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Seeking answers [Social: Liana]

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on Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:04 pm


Shock took over her features before and during that scream, though what came afterwards was a slowly growing sense of anger. To prevent her best friend from falling on the ground, the late teenager swiftly wrapped her arms around her torso, apparently not even appearing to care about getting blood on her hands if she had to stretch her limbs all the way to the Eisenberg's back.

And then, from over Esperia's shoulder, Liana glares at the Lycan who had attacked her companion. It didn't mean the girl still feared them, because if she didn't, she would attempt to attack them in the same manner. While she was trying to control her anger at the same time, she couldn't help but feel a dominant sense of rage boiling up within her body.

"If you try to hurt us more, an entire guild of mages will come to put you all in your place... Leave now or suffer the consequences later...!"

Liana warned them in a low, but supposedly threatening tone of voice. Hoping Agni could understand her since he appears to do at times, without even turning her glare away from the pack of the violent creatures, she states an order.

"Go get help, Agni... Now...!"

Ultimately, she sweeps a single arm backwards while quickly glancing down at the pet, hoping he'd understand the motion.

"She knows about no relic. No one here knows about a relic. Leave before you end up regretting it...!"

The young Sylvaine had always truly been very protective of her precious best friend, especially since the one pack standing right in front of them was the one who had killed Esperia's family and destroyed the church.

Liana has never showed this side of her to anyone.
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on Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:22 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It appeared tension lingered in the air as the Lycan party whispered among each other, yet Esperia couldn't help but use the last of her strength to reach with a hand for Liana's cheek, whispering with pained breaths.

"I wanted to come here... to understand..." A pained cough came from the girl as she continued. "Even my body moved on its own..."

Tears started to gather in her eyes as she continued. "Because I don't want to imagine... a world without Lia... For you gave me a place.... return... home... to..."

The last words were spoken as the girl lost consciousness, the girl's words making the Lycan's gaze sharpen as he snarled, but soon he came to his realization.

Several Lycan approached the assaultant, causing the lycan's eyes to widen in fear. "No... They didn't tell that she was one of them!"

The Lycan dropped his shoulders as he staggered backward as fear clearly betrayed by his expression. However, in that same moment Liana would have heard a loud howl pierce the forest, and after a moment the Lycan leader addressed her. "Go..."

It was the final words spoken by the Lycan as the pack started to shatter, leaving Agni to whine as he looked at Liana with a worried look. Judging from the bleeding of her back Esperia was suffering quite some deep cuts, it would clearly be for the best that they would head to the hospital as soon as possible!


on Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:20 am

Liana's eyes widen for a moment, blinking as the late teenager looked down at her best friend, feeling and observing as her hand touches one of her cheeks. Attentively and with the most concerned expression, the girl listened to every single word of the Eisenberg, keeping her close still in her arms and even moving her away from the Lycans, taking a few steps back. At those words, she shook her head, equally moving up a most likely bleeding hand over to Esperia's own cheek, caressing it a couple of times as she had words of her own as well, at least hoping to share them before she fainted.

"Th-There will be no world without me... I promise. I promise that I will keep you safe. We still have our adventures to do, Esperia. So, please, don't go yet. I beg of you."

And before Liana could notice that her friend would have passed out, the assaultant approached them once more before stopping and seemingly talking amongst the rest of the pack. It appeared that they realized her words were true and that both girls were indeed part of the Blue Pegasus guild. If that wasn't the case, then it was probably something the young Sylvaine didn't yet have any knowledge on.

After the loud howl pierced the forest, she twitched once, looking around, before ultimately returning her attention to the supposed leader, blinking at the word he mumbled.

Telling them to go? While it was the best chance they had, it was still strange for the one who led the ambush to tell them to 'go', as if something much more dangerous was coming.

She looks down for a brief moment and then finally decides, turning her back to the Lycans and scooping up a still injured and now unconscious Esperia. She did notice at that moment she was out and therefore, she fleed in rushed steps, ordering Agni to follow behind her after hearing him whine.

Eventually, they'd make way to the hospital, Liana doing some effort to even enter the facility only to luckily find a wandering doctor Gerard. "Doctor!" She called out to him, which he noticed immediately. After quick talk, two nurses would be called over where they would carry Esperia to a room, on a stretcher, Liana and Gerard serving as company. The primary procedures are done, the Eisenberg now on the bed, bandaged and everything. Sitting on two chairs next to the bedridden female would be the young Sylvaine and the doctor, the girl staring down and worriedly fidgeting with her hands and fingers, ready to explain what had occurred.

