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I can trust you! [Kazimir]

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:01 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He was glad to see that she enjoyed the garment and even wore it despite not needing to. Part of his reasoning for giving it to her was so she could wipe the tears away when she needed to. He had it for as long as he could remember, she probably enjoyed having it more than he did.

How strange he thought it was for two people to find themselves teary eyed on a rooftop in the dead of winter. It was true thought that their similar pasts were undeniable, or that they walked a path of paralleled goals. "I certainly didn't think we would end up here when we met. It is nice to be able to open up about it, if only a little." It helped him more than he thought it would to talk about. talking about it made him miss her though, but it was a fading feeling. Not that she would be forgotten, by the pain was not as much as before. The years had begun to heal that gash. Before he could ever truly move on their was something he needed to do first. But that would take some effort. 

Her giggled caught his attention, "Are you sure...she was a water mage after all. I think you two would have gotten along well though," despite her being a fire mage, she was silly and affectionate. He liked that about her and the good members of his clan would have been pleased to meet her. "If you want to talk about him you can?" he mentioned Hans again in the off chance she wanted to talk about him. She had glazed over the first offer to speak about him, but Kaz wanted to make it clear that he was there for her. 

Her hand was warm when she rest it on his, it felt different now that he glimpsed her heart and feelings for him. It was just as inviting and encouraging as ever though. her finger swept away the tear on his cheek and he reached out to touch it with his own hand, no becoming aware that he had cried. "hmph," the only sound he made in response to his visual display of emotion. 

He spoke about his feelings and LeeAnn hid herself beneath his scarf. He thought her shyness was cute. Suddenly her face became the same shade as her hair. It was her turn to shed a tear and Kaz reached out placing his hand on her cheek and used his thumb to wipe away the tear.

She confessed her feelings for him. Things happened so quickly he barely processed it all. Hearing the phrase 'I want to be with you' was something so foreign to him after being away for so long. He never even considered he could be with someone else after everything. But...Those words played a chord in his heart. He didn't realize that he still gingerly pressed his hand against her cheek, "LeeAnn," he said her name softly, gazing into her eyes. It was in such a way that she may think he would pull her close, but didn't, "I...care about you. I could never ask you to wait for me. I still have some emotions to work out and...something to do first...before I can," he didn't ever consider he would be having this conversation.  

Before he knew it she began ranting and apologizing. "Don't apologize silly. Don't ever worry about telling me anything no matter what it is. I'm glad you did and that..we both know how we feel about each other," it was his roundabout way of saying he wanted her too but wasn't quite ready. he just nodded his head to her saying she was overthinking things. 

She made up a ridiculous excuse about being cold even though she didn't feel it. But it was cute in its way and it made him smile. Part of the reason he liked her. He didn't verbalize and answer. he just placed an arm around her as she laid on his chest. He took off the gloves and put his hand on hers for warmth. 

She looked up at the night sky and Kaz tilted his head closer to the top of hers. Crimson hair scattered around him like it did on the snowy roof before. He watched the sky with her until she could feel his breathing slow and his body relax. He had fallen asleep. Not out of anything close to boredom, he just felt at peace and safe  having her there and drifted away. A calm that he never felt with Orianna. LeeAnn knew him well enough to know he would think himself rude for doing it and wouldn't mind being woken up.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:45 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
It seemed talking about her made him feel a little better. From the looks of it, he was the type to hold in his feelings much like she was to a point. LeeAnn kept things from other people cause most of the time she felt ashamed of them. Most of the time, it wasn't even her fault. Out of her control. Kazimir and LeeAnn, both had to learn how to share their feelings with others. It was the lack of trust between people was the problem. Though, with each other they could just about open up about things no one else knew. LeeAnn felt even more special than a diamond or some priceless artifact. She was a person someone depended on. "I am sure we would of, Kaz. I'm sure we would of" she replied.

"It is funny. I never thought I see the day where I would finally be able to trust someone fully again. You bottle things in much like I do and went the time comes...you explode. We're like volcanoes ready to erupt at any given moment. It can be dangerous for our health yet we do it cause...I think we just don't trust anyone or feel too ashamed...at that...that's how I feel" she explained. Going off on a little rant, but she was thinking about that a lot lately. How often she kept things in cause she never wanted to talk about it. Bringing up pain and sadness, she just wanted to stick her head in the sand and forget it all. Her temper was a ticking bomb and so were her feelings. Just one day, BOOM! She exploded and hurt her mother and father in the process, emotionally.

