow up questions about his past but answered them nonetheless after a second of pause. “We stopped monsters and beasts from invading. Kind of like a patrol unit. We worked in pairs. One with defensive magic to protect the partner and the other focused on offense. So, we fought enemies, but the clan’s goal was to protect the offensive mage.” As he said it out loud it sounded to him like it was so far away and a strange concept.

Her hand on his shoulder was a welcome gesture. One that was far less forward than her usual hug which threw him off even more. “I feel the same. There is a lot about you and your history. We do have more than a few things in common, don’t we?” He appreciated her sentiment. He never thought about sharing the moments of his past with anyone. It had defined him, and he kept it close to his chest and his heart. He wanted to say maybe in time that he would be okay to talk about it, but he simply replied with a nod.

His next words impacted LeeAnn more than he could have known. She blushed and gazed back at him in surprise. He didn’t know what to make of her blush, but it wasn’t the first time he had seen her cheeks turn a rosy hue. It was something that made him feel humble around her though. Like someone, he could really trust. 

He felt a stronger connection with her the longer they talked, not completely sure what it was or maybe he did know and just didn’t want to address it.

She hit him deeper than he expected with her sweet compliments. Keywords hitting him and stirring something in her he had pushed down for a long time. ‘any girl would be lucky’…’Do anything to protect the people you care about’ hearing those words pierced his heart, remembering the ones that he couldn’t protect. Remembering his fiancé. he placed his hand on the white scarf he wore. Her kindness and his own memories culminated in that brief exchange. Although her joke about him being an airhead snapped him back.

He replied keeping his face composed but for the first time it seemed like he struggled to do so, “Thank you, LeeAnn…” he held his scarf and loosened it a bit looking down at it around his neck, “There was a time… when I was not able to protect the people I cared about.” He put the rest of the pancake in his mouth, a way to ease the tension he brought to the topic. 

“A story for another day though,” His normal expression returned, “For now, I’m just looking after a dangerous fire mage with a tendency to burn things.” He smiled at her and then looked at the door, “Let’s go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air.”

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LeeAnn Nakamura
She blushed a little bit more when he spoke to her about her writings. He actually wanted to see them? She shook her head a little embaresseed by the attention she was getting. Being modest in reponse, she smiled. "Perhaps, next time we meet...I will try to remember" she replied to him. Even Hikaru had never seen her writing other than the letters she never sent him. Playing with her magic just a tad bit really brouhgt out something in him of some sort of interest.

"I have been training for years. Soon, I think I should be A-rank. The same rank as my brother! It takes time, but it is a special kind of magic" she spoke of. The origin of her teaching and learning was from her previous fiance, whom was kitsune. He taught her this magic and soon she blossomed it into her own style.They branched off the the subject about her family.

She smiled at hte thought since family is a big subject in her life. Perhaps the one of the only ones she could talk about on and on. "It definately does. My family is not really competitive with each other. Hikaru and I are personally, but we really don't compete. We just do our own thing sometimes. What about your family?" she would ask him. Though, the sbuject of his famiyl really made her smile with a wrmness in her heart. Seeing how eay he opened up a little bit about himself made her feel special. Listening to how often the protected others and defeated monster really made her to want to go into the monster hunting business. Though, that was too much for her liking. "that must be a lot on your clan. Must be really strong folks" she commented.

She nodded at his comment. Though, after he little speech, she glazed over at him. Noticing a look on his face that he was thinking of something that really struck his heart or flashback. Her ears tilted a little backwards worried about him. So she listened to what he would have to say. She felt bac for bringing something up or anything. "Oh...I am so sorry if I brought up any subjects you did not wnat to talk about?" hse replied.

She would smile at her whihc brought some relief. Only giving a nod in respond. Another story for another day, huh? That made her wonder what exactly went wrong in his past. Though, only time will tell with Kazimir. He was much like a clam much as she was. LeeAnn smiled. "A wlak sounds nice. Bundle up its really cold" she spoke. She got out of the seat first and waited for him to follow. She was excited to actually spend some time with him

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir nodded back at her, "Don't worry. I'll remind you. It's only fair since You heard me play the flute anyway," he spoke softly about the deal. 

He knew she was a strong mage but A-rank was close within her grasp. And her brother was already A-rank. They truly were a powerful family. For so long he had no idea that so many strong mages populated the world. 'How would is clan leaders have measured up to these mages. What rank would they have reached,'  he thought to himself. "A-rank. That is a top tier talent I hear. I knew you were strong but that is great. I'd love to see what you're really capable of doing."

