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Hargeon - Temporary Aquarist [Alisa/Eva PT3]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

Default on Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:33 am


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Yesterday's task had cleared quite a few questions about Evangeline, yet raised another handful, far more than those it answered. It hadn't gone nearly as well as Alisa hoped though, halfway through their little mission/outing/date something clicked inside the dazzling blonde's head and she suddenly went from outgoing to distant, putting up walls thicker than any crystal defense the Pegasus had ever concoted. All the mage spotted was a glimpse of insecurity, but that's about it, from then on Evangeline avoided that piercing, inquisitive crimson gaze as much as humanly possible. Though genuinely dumbfounded, Alisa felt more concerned than anything, recognizing the possibility the girl might have been genuinely feeling unwell. Yet from a loner to another, she clearly understood those looks that said 'leave me in peace for now' and obliged, albeit reluctantly.

But alas, that was yesterday's story.

Today, they had agreed to do yet another mission, one Raina Burke went on and on to no end as their last task came to a close. She needed to travel, and needed somebody tending to her aquarium. Ultimately, the two tasks she'd given them were basically tests, measuring them up for the real deal. But to Alisa, such a long task merely meant more time getting to know her friend

"I wonder what surprises she'll have for me today...", Alisa wondered, a soft smile on her face as she thought out loud, not nearly as delighted as she was yesterday. Hopefully she'd be able to help out if she found the girl troubled once more, after all she was wise enough to do so given the chance. Most of all, she knew whatever Eva might be hiding wouldn't be nearly as ugly as what the girl herself seemed to believe...

The weather was darker and cloudier this time, a little cooler, but actually closer to what spring should be like. It prompted Alisa to slip on a black dress - something she'd never dare doing under a clear summer sky - with a sleek and stylish white jacket over it, her pièce de resistance. Yup, this was a good choice for this weather. She was also clever enough to slip on a headband (even if a more mature choice than yesterday), keeping her long raven hair from fluttering in front of her face.

She arrived at Raina's lab first, with the impatient looking scientist already tapped her foot, "Oh, just you today?", she asked, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.

"Evangeline should be here any moment... I think.", answered Alisa, before rubbing her temple in a faint display of uncertainty; she'd probably sound more confident but after yesterday she couldn't really be sure anymore.

"Well, I do this by myself every day so I'm sure you should be fine.", shrugged the scientist, and in an uncharacteristic show of trust, Raina simply dropped the keys to the lab in Alisa's hand. She was getting ready to head out, but if the blonde arrived anytime soon, she'd still catch Raina.

Though she should hurry: As the sky darkened further, anybody could tell rain would greet them in a matter of moments.

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- Alisa Vollan

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Default on Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:00 am

EVANGELINE SIGHED.Yesterday was a disaster that Eva could only desperately hope to have never happened. She had felt so out of control, which hasn’t happened in a very long time, too, that it had caused herself to go into a mild, silent panic attack. It washed over her with just enough vigor to have Eva completely shut down and not function for a while thereafter. Now looking at the ribbon tailed bird of paradise sitting smug on her table, Eva wanted nothing more than to travel back in time and slap herself left and right. Since she had the chance to reroll the memory in her head again and again, she could come up with so many other scenarios that could have gone hundred times better than yesterday.

Needless to say, she went into her thinking mode as soon as she was back behind the comfort of her closed hotel room. Her first quest was to find out why she almost broke down in front of Alisa yesterday. But, the answer spun over to something she didn’t want it to, and Eva simply kept probing and poking at the thought in her head. She wanted to consider Alisa as a friend, and for all she knew, she already did consider her as one! Only, she didn’t know why. Eva had met so many people, both good and bad, in her life and as much as some of them tried to get close to her, she could never accept them as friends. They were meticulously categorized into acquaintances, familiar faces, people she could tolerate, and etc.

In the end when she couldn’t take it any longer, Eva had willed herself to throw the entire memory out of her head. She reinforced her mind, the taking two steps back effect, and her mask resurfaced, as impregnable and unbreakable as ever. In effect, she became even more perfect. Eva smiled glamorously, behaved gracefully, and was mindful of even a simple twitch of her fingers.

The next day, she was as good as new when she stepped out of her hotel. The sky was getting a little dark with indication of rain soon to follow. Eva hurried down the path she took yesterday, turned at the same corners and in a few minutes, was right in front of the lab that hung a huge dolphin shaped sign board. She arrived just in time to catch Raina leaving, too.

“Raina-san!” she had called out with a positively beaming smile. The young aquarist seemed genuinely taken back for a moment before she felt her lips tug up into a smile as well. “Oh, Eva-san. I thought you wouldn’t make it today. I already told Alisa san what you’re supposed to do today. I’m about to head out,” she managed in a put together but failing authoritative voice as she tried to recompose herself. But Eva was already on the attack before she could and had her warm hands wrapped around Raina’s slightly cold ones. “You don’t have to worry at all, Raina-san! We’ll take care of the lab and those adorable fishes for you! Please have a great day ahead,” Eva wished joyfully. The aquarist resembled a real fish for a few moments with her mouth opening and closing but as it failed to voice anything, she simply smiled and went away.

Eva had a rather evil glint on her eyes as she watched the blue haired woman disappear down the street. “Then, what do we do today, Alisa-san?”