"It's... Complicated, doctor Gerard... We were just going to visit the forest near the church when a pack of humanoid creatures appeared and asked for a relic from Esperia. I'm not sure if I can tell you everything for the sake of my best friend, but she's going to be fine, right?"

The late teenager returned her attention up at the male, eyes already watering, tears threatening to flow down her cheeks, from each corner of her visual organs.
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on Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:42 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It appeared that whatever had happened to Esperia, it had been quite serious for a deep frown lingered on the doctor's face. "Liana I..."

He sighed deeply as he gestured at the nurses that had just finished transporting Esperia to her room when the two were left alone beside the unconscious girl. "So Esperia was attacked by a pack of humanoid creatures?"

A hand raised along Esperia's wrist as if he was checking something. "Did they look like wolves?" After her answer, he continued speaking in a solemn tone. "It's probably that she got attacked by a Lycan."

His expression softened in a sorrowful gaze. "She lost a lot of blood, we were able to close the wound during the surgery but the problem is what remains..."

He turned toward Liana, a hand gently resting on her shoulder as he spoke in a soft tone. "Please don't panic with what I'm about to tell you Liana."

A short pause followed before he continued. "Esperia is currently infected by what books call the 'Lycan Curse'."

He took a deep breath as he shot a glimpse at the unconscious girl before he continued, his words likely only making the revelation that what was about to follow all the worse.

"Normally an infected person turns into a Lycan, but in rare cases like hers... the body fights the curse."

He closed his eyes to take a deep breath before he continued. "In those cases... death is an inevitable outcome as the curse destroys you from within."

He took a step backward as he finished in a sorrowful tone. "We gave her painkillers to make her last moments peaceful, I told the staff you can stay with her but... I'm sorry... there is nothing we can do to save her."

He clutched his fist, a mixture of sorrow and anger overcoming him as he stepped beside her. "I'll contact the Rune Knights to search the woods for those Lycan..."

He stepped toward the exit of the room, leaving Liana alone. Meanwhile, Esperia was left in the hospital bed, her upper-body wrapped in bandages, and like the doctor told them the medicine had seemingly made it look like she was asleep.


on Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:58 pm

At that very moment, during the entire revelation, the young Sylvaine was in shock, she was speechless. And amongst all of those negative emotions overtaking her entire self, there was also an approaching hint of sadness, of sorrow, of suffering. Esperia dying? Just that easily? For saving a mere life like the one Liana has? She couldn't accept it.

Unfortunately, the doctor had already left the room before she could even say anything, or before she was unfrozen, paralyzed due to all of her hope going down the toilet. For she promised she would reunite with the Eisenberg and that they would explore the world together. But now... Now it couldn't happen. Because there was no way to save her.

Or so that's what medicine states.

A stand is taken from the chair she sat on and she calmly approaches her still unconscious best friend, lying down on a bed, with the only apparent fate being death. All the while, the late teenager stared down, eyes watering from underneath those bangs of hers, though she refused to cry. There had to be something she could do. There had to be a cure even the doctors are unaware of. Everything has a cure, all one has to do is experiment, find it or do whatever means to reach such a solution.

She crouches down to stay at the same level as the bed, moving both hands up to take hold of Esperia's own, strongly grasping it. And then, her head finally lifts, that still sorrowful gaze fixated on the closed eyes of her companion. She sniffed, holding tears, before mumbling.

"It doesn't end here... I won't let it. There has to be something I can do. And I will find that something."

Liana claims, staying like that for a while. She couldn't leave her friend. Not yet. If there really was nothing she could do, then at least she was going to use this time to spend the last moments with Esperia.
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on Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:58 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

To stand defiant against her best friend's death, it was a noble desire, but what hope did Liana have without a solid plan? There was no known cure according to Doctor Gerard. It was at that moment that the girl would hear a voice from behind her. "You wish to find something to save her?"

It was a simple question, its meaning clear and yet the voice was strangely nostalgic as if she had heard it recently. If the girl decided to turn around she would find a tall man dressed in an armor made from hide and leather covering his body, a long wanderer's cloak on top of it.

"I heard what happened to her." The man stated, stepping beside Liana to look down at the girl. "What the doctor said is true, there is no known cure... to man that is."

He turned toward her and raised a hand to his chin as if he was thinking. "But the, elves is another story, unlike humans their connection to nature is quite potent, to the point some would say they are blessed by it."

A little nod came from him as he explained further. "You ever heard of Wolfsbane? It's a very potent plant that grows in the wilderness, normally it's very poisonous, lethal even but I know an elven herbalist who can use it to produce a medicine to cure the Lycan's curse. If you desire so, I can give you her whereabouts."

