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Hargeon - Feed the fish [Alisa/Eva PT2]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

Default on Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:04 am


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Continued From...

"We've tested the waters... But at this rate there's still a lot of work to be done before I can try reintroducing some of the missing fish to their former habitat.", Raina shook her head, "So we must tend to the populations that are still intact... The only one remaining...", she balls her fists at these words, visible frustration welling up before she once more shakes her head and asked both models resolutely, "So I need helping feeding them! Can you girls help out again? I'll pay you, of course..."

She didn't mind helping the good scientist some more, but even then Alisa looked at Evangeline first, immediately even, as if wondering how she'd feel about it. Personally, she'd welcome any opportunity to spend more time with this girl. Sometimes it really felt like the crystal mage was finally starting to understand her... Other times it felt she couldn't be further from that goal.

"What do you say, Eva?", asked Alisa, resting her hand on the blonde's arm with an inviting smile on her face, "I'm up for more,if you are~", she'd say in a playful tone followed by a graceful chuckle, brushing a strand of raven hair behind her ear. Were it anybody else and just the look in her eyes would have been enough for Alisa to know the answer, without even having to ask the question...

It wasn't that as easy with Eva though...

She'd been growing closer to two rather attractive and exceedingly mysterious women in the past few days, Evangeline being one and the other a girl from her own guild, Snowflake. And though the latter appeared the most elusive of the two, she'd slowly been glimpsing through that icy shell that was her demeanor. But appearances can be decieving. Something in this Rune Knight left Alisa certain there was something else to her, and indeed the more she gazed into this girl's amber eyes, the less she saw yet the more her instincts clamored there was something to be seen. On the other hand, those very same instincts came through in a different way: even if she wasn't getting any closer to seeing the person behind all this perfection, Alisa still knew she liked her, and was starting to get a feel for what kind of things she liked too.

...But Crocus wasn't built in a day.

In the end these two had only known each other for a short time... So Alisa would do what she did best, be cool and patient, go with the flow, and see where it takes you. And maybe sometime soon they'd end up talking without uttering a single word, like this crystalline artist so often did.

Regardless of her inner pondering, If Evangeline accepted, they'd finally head outside the lab and towards the nearby park. Or so she thought.

"We'll have to stop by my warehouse again though...", Raina observed, rubbing her chin and looking around, "That's where all the fish food is."

Mind you, Alisa wasn't exactly looking forward to heading back out, not when the air inside was cool and gentle; not necessarily fresh like she might find outdoors, but it didn't make her sweat buckets either. But ultimately wherever she went first mattered little, next to who she'd be going with.

A fishy business

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Default on Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:24 am

Eva shrugged. She didnít mind helping Raina on something else with her raven haired fri-companion. She pretty much had nothing to do even if she returned back to the hotel. Her manager was probably out with his friends and she didnít want to associate more than she already did with some other models that, like her, havenít vacated their hotel rooms yet. Eva also noticed that since they started testing the waters early in the morning, there was still a lot more time left for the day to end. So, she had nodded after thinking for a bit and didnít fail in giving them one of her graceful smiles at the end. Although smiling sweetly at everyone was starting to hurt Evaís jaws.

Curiously enough, Eva also had this strange, distant recognition that Alisa was starting to try and unravel the 21 year old mysterious blonde. It was only a slight inkling feeling at the deepest part of Evaís mind in the beginning. After all, Eva was more than confident, and almost haughty, in her ability to reign her emotions in and keep a tight leash on it. She had been doing it for a very long time, too. But the suspicion kept growing in her when she would just so ever catch a curious glance Alisa threw at her.

Oh, she would never say that she had never caught people staring at her before. In fact, she was quite used to several pairs of eyes on her every single day if she was in a crowd. What she wasnít very familiar with, however, was those eyes with an intelligent tint to them. They seemed to tend to look through her as if they were carefully pulling back thin veils around Evaís true self. It made her squirm uncomfortably and watered a sprouting fear in her mind that she will be exposed. Eva would never like that idea. People could even preach to her all they like about how she was a good person even behind everything and she would never listen. Her mask was not something she put there to be known as a good two shoes. It was a protection, something that she would feel naked without.

ďIf you are done daydreaming, can we just go out and get the fish food already?Ē Rainaís voice pulled her out into reality and Eva immediately straightened her slightly lax posture. ďOf course. My apologies, Raina san,Ē Eva gave the woman a wonderful smile in return for the scowl and was already out the door the next minute. She slipped a hand inside her pocket to fish out her phone while waiting for the other two and once they were out, too, with Raina locking her lab behind, Eva started walking with her head hidden behind the small, slim rectangular device.

ďThe warehouse is this way,Ē Raina pointed to a direction that Eva automatically turned to with her phone still on hand. She replied to a few messages, checked the time, and gave her manager a call before slipping it back into the pocket. Eva had been right when she guessed her manager to be with his friends. If his slurred voice and a poor excuse of an act to sound sober wasnít enough proof, she didnít know what else was.


#3Alisa Vollan 

Default on Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:27 am


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Eva accepted the proposition; she wasn't particularly excited about it but then who would be? All they were gonna do was feed fishes, hardly something to be hyped over. That said, Alisa did see something else, after one of those times when red met amber. A peek at that something the Northern girl was so cetain Evangeline was hiding; The only other time since hearing the blonde discuss dancing she actually caught a glimpse of it.

That squirming look... Discomfort... Unease... It had to be, hadn't it?

That said, Alisa hadn't seen Evangeline act uncomfortable towards anything before. Though an odd thing in and of itself, the two of the didn't have that much time together as a whole, yet still enough for the keen eyed artist to start notice a few things. But why though, what could have brought on such a change? Momentarily furrowing her brow in deep thought, Alisa ran through the possibilities in a flash. Could Eva be uncomfortable feeding fishes? No, that sounds ridiculous. Maybe she was tired and wanted to go home? She didn't look tired though. Only one unpleasant option stuck out among all others: The company.

