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Seeking answers [Social: Liana]

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on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:15 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It all began during a peaceful morning, around the time dawn would arise. It had almost become akin to a tradition for the mornings to begin in the same kind of pattern for the two of them. Indeed, a large queen-sized bed was occupied by two slumbering figures, one of them being the young Eisenberg and the other being her best friend Liana.

It was rather fortunate that Liana had adjusted to Esperia's sleeping habits so quickly, for the obsidian-haired girl would find herself waking up snuggling against Liana, and as the drowsiness faded from her body the girl yawned gently. "Lia~ wake up~ or I'll have to wake you up~" A playful whisper followed as the girl lifted a hand, attempting to gently poke Liana's cheek with a fingertip till she got confirmation that the girl was indeed awake.

The early rays of the first sunlight of the day shone into the room, confirming that dawn had approached. It was a tradition for the Eisenberg to wake up around dawn, a tradition that she had been taught with her upbringing.

Sitting upright the girl briefly clasped her hands together in a solemn prayer and after a moment turned toward Liana with a bright smile. "Let's grab some breakfast shall we~ After that I'd like to go somewhere together."

A little smile lingered on her lips as she waited to hear the girl's response, seemingly eager to start their day.


on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:38 am

It would take some time before the young Sylvaine herself would be successfully awoken by the poking of her best friend. Unlike Esperia, Liana is indeed used to waking up much later, close to noon. And only when the other female halts her finger actions, the late teenager slowly opens her eyes. Both balled up fists rub them a couple of times, though she doesn't sit up like her companion, instead continuing to lie down on the bed, covers warming her up from her feet to the area below her chest.

"Gosh... You always wake up so early..."

She grumbles, finally lifting up, but only to instead lean her back against the headboard of the bed, continuing to keep her gaze fixated on the Eisenberg. "Let's eat the breakfast here... I don't think I can stand right now..." The girl continues to speak in the same sleepy manner. Of course, being unable to stand was not because of an injury. More so Liana throwing a little fit due to her friend waking her up.

Her sleeping gear would consist of all red, a buttoned shirt and pajama pants, obviously barefoot. Though, besides the bed, on the ground, would be present fur slippers of the same ruby tone.

For now, the girl would wait, moving an open palm in front of her lips whilst yawning. Her eyes weren't even completely open yet as she now stared forth at the wall in the distance.
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on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:49 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Nyehehe~ could it be that Lia is a sleepy-head?" A little giggle escaped the girl's lips as she leaned upwards to Liana and after raising a finger to try to gently bop her nose continued. "I know something better~"

The Eisenberg sneaked from beneath the cover of the blankets, pulling on what appeared to be a long coat as she spun around with a smile. "I bet nobody is awake yet aside from the owners, so I'll ask to borrow their kitchen and make us breakfast!"

The girl clapped her hands together as if she had already decided on the perfect idea when finally she darted out of the room, leaving Liana by herself.

Minutes passed into a quarter of an hour till the door opened and Esperia would have returned with a wooden board that held two plates, the meal of choice? It appeared she had chosen for some classic toasts with omelets and some milk as a beverage!

Gently placing the wooden board on the end of the bed the girl shuffled back under the covers of the blanket and looked at Liana. "hmm~ If you're too sleepy I don't mind feeding you... like---" she scooped some of the cut toast and omelette onto a fork and while holding one hand beneath it to catch any crumbled led it into Liana's direction. "Aaah~"

She smiled playfully, a part of her really looking forward to seeing what type of reaction it would bring. Nonetheless, whether she accepted it or not Esperia would hum afterward. "Once you're properly awake I'll tell you some more about an idea I have~"


on Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:59 pm

Staying in bed did indeed feel good. Therefore, one could truly call the young Sylvaine a sleepyhead. Though, there's still something she enjoys resting against. A tree, in the middle of a forest, with a fresh and warm breeze flowing by and caressing her skin. She had many moments like those when she was all alone, travelling around the world. Just thinking about it makes Liana wish she could be doing it now.