He looked down at Esperia and added calmly. "But you'd best hurry, I don't think she will last more than a few weeks before the curse consumes her."

It seemed Esperia's survival would be a race against time, but if this stranger was to be trusted, then perhaps there would be a solution, perhaps there would be a way to save the girl! But what would the cost of that cure be? In the end, if Doctor Gerard was to be believed, the only thing that could cure Esperia was a miracle, and miracles never came for free...


on Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:59 pm

It was all very odd. The late teenager didn't even hear any kind of steps or the door opening in case it was shut close. In an abrupt moment, she heard a voice. At first, she thought it was something happening in her very own mind. After all, it was possible, seeing the kind of situation she was in now and the amount of stress it must have weighed on her.

Though, it was a real person.

Liana would turn her head to the side, that dark grayish gaze of hers not watering so much anymore, but now fixated up at the man who had mysteriously approached her and Esperia. She was speechless at first, listening to him speak. It was obvious she wished to find something to save her friend. Once he started to talk about elves, her attention intensified and the girl actually began to take a slow stand, staring up.

"Wolfsbane... I have heard of it, yes..."

It would be strange if she didn't. After all, she's connected to nature, having read and been told about a considerable amount of plants or any other sorts of eukaryotes.

Sadly, she refused to believe any man.

"But how can I trust you? What if you are sending me to a dangerous place, where a bunch of Lycan will be present to try and harm me like earlier?"

She states, a furrowed gaze now offered up at the male.

"Where did you come from, anyway?"
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on Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:18 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Your suspicion is understandable, but needless." He sighed deeply as he took a deep breath, his body seemingly growing more muscular as his hand seemingly started to turn more into the shape of a large claw, a claw quite similar to those of the creatures Liana had encountered but mere moments ago.

"If I desired to get you killed I could slit your throat right here and do the same for your friend."

Yet his form turned back into a human disguise as he stepped toward the window and continued. "My name is Adelwulf," He turned his gaze toward Liana, and despite the sternness and gruff nature of his expression, it appeared he was taking this quite serious. "The Alpha of those Lycan that you encountered."

He slowly turned his back to her, hands folding behind his pack as he stood tall and gazed out of the window. "The one who harmed your friend paid the price, but if you want a real reason about why I am aiding you: It's because that girl's story can't be permitted to end. Although we seek an ancient relic that the Eisenberg hid somewhere, to harm 'One of Them' is a taboo."

He closed his eyes for a moment before he finished speaking. "Do not be mistaken, my reason for aiding is not out of goodwill, it is for mutual benefit. I can promise you that no Lycan from my pack will intervene in your quest."

He slowly stepped toward Liana till he was right before her, crouching down till he was at the same height as her. "Just like you have something you wish to protect, so does my pack have something we need to protect, it just happens to be both are connected to each other."

Would it be enough for Liana to be convinced? Only time would tell... However, the lycan turned his gaze away from her for a moment, as if he was thinking before he stepped backward, his eyes gazing firmly at the girl's expression as if he was trying to read something.

"Just one thing doesn't make sense... If the girl doesn't know about the relic, then why did the Eisenbergs take it?"

It appeared there was more going on than it appeared at first sight! But for now it seemed this stranger was as trustworthy as a total stranger might had possibly been, at least they did seem to share a common goal in saving Esperia!


on Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:30 am

The very brief transformation he made wasn't truly kind and it obviously caught the girl off-guard as her eyes widened following an abrupt blink, listening to his words which were just more reason for goosebumps to happen across her entire body or at least of what skin was visible.

She gulped, continuing to attentively record his words in her brain, saying nothing this time or even giving a vocal reaction. Then, once he approached and crouched in front of her to stay at the same level as the indeed short late teenager, there was some hesitation in stepping back, but eventually, due to how sudden and frightening the man had become, her body was unable to immediately respond to her orders.

Once he was done, she stared down, her expression turning more into one of a blank state. Her arms are kept by her sides, legs and feet almost touching each other.

"I don't know... I don't know anything about that relic or about her family... It's the first time I hear of this, she has never bothered to tell me much. Probably because she didn't want me to be concerned about her problems."

Liana admits, now turning her attention back to the unconscious Eisenberg, lips curving down in a bit of sadness. One or two tears roll down her cheeks.

"But I don't want her to die..."

Ultimately, her head lifts and her now watery gaze is fixated back on the man's own as he was supposedly still crouched, arms wiping any other tears before she finished.