Wiping his tear away, all he gave was a hmph in reply. For some reason, she found that to be adorable. It made her smile, even giggle a little. Though time came to talk about his feelings, of course she had to look cute and hide behind his scarf. She felt silly for doing so, but she could not help it. It was all exciting and scary at the same time. They were not new to love or well she was a bit, but having a crush on someone like a school girl. Though, all of this they were experiencing was real! That's what the scary part was. The anxiety built up a little, but Kazimir reassured her by wiping a tear. Her face was still a bit red, but not like before.

Their eyes met again, she stared into the beautiful indigo eyes he held. They were like...the colors of the ocean. She could not take her eyes off them for a few good minutes. It was then he gently places his hand on her cheek speaking her name with a soft tone. So soft and sweet, she a shiver down her spine in pleasure.

"Yeah, Kaze?"

They way things were setup and looked, she thought they were about to lean into kiss. Though, she was wrong. Instead, he told her that he wanted to be with her, but had to sort out some feeings first. It stung a little, but LeeAnn understood. She could understand fully since she was in his shoes a little bit, but she was able to let go of Hans since she really fell out of love with him the moment he changed. The subject of Hans still was tender, but enough to the point that she was able to move on. A lovely smile appeared on her lips and nodded. "Okay. I understand. Take all the time you need to sort it out. You never asked me to wait...I volunteered and will til' you are ready" she assured him. This was her way of say, "I am waiting for you whether you like it or not!" in a more polite way. All she spoke was truth. She wanted him to be ready and not hurt himself in the process. Ususally, she would feel betrayed, but something told her everything would be fine in the end.

It was a only a matter of time before they would be together. The thought of it made her ears twitch, excitedly. She wanted to burst, but held in the excitement. The excuse for being cold was a total flop and she knew it, but her charm won him over. Without a word, he silently placed his arm around her and took off the gloves. And he held hers for warmth, they both just watched the stars. It was relaxing and wonderful. LeeAnn's muscles were completely relaxed and not aching for once. Her foxs ears listened to his heartbeat which calmed her down, making her feel even more eased.

Though, she observed that Kazimir fell asleep with how slowly and deeply he was breathing. She perked up looking at him so peaceful and innocent. Lee moved his hair out of his eyes, finding him adorable in this state. Staring at him with a softened expression for quite sometime proved to be more soothing for her than most. "You look so innocent and precious asleep. Mmmm..." she whispered to herself. Kazimir would feel her elbow on his chest, but lightly pressing. The movement going from a resting position to back on his chest and hugging him, she lied there calm and clear minded for once. Enjoying this time together, she could think clearly.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:23 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz had never thought of himself as a person who avoided talking about things or not trusting people. He did trust the people in the knights and believed in the heart of some people like the others he encountered. To him it just seemed irrelevant to talk about his past. It was something he needed to deal with and held on to. The thought of sharing the moments that crept in the recesses of his mind seldom occurred to him, it was fascinatingly helpful. 

He knew that deep down no matter how much he would talk about it, words were not going to ease the pain he felt. Only the actions that he needed to do. The power that he needed to obtain to finally be free of the shackles formed by his past.  

He looked down as LeeAnn said she would wait for him and then back up to the star filled sky. A response he didn't really expect, but then again he didn't know what to expect in a situation like this. He was only ever with one woman, and wasn't used to these...conversations. He felt a combination of bad that he was being selfish and LeeAnn was waiting for him and relieved that she was willing to do so and stay by him. "I knew if anyone would understand that it would be you. I'll try to deal with that as fast as i can," he smiled back at her. It was also hard for him to say, as the more they talked the more his feelings grew for her. Having her next to him brought him more satisfaction than he could have anticipated. 

He didn't realize had fallen asleep until he was stirred by a nudging elbow in his sternum. it wasn't painful but brought him out of his slumber. 'Oh, I can't believe I dozed off, That's never happened before,' he thought to himself, 'not in someone's arms.'

