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Stoking the Fire [Brone]

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Good grief… These ante meridiem departures are murder on the night owls, are they not~? A slow but oppressive psychosomatic symptom seeming to drive a sudden and sizeable hunger for air from a woman who looked rather young and fetching with her rump resting upon a railing, Zelda Blackwood found a little hint of moisture escaping from the corners of her eyes as she yawned, and lamented both the hour of the day and the overbearing presence of the sun overhead as she lifted the veil of blackened lenses in order top wipe those teardrops away.
I suppose I could always nap on the train…? Usually the sort who enjoyed staying up rather late with a book or some other form of entertainment and then rising when the best of the day's sun was behind it, unfortunately the need to travel a rather considerable distance meant that the lilac lass was forced to arrive at the station at what felt like bedtime, and found herself struggling to focus upon the handwritten notes in front of her because of that. All she wanted was her bed right now.

Unusual… As sharp as a tack however even when she was half asleep and not failing to notice something of the odd variety as she pushed those dark screens back over her golden gaze, something seemed to trigger a sixth sense in her for a moment as she looked toward a trio of parties who waited along the platform from her, and most of all the one of them in their centre. Surprised to see a figure who had an overcoat over his shoulders and scruffy clothing underneath, while this was not all that much of a remarkable a fact there was something about his bearing, the overall look of roughness which piqued her attention, especially when one could see that his hands were nowhere to be seen either, as if they were pulled behind him or something. Strange.

How much longer will it be? Not that she had all that much time or inclination to indulge a habit of scrutinizing the people around her unfortunately, with the woman rising at what everyone other than her might consider to be a reasonable hour her mood was making her rather impatient, and so she fished into her pocket for sign of something to tell her that her train might be arriving soon. Though, that wasn't the only thing she was expecting before she set off, right~?

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#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
"There's no time train, I'm heading to Iceberg" Brone Heavyaxe was going back and forth with Huginn in regard to traveling, given now that he and his clan have been reconnecting with the main clan branch in Iceberg, he and Lumikki have been visiting Iceberg more often and even began making moves to assist other dwarves to making permanent moving arrangements in returning to the home of their ancestors.

"Not sparring train! A locomotive train!" Huginn cawed loudly, already irritated by the dwarf's idiocy. The dwarf was reasonably confused, never traveling by such means. The ravens had guided Brone to the train station in order to cut travel time greatly. Though flying would be just as convenient, the dwarf was still fearful of flight and preferred ground travel, so the ravens gave their suggestion.

When they had arrived at the station, Brone looked about, admiring the architecture and seeming a bit lost. People would look in his direction both because he looked so out of place never visiting a train station before and because of his ash gray skin.

"You don't have to wear your armor, travel by train is relatively safe" Muninn landed upon Brone's shoulder, his voice more calmer than his brother.

"Ye never know" Brone patted the raven's head as he walked up to the ticket booth. The clerk observed the dwarf and took notice of the breastplate armor that looked like it was made of ice... which it was. The raven whispered in the dwarf's ear, guiding him on how to purchasing a ticket.

Once he got his ticket to Iceberg, he finally made it to the platform where others waited. "So it's like a minecart?" he asked as he stepped to the edge of the platform and spotted the tracks. Huginn sighed, but Muninn laughed.


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Now that’s an odd sight, in these parts? The boredom of the blue skinned beauty making it easy for her to notice the stout figure who strolled onto the platform in armour of all things, with the not so young woman awaiting the arrival of her so called 'guardian' she couldn't help but feel a note of intrigue when she spied what looked to be a well built dwarf drifting into her current arena, and found her hopes rising for more reasons than one because of that.
Lucky me~? Meeting a few of this figures kin in the none too short years she had been in this world and always tending to lean toward a liking for them, not only did she enjoy their largely straightforward and heart manner but beyond that, as beings who tended to come from beneath the earth there was an unspoken kinship as well. They might look rather different, but in many ways they had seemed like she had always hoped her people would.

“My, my, my… aren’t you a sight for sore eyes~?” As such the eagle eyed beauty lifting both the sunglasses she wore and the whole of herself in response, Zelda folded away her notebook and rose to her feet in response to this unusual visitor, and showed a smile which was not entirely lacking for sincerity as she looked over both the man himself and his unusual form of companion.
“You wouldn’t happen to be looking to escort a scholar, would you~?” Arching her brow as she looked at those gorgeous dark feathers which his crows carried especially and daring to hope that this man might be the attendant she had been waiting for, even if he wasn't she was tempted to change her plans a little if only for the promise of a good drinking buddy, though ultimately hoped that all would nicely fall into place all the same…

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was inspecting the rails, nodding in approval in their craftsmanship, but noticing how thick and wide they were, he understood better that it wasn't exactly a minecart that was being used, but something much larger. He took a look around, counting the amount of people on the platform and understood this 'train' is large enough to carry more than a handful of people at a time. Huginn noticed the dwarf's pondering, assuming his thoughts, he whispered into his ear, letting him know that the train was a produce of steam powered innovation, though some transports are magic based as well. This wasn't as advanced as the technology on the Island of the Future, but still affective.