"... Please tell me where I can find that elf."
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on Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:08 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

She didn't know? His gaze softened for a moment as she revealed lacking knowledge on the matter and soon replied. "You'll best ask her about her family in the future, this girl's family has more enemies than you can imagine..."

Still, he couldn't help but acknowledge the resolve in Liana's expression as the large muscular man finally stepped back and gestured at the window. From the window one could see the church on the cliff opposite of the town, and it seemed that he was pointing in the direction of the forest, however if Liana was looking outside the window she would likely spot several figures from afar, and if her vision was sharp enough she would even come to realize what was going on: Several Lycan were visibly torturing another Lycan, a mobbing so to speak.

"There are two taboos for our pack: Never kill an innocent person... and do not harm those beloved by 'her'. That Lycan, even if he tried to intimidate you, still broke the taboo when he harmed Esperia."

He paused for a moment as if he came to an idea, and slowly turned toward Liana. "Considering you were a victim of him, I'll let you decide his fate when you reach the forest. Whether you'll untie him and let the gods decide his fate, or have him bleed to death... The decision is yours to make."

Was he testing her? Perhaps, but he still had to answer her earlier question, and so he continued to gesture at a small path that stretched from beside the tree the mob of Lycan were tying the beaten Lycan to. "Follow that path through the forest, neither man or beast will intervene. At the other side is a small hidden path leading to the secluded clearing where she dwells. You'll know when you found her when the scent of lilac and gooseberries fill the air, you'll find her there..."

It seemed Liana had finally gotten the location where she could find that mysterious elf, but before that she would need to go and decide the fate of someone's life... a heavy responsibility indeed!


on Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:18 am

It wasn't truly a heavy responsibility, especially for someone like Liana. Whilst the young Sylvaine couldn't see what was happening from afar properly, since they were still at a great distance from the church and the forest, from the Alpha's words, it wouldn't take long for the girl to figure out what was truly occurring to the Lycan who hospitalized Esperia.

Not many words were said, the late teenager proceeds to stand from being lowered down near the bed and begins to calmly make her way to the door once the information she required was given to her by the man-beast.

"I know what to do now. Thank you... Adelwulf."

She had the only choice of trusting him and save her best friend. If only there was a slight chance she could do so, then she refused to hold back and would even take such risks.

If she was able to fully exit the hospital without any interruptions, then she would have already made her way to the forest, where the pack of Lycan were beating up one of their kin, tied up. The girl looks at the suffering creature in the eyes for a moment, almost glaring, before allowing a deep huff to escape her parted lips. Eventually, she stepped away and headed further into the forest.

Though, not without stating an order of sorts.

"Untie him. That is my desire after talking to your Alpha. And Esperia's desire as well."

Her tone appeared to be serious at that, Liana continuing to walk further away until she eventually reached the location stated by Adelwulf. Indeed, the scent of lilac and gooseberries filled the air, just like it was hinted. No need to explain once more as to why she is able to recognize such smells.

And while roaming about, she would be searching for the sight of a female elf. Where would she be?
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on Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:54 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

So that was her decision? The pack looked at the girl in bewilderment, but after a moment they nodded in confirmation, untying the Lycan who after collapsing onto his knees and started to stagger away from the clearing, but not before looking back at Liana, a mixture of emotions in his eyes, but one seemed to be grateful?

As promised the girl would find herself without any obstacles as she made her way toward the location she was told about, the aforementioned scent lingering in the air as Liana would no doubt notice after a moment a sensation, as if she was being watched, and it was then the rumors about how elves were 'one with nature' revealed itself, for a voice came from behind her.

"It's unusual for your kind to wander here..."

a soft almost melodic voice had come from an elven maiden

who was seated at the base of a nearby tree, a small creature, perhaps a magical being was fluttering at her hand. The eyes of the person lingered on the girl, her gaze softened as she continued speaking.

"What brings you here daughter of man?"

She would have asked if she was lost, but judging from the look in the girl's eyes it was evident she had come here with a purpose, and so she spoke in a soft and soothing voice. "My name is Lothwynn, and this humble place is my home. But I doubt you'd visit a herbalist just for some tea." The last bit coaxed a little smile out of the elven lady.


on Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:28 am

Liana blinks a tad in surprise at the sudden voice. But then again, the Alpha did tell her she would be able to find an elf in such an area. Turning around would confirm that, as the girl's gaze is ultimately set on the maiden sitting by the base of a tree not so much of a distance from her. The young Sylvaine was at first taken back by her elegance, someone even more impressively attractive than Christian if she had to admit. The magical being fluttering at her hand would be noticed as well, only to intensify Liana's fascination further more.