#3Alisa Vollan 

Default on Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:34 am


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Fortunately, Evangeline arrived soon after, before the rain could come, with that radiant smile now back in full. From what she'd seen yesterday, Alisa knew there was more to this girl than just being bright and cheery, but even if she somehow learned about the girl's masks, she'd just consider both sides as part of the same Eva: After all you can't wear the same perfect disguise for so long without expecting it to change you somehow:

"Good morning, Eva...! We were just talking about you~", the Pegasus waved, smiled and teased, chuckling softly and bringing one hand to her hip. Truly, Eva was at her prettiest like this; confidence suited her better than unease. With both girls here, their boss excused herself in full, and Alisa waved at her too, "See you in a few hours, Raina-san."

As for the past, well... The name said it all, 'past'. Alisa wouldn't dwell on it, and had a nudging feeling Eva didn't want to either. But as little droplets greeted the fighter's face, she promptly turned towards the aquarium and gestured the blonde after her, putting up a glass door between themselves and the pouring rain, getting heavier and heavier as time went on. Her they were, alone inside a huge aquarium with only each other and fishes to keep them company. And considering that mischievous glint the girl had once they stepped inside, something told Alisa how those fishes were the last thing on her mind.

"Hmmm, what to do indeed...", repeating the question, the sculptress mulled over it as she looked around, considering the possibilities. They had to feed the fishes and check the waters at precise times, but until then they literally had nothing to do. Alisa grabbed some fish food and dropped it into one of the tanks as dictated by the schedule, but once that was over, they'd have nothing else to do until the next feeding session two hours from now.

Now they were at at an aquarium.

Most of these were meant to match different types of water for various species of fish. Interestingly enough, some of them were empty. So she raised an eyebrow at the playful, mysterious blonde, "Judging from the map, there's an empty tropical water tank somewhere around here.", she stated, offering her hand to the girl and winking, "What do you say we go find it~?"

If Eva accepted, Alisa would lead the way towards where she thought it might be, and slowly but surely, she'd get there. Good thing she trusted her instincts and wore a bikini instead of underwear! In a flash she'd get rid of her clothes until only that stylish dark camo two piece remained, adorned by an O-ring under her neck and skirt like frills around her hips. She'd climb up the ladder to the overhanging pathway, and swan dive straight in.


Immediately graced by warm tropical water enveloping her completely, Alisa felt like she was swimming on an equatorial island!! Without any fish, this tank was basically a saltwater swimming pool with transparent walls, letting the dark haired beauty to dive down to eye level with Evangeline and rest her hand on the glass while bubbles flew up from her lips, before gracefully beating her legs up, heading for the surface:

"What are you waiting for?", she'd chuckle as she finally surfaced, slicking her wet hair back before resting her arms on the edge of the tank, tempting her companion to join her, "The water feels great...!"

They had about two hours to swim... Two hours would be plenty, for now...

Strength is also Beauty

"Crystal clear..."
- Alisa Vollan

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Default on Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:02 am

Eva gave Alisa the same smile she gave Raina. But, this one was more genuine. During her dramatic monologue last night, Eva had accepted that while she didn’t consider Alisa as a friend yet, she definitely didn’t fit within any of the other categories she normally considered. In the end, she just decided that Alisa was slightly higher in place than the category of people she could tolerate and left it at that without much more thought on the subject. She had been right in doing so, too, because Eva was once again able to face the red eyed mage without wanting to hide herself every second their eyes met.

“This lab sure seems huge when it’s not occupied,” Eva mused out loud and followed Alisa as they fed the fishes and took note of their wellbeing. They were starting to make her a bit sick now. She had been in Hargeon for a week and almost all of the quests she took had her going after some fish or another. The worst one by far was definitely the magical bait incident where she swore she would never be able to look at another fish again. But here she was taking care of them again. Obviously, it was starting to get incredibly boring.

Then Alisa just had the queerest but interesting idea that Eva had heard all morning. She had found a tropical water tank big enough to fit more than two people inside and was already in it before Eva could stop her. She swam around much like a mermaid, pressed her face into the glass –which made Eva giggle, and swam up to ask her to get in as well.

Eva wanted to join Alisa, too. In fact, she was sure that she could use something and exciting and fun at the moment. But, Eva wasn’t as prepared as Alisa was. She had worn a simple grey T shirt with a pair of short shorts. It was hardly something she could take a swim in. Instead, Eva climbed the tank walls and sat on one side after taking her white shoes off. She let her long legs sink into the slightly cold water and felt a pleasant shiver run up her spine. It urged her to just jump in and take a dip along with Alisa but she really didn’t want to get her clothes wet, especially if Raina might come back and find it unusually so.

“I’ll just sit here, Alisa!” she called out to the young woman who was having fun under the water now. For the next hour and a half, Eva just sat there with her legs swinging back and forth inside the water while Alisa swam inside the large tank. Afterwards, she helped Alisa out and checked on the ‘other’ fishes once more before piling a brief report on them for Raina to look over once she got back. Exactly half an hour after, Raina walked in with a tired scowl. “Did everything go well?” She asked as Eva handed over the report. Her eyes moved to the slightly drenched hair Alisa had but shrugged at Raina with a radiant smile. “Everything was just fine”.

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