He joked back at her about her own power, "Looks like for now, you would be the one protecting me."
Kazimir would have to do some serious training now if he was going to keep up with LeeAnn. It never bothered him in the slightest, he just wanted to be strong enough to stand alongside her. 

"I see. It sounds like you two do have a strong bond. Did he come her for the mission?" He asked because so many knights had been summoned to deal with the rising threat here. Even though thinking about his past was difficult, it was easier to talk about it with her than he thought. Things just flowed a bit easier. "I competed a from time to time with the others in my age group. Navigating the forest with races and testing how strong our barriers were." He put his hand on his head and laughed a bit, "We were just young mages that could only cast barriers. Our competition would have been boring to watch."

She said his clan must have been strong and that was a meaningful compliment coming from her. Although now he hoped that they weren't that strong considering the plan he wanted to set in motion. He decided to speak about the Seiryu clan as if it was his own, "They were strong and proud. They didn't fear much and cared deeply. I have rarely seen stronger magic than the clan leader. But then I have rarely seen this side of the continent."

he noticed the lowering of her ears and the solemn way she apologized and felt bad himself. "You don't need to apologize. It was a simple question and a wonderful compliment. If I was to tell anyone about it, it would be you."

He stood from his seat and wrapped his scarf securely around his neck. Picking up the last pancake he said, "Next time we'll need to eat at the same time. Silly." She could tell that he tried to be funny in a way that  was unusual for him when he said the word  'silly' and the timing was a little off. 

He walked with her out into the snowy city. The snow was fluffy and piled up on the sides of all the walkways. He breathed out looking at his breath. "Let's go this way," he nodded toward the right and waited to walk beside her down the snow covered path.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Kazimir seemed to have a good sense of humor on him. It was really nice to see since she was always serious. Her muscles would relax as she laid back more in her seat. Sensing he was weaker than she was in magical power, that would only come within time. LeeAnn would know that he had a lot of potential seeing how motovated he was. "That can be the case probably...eheheh" she laughed a little nervous. She knew she was strong, but that was only the beginning. Hikaru was A-rank. Her parents were both S-ranks. And the list goes on with strong mages within the Nakamura bloodline. Even if she did not have a drop in her, she was still considered a part of the family officially. Everyone know she was adopted but Hikaru and herself. Why her parents would not tell her? She never knew really why. Must of been the anxiety of her reactions probably. Hikar, on the other hadn, was too busy to get a chance to talk to him.

"I don't know actually. Guess he just wandered about on a mission and came back. Dad must of told him I was in Orchidia" she replied to him. Hikaru never mentioned anything along those lines. Which was strange, but viable. It was his life and not hers, so what would she know?

Kazimir's life did sound interesting than hers would. IT seemed more positive. Having races with each other and battles. Even if they were younger, it must of been so exciting to compete. Hikaru and her never really battled each other. Which was something she never thought about. "Perhaps, Hikaru and I should have a friendly battle. To see who's stronger, after all, that does sound fun" she added to her thoughts outloud. When she apologized, his reply was really sweet and actualy mad eher feel a bit more special. LeeAnn's cheeks were still rosey the hwole time, but if they could go a higher shade it would have. "Thanks...that really makes me feel important to someone" sge smiled sweetly. LeeAnn would jump out of hte seat and with with Kazimir in the snow.

The snow was everywhere. Being a fire mage, it never really bothered her since she was hot all the time, at least with fire. She did not know how that worked but she felt fine in weather. IT was just really really hot weather that bothered her the most. They wandered a snowy path. "Wonder where we are going to head? Hopefully not a patch of black ice" she would say. Just as she said it, she slipped on some snow and fell on the ground. She landed with a loud thud. A look of annoyance grew more on her face. "DONT say anything!" she commented rather quickly. Giving him a look knowing what he was thinking.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:02 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He thought about her protecting him and it just seemed like a lot of burning and explosions. It would probably be ever more dangerous if she did try to save him from something and resettled back into his position as the protector. "I think I'll stay with protecting. You may accidentally end up burning me...or purposefully," he joked back about her earlier statement of being able to choose who gets burned by her flames. 