LeeAnn had rolled into a hug. A classic position of her comfort and his awkward acceptance. This time it was far less odd to him. Instead his breathing returned to normal and he ran his fingers through her hair to rest his hand as she laid on his chest. His hand accidentally grazed her fox ears, almost like he forgot they were there. His hand rubbed across them before he moved it back to her shoulder, not wanting to disturb her. He would have apologized but didn't know if she was awake and stayed quiet. He did wonder what it was like to have fox ears and so many tails. How different must that make life. He often didn't see LeeAnn as a kitsune, she was just the girl he liked.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Jan 28, 2019 12:37 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
It was nice to feel safe and alone with Kazimir. She did not care how long she had to wait. It was worth it in the end. One good quality the Nakamuras had was loyalty. Once they were bounded by a bond to someone, they would remain loyal to them no matter what! There were certain acceptions such as breaking trust, abuse, and so on and so forth. The overall fact that they both shared feelings with each other was nice. LeeAnn had someone else to care about and share her experiences with. Someone she could trust no matter what and would not worry about trust. This was the goal of her current assignment sent by her captain. To make friends! Even though Kazimir was more than a friend, it still counts!

LeeAnn could do nothing but smile from ear to ear. His touch alone could calm her just a bit. Its the only natural remedy to set her to a relaxed state. Their eyes met once more. He knew she would understand out of all girls, or anyone in general. A simple nod was given to him. "We're in this together, don't forget that! I will help you fight you demons much like how you would with me" she smiled. There was a bit of fire behind her eyes ready to pounce on any opportunity given. Her scarlet hair was down for once and not up in a high ponytail.

Slowly when she lied on his chest, she drifted into a sleep much like he did. LeeAnn was always a heavy sleeper, so she did not mind any movement or noise given from him. It was his touch that put her more of a restful trance. LeeAnn was dozed off but aware he was stroking her long hair. The kitsune never liked her ears being touch by anyone, even when she was a Nekomata. Nerves sent signals when he just gently grazed it. LeeAnn's eyes woke up slowly, only she was still in a trance. A visible shiver was sent down. Undemadingly, she grabbed his wrist and placed it on her ears without saying a word. Never before had she allowed people to touch her fox ears even with permission. It actually was a secret way to calm her down that they just now discovered.

The young kitsune peered her eyes up at him when he would hesitate. Just staring at him, she nodded for him to do it. "It's okay...I don't mind you touching me ears. Only you are allowed" she spoke. When he would stroke her ears, she made her relax. Not a word was spoken from her lips, but only her breath was heard. It was so quiet and peaceful. "This...really calms me for some reason" whispered LeeAnn to him as she laid on his chest.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:34 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
in this together, he thought about what she said. it was nice to know he had someone he could always depend on and knew that she could always depend on him. He accepted it but there was still the thought of a task he had to complete. One he felt was his burden alone. But it seemed if he didn't ask her help she would be angry. 

It was LeeAnn who feel asleep this time. Breathing heavily as she lay on him, the only thing that woke her was the shiver as his hand touched her eyes. Thinking it bother her he moved his hand but without a word she placed it back on her ear. He smiled upon finding something that relaxed her and gentle stroked her ears. They way she looked at him she could almost ask him anything Her look could settle the turbulent winds that blew within him. 

They way she whispered on his chest was alluring and he hugged her a bit closer almost reflexively. He could stay here all night. The moment was tranquil, the only thing distracting him was the small shifting of snow above them. He had  not realized how long they were on the roof and that the snow began to pile up higher  and higher. 

Suddenly there was a larger shift and Kazimir looked up. The snow broke loose above LeeAnn and threatened to slid on top of her. He pulled her atop him just as the snow rushed downward where she was laying. "phew," he exhaled. Her red hair covered his face, blocking his vision in a sea of scarlet. He struggle to blow it away, to so he could asses the rest of the situation. 

Another vibration rumbled the rough and Kazimir looked above himself only to see that snow began its sudden decent towards. Its intent to send them tumbling to the ground. 

He only had time to say one thing, "Uhm, LeeAnn. I think we have a problem." He said right before the snow reached the top of his head.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:06 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn was drifting off asleep dreaming about her knight in shining armor. For some reason, her fantasies were getting a little too unrealistic. The young mage was too asleep. She was off in netherland day dreaming about her and Kazimir with her crazy ideas. No one would want to know. Meanwhile the snow piled higher and higher, until there qas some movement. The kind that felt like  you lack traction and gravity was winning. Yeah that kind!

She was a heavy sleeper. Her and Kazimir started falling down from the roof. It was took slick to grab onto anything or see for the matter. Luckily, they landed on a heap of snow that was padded and thick enough to cushion the fall. This woke up the scarlet redhead. She yawned as she was lying on her back blinking. It took her a while to notice what had actually happened, but she could see Kazimir was ontop of her. The kitsune freaked out and turned red in the face again. "W-Wh-What the hell happened?" she squeaked. The embarrassment seeped into her voice making her sound cute. All she could do was lay there petrified not with fear. Her heart thumped quicker in her chest making her feel like she was having a heart attack. The young woman blinked and looked at Kazimir.