A few steps forward were made, though not enough to look potentially suspicious from the eyes of the elf. After her introduction was made, she made one of her own, even going as far as offering a curt bow towards the other woman.

"I'm Liana. Liana Sylvaine." The late teenager mumbled, straightening herself up before adding more clearly. "I came to ask for your help, miss Lothwynn. My friend is in danger. She is currently hospitalized with what is called the 'Lycan Curse'. I was told by the alpha of the pack who attacked her to come to you for a cure."

Liana explained, allowing a faint sigh to escape her lips before starting to lower down and take her own seat on the grass.

"Woflsbane is what he told that needs to be found so you can produce the medicine. She... She's going to die if she's not saved. I... I really need your help."

There was an obvious tone of despair audible as she spoke and her concerned expression was only further proof of that.
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on Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:59 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The elf listened attentively to Liana's words, her calm and soothing expression not fading away even as Liana retold her the tale of how she and Esperia were attacked by the Lycan pack nor did she initially voice any thoughts when she was told about the search for Wolfsbane. However, once she finished her tale the elf spoke with the same softness in her voice as earlier. "It is a pleasure to meet you Liana."

She slowly rose to her feet, the pixie floating back and forth around her while she approached Liana, yet ceased a few steps away from her. "I am surprised that grumpy old fool would go as far as seeking my aid, but I think I can offer some aid."

She paused for a moment, raising a hand to her chin as she thought deeply about the matter. "In some cases, Wolfsbane can purify the taint within the body, but obtaining it is an impossible feat for a human... Not to mention, a normal human being would die from it... Hmm unless... So that's your game here Adelwulf?"

She sighed softly, a light shake of disapproval following before she continued. "Liana, what you are basically asking requires a certain... sacrifice."

She smiled sorrowfully as she turned her gaze to the pixie. "Truth to be told, the only way for you to save your friend is to abandon the very thing that makes you human. It's not impossible to save her, but to obtain Wolfsbane you need nature's blessing... you'd need to become an elf."

She paused for a moment, hands folding beneath her chest as she continued. "It's possible to accomplish this through an ancient ritual, but are you truly prepared for something like that? To become an elf would mean your life is no longer that of a human being, you're likely going to someday watch that precious friend of yours grow old and die, leaving you with regrets... it's an experience I'm somewhat familiar with."

She raised a hand, resting it on her hip as she continued. "But before I tell you about the ritual I'd like for you to answer a question: Why are you willing to go so far to save your friend?"

Yet there was something curious about this entire tale... As if an important piece of the puzzle was currently still missing and out of their reach.


on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:44 pm

Even if she had to sacrifice many things that would take away the person she is at that very moment, if it was to save one of the most precious things in her life, then she would do it. Could be an object, or in this case, an individual. A friend who the young Sylvaine simply refuses to see go off to never be seen again. If she had to be selfish, then she would rather prefer to keep seeing her live until the right time for her to go occurs instead of allowing her to quit before her very eyes.

Once the woman explains the situation, Liana gulps once, though stands with confidence seeing the two choices she had. To turn and not turn into an elf. A stare is offered down at the ground, a palm coming to press up against the center of her chest as she gave away the answer to Lothwynn's question.

"Because she's not just a friend. She's family to me. She's not someone I just met here in Baska. The day we saw each other and truly glued together was many years ago. Our lives at that time didn't allow us to continue hanging out together and only recently have we reunited and finally accomplished what we wanted to accomplish a long time ago."

She speaks, now lowering down that hand and instead using it to press up against the other, just above her waist. Her head lifts and her grayish gaze fixates itself on the other woman.

"I'm willing to sacrifice anything and everything in order to be able to see her continue living. To see her continue growing. We are both still young and I know there's still a lot for us to explore and learn about."

A faint shake of her head is performed, before she added, now her tone giving out much more of a determined vibe. "I don't care what happens to me as long as she gets to live."
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on Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:47 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The elf listened attentively to each word spoken by Liana, making sure not to interrupt her all the way till she had finished speaking. It appeared the words spoken by the girl made the elf smile briefly for some reason, a reason she explained somewhat moments later. “A noble goal, just make sure your heart is strong enough for such selflessness Liana.”