She boasted the idea of a brief competition with her brother. He wondered what her early interactions with her family was since they were all mages. "Since you didn't compete, did you all train together or is the Nakamura family more of the 'do your own thing' type?" He asked but didn't want it to come off in any kind of rude manner. He was just curious about the dynamics. Either way of life both had merits. At times he wished he didn't spend so much time roaming around the wilds with his clan. 

"I suppose you are important to me,"  he said with a smile as she jumped out of the seat, ready to leave. Her face was as red as it could be and he wasn't sure why she was so embarrassed, or for what reason. He did have one sneaking suspicion though but it was one he didn't explore.

"Well I was thinking we could go up somewhere higher and..." He stopped as his sentence was interrupted by her sudden crash to the ground. He looked at her with a smile shaking his head. "and get a better view of the city covered in snow," he said as he lowered his hand to help her up. "And you think I'm the clumsy one huh?"

If she took his hand he would accidentally pull her up closer than he expected because he would be looking for a place to get a good view and not realize it. He would finally see a tall building in the distance that would be perfect and she could easily tell where he was looking.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:11 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
As she stared at him, there was a glimmer of trust in her eyes. There was something about him that she could just trust. LeeAnn considered him more than a teammate. A friend. Or perhaps even more than that. In the short time she had known him, it could be said that there was a spark that ignited something. He was the lightning to her fire. Kazimir joked about him protecting her but he might burn him or something. She laughed a little. "I would never burn you. You are too precious to damage. I would be more honored to protect you with my life, but if it pleases you....you can protect me. Guess it's the lady thing to do" she spoke.

He seemed interested into her family. Trying to remember, they were more of fend for yourself. Though, the were not the type to leave you out in the cold. The Nakamura family prefered to let those in the clan learn their own ways while learning of certain customs. That's how Hikaru was treated. Her father treated her differently in a smaller way. "We're kind of both. My family believes in learn for yourself, but we also taught what we knew to each other. Hikaru and I never fought in battle, surprisingly. Myself on the other hand, I was treated a tad bit differently. I was taught my mother's way and my father's. Usually, they would only guide, but they became my teachers. Though, once I got the hang of magic that's when they let me decide my own path" she said. Her mother seemed keen to teach her all she knew about the laws and self-defense. The thoughts of her mother pierced her heart. She clutched to her chest a little remembering the fight a few months ago. Her father's face not wanting to see his two girls fighting. Since her mother came back, she was not the same. More reclusive and snappy. She could not stand her, but again, she was going through the same thing as she was.

She continued on after she got up. A few laughs were shared as they joked. He reached out his hand as she grabbed it. Her face was red from embarrassment. Now she felt like she fulfilled his wish or something. As they would continue, she started to think almost tuning him out by accident. The thoughts of her mother and the guilt tha she started to now realize. LeeAnn was consumed by so much hatred towards other people, she convinced her own father to divorce her mother. Her walking paces were slowing down until she went to a complete stop.

"Kazimir" she said. Now she stood still in the snowing city, looking at down thinking. Then her eyes lifted with a helpless and defeated look she had never given. "There is something I need to admit to at least someone...something I did"
she said.

She would begin to think about the day she saw her father and mother fighting. It was over her. How she would get married and try to find a guy. The health of her. How she was being treated. Her mother was shoving her father and could see the fear in his eyes. "The day my ex-fiance was killed, was the day my mother came back. When I heard the news, I went to the neighboring village where she was found. She, too, was kidnapped and tortured by the church. I was the first one there. Though, the look in her eyes was something I had never seen in anyone before. My dad saw it too. He said...it was much like the one I have...I still had it he said" she started. The look of terror she bared in her pale blue eyes. It shook LeeAnn to the core. She had seen some pretty terrifying stuff, but for some odd reason...this one scared her the most. She always saw her mother as unbreakable and tough. The total change in her terrified the redhead.

"She never was the same. Doctors said she had a form of PTSD later on. She never came to see me when I was bed ridden for almost two years. I had enough of it! She was trying to replace my fiance, get me married or something like that. One night, I saw my parents fighting and was getting really bad. I stepped in and told me mother to leave and never come back. Later on, I disowned my mother and never wanted to speak to her again! I don't know if they really got a divorce since we never speak of the subject...I feel like I caused all of this because of my anger" she stated. LeeAnn felt so guilty. She had a few tears coming down again. "I wanted to ask you. Was I wrong to drive her away like that? I feel like I did" she asked.