"How did we go from ontop of the roof to this? I am so confused" exclaimed the redhead. All she could do was blink and stare at Kazimir a little off guard yet groggy. It took a lot of brain power to process what exactly was happening. Things like this really were only in her daydreams or in books that she read. Never thought it would occur to her that it would happen in real life. It was like a real romance to her. She was still beat red and quiet, not saying anything to Kazimir to get off or anything. In fact she was a tiny bit shamed for not doing so.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:19 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The snow rushed downward throwing them to the edge of the rough. "Really you're still sleeping!" he called out as he reached up to grab the rain gutters with one arm still around LeeAnn who was somehow still sleeping. 

His hand found a loose grip on the lip of the gutter but it was short lived. The snow smashed into his face, "Ack," and his hand came loose under the force of the white fluffy flurry. They spiraled, aimed at the ground with snow cascading around them. 

Kaz knew if he didn't at least do something they would be completely buried by it. He thrust out his hand using a technique designed to throw him places but instead using it to make himself spiral to face the sky. He saw there was a thick bank of snow beneath them so the impact of landing wasn't an issue and it was the safest place to crash. 

He launched a slicing gust of wind at the small avalanche cutting a deep gash in the incoming onslaught. It filled back in but not nearly as threatening as before. They rotated back around and with a powdery thud they imprinted into the snow. 

Looking back he realized the icicles that his wind blast knocked free and he gasped as they pieced into the snow mere inches away from them. "phew," he breathed a sigh of relief. LeeAnn gave a yawn and finally awoke from her exceptionally deep slumber as the remainder of the snow fell onto Kazimir and covered the back of his head to his heels. His pursed his lips in a not so serious look of annoyance at the fallen snow that dusted his hair. 

"Good to see it doesn't take much to wake you up," he said with a grin as he propped himself up on one arm but was still over LeeAnn. The snow rolled off his back. "We had a small..fall," he added with a tired sigh after evading the small avalanche and icicles. 

"Are you okay?" he asked to be polite even though he knew she was. She wouldn't have been yawning if she was hurt. It didn't quickly  occur to him why she was so red in the face nor did it cross his mind to move. What ever the cause, the look of her blushing was something he found cute.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:36 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
The fall was something she did not feel since she was sleeping. Anyone who knew her well, knew that she was a heavy sleeper and slept through most loud noises or falls. It was just a fact about her that most really did not know. Guess Kazimir really found out this way. Funny. The lack of realization of what had just happened, it took LeeAnn a few moments to realize what was going on. She look around to see they were on the ground and not on the rooftop anymore.

Kazimir said they had a small fall. It caused her to look up seeing the roof and falling quite a few stories as well. That was quite the fall, but she did not know how he manged to keep both of them safe.

It did not occur to the idiot of what position they were in. He was too busy looking at her and seeing how adorable she was to notice. She wanted to say something, but everytime she did nothing would come out. It was best better to hide her face into the headband he gave her. The young redhead peek her eye open then looked deep into his indigo eyes. "Airhead...do you realize what position we are in" she finally said. Honesty, she found this funny that he really did not notice things all too well. To see his reaction would definately priceless.

After a while when he would react, LeeAnn would begin to laugh. She just had to. It was all too funny to see someone whom had not noticed anything. The redhead was on the ground laughing so hard she was starting to gasp for air like a fish out of water. There was something about Kazimir's airheaded nature that she found to be too funny!

"I'm sorry, but your airheadness is just too funny! I really find this all comical" she spoke. Holding her abdomen as it was starting to cramp and hurt from the laughter.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:46 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn brought the headband down over her eyes in embarrassment. Her lips attempted to speak a few times but the words were lost. As she hid, Kazimir understood why she had been blushing. it just made him smile even more thinking that it was because he was near her and looking into her eyes. Really it was due to the precarious position they landed in.  

He  then finally looked at the exact details of where their bodies were. He rose back onto his knees looking to his right, and adjusted his GI uniform, "I uhm, didn't notice that we fell so close." It was an understatement considering he fell directly on top of her. He tried to down play it as best he could. He would also feel bad because she said she would wait for him and he didn't want to seem flirty because it wouldn't be fair to her. At least that's what he thought. 

