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CHASING DRAGONS & WHIRLWINDS: Choryrth’s Dream! Break through, Tōga![SL- Q7]

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CHASING DRAGONS & WHIRLWINDS: Choryrth’s Dream! Break through, Tōga![SL- Q7] Empty Wed May 15, 2024 8:20 am


For a breathless moment, time stood still, the fate of Ironrust and the combatants who clashed within its ruined bounds hanging in the balance. The explosion expanded, engulfing the shattered remnants of the village, before suddenly contracting in upon itself, a singularity of unimaginable power that defied comprehension.

And then, with a final, earth-shattering roar, the pent-up energy erupted outward, a violent burst of pure, unadulterated power that tore through the landscape, reshaping the very foundations of the island. Trees were uprooted, mountains crumbled, and the very sea itself was pushed back by the sheer force of the blast, a testament to the incredible might unleashed by the clashing warriors.

As the dust settled and the echoes of the explosion faded into an eerie silence, the fate of Toga and Shinsui remained uncertain, their forms lost amidst the devastation wrought by their climactic confrontation. Yet, even in the face of such overwhelming destruction, a flicker of hope remained, a faint ember that refused to be extinguished.

"A-arghh..." The soft, agonized groan pierced the eerie silence that had settled over the devastated wasteland. Moments later, a single hand emerged from a dense pile of rubble, followed by the battered form of Toga as he clawed his way out of the debris that had nearly become his grave. "Arghhhh Oowwoow!" The dragon slayer cried out, his gaze falling upon his mangled arm, a distorted and misshapen reminder of what it had once been. Blood flowed freely from countless wounds, cascading down his limb like a crimson waterfall.


CHASING DRAGONS & WHIRLWINDS: Choryrth’s Dream! Break through, Tōga![SL- Q7] Empty Wed May 15, 2024 8:20 am

Gritting his teeth against the searing pain, Toga cradled his injured arm against his chest, using his body as a makeshift sling to immobilize the damaged appendage. Confusion clouded his features as he surveyed the desolate landscape, finding nothing but destruction in every direction.

"D-did I win?" Toga wondered aloud, his mind struggling to piece together the fragments of his memory. The moments leading up to the cataclysmic clash with Shinsui were a blur, lost amidst the haze of an all-consuming rage that had rendered even the dragon slayer himself unrecognizable. Yet, the power he had tasted, the energy that had surged through his veins, was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, eclipsing even the might of his Dragon Force transformation. With great effort, Toga hauled himself to his feet, his body battered and broken, yet still clinging stubbornly to life. His brown eyes scanned the battlefield, searching for any sign of his adversary, but only the deafening silence of their titanic struggle greeted him, a haunting reminder of the chaos that had unfolded. "I guess I have to---" Toga's words died on his lips as his gaze fell upon an anomaly that defied explanation.

Suspended in midair, at the very point where their attacks had collided, hung a static orb of impossibly condensed energy. Tendrils of electricity crackled and danced around its surface, the stark contrast of black and white swirling together in a mesmerizing display. The orb seemed to pulse with a life of its own, expanding and contracting in an endless cycle, a fixture of uncertainty that drew Toga's weakened eyes like a moth to a flame.


CHASING DRAGONS & WHIRLWINDS: Choryrth’s Dream! Break through, Tōga![SL- Q7] Empty Wed May 15, 2024 8:20 am

"What is that? I won--- Whoaaa!" Toga exclaimed, instinctively leaping back as the spatial tear, once dormant, suddenly erupted, its edges stretching and warping as it consumed the very fabric of reality. The blackened portal grew with each passing second, a yawning abyss that threatened to swallow everything in its path.

Just as Toga braced himself for the worst, a single, ghostly white hand emerged from the depths of the void, followed by an unfamiliar figure that stepped forth from the darkness. The newcomer's features were obscured by the swirling energies that surrounded them; their form wreathed in an aura of otherworldly power that sent shivers down the dragon slayer's spine.