A single light and soft giggle escapes her parted lips once the bop on her nose was given. And then, once Esperia left temporarily, it made the late teenager ponder hard on something. Ever since she has been living with her best friend, she hasn't been able to practice naturism, a culture she's very fond of. The reason as to why is obvious, though it does make her feel bad, it makes her feel like she's neglecting something important.

At first, she thought about taking off her pajamas, but then again, the Eisenberg was still coming and Liana was one to be easily embarrassed if seen naked. Sure, the girl could cover herself, though that didn't really make her feel better.

"Another time, I guess..."

She mumbled to herself and not long moments after, the door opens and Esperia proceeds to make her way in. There's a more lively look on her face, since she has had enough time to properly wake up. The usual warm smile is plastered across her features, observing the meal that was brought and listening to the offer of being fed when her friend made her way back to the bed, under the covers.

"Gosh, you are too kind... Sure!"

It was indeed a generous offer and Liana would feel bad if she refused it, for the happiness of her friend.

Her lips slowly part open as she leans her head forth towards the filled fork. Then, she envelops it with her sensory organ and closes her eyes, gently pulling back and taking the cut toast and omelette in her mouth, deliciously chewing on it.

"Mmmm..." The girl hums in delight, opening her eyes and gazing back at the Eisenberg with a more joyous expression and smile. "It's great, Esperia. More, more!"
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on Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:04 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was a joyous sight to see Liana slowly stirring out of her slumber, and of course, Esperia was delighted at her friend's reaction to the offer to help her eat the food. The playful little motions and the happy response from Liana as she tasted the food readily caused Esperia's lips to curve upwards into a bright smile, clearly pleased with the result.

Meanwhile, little Agni had still been laying down at the end of the bed, yawning lazily while watching Esperia feeding Liana.

The process continued at the very least till both finished their meals, and while Esperia was drinking her bottle of milk the girl spoke in a cheerful tone. "Do you remember that forest behind the church here? The one we'd met at? If it's not too much of a problem I'd like for us to go there~"

She smiled briefly as she voiced her request. There was something she sought, something she genuinely believed she would be capable of finding if she had the opportunity to visit the place she had in mind. In the end, that spot inside the forest now contained a special meaning for her and Liana, and Esperia believed the answer would be found at that time.

Climbing out of the bed the girl started to change into her usual attire, humming happily while inquiring with a hint of curiosity. "So~ Did you find anything or anyone interesting in Baska? Aside from Alisa I mean~ it's amazing how many people visit this town, right?"


on Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:07 am

Liana would indeed continue to accept Esperia's offer towards feeding her. After all, if it even made the Eisenberg happy, then why would she refuse? It appeared to be beneficial for both, and therefore, the late teenager didn't even say anything or get the desire of not putting so much work on her best friend. They were that close, after all. The other helps the other, and vice versa.

"Oh, that forest again? Sure, why not! But why would you like to go there?"

It was a question mainly out of curiosity, though also because she thought Esperia had a certain special reason for wanting to visit such a place once more. Normally, they would have gone to other spots, new spots more precisely, learn more about Baska itself, after all, they are in that sort of adventure together. Liana wasn't against it, of course.

Once her friend stood up, she imagined the meal prepared for her would have already been fully consumed. Whilst still lying on the bed, with the same leaning stance and covering herself, her gaze is set back on Esperia, only a long stretch done before she responded to the question she made.

"Not really many people, other than Alisa. I met an elf named Christian and also helped the doctor of the town with a request he had! Got some rewards from it, so that was nice."

Her head tilts to the side afterwards, her smile stretching out just a bit more, turning the question now to Esperia with some genuine interest. "What about you?"
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on Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:02 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"It's a bit difficult to put in words~"

The girl smiled briefly at Liana, and although a part of her desired to put her explanation in a more solid way, it was truly difficult for her to grasp what she had been seeking, what she wanted to figure out by going to the place of their reunion.