He stood up seeing the laughter building inside LeeAnn until she finally burst rolling around in the snow. He started to wait patiently for her to finish. If only she knew the death he had just stared into. While he waited a mischievous grin found its way onto his face. While she was gasping for air he calmly picked up a handful of snow and patted it into a small ball. How quickly LeeAnn turned from tender and passionate to a laughing mess. 'Fire  mages,' he thought to himself. it was a handful of a personality trait but he liked it. 

With a lazy underhand toss, that was more like a drop, he aimed it at her forehead. "Seemed like you wanted a cool down. Wouldn't want my fire mage to overheat," he said jokingly with an annoyingly wide smile from being overly proud of his own joke. he rarely made them.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:51 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
As being embaressed out of her wits, the young kitsune felt a sort of happiness still. It was unexplainable, but ideal that it was essential that it was needed in her everyday life. Luckily, Kazimir noticed when she said something. He noticed and got off of her. She sat up and pressed her lips to prevent laughter.

This was a struggle for her to keep in the laughter for quite sometime until she just burst out laughing. The redhead held her stomach because it was starting to cramp from so much laughter. She was too much in a giggle fit to really see who or what was going on. She was already rolling on the ground. It was then that she was hit in the face by a snowball. The spontaneous action from her crush. Thiscaused her to smile and form a snowball on her own.

"Oh really? Well, I think you are too scared of a little heat! Take this on for size" she said. She tossed a snowball at her crush, hoping it would land on him. She was hoping for the face as sweet revenge. LeeAnn started to build a fort to protect herself from Kazimir's snowball fury. She felt like a little kid again playing a snowball fight in the heart of winter. It was rahter funny to her since she was an adult acting like a child.

She never thought the day she would do this again. It was rather enjoyable. Once the fort was done, she hid behind it forming a small mound of of snowball ammunition. "Ready...aim...FIRE" she cried, throwing all the ammunition for had in stock. A horde of flying snowballs were headed right for Kazimir as part of her master plan. Revenge really was sweet.

"Have you had enough, Kaze? Or are you thirsty for more? COME AT ME BRO" she cried. Several people were walking by just staring at the couple as if they were crazy. For the first time, LeeAnn did not care what they really thought. It was a new thing. She was having too much fun to really notice other people's reactions. They seemed to just pay no mind after a while. She ran out of snowballs and hissed a little. "Shit" she spoke. She turned her back for a moment, behind her fort crating more snowballs.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:10 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Scared of Heat...you mean getting set on fire," he jokingly replied as he the snowball came at his face. It blew up in tiny puffs of snow as it hit his cheek. He thought he could dodge it for a moment but wasn't worried about didn't think she would actual chuck one back at him with so much vigor. 

She dug into the snow, forming a fort to barricade herself behind. He tossed a few more snowballs for good measure as he piled up his own to lay behind. He lobbed Snowballs over the fort like hand grenades. Kazimir never much enjoyed the snow. Living in a forest the snow and ice just got in the way. But he had a small smile on his face as they battled back and forth.

She released a rapid series of snowballs. His fort was pelted by them. He heaved a couple in response but her high energy sent even more flying at him. It was a waiting game now. She would have to run out. The balls knocked pieces of the top of his fort loose. Shatters of fluffy white snow fell. Snowballs skid of the edges and thudded against the shielding side.

They didn't seem to slow down. That's when he had a cunning plan. Although she may not see it that way. He let the idea slip away until he heard her goading taunt. "Alright then," he said to himself. Peeking around he corner he ducked back as a snowball smacked into the side. Then there was a pause. He looked back again and thrust his hand pointing behind LeeAnn. He conjured a small whirlwind. "I never surrender," he stated like he was just making an order at a restaurant. 

The whirlwind lifted a pile of snow from behind LeeAnn. In the next instant it blew the mound above her so the snow would drop on top of her. He ducked back behind his fort. His eyes picked over the top to see how she reacted to his...not cheating.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:47 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
The acted like kids, throwing snowballs at each other endlessly. She could careless what other people had thought. The strength behind the throw thew both of them off. She felt the adrenaline behind each throw and the sort of childish thrill of winning. Her inner competitiveness was starting to show as she wanted to win this battle. "So you are scared of a little fire" she smiled in reply.