The elf whispered in a gentle voice as she gestured with a wave of her hand for the girl to follow her, the two of them soon trailing after the little pixie that accompanied the elf, the two soon arrived at the cottage of the elf, a rather simple and humble abode where she had started to mix several herbs, a more detailed inspection of her work suggesting she was brewing a potion. “There is a reason why elves are often considered ‘children of nature’, it is because of our close connection to nature itself. It is also because of that connection that you’d be able to accomplish that what you desire. While you might not be born as an elf, if nature was to accept you as one of their children, you could be given an opportunity to embrace that connection.”

Her explanation might have sounded somewhat confusing, yet considering what she had read about elves, it seemed to somewhat make sense for Liana also, at least possibly. As she finished brewing the potion the elf smiled briefly at the girl, a hand pointing toward the flower field in the clearing behind her cottage. “It’s a suitable location for the ritual. Upon drinking this potion you’ll be entering something of a dream, I can’t say for sure what it is… the dream often manifests in different ways, but simply said: the dream will represent a meeting with what you perceive as the embodiment of nature. At which point it will be a matter of convincing it to bond with you.”

A gentle hand rested on Liana’s shoulder, the potion being handed over to her as she looked at the girl to get any sort of reaction from her. It must had been a lot to consider and think about, but at the same time this had been the one opportunity for Liana to become an elf, and even save her friend in the process also!


on Mon Dec 25, 2017 6:31 am

Liana only nodded at the elf's first words. For Esperia, the girl knew she had to be strong. To save her, she had to bring it all out. She couldn't afford to have fear or anxiety. It was now or never, there was no holding back and the young Sylvaine knew this was the best choice. Becoming one of Nature's children isn't part of the problem. Matter of fact, it might even become a positive transformation. While she knows she will eventually see her friends die before her, she knows it will still take a long, long time. Therefore, Liana is fully ready.

Once they arrived inside the cottage of the elf, she looked around, mostly taking notice of the herbs which were currently being mixed. Eventually, the late teenager's attention is brought back to the woman, listening carefully to more of her words. Those weren't truly confusing to her, she had heard and read about elves. Even if she didn't know there was a ritual of sorts to turn a human into one, those words were still easily understandable.

Without saying a single word, the girl approached the elf and took the potion being handed gently, nodding.

"Thank you, miss Lothwynn."

A smile overtook her features once she said such, only to turn around and begin to calmly make her way over to the flower field. A seat was taken at the center of it, legs crossed as she looked down. And then, ultimately, the rim of the potion's glass would be led to her lower lips, Liana giving a start to the whole process by drinking it whole.

Now was the wait.
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on Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:26 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The moment that Liana consumed the potion she would likely feel lethargic as if something was sapping her of her stamina, an exhaustion that was similar to the feeling one felt before going to sleep. And then it happened. The young lady would find herself experiencing a peculiar dream, one of where she wandered aimlessly through the forest, a forest that seemed without end. Was this a dream, or some mysterious representation of their reality? It was at that moment a small green light, akin to a wisp floated past her, hovering in front of her while a girlish voice resounded from it.

"Over here~ Over here~"

A closer peek at the wisp would actually confirm it was a tiny pixie of sorts, one that was trying to show her the way to something or someone. "What you seek is further ahead, there at the clearing over there! the large herbs with the purple petals~"

The pixie continued to float, similar to a torchlight in the darkness. It appeared that the herb that Liana was searching for was within reach, but at the same time, she likely would also feel the sensitive sensation of the wind breezing blowing against her ears... pointed ears that is. It appeared she was still within the forest near Baska, yet at the same time there felt something 'different' about this place, otherworldly even...


on Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:42 pm

The Nature's Bonder
For her, falling asleep like that was almost immediate, almost like she was hit with some sort of anesthesia. And then, straight after that came a dream. Though, for her, it felt real, yet it felt weird at the same time. Liana couldn't exactly explain what she was feeling at that moment. It was the feeling that she was now in a different body and not hers. She felt a bit heavier, and at the same time with a bigger sense of peace, seeing the greenery around her in a much, much lighter and soothing way.

That's when she noticed.

The young Sylvaine felt the wind brush against her ears, yet, the feeling wasn't the same as before, it wasn't the same as when she was out of the current dream. Matter of fact, she wasn't even aware this was an actual dream, since it felt so alive. She looked down at her hands, noting how much paler they were. Then, down at her bust, once more noting the slight increase in it. Then at her feet, noting she wasn't wearing anything there. Eventually, her hands run over her ears where she felt the weirdest, eyes widening the moment the late teenager caressed their pointy ends.