The dwarf ran his hand down his beard, stroking it as he thought about how he could learn more of this "steam power", he assumed Gnicholas may be able to provide him with the necessary books in such a category. It was then that a blue-skinned elf had approached him and asked him a peculiar question. Brone observed the young looking woman; he was stunned at first, never seeing someone with such a complexion, though he wasn't one to judge, given that the vast majority of dwarves don't have his ashen gray skin tone. As per usual whenever Brone meets someone knew, Muninn would whisper into his ear, letting him know she is a dark elf. the dwarf had never seen a dark elf before, let alone met one, but from the stories his parents and the elders of his clan, he had heard they were dangerous and were involved with many battles with different dwarven clans; there was even assumptions that the dark elves were one of the foes that the dhain dwarves had fought against deep beneath the surface oft he world. At first Brone was hesitant, but Muninn had added she is respected academic scholar and somewhat of a archeologist. This loosened his tension now that his ravens had confirmed she wasn't an immediate threat.

"No, I'm not looking for a scholar, ye probably got the wrong person" Brone politely replied, assuming this was a mistake in identity, but Muninn whispered into his ear again, letting him know she's asking him if he could escort her to her destination, "Oh! Um, sure, I'd be happy te escort ye, miss!" he got a bit flustered from embarrassment; he extended his hand in greeting, "Pleasure te meet ye, I'm Brone Heavyaxe".


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“Wow, that fast?” Found with an unexpected sense of surprise when the stout soul before her not only confirmed that he wasn't her 'date' after all but was interested all the same, Miss Blackwood had expected confusion for sure in the case of a stranger but with it a demand for details of the venture given their current situation, and so couldn't help but comment upon the daring he showed in such acceptance. Though, not without a certain note of admiration.
“Zelda, Blackwood. I *do* like a man who can't resist a little adventure~? Or perhaps it's a pretty face, hm~?” Offering out both her hand and her name to him therein simply because such tendency to leap before looking was a notion toward which she herself subscribed, the lilac lips of the lass curled upward at the sense of excitement therein either way, and though she made merry with the ribaldry on the matter found that one with this kind of courage and perhaps curiosity might serve her very well indeed. What a lucky find, hm?

“Matters not, I suppose? Do you have much experience in Iceberg?” Shrugging away the heart of the matter however and perhaps amused to wonder whether just what the reason was behind the generosity of his time which he showed her, the flick of her finger sent those dark lenses back down over her eyes before the brightness of the day began to build a migraine or some such within her, and then Zelda asked after his experience when it came to their destination.
“Oh one moment, I'll just…” Remembering a moment later however that she should have some attendant arriving within short order however who had been pre-planned and as such thinking it would be better to cut that ambition in a rather belated bud, the blue skinned belle picked up her lacryma phone and hummed for a second as she thumbed her way toward getting in touch to let them down not to easily, though felt little guilt for the fact. If they'd really wanted the job, they should have been on time, no~?

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#6Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone had taken the young lady's hand into his, albeit as gently as he could, hoping he remembered the proper formal procedure for greetings, especially to a lady who seems to already demonstrate a high caliber of etiquette. He was indeed a man who enjoyed adventure, but he wasn't sure what Miss Blackwood meant by a 'pretty face', "Aye, I fancy an adventure, and yer pretty face would be more than enough" he took a shot at a compliment, though he was very rusty in his own etiquette in conversation, he was sure he read "Etiquette in Courting" enough during his time in Blue Pegasus to know how to hold his own when speaking to a lady.

Hearing she was heading to Iceberg as well was a great coincidence, which meant he wouldn't be delayed too much in his own travels, "Aye, Iceberg is where me blood hails from, many of me kin are there as well, and I'd be happy te offer ye me assistance... m'lady" he gave a slight bow. Showing proper respect was always part of his clan's approach, it was simply different on how to provide said respect.

The dwarf then noticed Zelda had pulled out some kind of device, probably imported from the Island of the Future. He wasn't sure what it was for, probably a teleporting device so they could both make their way to Iceberg... but then he discarded that thought when he remembered that she too is on the platform waiting for this train thing. So he patiently waited with her.


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“Oh… No need for anything like that~?” Treated with a sense of courtesy by the well broadened example of shortness in a manner which seemed to draw more amusement than appreciation, while Zelda was known to lean into the airs and graces of her adoptive inheritance for the purpose of entertainment and torment for parties who annoyed her, the down to earth manner and scent of combat that this figure carried made her want to view him more as an equal than anything.
“I'm sure once we've split a case you'll hardly view me as a lady, anyway~?” Seeming to have developed a habit of treating folk by the respect which she held for them and this one already off to a good start simply from the feeling of blood and battle which this one had to him already getting him off to a good start, drinking buddies were probably the closest thing that she might have to friends in this world and this one had the look and energy of a good one, so she was prone to waving away any silly barrier of station between them in favour of enjoying themselves properly. Humans tended to attach far too much tedious weight on matters of station and manners, no?