"I kind of want to figure something out, something I likely will only be able to find there."

A soft hum escaped her lips while she got herself properly dressed for the outdoors, listening attentively to Liana's words. "Hmm Christian..." Agni barked excitedly at the sound of the name, causing Esperia to smile briefly at him. "Seems we been encountering a few of the same people."

Making a playful salute the girl hummed with a smile. "Then let me retell you the grand tale of all the things I did since I first came to Baska~ albeit half of those things you know already~"

A hearty chuckle escaped her lips as she recalled her first meeting in Baska with a certain lady. "Well, before we reunited I met this lady called Snowflake, she's mysterious but also kind, the Guild Master I mentioned before who ended up offering me a place in her guild."

She explained a bit more about her meeting with the girl before continuing her explanation a bit further, her lips curving up slightly in amusement as she continued. "There is actually quite a tale involving Agni's companionship, but I'm a bit nervous to tell you about it... it's a bit of an intense and scary story... But after meeting him I took a job for Fernando, he's a local fashion designer, a very interesting person who offered me some money in exchange for helping him with some chores."

She still remembered the two shopping trips she had made for Fernando, the latter of the two was been a rather embarrassing event in her opinion!

"Then I found you at the church, and aside from meeting Alisa together I also did some work at the hospital here in Baska. You see, there is this friendly doctor called Gerard who needed help, but he also helped me with some problems I been dealing with..."

She hummed the last bit before adding with a smile. "Then shortly after that I met Christian eating some noodles, and Doctor Gerard roped me into meeting someone~ let's just say that meeting was all sorts of awkward."

She scratched the back of her head awkwardly, a chuckle following as she turned to look at Liana with a sheepish grin. "But none of them had left as great an impression on me than meeting you did. What is part of why I'd like to visit the forest~ I'll promise to reveal my reason to you once we get there. Consider it a surprise."

A little giggle followed as waited to hear the girl's reaction "So Lia~ What you been up to those past five years? Well aside from growing up~ I realize we never had the opportunity to get to know each other better until now. So the first step is for us to get to know each other better! Hehe~ ask me anything that comes up in your mind~"


on Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:07 am

The young Sylvaine decided to stay in the comfort of the bed of the room they had rented a while ago. Indeed, it has been quite a few days since they have decided to live together in Baska. Of course, it wouldn't be for too long, probably not even a month, as they had way more areas to explore, mainly the rest of West Fiore.

She doesn't give much of a comment towards what Esperia seemed to be hiding, or considered herself difficult to put into words. If it was something she wanted to figure out and it was in the place where they met, then the first thought that came to Liana's mind was that it could have been related to the tight friendship they have.

Now, listening to how her best friend passed her time in the town was way more interesting than thinking about some hopefully temporary cryptic subjects.

"Oh, you also met Christian? Gosh, the world really is small."

Liana admits, clearly a bit of a surprise to the girl. Or maybe not. After all, the elf did tell her him and his family were the only elves found by him within Baska. They are rather unique beings, indeed, and it isn't hard to notice them.

To the rest of the story, only a blink of her eyes was offered when Esperia mentioned the doctor as well as the escape of a single light giggle upon being told the man had arranged a meeting between the Eisenberg and some other person.

That was something to ask about later though.

"Fine, fine. Better not be something silly!"

She joked at the end, hands now actually gripping the top of the bed covers and pushing them out before she finally stood up, walking barefoot towards whatever pieces of clothing she had available to take on for their next destination.

Whilst trying to decide on what to wear, the girl would proceed to respond to her friend's following question, the typical gentle smile on her face as she did.

"Well... One year after I met you for the first time, me and my parents were able to find a better place to live in Orchidia, away from the dangerous forests. I still visited them from time to time though."