The towering creature that emerged from the portal loomed over Toga, its imposing stature dwarfing the dragon slayer's own. Its pale, unsettling features were accentuated by an aura of unfathomable energy that defied comprehension, a power that sent shivers down Toga's spine and made the very air around them crackle with tension. With a fluid, almost nonchalant motion, the creature extended a single hand, its palm facing the battered and weakened Toga. In the center of its ghostly appendage, a perfectly spherical orb began to take shape, its surface shimmering with an eerie, pulsating light. Transfixed by the sight, Toga could only stare in mute horror, his body too drained and his mind too overwhelmed to muster the strength to move or react.

Suddenly, a blinding flash of crimson erupted from the creature's outstretched hand, the beam of energy rapidly closing the distance between them, intent on engulfing Toga in its searing embrace. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as the dragon slayer watched his impending doom approach, his limbs heavy and unresponsive, his will to fight drained by the relentless onslaught he had already endured. In that moment, as the world around him faded away and the specter of death loomed ever closer, Toga's life began to flash before his eyes, a kaleidoscope of memories and emotions that threatened to overwhelm his battered psyche. He braced himself for the inevitable, his heart heavy with the knowledge that he had failed, that his journey had come to an abrupt and tragic end.


CHASING DRAGONS & WHIRLWINDS: Choryrth’s Dream! Break through, Tōga![SL- Q7] Empty Wed May 15, 2024 8:21 am

"You idiot!" The words, spoken in a hauntingly familiar voice, pierced through the haze of Toga's resignation, snapping him back to the present with a jolt. A shadow fell across his vision, obscuring the approaching attack, and in that instant, Toga realized the source of the unexpected intervention.

Shinsui, his body broken and bleeding, had somehow found the strength to interpose himself between Toga and the creature's devastating beam. Without hesitation, the mysterious man had thrown himself into the path of the attack, his form engulfed in a blinding explosion of light and heat that sent shockwaves rippling through the very fabric of the island.

The earth beneath their feet quaked and trembled, the force of the blast causing the surrounding oceans to recoil in violent waves, their waters churning and frothing as they were pushed back from the shores. The very foundations of the island seemed to groan and strain under the immense pressure, a testament to the sheer power unleashed by the creature's attack and Shinsui's selfless act of sacrifice.

As the dust and debris began to settle once more, Toga found himself staring at the spot where Shinsui had stood just moments before, his mind struggling to comprehend the enormity of what had just transpired. The man who had been his enemy, who had pushed him to the brink of death and despair, had willingly given his own life to protect him, to buy him the precious seconds he needed to survive.

As the dust and debris settled in the wake of the devastating explosion, Toga coughed and sputtered, his eyes watering from the acrid particles that hung heavy in the air. He stumbled forward, searching for any point of reference amidst the chaos, desperate to regain his bearings in the aftermath of the cataclysmic event.


CHASING DRAGONS & WHIRLWINDS: Choryrth’s Dream! Break through, Tōga![SL- Q7] Empty Wed May 15, 2024 8:21 am

"Y-you sure know how to be useless..." The words, spoken in a familiar voice, cut through the haze like a knife, drawing Toga's attention. With labored steps, the dragon slayer limped towards the source of the sound, his heart pounding in his chest as the dust began to clear, revealing a sight that left him speechless.

There, amidst the rubble and ruin, lay Shinsui, his body broken and mangled, a mere shadow of the formidable adversary he had once been. A significant portion of his form had been consumed by the blast, leaving him a shattered remnant of his former self. "C-Choryrth sure knows how to p-pick them..." Shinsui managed to choke out between ragged breaths, each word punctuated by a wet, painful cough.

Toga's mind reeled as he tried to reconcile the scene before him with the events that had just transpired. Mere moments ago, Shinsui had been poised to end his life, yet now, the mysterious man had seemingly sacrificed his own safety to shield Toga from the white death that loomed in the distance, its power gathering for another devastating attack. "W-why did y-you---" Toga stammered, his voice a mixture of confusion, anger, and disbelief. He wanted to scream, to demand answers, to make sense of the incomprehensible situation he found himself in. But before he could give voice to his turbulent emotions, Shinsui silenced him with a weak, blood-stained smile.