The ammunition of snowballs pelted at Kazimir and his small dinky fort. She was a little surprised he did not fight back so quickly. Though, she could sense he was up to something or making more snowballs. She was playing fair and square, playing hte old fashion way they did when they were kids. Pieces of his fort broke loose, causing it to crumble bit by bit a little bit. LeeAnn smirked with accomplishment.

She hid behind her fort, creating more snowballs to hit Kaz with. Her gaurd was down ad focus was not on her opponent like she was taught in the Rune Knight training. Anything could be turned into her training and battle grounds. The snowy frield with broken forts and knocked out bodies whom have lost to the enternal battle of the Snowball fight. That was a little bit of a dramatic scene than she wanted, but found the thought funny.

Out of no where, the wind mage had mumbled something. She shrugged it off and continued to make more snowballs. About to turn around and throw the newly made ammunition, she noticed somehting was not right. She felt her fort completely crumbled into a mound of snow. Buried under it, she lied silent completely on purpose to make him feel sorry for what he has done.

After several minutes of silence, steam rose from the quickly melting pile of snow. The fire mage rose up from the clean spot free from snow and green grass. A mischevious smile rose to her face. "Is that all you...got!" she cried, throwing a huge snowball at him. It was the size of a football and she tossed it with two hands.

"I may really really like you, but that does not mean I will loose easily, especially to an airhead" she teased.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:15 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He could tell she was intent on victory. Her competitiveness came as a shock for someone who supposedly didn't exude this nature with many in her family or at least wasn't a part of her background. Maybe that is the reason she is so headstrong now, because it wasn't a part of her youth.

His plan had worked! She was buried beneath her once safe fortress of snow. There was a silence around them now and the mound was near motionless. He knew as a fire mage though that now amount of snow would that easily stop her, so he knelt down near the mound patiently waiting for her to surface or stop holding her breath in there. 

She stayed in there for minutes. The wind mage was impressed by her diligence. Although he didn't feel bad for burying her, he was worried that she was pushing herself to hard and may have gone under in there. He leaned forward to check on her just as steam seeped through. 

Sludge ran down the sides of the mound. Soon the plot of land was green and LeeAnn stood with a large snowball in hand. She was radiating heat and he was surprised the snowball had not melted. It most have lost some size from the heat but was still the size of a football. She heaved it at him. 

The snowball knocked him backward from his kneeling position. "you got me," he surrendered, as he stood and dusted himself off. 

"Since you're the winner how about I treat you to some hot chocolate," he walked forward His conceding defeat was becoming a habit. Part of him did it to tease at her competitive streak. He gestured to one of the only open outdoor stands on the street. "That's heat that I'm not afraid of," He added.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:15 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
It seemed within minutes, she had won their small war of snowball fights. The classic kid's game to play in the dead of winter. Of course, the young Nakamura was quite proud of herself for winning. It did not dawn on her immediately as she was taking in the pride of victory. It did not hit her until five minutes it. She would lower her shoulders and proud stature to shame and guilt.

The redhead booked it to the young samuri, kneeling by his side as if he was on his death bed. She hoped he was not too angry. But she was surprised to see him laughing and admitting to surrender. It was a relief to see he was not too angry with how far she went this time. She let out a small chuckle. "So my determination. I guess I do have a small spark of competitiveness" she smiled. Though, he pointed to a cup of hot chocolate stand nearby that was the only one outside. It really confused with why they were standing there in the first place? Well, good marketing business though. She had to hand it to him.

Kazimir said that was the only heat he was scared off. This made her feel a little embarrassed with assuming he was talking about her random determination to win. "Oh that heat..." she mumbled. The young redhead agreed to grab a nice cup of hot chocolate with Kaz. LeeAnn only wanted the traditional cup with lots of marshmallows. It always tasted better with melted marshmallows. Instead of letting them melt on their own, she give a tiny bit of heat. It was enough to have them melt without melting the cup. Then she drank it burning her tongue on the process. "Ow! Hot! Hot! My poor tongue" she panted. She did not head the warning of waiting for it to cool before drinking. Something her family taught her millions of times.

Afterwards, she would start drinking the hot chocolate. "Thank you so much, Kazimir! You really did not have to buy me a cup of hot chocolate and you remembered what I can and cannot drink better than I would. I forgot this was the only other beverage I can drink without repercussions" she smiled. The young Nakamura became more happier.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:29 am

Kazimir Seiryu
She did take her time in celebrating. He was about to stand up when she rushed to his side. It was a well placed attack, but he deserved it after using magic. At least it wasn't a fireball. "I'd say you do," mentioning about her competitive side. "Hikaru better watch out."