She explains, meanwhile taking what appeared to be a white and blue dress of sorts, along with some lacy slip-on shoes of the same tones, before adding.

"Then I finally became seventeen and my parents let me go on my own. So, for the past couple of months, I was exploring more of North Fiore before deciding to travel here, to Baska." Liana states, shifting her delightful gaze over to her friend. "I wasn't even expecting to find you here."
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on Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:25 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A little nod was made in confirmation to Liana's statement that the world was quite a small place, especially if it led to them to both meet the same person in such a short period. It was a rather amusing coincidence all things considered. However, the comment that Liana made about it better not being something silly made the girl chuckle briefly in response. She wasn't exactly sure if this could have been considered something that would not be perceived as silly. She herself considered it something pretty important, but to someone else, it might have been a silly idea.

"I can't promise it won't be something silly~ but the good type of silly isn't always bad~"

The smile lingering on Esperia's lips remained as she looked at Liana's choice of attire, causing the girl to give her a playful little thumbs-up gesture before she continued.

"Actually, at first I didn't plan on staying here for long..." She admitted, recalling she had initially come to Baska in search for information and a favor for the tribe she was taken in by, but she soon continued her explanation. "I initially came to Baska to gather some knowledge and try to track someone's whereabouts for the Elestia tribe, but I didn't have much luck."

It was a pity that the girl had been unable to help the Elestia tribe find Elena, but perhaps in due time she would show up somewhere...


on Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:49 am

Didn't comment much towards the possibility of whatever Esperia had in mind to be 'silly'. Matter of fact, while her best friend spoke, Liana would take such available time to briefly take off her pajamas, revealing a completely bare back, exposing the fact the young Sylvaine doesn't appear to wear a bra to sleep. Then, her pants, white and pink panties flashed below it. The thought of the Eisenberg looking at her in a pervert way obviously crossed her mind, but the late teenager couldn't turn around now and check on it.

A pink bra was put on and then finally, the same dress she had picked before would be worn while she slipped her feet into her lacy shoes. Ultimately, the girl turned around, walking over to her friend.

"Oh... And you think you'll find her in the forest?"

Liana questioned. It was an important question if Esperia needed help with such a task. But once that one got a response, another one followed.

"Who is that someone?"

The young Sylvaine thought that perhaps, during her travels, she could have found someone with a similar description to that which she hoped the Eisenberg would share. She has been able to see a lot of people, after all, during her travels from North Fiore to Baska.
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on Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:50 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A little shake of her head followed at Liana's question about finding the girl in the forest. Although it was a logical course of thought, Esperia doubted Elena would be anywhere near Baska. In the end, surely she would have heard some news about the girl's presence then, but so far no traces of her whereabouts had yet to lead Esperia to the right trail.

"I doubt it~ besides the trip to the forest is more for something personal."

She explained with a little smile, trying her best not to make any perverted glimpses at Liana as she was changing. It was quite a difficult feat to accomplish, but one she barely did thanks to a large dose of willpower!

"Her name is Elena, she's a member of the Elestia tribe who was sent out on an important mission, but they lost contact with her a while back."

The Eisenberg explained, going a bit further into detail about the dilemma the tribe had been facing. The fact the magic supporting the tribe was starting to fade and that the icy lands of the tribe were melting as a result and that some of the tribe members were getting sick.

"It's a bit worrisome really..." The girl whispered as she finished her explanation to Liana.


on Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:47 pm

Liana moved closer to her friend once she finished that whisper, stretching out a hand to be placed on the Eisenberg's shoulder. It was a reassuring touch, a single squeeze made before the late teenager pulled back that same limb and allowed it to dangle down once more by her side.

The typical warm smile returned across her features, a slight tilt of her head done as those dark grayish orbs of hers fixated on Esperia's own.

"Everything will be alright, I'm sure. We are going to be adventuring, after all. We'll eventually visit a lot of new places and who knows, we may find that Elena girl."