A lock of hair was taken in her fingers, attention brought to the new color applied to it and how much longer it had become. If only there was a mirror nearby, she'd be able to instantly notice all of the differences. Just like she felt before, she was indeed in a different body. It was still hers, yet it had changed in many different ways. Into that of an elf.

"Don't tell me..."

Before she could ponder further, a wisp had appeared, the girl looking closer to notice it was actually a pixie. She was speechless at that moment, especially since she was now being led somewhere. Her legs and feet only moved in the path being created before her gaze met with the large purple herbs she was supposed to get.

'Wolfsbane', to be more precise.

Quietly, she approaches and lowered down near it, studying the herb at first. Would there be a special way to retrieve it from the ground?
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on Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:50 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The pixie eagerly floated around the herbs that Liana was meant to gather, a playful melodious hum following. "the petals~ what you seek is the petals~" Perhaps the petals were ground into some sort of powder? A lot of alchemical potions did use specific parts of plants or even animals in order to create the effect the potion was desired to obtain. Nonetheless, as the pixie continued to float a familiar voice belonging to a certain elf resounded from behind her.

"Don't worry, the fact you can see both the pixie's true form and the herb is enough of a reason to say that the potion is having its effect." It was the very same elf who had given her the potion but mere moments ago! She smiled calmly at her, a slow and harmless approach as she crouched beside some herbs and gently scooped her fingers beneath the petals. "You see where the flower-like part connects to the root? you'll want to tug lightly at that spot. It will ensure only the parts you need will come loose."

The explanation was simple and effective, and with the example, she was shown Liana certainly wouldn't have any troubles pulling out the herb, right? Nonetheless, time wasn't exactly on her side considering Esperia was still struggling against the curse in the hospital right now! So if she had any questions about harvesting the Wolfsbane she'd better ask them quickly, lest she'd ran out of time!


on Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:02 pm

The Nature's Bonder
Indeed, the young Sylvaine refused to take too long with such. She didn't want to hesitate, not for even a second, as at that very moment, her friend was still suffering and it was her lone task to halt whatever is making her suffer so much. To finally gather what she is supposed to gather. One of those herbs standing right in front of her eyes as she crouched.

With the example and explanation given to her by the same elf who had attended her at first, Liana doesn't even say a single word, seemingly not questioning anymore the fact that, in the dream, she had turned into an elf. But was it really a dream? It certainly didn't feel like one.

One of her hands guide themselves over to the part where the flower connected to the root. More precisely its stalk. And then, with a steady and firm grip, the girl only proceeds to tug lightly at such spot, just like suggested. Slowly, only the parts that were needed to make the cure would eventually come out. Unless there was something wrong.

"... Like this?"

She mumbles, wanting to also know for sure if she was doing the right thing. Either way, there were many more of them to collect, it's not like failing the first time would lead to disaster. Or so she thought. Even so, she'd still be sad if she accidentally killed a plant, no matter which.
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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"That's it, just like that." the elven maiden answered in a soft voice as she watched Liana handle the plant. It was only after she finished the treatment that the elf would continue by pointing further along the path. In the distance the outline of Baska's church seemed to be visible, suggesting they had not been that far from the outskirts of the town.

"Now all you need to do is return to your friend, whoever is providing her with medical care should be able to grind the petals of the plant into a paste-like medicine that should be spread over the injury, but aside from that it might be best to give her this also..."

A small bottle was extended toward Liana, seemingly containing a light green liquid. Whether she would desire an explanation or not the elf soon continue speaking with a soft hum. "That should help lessen the pain, but make haste, those suffering from the Lycan curse are not known to last long, and every moment your friend spends under its torment leads her closer into death's eternal embrace."

The elf took a step backwards while adressing the girl with a smile. "Don't worry about the payment, you did harvest the important parts of the cure yourself, and that liquid you hold is simply the sap of a certain flower found in abundance within this forest~"

Whatever the case might have been behind the elf's generosity, it appeared that if she was to be believed that time was running out for Esperia, so perhaps it would not be a bad idea to make haste and return to the hospital so that Doctor Gerard could finish preparing the medicine he needed to counter the curse? At the very least the end for this dangerous event seemed to be within sight, but little could anyone have known that this would just be the starting line for quite a curious chain of events, one that might turn their world upside down in a way neither of them would have possibly been able to imagine!


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:35 am

The Nature's Bonder
Liana held the plant by its stalk, standing after being given the confirmation that she actually did things right. The petals appeared to be the main source of the cure, from where the experienced would extract the proper medicine for her friend to be healed of her disease. Now, there was only one thing to be done. For the young Sylvaine to make her way back to Esperia and pray that what she's holding actually works.