“Whew, that took longer than I expected, is the…” Ducking and returning from the call she needed to make to cancel her late coming research partner with a sigh of exasperation and a roll of her shoulders to go along with it, ultimately it seemed that the burly Brone had done her quite the favour in hindsight given how much the man he had replaced had seemed to whine about her whimsy, and the positivity of her outlook only seemed to increase as she spotted an iron beast which was huffing steam along the track as it approached them.
“Oh, excellent. I was starting to think there was a dragon on the line or something~?” For that reason the fox making back for the bench she had left to talk with her new friend and beginning to sweep up the luggage she had brought for her journey, which was a little on the heavy side really. Though, when one was hiring help, it only felt natural to bring half a library with one to make them earn their keep, right?

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone raised an eyebrow, wondering and hoping Zelda was referring to drinks when mentioning 'a case'; if that was what was implied, then he would be glad to relax his shoulders and care not for the 'extending the pinky' gesture when sharing a glass; no... not a glass, he was no longer apart of that guild, his etiquette involved a strong hand grasping a heavy tankard of his favorite whisky. And to Brone's delight, Muninn whispered into his ear she does drink and is no stranger to battle. He then let out a sigh of relief.

She returned from... whatever she was doing with her magical device, but from her expression, it was a good turn out. She then took notice of something, mentioning it was time. Brone looked behind him and spotted something bellowing smoke in the distance; it must be the 'train', and from what the dwarf could tell, it was either steam or coal powered; he was surely interested. Turning back to see Zelda was retrieving her items, he went to assist her. "I'll help, don't fret" he said as he grab any of the luggage that looked too heavy. A part of him missed his extra two arms, but was satisfied with his decision to break away from the pact with the war god, content with his own power.

He would then turn to face the edge of the platform, excited to see what this transportation device was, "So if ye don't mind me asking, what quest ye be on, Miss Blackwood?" his curiosity also extended to whom his temporary employer was, wanting to know a bit of who she was since he will be traveling all the way to Iceberg with her.


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“Oh my, what a gentleman~” The lips of the lilac lass seeming to curl upward a little bit as the burly fellow offered her aid with the large amount of luggage which she had brought, Zelda made no effort to excuse or explain the rather weight cases which she had stuffed with books and other useful items for research and instead simply assumed that one so well wrought as this could handle them, and so she instead picked up the one with her shirts and smalls in it and left it to the help. I mean, might as well let him earn his keep, no?

“There's a ruin in northern Iceberg I wish to poke around in? A tomb, or some such, called Volunruud.” Smirking however when Brone asked after their would be target and feeling rather happy to share the details of what she aimed for, while there was no doubt plenty of time on the ride to brief him properly Miss Blackwood was happy to share the most pertinent details when it came to their destination, and frankly wondered if he had heard of it given the explanation he had given for his origin.

“Rumours say the dead are said to rise to chase intruders away~?” Happy to inform him of what was perhaps the biggest reason which she had chosen to visit the place however, and doing so with the kind of pep which one might have expected of a girl talking about a sale at a shoe store, the raven haired researcher couldn't help but smirk a little as she noted what she had heard from the 'colleagues' she had in her line of work about the place, and perhaps in doing so showed that she was far from ones typical example of a scholar in doing so. I mean, father did seem interested in certain of the runic passages, but really, this was as much about the danger as it was anything else…

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Brone Heavyaxe
A low rumbling ran through the platform as the train neared; the dwarf's eyes locked with the incoming heap of metal as he was staring with awe. Zelda pulled him away for second when she mentioned the undead, "Volunruud? No, haven't heard of it, but me parents and me uncle did talk about the draugr, the undead, though I never encountered such a creature, so no idea if they exist" Brone shrugged; he remembered his the story of the draugr who were either unrested souls that refused to die, or magically corrupted, but the stories were never told in heroic stories, at least not to him, they were mainly horror stories to entertain or warn the young to keep away from the frigid north of Iceberg or any forbidden places.

A horn was blown, alerting everyone that the train was arriving. Brone watched in awe as the large metallic vehicle pulled into the station with the sound of loud clanging, the metallic wheels rolling onto the rails, then followed by a loud screech as it pulled to a stop. "Dhurain's beard! This is a hel of a work" the dwarf couldn't resist a wide grin as he looked up and down the engine.

"All aboard!" The conductor called as the doors to the carts opened. Brone snapped back to the present moment and hurried with the luggage to the nearest cart door. He shifted all the luggage to one arm, though he was strong, it was proving a bit difficult, all while he was searching for his ticket, "We'll check the tickets once inside" the conduct who stood by the door laughed. Brone returned the laugh before walking in.

The cart was welcoming and cozy, not like the dwarf had imagined, "Te have such a warm home inside a giant minecart is a dream!" Brone was excited to see the interior was lit of a warm orange glow from the lacrima lights; a long hall ran up and down the cart, with doors lined the western side. He would open up one of the doors to find a compartment-like room with comfy padded seats and a wooden table in the center.
Brone's first view:

"Wonderous!" he said as he entered. He was about to drop the luggage onto the floor, but remembered they were not his, so he looked about to see there was an area about the seats where personal belongings seem to be placed, so he stepped upon the table to carefully slide the luggage in the elevated area. Then when that was done, he dropped down onto the padded seats and nearly bounced off. He laughed in excitement.

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