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Kazimir Seiryu
'precious,'...a word he had not anticipated to come from anyone's mouth about him. It sounded so...delicate and endearing. To him it was not about what was pleasing, but the idea of protection was all he was trained to do. He was taught to protect and lived a life to protect all those in need of it or those he cared for. "It has nothing to do with you being a lady. Protecting people is what I care about. If you ever had to put your life down for me, I have failed at my life's work," he said without it coming of heavy. Just another casual statement. But he did very much appreciate her care for him. 

She expanded on our her family operated and Kazimir took in all that she said. It was a mix of the things he mentioned, but being trained by two very capable mages sounded very beneficial. He thought she was lucky to have that kind of interaction. But then again all mages came from various walks of life both beneficial in their own way. "So both your parents used lightning magic? were there styles that different from one another?"

She seemed pained by the topic and clutched at her chest. Kazimir simply waited and gave her the time she needed to recover from the memory.  They continued their walk through the snowy streets and Kazimir noticed that she soon came to a full stop and held her head low. Something had been on her mind for a while and the dam was ready to burst open. 

A lot of thoughts and questions tumbled around in Kazimir's head as she explained her heart aching story. One filled with pain, betrayal and agony. He couldn't believe the trauma she had suffered, to have almost every aspect of her life changed because of those mounting circumstances. In the end she did something even more shocking. She asked him about the decision she made. If it was right or not. Kazimir was a little taken back by it. He looked down and closed his eyes letting out a long breath through his nose. 

He opened his eyes and looked up at the tall building they stood before. It was snow capped and one of the tallest in the area.His eyes came back to meet hers briefly before putting gone arm around her, “Hold on one second LeeAnn.” With her around one arm he kicked off the ground with a gust of wind that sent them both to the first floor of the building and then to the second. A couple more and they reached the top. It overlooked the rest of the area. The snow topped trees of the forest could be seen in the distance. The street was covered in white with specks of  light from the lanterns swaying back and forth

“That is a terrible hardship to have suffered. The church did something horrible to you both. Your mother processed it in her own way. Whatever they did to both of you left a lasting impression and one that you each responded to differently,” He cast a gust of wind at the snow clearing a place for them to sit and he relaxed on the roof, one foot hanging over the side.
“You did what you felt was right. It’s not your fault that she came back different. It seems like it was an ending that was bound to happen because of the change that your mother went through. It may have happened that way if you stepped in or not. I wouldn’t blame yourself for it LeeAnn. Family is supposed to be supportive, not divisive. Your mother sounds like she was in a place where she couldn’t be supportive for you or the family. I would have done the same thing. Sometimes we have to let go of family if it brings us pain,” he said thinking a little about his own situation with it.

“When we find the cure for you, maybe your mother will change back as well,” he paused before asking the next question, not sure how much pain it may cause but now was as good a time as any, “What I am curious about is that your fiancé departed at the same time your mother came back…do you…do you think they are connected?”

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Kazimir was a precious person ot her. Not an item. She would lay down her life for someone she considered important. He fit on that list. Though, he felt that protecting her as apart of his duty in life. Not because she was a girl, but he was taught that way. She smiled at him "That's our job as a Rune Knight. To protect those who cannot protect themselves, to help others even our own comrades. It's our duty. Not just a way of life, Kazimir" she added. He probably already knew that from the start as signing up for the country's military, but it was to reassure him that he was not alone in how he felt. LeeAnn felt if she could not protect those she loved. She had failed!

He seemed interested in her family and how they operated. It was quite shocking though. Not many people really seemed to care about one's own life. Perhaps, he was just curious and wanted to know more about the world and what it had to offer. That was one motive to achieve in the world. Impossible, but viable. "Yes, they were. My mother used to be fire, but grew more towards lightning when she met my father. My father had always been lightning. Guess, I as the oddball, but different is good" she replied. Both of her parents were powerful, more so her father since he was the previous head of the family. Now, that duty was given to her older brother, Hikaru. She was sure glad to not be given that job. She would crack under all the pressure and given her mental health. It would not help any.

As they grew to walk on, she would take note of how concerned Kazimir was. It felt like a punch in the gut for worrying him like that. Never in her life had she felt so guilty for worrying someone this much. AS the pain and built up guilt was being released, she felt a sense of relief wave over. The baggage was slowly being taken off her shoulders. Though, it was not over yet, but admitting the problem to at least someone she trusted was enough for her. They wanted to take a break and talk. He would grab Lee's arm and lift both of them up on a ledge. He jumped from edge to edge climbing to the roof of a tall building. The view was breath taking. She fell in love with the snow covered city and trees.  