A nod was offered at everything the other elf told her, Liana now holding both the plant and the small bottle that was extended to her. Hearing that every passing second brought the female Eisenberg closer to dying obviously didn't make her feel any better. At the end, she only bowed down to the maiden, a very thankful look visible across her features even if no smile was being shown. There was only a glitter in her eyes.

"Thank you for helping me, miss Lothwynn. I will not forget your generosity. And I hope that we can meet again and spend a happier time together. For now, I should go back to my friend."

And when a response was given, be it through words or gestures, the late teenager ultimately turned around and began to make her way back inside Baska and then to the hospital. She still didn't have any footwear, only wearing that same dress that fit with her new appearance. Obviously, people present within the facility would look at her with the weirdest of looks. But even so, she managed to make her way to the doctor who appeared to be passing by.

"Doctor Gerard. It's me, Liana. I brought the cure."

In her extended hands, she'd be offering out both the plant and the bottle, a look up at the man offered, one of obvious concern whilst she explained what he had to do in case he appeared at first confused.

"You should grind the petals into a paste-like substance. If it's spread over the injury, then it should heal it. The liquid inside the bottle is to lessen the pain."

Afterwards, she'd add, now in a more serious tone.

"We should do it now. If not, Esperia might..."

She didn't even need to say the rest, staring down and biting her lower lip in worry and of course, some annoyance. If she was to follow the doctor, then she would do so, refusing to leave the hospital until there was a hundred percent certainty that her friend would survive.
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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fortunately, it appeared that the good doctor had been waiting for her return, although his eyes widened slightly in disbelief at the changes in Liana's features. "Liana, is that you?" But nonetheless, it appeared that the direness of the situation would require an explanation while Doctor Gerard was focusing on the preparations for the cure, as he gestured for Liana to follow him into one of the treatment rooms while he called for one of the nurses, and soon once he entered the office where he started to grab the necessary tools, at first he was grinding the petals into a fine purplish paste. Meanwhile, the nurse returned, seemingly pushing the bed that Esperia was lying in, and judging from the pained look upon her face and the trashing in her sleep it was clear her condition had worsened a lot!

"Liana, I'm going to need you to help the nurse keep Esperia still while I administer the treatment." The nurse smiled briefly at Liana while she gently helped the doctor turn Esperia sideways and explained further. "Simply hold her tight Liana, but make sure she doesn't trash around and try to flip around again, the better we hold her still the easier the doctor will be able to deal with the injury."

Once Liana had shown she was ready the nurse would help her by keeping Esperia's legs from thrashing around while doctor Gerard started to place the paste on a special sponge-like tool that he used to spread it over the injury. In case Liana had seen the wound, it seemed the clawed mark on the girl's back had caused her skin to darker significantly around the injured area, a purplish color even yet as the doctor spread the paste over it, it looked as if the coloration was slowly returning to normal, although the process must have been incredibly painful for the girl who was whimpering and flailing lightly in Liana and the nurse's grip.

Fortunately, the experienced doctor didn't need long before he finished administering the treatment, and once he ensured the potion was consumed he observed as his patient's breathing seemed to soften, causing him to sigh in relief.

"It seems her vitals are stabilizing, that's a good sign."

The doctor explained to Liana before he added with a smile. "I believe that the curse is being destroyed by the paste's treatment, so it should be only a matter of time before she wakes up. Albeit, her body has weakened severely to give us enough time to save her, so she will have to remain in the hospital for a while as we work on helping her regain the strength she needs to function."

[Exit threado~]

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The Nature's Bonder
Whatever she was requested to do, she'd do it without much of an issue. The young Sylvaine didn't even mutter a single word, following the doctor whilst he led her until the nurse came. A nod was offered up at the most likely older woman, Liana moving to the other side of the bed and helping the staff member with keeping Esperia's legs still. She watches as the medicine is then applied to the injury, biting her lower lip once more in deep concern upon having to witness her friend whimper and flail.

Luckily, that was now the potion's purpose, to ease off all of that pain.

Thus, just like the doctor, Liana also released her own huff of relief, moving over to sit down on a chair placed right besides the female Eisenberg's bed, staring down once the male explained more to her. When he was done with such, her head would lift back up, those two emerald orbs of hers shifting to lock once more on Gerard's own.

"Would I be able to stay here until she wakes up?"

She asked. Certainly they had to let her be around, at least she thought. After all, she was the one who had gathered it all, who had gathered the tools needed to save Esperia. And she refused to leave until she was able to speak to her friend once more.

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