Dusting himself off he walked with her over to the hot chocolate salesman. it was a rickety stand that they made the best out of. The wood creaked just from trying to stay upright and holes were patched together. It was heavily decorated with various pictures and designs to cover up the short comings. The worker greeted them with a cheery smile, not phased by the cold outside. He wore a heavy sweater but only beach shorts for bottoms.

Kazimir watched as she heated the cup herself, melting all the marshmallows inside. Kaz couldn't stop the smile from coming onto is face as she burned herself, "looks like your not impervious to heat either."

Kazimir took a careful sip waiting for it to cool. He preferred a nice cup of tea but this was a good second choice in a snowstorm. She cooled down her tongue before diving back in. Kaz took the time to look around at what else the little shop had, when LeeAnn thanked him. He had actually forgotten about limitations on drinks. He always thought it was food and not drinks also. It was just a very lucky happenstance that he choose this place.

"Oh...to be honest I just got lucky. I didn't remember it was drinks and not just food," he replied with an innocent shrug. He then saw something that yanked his attention away. Behind the counter at the stand was a mess of cups and chocolate stains from spilled drinks. "Uhm...I hate to be impolite but do you need some help cleaning?" Kazimir asked the man but was already standing from his seat and beginning to lean over.

"Actually I'll just get it tomorrow," the man replied and his words were almost like daggers to the wind mage.

"Oh, don't worry I'll just," He rose one leg up and shoved it behind the counter, "pardon me," he brought his other leg over and started to tidy up the ramshackle store. "I'll only be a moment." Until now he had not stopped to really engage with people but one of the things Kaz disliked the most...was people not cleaning after themselves or leaving messes.

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I can trust you! [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:26 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
They were enjoying a good laugh and joking about her brother better watch out for her tendencies. It was apparent that they were having a good time. "Hikaru better watch out! He won't know was coming" she laughed. Wiping a tear from her eye, they approached the small cart

It was tattered and seen better days. It was old and rickety, but did the job. There was more to a dish than its apperance. She knew about all of that too well. Though, society judged by looks anyways, there was no avoiding that anyways. They got the hot chocolate and in process of burning her tongue. Kazimir made a small comment making her blush a little bit, looking away. The young kitsune let the drink cool

After it cooled, she would drink some more of it and loved the taste with melted marshmellows and milk into it. It tasted better. "Well, you're paying, so take the compliment and stop being modest, airhead" she said, being a little harsh, but sarcastic. She stuck out her tongue at him. LeeAnn noticed how messy the cart was, but thought was none of her business. For some reason, it bothered Kazimir. It was apperant that he was a organized person or messes just bothered him.

He started to clean the area. All she could do was watch a little confused as to why he was doing this. She just watched as she threw her cup in the recycling bin. After he was done, she tilted her head. "What was that all about?" she would asked.

LeeAnn looked at the time and looked at him. "Care to walk me to my hotel room? I need to rest up for tomorrow. Even though its morning...*yawn* I am still tired" she said. Grabbing his hand, unconsciously, gently walking with him to her hotel room.


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Kazimir Seiryu
Her sarcastic tone would have brought a smile to his face if he didn't hide it behind a sip of hot chocolate. he was getting used to seeing her blush. Something he thought was a cute reaction and one that she apparently had often. At least around him anyway.

He was lost in his cleaning effort until the mess was fully taken care off. He didn't do anything grand, just wiped down the area and washed and put up the cups and utensils. LeeAnn patiently waited until he was done before she asked about it. "Oh...I just had a very disciplined upbringing. Mess bothers me a lot. But not everyone, just when people don't clean after themselves. its more the laziness of it that bothers me than the actual mess."

He spoke more about it than he intended to. Getting carried away making sure she didn't think he was going to go on a rampage of cleaning at the drop of a hat. It certainly wasn't that bad.

"Of course I'll walk you home. It would be my pleasure," he said as he climbed back out of the shack like stand. The owner gestured to the side door but the wind mage hadn't noticed.

They started walking when he felt a gentle bump on his hand as LeeAnn's grasped it. His gut reaction was still to pull away as he did before and even with the hugs. It was a tug that she could clearly feel but he relaxed and held her hand until they arrived back at her hotel. They parted ways and Kazimir wandered back to his own resting place.


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