She says in a consoling tone, turning on her heels only to walk over and pick up any extra things like her wallet and the key to the room, saving it somewhere in her person.

"Anyway. Shall we get going?"

The young Sylvaine asks, stepping back in front of her friend and continuing to smile down at her in the same manner. In case the answer was positive, she would start to make way for the door, hopefully along with the other female and open it, before ultimately walking out.

Whilst they begin to make their way to the desired destination, in this case it being the forest where they met, Liana would attempt to take hold of Esperia's hand, gripping it gently as she stared forth to properly observe their path.

"So why don't you tell me more about that person you met through doctor Gerard?"
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on Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:48 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A little nod of agreement came from Esperia, believing that Liana had quite a good point. They would be adventuring all over the country, so surely at some point, they would discover Elena's whereabouts, right? Following Liana's lead Esperia grasped a hold of her hand when it was offered, a brief smile lingering on her lips as the duo left toward their destination.

"Hmm~ where to begin..."

Esperia mused softly as Liana inquired about the person she had met with Doctor Gerard's help. "Well~ It's a girl called Fia, she is a bit of an adventurer like us I guess!"

She chuckled softly as she recalled their meeting and continued speaking. "She is a bit of a hot-headed girl, literally but she really is a kind person beneath that. A bit of a Tsundere the doctor calls her."

A laugh escaped her lips at the words, recalling a certain incident during that day that she couldn't help but tell Liana about it. "But she has a really cute reaction when she is upset or flustered because steam rises out of her ears then!"

A mischievous snicker followed as if she was speaking from experience. "Say Lia~ Do you have any plans for the upcoming holidays season next month?"


on Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:22 pm

Liana smiled brightly all the while, listening to Esperia's stories, especially when she appeared equally happy or even happier whilst telling them made the young Sylvaine filled with so much joy. After everything that had occurred to the poor dark-haired young adult, both from the past and the present, it was always the greatest sight to see her best friend full of life. She couldn't ask for more.

That same hand would still be gripped in the same manner, perhaps tighter, in an attempt to make Esperia feel safer whenever travelling alongside her. They weren't too far from their destination, though it would still take at least a few minutes, enough for some talk between friends.

"I'm glad you enjoyed your time with that girl. Maybe, who knows, before we leave Baska, you could always introduce me to her."

She suggests, nodding at the end. She felt like it would be pretty interesting to meet such a person, its personality somewhat exciting Liana quite a tad.

The following question would make her ponder. "Christmas, hm?" There were not truly any plans thought beforehand yet, or at least that she could think of. They were still a couple of weeks away, either way, or maybe even an entire month, if not more than a month, like a month and one or two weeks away.

"I really haven't thought about it... But do you have any?" Liana questioned, glancing back over at her friend, awaiting a response.
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on Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:33 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Mhmm~ I think you would find her pretty interesting!" the girl exclaimed with a smile as they continued to walk toward the outskirts of the town. It wasn't that Baska was huge, but there was something about taking a casual-paced walk along the rural side of the town that was surprisingly pleasant and soothing for the Eisenberg. A warmth that she was quite fond of, and found herself gently squeezing Liana's hand in response as they traveled along the streets of the town toward their destination.

The church was located on a grand cliff overlooking the town, meaning they first had to travel to the base of the cliff and then follow the path upwards, but it was always a pleasant sight to behold.

"Mhmm Christmas~"
The girl hummed softly as she had secretly been preparing for the holidays season with a very special reason in mind. She turned her gaze toward Liana, smiling sheepishly at her while she inquired with a soft tone. "If you don't have any plans~ Why don't we spend it together?"

She genuinely hoped Liana would have been willing to accept the invitation, in the end, it would be the first time they were able to spend it together! Giving Liana's hand a gentle squeeze she explained with a grin.