Kazimir seemed a little taken back, but supportive of what she had admitted. He did not seemed to hate her, but encourage that her mother was different. She handled things differently and he did not blame Lee for acting like she did. He would know that it was wrong to act that way, but to try to understand what she was going through. The young redhead felt selfish in her behavior. Everyone processed things different than everyone else would. OTherwise things would be boring. Yes. Though, she never took that into consideration. A moment of silence grew between them, assuring she was thinking about what he had said. "You're right! As much as I hate to say it, I never considered that option. How she would feel. I only cared about myself and my own pain" she admitted.

"But...I don't want to let go of my mother. She raised me. She...was always kind and when she needed help from me. I turned her down and refused to help her. What kind of daughter am I?" she admitted. There were signs her mother had dropped, but LeeAnn refused to notice or listen. Seh was too focused on her own things to really care.

Kazimir admited that it was a little strange that the same day her ex-fiance disappeared. Her mother reappeared. She thought about tht a lot the past two years, but no one else saw it until now. Her eyes lit up finally seeing that someone else saw this too. "I thought I was the only one! No one else noticed besides me. I find this odd as well, but the only thing I can come up with was he was a spirit sent by my ansectors or someone. Though, I do believe him and my mother were connected. Hans, my ex-fiance, never knew were he came from or could not recall anything about himself of his past. Not even his name, but he did act weird when I mentioned my mother. Oh well, I'd rather not think about any this too much" she sighed.

She fell back into the ground looking at the sky. Snow was still falling and it was dark outside, seeing it was early morning. "I...I'm just sorry I am a Debby downer today. It's hard trying to be positive sometimes...but I can assure you. You have made things easier for me. Since I lost Hans and Abraxas, my world had been turned upside down. Just everythign was falling apart for me until you and my brother came around. That's when things have been starting to turn up better" she admitted. LeeAnn did feel safe around Kazimir and since meeting him. She had things easier, knowing she had a new friend at her side.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:07 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
As he spoke on the way he felt about protecting people and heard her answer he wondered if he really meant to say it that way. He did indeed grow up that way and was raised to protect people. For him the rune knights was a logically step, but he would put his own convictions first. More than that though, the more he thought about it the more it wasn't just about a feeling of duty or responsibility. He wanted to protect her because he cared about her. 

“Even if it was against the law, I would do what I could to protect the people I care about,” He had never intended to say something that could be seen as a dangerous path of thought in the rune knights but he felt he could trust LeeAnn and it would show in a way, what he would do to protect those he cared about. “I wouldn’t forgive myself if you died for me, But I do appreciate the sentiment. Truly.”

Things began to make more sense to him now. Her mother was a fire mage and then this kitsune man helped forger it even deeper. They spent more time together and he was beginning to tell certain mannerism that she had. Something was bothering her a little, but it was normal considering how serious some of the topics they talked about were. If she didn’t express anything about he wouldn’t question it.

He didn’t see anything bad in the actions that she took. They would probably be the same choices that he would make. Although the more time he spent traveling and thinking about the past the more disconnected he felt he became from an emotional attachment with them. The people in his past that he cared about were already gone.

“I think it’s important to stop and care about ourselves. Especially after what happened to you.” Kazimir felt bad that LeeAnn came down so hard on herself. Maybe Kaz was losing touch with what it felt like to have that kind of family like connection. “You weren’t a bad daughter, you had to deal with those things yourself. I would have pushed her away too. There was nothing you could do for her then. But once you find the answers to why those things happened, I’m sure you can find her and rebuild a relationship with her if you want to.”

When he mentioned the connection LeeAnn brought up a lot of feelings she had on the matter. That maybe her fiancé may have just been a spirit after all. That would be a hard thing to realize, “There are a lot of coincidences. Hans taught you fire magic as well, when you became a Kitsune?” he asked trying to make some more connections until LeeAnn said she didn’t want to think about any of that right now. “You’re right, it’s not something we need to talk about. When you’re ready you know I’ll be here.”

She the laid back and took in the view around them. Once again saying sweet words to him. She mentioned again how appreciative she was and him being around was helpful. Could she be…did she…he started to think about the hugs and the things she had said but didn’t finalize that thought.