This thought hit her at the same time as Raina's words pulled her from her pondering, prompting Alisa to adjust her hair and shrug off the scowl with her best smile,"Sure, let's go.", she answered the moody scientist. With two pretty girls and their disarming smiles, Raina quickly surrendered and lead them towards her warehouse. Alisa still cast a cursory glance at Eva, two parts admiration and one part curiosity, as interchangeable as they might be.

The girl's grabbing of her phone further proved her suspicions. Nobody had called her and it didn't look like an emergency - something the dancer absolutely needed to do right now - †so pulling it out felt more like a defense mechanism against whoever she was with, a metaphorical barrier likely not aimed at Raina who hardly paid attention to them. So as they followed the scientist to her warehouse to collect the fish food, and then headed to the park, she pondered to herself in peace, instead offering something she was also quite good at: Silent, peaceful company.

Plus, Raina Burke spoke enough for the three of them.

Yes, whenever she liked a person Alisa wanted to see and know everything about them: she wasn't the forceful type, but the longer she stared into a person's eyes the more she knew them. Just like an artist gazing at a masterpiece, she looked and looked until she started making sense of the meaning behind the beauty. That was who she was, and wasn't about to change it for anyone's sake.

On the other hand, as an aloof loner herself, the artist also understood the need to be left in peace every now and then, and frequently echoed whatever emotion a beautiful sight invoked - be it art or people she liked...

After all, what if Alisa felt was something the girl would rather bury, for self consciousness or whatever other reason? Something that she refused to show anyone, especially not to a stranger? She too had to overcome her unsightly hatred for Dark Mages at one point, and now carefully concealed what she couldn't vanquish. The Pegasus considered that possibility, but never really went through it until now with how outgoing the girl appeared.

As for the task itself - feeding the fishes with that grainy food - it hardly proved a challenge. Every now and then the scientist still uttered a correction, such as, "Don't use too much of that food, it's only healthy in small amounts.", and the sort, to which Alisa just smiled, nodded, and did as requested. For the most part she didn't need both hands - leaving one idle to carve out a shiny, deep pink crystal sculpture - or even her eyes, free to occasionally admire her lovely companion. They didn't take much longer than half an hour to properly feed the entire lake, though they had to be careful not to overfeed the fishes.

Alisa complied with what she precieved as an unspoken request for distance on Eva's part, but once the job was over she'd head back over to her, with a graceful smile and slight tilt of her head as she offered the palm sized statuette she'd been carving, "Here, you can have this.", she said, presenting what appeared to be an elusive, ribbon tailed bird of paradise - sculpted to exquisite detail with its neck turned, appearing almost lifelike - before adjusting the little ribbon on her head, "A little thank you for a time well spent."

Alas, despite that earnest look, Alisa refrained from commenting where she got the inspiration. Or at least she didn't get the chance to when their boss came over to offer pay.

"What, you're leaving already?", comments the disappointed Raina, looking at Alisa and crossing her arms after handing the girls their jewels, "And here I had a final job for the two of you...", this might be the closest to an acknowledgement the two girls got for a job well done. Raina didn't look like the type to offer a third job if she didn't like how they worked...

A fishy business

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.


Default on Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:09 am

Eva was confused. She hadnít felt so lost in so long that Eva was partly scared and partly shocked about herself. She couldnít explain this feeling that kept knocking in her mind. For as long as she could remember, Eva was required to control her feelings and despite failing many times, she forced herself to create a perfect mask that for more than ten years now, havenít broken at all. But now, she feared that it was close to cracking, so very close to showing her vulnerabilities. Eva was terrified. She wanted to escape the feeling that it brought and without a second thought, hid behind things she normally wouldnít to avoid letting her eyes meet another pair of ruby red ones.

For the rest of the day, Eva found herself having as little conversation with Alisa as possible. She helped Raina carry the fish food and spent the rest of the day feeding fishes. They swam around the water surface. The fishes were always together, she noticed, when a bunch of them swam close to the boat. She didnít see a single one swimming alone and even the slightly bigger fishes were not without companions. She found that looking at them suddenly dulled her mood much further. For once, Eva wanted to throw everything away and just sulk like a child. She wanted to be somewhere alone where she could just sort these feelings out without raising suspicion.

ďBe careful when youíre feeding the fishes,Ē she vaguely registered Rainaís voice through the cloud of thoughts that hung around her. But she only moved like a robot with her back turned towards the other two, hiding, yet again, from everything. Maybe she was a coward, or maybe she had lost herself partially in her quest to create the perfect mask that would never break. Maybe, she didnít know who she was anymore and didnít trust anything, even herself. She contradicted herself many times than she ever did in her life during the few hours of that day.

But before she could really pull herself back together, everything was over. Feeding the fishes didnít take too long at all or maybe Eva just didnít notice the time flying with her head up in thoughts. Anyhow, they were back on land before Eva knew it with Raina feeling absolutely ecstatic about finding two helpers that didnít annoy her for once. And, Eva was just about to stick the scattered pieces of her mask back up when Alisa approached her.

She didnít dare move or speak a word when the woman gave her a disarming smile. Instead, Eva was lost once more until she felt something warm and heavy drop on one of her hands that she had raised reflexively to accept whatever that was offered to her. Even as the crystal mage thanked her, Eva found herself voiceless, shocked and almost emotional. Even as Raina and Alisa left, she couldnít move an inch. Sitting on the palm of her hand, the beautiful ribbon tailed bird seemed to cast a disappointed glance at the wind contractor that was now even more confused than before.


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