"Shut up, kid. I don't have much time, and I was sent here to deliver an i-important m-message," Shinsui rasped, his words tumbling out in a desperate rush, as if he were racing against the inevitability of his own demise.


CHASING DRAGONS & WHIRLWINDS: Choryrth’s Dream! Break through, Tōga![SL- Q7] Empty Wed May 15, 2024 8:21 am

"Don't worry, it wasn't Choryrth who did this... but that monster. I was here to stop it, and to find you---- I'm somewhat of an ally to your d-dragon... or was, anyways." Shinsui's confession was punctuated by another violent coughing fit, his life's blood pooling beneath him, staining the ground a vivid crimson. Toga stood frozen, his body trembling and his mind reeling as he tried to process the overwhelming revelations that spilled from Shinsui's lips. The idea that this man, who had so recently been his mortal enemy, could be an ally to Choryrth, the dragon who had raised and trained him, seemed too far-fetched to be true.

"I had to test you... to see if Choryrth made the right decision leaving his legacy to you..." Shinsui's voice grew weaker with each passing second, the light in his eyes beginning to fade. "He was right..."
Those final words hung in the air, a testament to the faith and trust that Choryrth had placed in his young protégé. Toga, his heart heavy with the weight of this newfound knowledge, could only watch as Shinsui's life slipped away, the mysterious man's mission fulfilled in his final moments.

"L-looks like I'm dying... what a drag," Shinsui chuckled, his words tinged with a wry acceptance as he gazed upon Toga's broken, confused, and staggered form. "Steel yourself... if you die here, you won't be able to enjoy his gift to you." With those cryptic words, Shinsui lifted a trembling hand, pressing it firmly against Toga's chest.

In that instant, a surge of energy began to flow from Shinsui into the dragon slayer, a brilliant light emanating from the point of contact. The air around them pulsed and shimmered as the transfer of power took place, the dust and debris that had shrouded the battlefield suddenly blown away by the sheer force of the energy that now coursed through Toga's veins.

As the veil of grime and chaos dissipated, Toga stood revealed, his form engulfed in a luminous orb of pure, unadulterated power. He faced the white ghoul that had emerged from the void, his eyes blazing with a newfound determination and strength.


CHASING DRAGONS & WHIRLWINDS: Choryrth’s Dream! Break through, Tōga![SL- Q7] Empty Wed May 15, 2024 8:22 am

"We'll talk later... rest now," Shinsui whispered, his voice fading as his life force dwindled. Toga, invigorated by the energy that had been bestowed upon him, surged forward, his movements a blur as he intercepted the beams of energy that the creature hurled his way. With a fierce cry, the dragon slayer engaged the monster, his attacks fueled by the power that now thrummed through every fiber of his being. The creature fought back, its otherworldly strength a match for Toga's own, but with each passing second, the spatial fissure that had brought it into this world began to shrink, the portal closing behind it.

In a final, desperate clash, Toga pushed the monster back into the rapidly diminishing gateway, his resolve, and the energy that Shinsui had gifted him proving too much for the creature to withstand. With a blinding flash of light and a deafening roar, the portal snapped shut, sealing the monster away and leaving no trace of its existence save for the destruction it had wrought.

"S-see, Shinsui-san," Toga panted, turning to address the fallen warrior behind him. "I did it... we can talk now." But his words were met with a deafening silence, the stillness of Ironrust broken only by the soft whisper of the wind.

"Is it raining?" Toga murmured, his hand coming up to touch his cheek, where he felt the unmistakable wetness of tears. He glanced up at the sky, searching for the source of the moisture, but the heavens above were clear and unblemished, not a single cloud marring their perfect blue expanse.


"Is it raining?"

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