“You’re not a downer. I’ve always enjoyed your company, serious or silly. Things have been…different for me since my fiancé died as well. I have been able to relax in a way I haven’t for some time. Thank you,” he said still looking off at the snow before laying down beside her on the rooftop. He breathed in his hands to warm them and adjusted the scarf around his neck. He loved the view and the time with her and wondered if she could even feel the cold. 

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:23 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
The thought of Kazimir protecting her, made her think. He said he would do it for the people he cares about. How did he care for her? Like a friend or more? LeeAnn shook her head getting the thought out of her mind. That was silly. Of course he did not view her that way. They were friends! Best friends. Though, LeeAnn still questioned it. She blushed a little at the mentioned of what he said. "Okay, I wont die for you cause it would leave you sad. How about I loose a limb at most to protect you! But...I would protect you with all my might. I don't just do it for any friend you know" she smiled. She felt happy that she could care for someone else other than her brother. Someone she could share secrets with. This was the true meaning of friendship.

She missed the companionship between her and another soul. Her, Hans, and Abraxas had that. She was never lonely ever for almost 7 years. Though, life gotten in the way. It still hurt about what had happened. But, it had to be done. Abarxas threw her life to save hers. That fox was more than a pet, she was her best friend. Thinking about it brought back old memories, sore ones. They were tender. Fresh. Something she could not bare. LeeAnn, silently, had moer tears coming remembering how good that companion was to her.

Hans was good to her. Though, he wasn't perfect. LeeAnn was often left with uncertainty and distrust in what he had said over the years. Making empty promises never fulfilled in the end. He never took their future marriage seriously nor their relationship. He was a kid at heart all the time. Never wanting to seriously talk. It hurt her. Abraxas on the other hand, listened and tried her best to understand depsite the language barrier.

Kazimir provided that companionship she solely missed. Perhaps, gave more than what he really realized. He gave her an answer. She had to care about herself. As much as she hated to admit it, Kazimir was right about that. She was too involved into everyone else and worrying about them. the redhead had to stop and take care of LeeAnn. Who else would? That's was something she realized, but wanted to deny futher. The first step was admitting it, she had done that with Hikaru. It was still very hard. "You are right! I have to heal first before I can move on to help my mother. I want to see her again. There is so much guilt in how I put some much burden on my family. I want to make things right and thank them for everything. Though, I think they already know. Hehe...it sure is hard sometimes" she spoke quietly.

Kazimir made one more comment to her about the subject. She did not say anything as it was still a little sore and confused her the more it was discussed. She looked over at him as he lied back with her lost in thought. What was he thinking about? She knew he was an airhead,m but he was not that big of one sometimes.

LeeAnn blushed a little thinking about him. How nice he was. How kind and thoughtful he acted towards her. There was nothing to hate him on. Most of all, she felt safe. Something she had never felt in years. It was relief to her mind and soul. He enjoyed her company as well. IT was a shared feeling which was nice. Finally, he mentioned that since he fiance died, things were not the same. He was able to relax being around her.

LeeAnn took off her leather gloves and gave it to him. They were a little big on her, but probably could fit him. "Here use these for the time being. I don't need them" she said. She was a fire mage after all. Looking at him, lying on her side. "I can tell you I always feel safe around you. Something I have not felt in years. Not even with Hans. So...your welcome. I miss have companionship. Tell me...if you are up to it...what was your fiance like? I am sure she was very nice" she said. LeeAnn gave a small smile, moving her hear out of her eyes. When she would listen, she would take in every word he would speak.

LeeAnn always felt safe yet nervous as around him. Not a bad way of nerves, just happy and always wanting to be by his side. Sharing every moment together. The redhead could never recall being this way around anyone else before. Not even around her ex-fiance. Probably a little, but this much? She forgotten how it felt like to be having a crush on someone. "When I am around you, I feel extremely safe, more than my brother or Hans. It's like this cloud of happiness and relaxation hovers over me. i can kick back and relax, but at the same time I get butterflies in my stomach every thought or every time I see or think about you. The world stops and time stands still when were together. I love this feeling...it's...the best feeling ever" she said. It was quite clear she let out how she felt about him. Not really releasing she just confessed her love to him without knowing. She thought this is what friendship was and felt like. Yes, it did to a point, but nothing to far. When she mentioned him to anyone, she would blush and laugh talking about him and how sweet he was. She would do anything for him even if it was to loose one of her tails. She would.

