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1 Kama in front of the other (Training/Solo)

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1 Kama in front of the other (Training/Solo) Empty Tue Apr 16, 2024 10:12 am

Ittindi had traveled a long way, while some might have grown tired of their suit, Ittindi found that his Top Hat being able to change the color of the stripe good enough for the variation. So here he was in Joya, red stripe on his hat in the middle of a shallow plains of Chishi. He had chosen this land, as most went to the coast looking for hidden treasure and artifacts. Ittindi felt an innate attraction to the land wondering if his new spirit had history here, perhaps another avatar or maybe their life before becoming a demon. Either way Ittindi had his spear out using it as a form of support, peering out over the plains trying to get a handle on his new magic.

”I haven’t been back to my land in ages, I guess you’re used to serving. Most can’t feel my inclinations that way. ”

Ittindi wouldn’t dignify a response, instead laughing in his mind knowing deep inside there was a spot that Naki couldn’t observe. Part of the reward of his “service “ was that Naki was more open about their stories across the battlefields. Ittindi still couldn’t tell if that was part of a more elaborate ruse…either way he could see the avatar that held Naki at the time a man who used chains with a scythe on the end. Except he was summoning them from his body, Ittindi knew what his first spell suite would be. No need to perform extra work studying his magic, mastery of the basics would continue to define him.

He'd assume his old pose, arm extended imagining the creation of the chains and blade at the end. To his surprise a seal didn’t even appear, and Naki’s laughter erupted in an ear bursting volume. Between the laughter mixed with an attempt at a lecture Ittindi came to realize, that the way the magic activated was different than his old. He needed to imagine the cycle of death, and that the more he considered it the closer he’d come to the brink. It wasn’t to hard to resist the obvious joke that he should practice more with the gun then. Instead, he’d center himself, thinking of the Master Butler who took him in to the manor, his face then, his face in pictures. Then finally his last face when Ittindi was at his funeral, the grey seal would appear though his hands were at his side clenching.
The chain would shoot out while Ittindi would grip the chain and force it down trying to assert control. He didn’t have the rhythm of the chain, it was slacker than his string ever had been. The whole thing ended up knotting and Ittindi let it disintegrate he had at least manifested the chains. He’d start there before worrying about the blade at the end. It seemed Naki didn’t find his choice of a first spell particularly thrilling.

”You said  you’ve never heard of me before. Yet here you are practicing…his move…our move.”

Ittindi body and soul stood still, his focus on the cycle, nature life and death. Death still loomed on his shadows, his features and other worries encompassed in its manifestation. Yet another, deadlier visage belonged within him now a soul, a piece of death or a demon? Ittindi still wasn’t entirely sure, but before he made any statement he wanted to master the magic. Only the top would do, if this were to be his next route of offensive magic, he’d only start with the best and work his way down.  Naki hadn’t realized the gravity of her insult towards him, not only did she seem demon like but to replace his loved magic. They had destroyed a part of his definition, to Ittindi it was the final straw of society. He’d keep up his act of meekness, but a new fire was lit inside him.

He'd clench his fist again, this time a longer chain would shoot out, this time Ittindi would focus on guiding the chain. There wasn’t complete control of its fine movements like his threads, the chains did reach Ittindi’s intended destination. However, in all his focus on controlling the chain he had forgot to spawn the end of it with a blade. The chain would collide with the wet ground making a soft crunch noise before it became mana again.  Expecting to hear Naki’s laughter, Ittindi was surprised by the silence that echoed across him. He’d take a breath realizing that this magic was indeed about letting go of his sense of control, instead embracing the cycle and realizing that all beings partook in it. Death was eternal, even those who claimed to be immortal would one day be caught up in its clutches. Ittindi was now a small avatar in that cycle, it was important to relinquish control and guide. Nothing was ever set in stone, but he could trace the outlines if he studied the patterns. It was very similar to being a butler, one couldn’t teach their patrons the art of elegance, but with subtle nudges one could transform a household and its patrons into elegance.

He'd clench his fist, a blade erupted out first before the chain, slicing part of Ittindi’s hand as the chain shooting out seemed to soak in all his blood. The kama at the end added a new weight, a new feeling entirely than the chain he had just guided a moment ago. Ittindi almost had no problem with the weight, it was the added cut that was causing the main distraction. The blade was sharper, than Ittindi thought possible without external aid. Perhaps, this was why the man in the past had it come from different parts of his body, instead of his hand. That was another trick that Ittindi had to learn before he was ready to talk to Naki about where he had acquired this knowledge. He knew if he performed up to their standards that he could extract more knowledge, more power from his new partner.

The thoughts of his other Rune Knights seeing chains emerge from his body gave him pause. Just another reason to keep this magic as an absolute last resort, especially from those he considered close. Though he had to admit training by himself, was much harder than he remembered, all his serious spells he had found a partner for. If he did decide to renege on his initial thought of keeping his magic hidden, he could reveal possibly to those in the underworld. Their magic were typically more in line with his, the first person who sprang to mind was Lady Lumikki she had mentioned meeting in the future.

He'd start to patch himself up in his hand, as his mind raced on how he’d make the chain appear someone else on his body. His first thought was to try and make it appear from his feet, that would be the closest to his hand in feeling. As he clenched his fist and had his left foot extended out in front of him, the grey seal would appear at the end of his foot. Ittindi had barely needed to focus, however what he wasn’t expecting was the feeling from his foot attached to the chain. His foot dropped and the chain was guided to a much earlier endpoint blade sinking into the ground cutting clean through. Ittindi had to suppress his excitement, as he took a square stance clenching his fist once again. This time the seal would appear in the center of his chest, and as the blade and chain shot out, Ittindi realized that he had no appendage to guide it this time. It would shoot straight and true, Ittindi trying to control the chain didn’t seem to have any visible effect. It wouldn’t take long for the chain to hit it’s maximum length at 40 meters. It would disintegrate before Ittindi could feel what would be tension at his chest.

He’d try again, this time closing his eyes and focusing on guiding the chain, trying to shape its direction without enforcing it. While its path did divert, more than it had before. Ittindi realized that this would be the way to affect the chain, he also wondered if he imagined the trajectory before the chain came out would it have an effect. Trying again he’d find success with imagining the trajectory beforehand, then enforcing small changes than trying to control it afterwards like with his strings. He could still hear the old whispers of his former magic, through nature itself, which now communicated through him in the worse ways, wanting to face its entropic end.

To test it one final time Ittindi clinched his fist as the grey spell circle appeared in the center of his chest. The chain would shoot out blade and all and make a deep gash in one of the small trees nearby. Ittindi could of easily cut it in half, but didn’t feel the need opting for a more control route, before finally speaking to Naki.

”I’m always grateful to your stories, you described this spell in one of them did you not? I guess you can say its our move as well Naki-dōji, you picked me for a reason correct?”

Ittindi would start the walk back to the embassy, he had exhausted his mana supplies faster than he anticipated and all for one spell.

1567/1400 (Training A rank spell)

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