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Conman Coward [Quest | Alisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:49 pm


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She had no plans to undergo her usual training regimen this morning, yet she still sought self improvement, like a good strong member of Blue Pegasus. Instead, she'd continue her epic questing adventure she'd started all those months back after the battle in Hargeon. It had greatly strengthened her, but it wasn't nearly enough. This time, she didn't have Arisa on anyone else avaliable, so she'd do it herself, the good old fashioned way: As many missions as possible in a single day.

Thus, she woke up at daybreak and had a long, lukewarm shower, not cold enough to jolt her awake, nor warm enough to leave her too lazy to work.

For breakfast, she went for something heavier instead of the light meal she often ate before long, strenuous work outs: Coffee, yoghurt with cereal, eggs and bacon. More than enough to keep her well fed and ready for more well into dinner time, depending how much trouble the missions gave her. She sat at the hotel's dining room rather classily with human form Lumen sitting across her, with a hefty serving of macarons to feast upon:

"Do they taste well, Lumen?", she'd inquire with a caring tone, having ordered the snack especially for her since they didn't serve it at the hotel

"Mmmm~!", unable to speak, the Litwick simply hummed, nodding approvingly as Alisa chuckled and looked over the request she'd picked up yesterday. She'd done so the instant the shadow of battle left hearts of every citizen and defender and Crocus, slowly returning to business as usual. Apparently this quest had come from the local bar, who for some reason had asked for a mage.

Batra the bartender huh... What could a bartender possible want from a mage for hire? An extra barmaid perhaps? As a mission of this level, such a request would hardly surprise Alisa. While she had now acquired a powerful weapon and armor, she had yet to master it, and more than ever needed a body in peak physical fitness to make full use of it's abilities.

Fortunately, the answer to this question laid in the very paper used to print the request, which even contained a an accurately drawn depiction of the objective. Apparently, someone had conned the bartender, and now Alisa's job was to beat the crap out of him retrieve the stolen assets. With a clear mission, and target in mind, she folded the request and headed out onto the mostly deserted streets. With a fitting description written on the request, Alisa couldn't struggle in finding the conman unless she actually wanted to. And indeed she didn't. It took her little more than twenty or so minutes to accomplish that part.

Seems conmen also get up early, the sculptress could respect that if nothing else. But respect was one thing, stealing was a different matter altogether:

"Good morning.", she'd greet the man with surprising friendliness considering what she was here for, and the guy greeted back, somewhat surprised to find a beautiful woman randomly addressing him...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

#2Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:51 pm


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But then his eyes trailed to her sword and the gig was up. But she didn't give him a chance to run away, "Will you give back the money you stole...?", then a single menacing glare flashing on her face as she gripped her sword, "Or will I have to cut it out of you?"

"NONONONO!!! No need to go that far trust me!!", hurriedly, he grabbed a pouch of jewels from his pocket and handed it to her, "Here, its all here, okay? You can check, there's n-no need to get violent!"

True, Alisa could be rather intimidating... But she wasn't a famous enough mage that the guy could immediately understand her strength from a single look. She was especially surprised he didn't try to run away, but he did seem in a hurry to get away after he'd given the money back.

"Well, That was easy...", Alisa furrowed her brow, a hint of suspicion crossing her mind, "Almost too easy... Oh well."

Shrugging, the sculptress put aside her worries. The jewels looked real and among conmen, realistically counterfeiting currency was hardly a skill at every one's disposal. Suspecting no such angle of foul play, she promotly turned on her heel and headed towards the bar with a cool step and elegant sway of her hips, to complete her mission in record time. There, she met her client for the first time, catching him in the middle of cleaning up last night's mess in preparation for the next one. But as she presented the momentarily pleased bartender with his stolen funds, that moment faded once he peered upon the contents:

"No, not again! This money's fake!! That's how he got me the first time."

Facepalming inwardly, Alisa betrayed little of this frustration save for a lone twitch of her eyebrow. It appears she was too kind the first time. But now all kindness had run out and only annoyance remained. Annoyance she'd now take out on that cheeky little conman who thought he could trick her and get away with it.

Once more, out to she went on the hunt for the con men, the cool, focused look of a huntress completely overtaking her expression and only making her perpetual smile more unnerving.

The moment their eyes met, the guy ran off, from about four meters away. Immediately, Alisa dashed after him. Her lead right foot landed just behind his', turning against the direction of her dash. This caused her body to turn around, helping Alisa spin her right arm close to her body and strike her palm against the man's forehead, there, she pushed against it, forcing his head back, and robbing his balance, forcing him back. And with her foot where it was, this made him trip down quite easily, which she followed up by quickly drawing her sword, pressing the shimmering black blade to his neck with a frigid glare:

"Will you give the money back the easy way, or the hard way?", she demanded, not taking no for an answer

And give it back he did, with a suspicious dark stain in his pants as he felt the blade to his neck, finally allowing Alisa to return it and complete her first quest of the day.


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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