Tail 7: 85/100
Event: 27/30

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:50 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn said she would just lose a limb for him and Kazimir responded with a smile, shaking his head. "Well try not to lose to many of them, okay," he joked back at her but it was a nice feeling to her her sincerity for his protection. "I'm honored then, I would do the same for you. As long as you have those will-o-wisp I'd always come to find you." 
He found himself slipping into compliment after compliment and feeling so natural around her. She was warm and thoughtful. It made him wonder what she saw in a closed off wandered like himself. He was pleased she did though.
There was a pause in the conversation, this time LeeAnn trailed off in her thoughts and tears formed in her eyes. He thought it was a bit amusing that two people found each other with similar pain and that their time together was filled with such a roller coaster of relieving those painful memories. 

He wouldn't change it though.  At least for him he did not realize until sitting on the cold rooftop that talking about was helping. It made him feel like he could persevere and hoped she felt the same. "I think it's been helpful to talk about my past. I think its a good step in dealing with it," he said encouraging her as well. 
He put his headband in her hand again, “Hold on to this. You can keep it.” He wanted her to use it as long as she needed to, for a cloth to wipe her tears and maybe bring her some comfort.

Her family had been torn and she bore a heavy guilt with it. One that was not easily removed and would stay until a path to action was found. The wounds in a person’s heart took the longest to heal. Something he knew well. 
Kaz realized that in their time together they may both find some level of healing from their past wounds. He wanted to be there for her, to help her through whatever it was she was dealing with. “It sounds like we both have similar goals. I want to honor my clans name and you want the same for your family. I have no doubt that we’ll both reach higher,” he said blissfully hoping he would aspire to those heights.
She could tell he was cold, and he hesitated to reach for the gloves, “are you sure you don’t need them?” If she said it was fine, he would put them on happily warming his hands. She began to talk about her feelings of comfort and almost without warning asked about his fiancé. His eyes widened in surprise like he was momentarily in a daze and blink a few times. “Oh…I suppose I will then. Afterward you can tell me about Hans and Abraxas,” he suggested the deal and took a deep breath before talking about her.
“She was a water mage. Her name was Orianna. She was my partner. I was assigned to defend her with magic and she was the offensive caster. She was fierce on the battlefield but hated fighting. She was always training, focused and ready but with a smile. She liked the simple things. She was…very kind and… gentle,” He looked up at the night sky the emotion in his voice sneaking in under his normal calm tone. “She cared deeply for her people,” he said people but really meant himself.
This was the first time he talked about her since the incident. His eyes peered into the stars above as small snowflakes kissed his cheeks, melting on contact leaving tiny specks of water. His expression didn’t change, and the small tear rolled down his cheek almost unseen. He himself didn’t even notice it.
He didn’t say anything more on it and simply waited for LeeAnn’s response and was ready to listen about Hans.
Her question was followed by another surprise. He didn’t know how deeply her feelings ran. It made him finally have to stop and think about his own. Butterflies in her stomach? His mind raced thinking about what the meaning was behind her words. What was she expressing to him. Something more than friendship. It had to be. Bringing up Orianna and hearing her words sent Kaz into a whirl of emotions he had stepped away from for a long time. For once he really didn’t know how to react.
“I…had no idea,” he didn’t know if it was time to make some witty joke or speak earnestly. His mind was in a confused place and the only thing he could do was to speak from the heart. “I have not opened up to anyone in a long time like I have with you. Just being around you is comforting, and I care for you a lot, Everything has always felt natural around with you since we got lost in the forest.” he purposefully didn’t mention in what way he cared for her. But laying there and looking into her eyes, her scarlet hair vibrantly showing against the pale white snow, it was becoming clearer to him as his heart raced faster. “I couldn’t imagine anyone better to spend my days with.” 
Even though many emotions were moving through his mind, what he said was genuine. He understood how she felt and a part of him…felt the same. But he wasn’t ready, he had to avenge his fiancé before his heart could truly open up to someone else, or so he thought.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] Empty on Sun Jan 27, 2019 12:30 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
Small tears of pain trailed from her mix matched eyes. Talking to someone about her pain was very good way into dealing with it. It was the good step in the right direction. She really felt better talking to Kazimir about it. For sure, he was helpful. He did say that it was helping him to, assuring her that she was also doing something in return. It made her feel better. Nodding and sniffling, she wiped her eyes clean from old tears.