"At least if you don't have anything else in mind~"


on Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:26 am

The girl squeezed her best friend's hand along with her, showing she truly enjoyed to walk besides the Eisenberg, to adventure with her, to explore with her, or in this case, to enjoy a nice casual walk around Baska. And their talks rarely take an awkward silent moment, meaning they both truly had great chemistry together.

To Esperia's suggestion about Christmas, an obvious answer wouldn't take too long before being shared. Her hand presses tighter around the other's, gaze returning down to her friend, a joyous expression visible whilst she responded.

"Of course I'd love to spend it together with you. But wouldn't Blue Pegasus normally host a Christmas event? It's a great chance for us to get closer to the others as well."

Liana decides to place a suggestion on top of another suggestion, gauging Esperia's reaction and wondering how she would respond. Knowing her, she would obviously enjoy more spending time alone with the young Sylvaine, but then again, there are probably many people within the guild they both still don't know about. Plus, they could also enjoy their times with the rest, like Alisa and the leader.

While the older female gave away her own response, from afar they could already notice the church. Mostly leading the way for her best friend, they now begin to start making their way to the base of the cliff. It wouldn't take long.
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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:37 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg


A soft hum came from Esperia as she seemed to be debating the idea. While it was true that the possibility was high that the guild would end up hosting some sort of event, and that it would be a great opportunity for them to get to know the other members of the guild, she also wanted to have their first Christmas together to be somewhat special, in the end it was the first time since their reunion.

"I guess we can see if Blue Pegasus does hold an event~ I guess it could be a nice opportunity for us to meet the others."

The girl mused out loud as they reached the base of the cliff, the path leading upwards coming into view.

"Anything special you're looking for during Christmas? Like, let's say Santa appears! What would you ask of him?"

She inquired with a little smile, using the silly question to try to gather some information herself, in the end, she still had to figure out a good present for Liana! "Hmm~ I'm actually a bit curious... Wonder what the guild usually does."

She mused out loud, wondering if the guild indeed had any sort of traditions during those holidays. She was sure they might have some, and while a part of her was curious and excited about them, she was also just a little bit nervous.


on Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:35 am

It was a bit of a surprising question. Was Esperia one of those who truly believed Santa Claus existed? Liana thought only children had such a belief, though, perhaps, it could be another of her silly questions, or another little joke. At that, a single light giggle was produced, the girl once more tightening the hold on her friend's hand a bit more once they started to make their way up the cliff.

"Well... I don't think Santa exists, but if he did... Hm..."

It was hard, actually, to think of something to get for Christmas. Obviously, she understood what Esperia had asked of her. Something she wished, and in this case, a gift. A Christmas present. "I'm not sure yet... But it's not like Christmas starts tomorrow! We still have time!" The late teenager comments, looking down at her friend and calmly shaking her head.

"What about you? Don't tell me you already have an idea for a gift!" She asks. While in her mind, Liana was already expecting Esperia's answer to be something like a 'you', she was also curious and would most likely be surprised to know she had another completely different idea.

Back to the main action, now they continue to make their way upwards, reaching the base of the cliff and already seeing the forest in the distance. Then again, there was also the curiosity of knowing what the Eisenberg had planned with the visit back to the meeting place.
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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:48 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Of course I know he doesn't exist~"

A brief giggle escaped her lips at Liana's pondering about the question she had asked and its meaning. "True, it's still a month away~" Esperia nodded with a smile, seemingly mildly amused at Liana's decision not to give her an answer. It seemed the Eisenberg would have to figure out an answer by herself, not that she'd minded that, it would be part of the adventure!

However, the question that followed made Esperia chuckle, knowing all too well that her friend was expecting the answer that no doubt escaped her lips moments later. "Mhmm~ You, wrapped in only a ribbon!" A mischievous snicker escaped her lips as she awaited Liana's reaction before her expression turned into a somewhat more serious one. "I don't think I'd have anything to ask of Santa~ In the end the thing I wished for has already been granted."