LeeAnn saw him take off his headband. He gave it to her to keep. Looking at it in surprise, she looked at him them at the scarf. It was super warm. She hugged it without hestation and it really comforted her knowing she had a piece of him as well. "Thank you! I will wear this every where I go, no matter what i will never take it off" she smiled. She put the scarf around her neck, showing she really enjoyed the gift. The scent of him flowed through her nostrils. It really comforted it for some odd reason. Strange way, but worked.

Wounds would heal, but scars were left forever. It shown through her well. Some would wear their scars with pride as others would hide them in shame. She had a mixture of both. There was some she did not want many to see and others she wanted to show off to the world, proving her strength.

But, how damaging those scars were? Many would not know. There was not very many people out there who shared similar pain as she did. Kazimir was one of those few. He pointed that out, causing her fox ears to twitch in wonder. Their eyes met as she took in every word he said. They both wanted to bring honor to their families. They both shared the same goals and pains. "Yes and the same sort of pain. Guilt for not doing enough. Loosing someone we loved, we have more in common than we both realized. It's nice to have someone to talk to about this" she pointed out as well. A small smile came to her lips, trying to bring up the mood.

She was glad Kazimir would agree to talk about his ex-faince. He seemed to deeply care about her a lot which showed how kind and protective he was. A quality that she really loved about him! He was charming and sweet, Orinna was her name and a water mage. An element as the enemy of fire, but she seemed super sweet. LeeAnn smiled gently and giggled. "She seems great! I wish I could of met her...probably someone I could of been friends with. Thank you for telling me about her. I know how hard it is to talk about probably" she thanked him. Placing her hand ontop of his, ensuring him that she was there for him. LeeAnn noticed a small tear trailing down his cheek. Instantly, she wiped it away with her finger then sat back down against the roof top.

Though, explain her feelings she later realized she was in love with him. LeeAnn's ears flattened as she grew red. Now noticing how she felt, even more butterflies churned in her stomach. Thoughts circled her head causing her mind frame to become scrambled. After a few moments of rest, she gathered her thoughts, but was now scared of how Kaz would take it. How stupid was she? The kitsune hid her face into his scarf, embarrassed and guilty for what she had just said.

Though, she uncovered her eyes and looked at him with big eyes. She looked like a innocent kid who could do no wrong or the puppy dog eyed look. It was adorable either way. She listened to Kazimir, every word he said. He spoke from the heart and she knew it. He felt it was more natural to open up to her much like she did and she knew in what way he cared for her or at least an idea. She had a good guess of how and smile.

Though, what caught the fire mage of guard was the last part.

"I couldn’t imagine anyone better to spend my days with"

She froze and looked at him really now caught off guard. LeeAnn did not know how to take this. No one really mentioned this to her before. Not even Hans. He never wanted to talk about the future or about kids or anything not even their wedding. LeeAnn's heart raced feeling like she was overheating, her face turned crimson. Slowly, her lips quivered into a smile with a tear coming down. "No one...has ever said that to me...not even Hans. I...want to be with you...I will wait for you...I-I-I...finally feel happy" she spoke in a nervous yet happy tone. She was still high on emotions, but knew her feelings for him were genuine. It took her a little time to figure out what she was feeling and will take a longer time to figure out how to handle it. One thing at a time, but LeeAnn was ready to move on with her life.

She wanted to start off with a blank slate and heal with somone by her side. She wanted to help Kazimir heal as well. Wanted him happy and worry free. "I'm sorry...so sorry about all of this...I had to tell you yet I did not realize what my feelings meant. I am socially awkward and I hope I did not bring anything up with you and bad memories cause I know its hard to move on. I dont wnat to step on any toes or hurt you or...or..." she ranted. She went on a tagant of worries and anxiety. Once she paused, a small sigh came and looked at him. "I was overthinking wasn't I? Probably was...is..it okay if...I..uhm...lay on your chest...its getting a little cold" she said. SURE cold, Lee! She was nervous. Though, she wanted to be sure she was not bieng rude in any shape or form.

If he said yes, she would lay down gently on his torso and watch the night sky. If not, she would lay on hte rooftop next to him doing the same thing. Either way, she would not be offended, but she was happy someone returned feelings back to her.

Tail 7: 87/100
Event: 27/30

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