She squeezed Liana's hand gently, the truth of it is that all she would have wished for was for their reunion to last forever, that she would be able to continue enjoying this warmth together. However, she did have some ideas about possible wishes to ask of Santa, but those were hidden behind the playful twinkle in her eyes.

Yet as the forest came into view Esperia's gaze briefly drifted toward Agni at her side, idly wondering about the upcoming moment. Would she end up finding what she was seeking?


on Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:22 am

Another shake of her head was made at her best friend's statement. Just as she expected, the idea of a gift would have, in this case, been her wrapped in a ribbon. Though, the fact she was expecting it only allowed a few more light giggles to escape her lips, Liana finding the response rather amusing.

But it wouldn't have been a serious one, as that one followed right afterwards, eliciting a warmer smile to plaster across the features of the young Sylvaine.

With her hand being squeezed by Esperia, the late teenager would do just the exact same, looking down at her friend with delight. "This is why I love hanging out with you. It's for these moments." She admits, temporarily leaning closer to the other female and then down to plant a soft kiss on the top of her head.

The girl's attention is brought forwards once more, the duo finally entering the forest. A look around was made, now a smile of happiness and satisfaction overtaking her features at the sight of what she loved. The trees, the plants. The green in general. Within such an area, she felt full comfort.

"Baska really has beautiful greenery..."

She mumbled, satisfied, ultimately reverting her attention to Esperia. "Where do we go now?" Liana asked, now that both of them had finally reached their desired destination.
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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:56 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The words that Liana spoke coaxed a little smile to linger upon Esperia's lips, the kiss on her forehead making the girl's cheeks flush up lightly in return to the gesture while at the same time she had noticed they had indeed arrived at the spot. It was true that she shared that same love for those carefree and cheerful moments together, yet there was another reason why she had asked for this location for their visit.

The girl finally released her hold on Liana's hand, taking a few steps forward toward the very tree she had found Liana at before she reached with a hand toward the tree and allowed her eyes to slowly close themselves.

A momentary silence lingered in the air, possibly only broken by their breathing unless Liana said something during the moment, but for the young Eisenberg she had been doing something different, something special. One could say she was doing something similar to soulsearching right now.

After at least several minutes had passed Esperia finally opened her eyes and when she turned toward Liana her gaze was just a tiny bit different as if it was even softer than usual.

"Hehe~ I did promise I would tell you about why I asked us to come here. Well the truth is that I came here to find something--"

However, before Esperia could finish her sentence the sound of twigs snapping resounded from around them, and if Liana would look around she would no doubt notice that they were being surrounded.

Tall creatures, neither man or beast but a peculiar cross of it seemingly had emerged amidst the woods. The sight of the Lycan visibly seemed to cause a tension in Esperia's expression, her usual joyous smile and chipper demeanor clearly fading away in the presence of those wolf-like humanoids.

Agni clearly didn't like them either, for he was snarling toward them!


on Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:14 am

The young Sylvaine didn't approach her friend the moment she walked over to the tree where they both had indeed met, or well, the one she was leaning against when Esperia made a surprising appearance, which would have made their promise successfully accomplished. She observed with some curiosity, but didn't do anything. She didn't even talk and even kept her breath, thinking the Eisenberg needed some silence.

When the older female turned around for her, she returned her a smile, taking notice of her friend's softer gaze. Attentively, her ears catch whatever Esperia would say next, only to be caught off guard by the snapping of twigs. Once she looked around, the girl noticed the same as her companion, causing her eyes to slowly shoot wide open, blinking once.

"M-Magical beasts? Here?"

She grumbled, not hesitating to start taking sidesteps and closing the gap with her best friend, eyes now fully focused on the tall creatures that were surrounding them. Unlike her friend, she had never seen or heard about Lycans before.

An arm presses itself against the front of Esperia's torso, as if signaling for her to move back whilst she did the same unless her actions weren't interrupted.

And then, the girl whispers, glancing to the side momentarily.

"Esperia... We should run..."
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on Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:45 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Despite Liana's arm that tried to signal her to step back the girl's body trembled lightly, perhaps because unlike her friend she was quite familiar with those creatures before them. "Outrunning them is impossible for us Lia..."

The girl whispered under her breath as she took a step backward, and as if her point was confirmed a sudden blur crossed their visage as overhead amidst the trees a trio of Lycan leaped among the trees and landed behind them, effectively cornering the trio.

"Yet it's unheard of for so many Lycan to be in the same place unless it's a pack."

A low-sounding chuckle came from amidst the werewolves as their leader, a Lycan who seemed, even more, taller and muscular than the others stepped forwards toward the duo.

"I should have expected that an Eisenberg knew that much... did your sister tell you?"

The words caused Esperia's eyes to settle onto the approaching Lycan while a second one approached Liana, yet it was the leader who seemingly coaxed a more dramatic reaction from the girl as his face came into view, a long scar running over the Lycan's left eye.


The girl's body visibly trembled as the Lycan barked an order at the girl. "Where is the relic?!"

"You're the one that murdered my sister!" the starting revelation let Esperia's eyes to sharpen into a glare yet the leader simply nodded at the approaching Lycan, causing the creature to come to a halt a few steps away from Liana.

"Listen, Eisenberg, we were ordered to retrieve the relic by any means... Don't force our hand if you value your companion's life!"

Almost instinctively Esperia felt her gaze settling onto Liana as she shouted in protest. "I don't even know what you're talking about, but leave Liana out of this!"


on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:04 pm

There were a lot of emotions mixing in with one another. And none of them were positive. Confusion, skepticism, fear, fright and shock. The latter more so manifested the moment Esperia stated such a sudden revelation. If Liana wasn't so troubled and jumbled about the whole situation, she would have been able to connect the dots and immediately realize the Lycans were indeed the biggest enemies of her best friend. The ones who murdered her family.

Once the trio of beasts leaped and landed right behind them, the young Sylvaine realized there was truly no way to go. She's completely speechless at first, lips parted open unconsciously at the ensuing scene, one which was growing more and more suspicious as well as threatening.

When one of the creatures begin to approach her and as her friend and the Lycan yelled at each other, a frightened gaze is reverted to the Eisenberg, a slightly shocked look on her features visible as well.

"E-Esperia... What is this about...?!"

It was completely natural for Liana to seek answers, for her to desire responses and whether or not the other female gave her one, her attention would be ultimately turned up at who was supposedly the leader of the pack. At that point, her pupils trembled and her body froze.

There was truly no escape.
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on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:21 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fear, anger, concern, various emotions blended together as the girl found herself unable to think clearly. Concern for Liana's safety blend in with her desire for vengeance for her family's murder, and for the first time she had raised her voice at Liana, the coldness and tension in it clearly betraying her panicked state of being. "They are the ones who killed my family that night!"

The leader of the Lycan group merely gazed at the two girls, his stern features betraying not a single cue of what thoughts or emotions might have been coursing through his mind right now.

"Just force her to tell it! Surely the girl must have been told something!"

The Lycan approaching Liana suggested in an angry tone toward his leader, but the leader didn't seem to respond straight away, a reaction seemingly unfavorable by the smaller Lycan who glared menacingly at the duo.

"Have you forgotten your oath brother?! We promised the Alpha we would return with the artifact..."

What artifact in the world were they talking about? Her sister had never told her about anything of that sorts, and she didn't know the church contained anything they would consider a relic of sorts...


The Lycan howled threateningly as he lunged toward Liana, a claw stretched upwards and ready to maim her when suddenly Esperia tried to firmly tug the girl backwards, pulling herself before her as the claw swept into her back, the sharp nails digging through the fabric of her clothes and her back like a knife slicing through butter.

A pained cry came from Esperia as she staggered forwards, seemingly about to collapse onto the ground.

It appeared the situation had taken a turn for the worse!

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