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Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem)

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#1Salem E. 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Fri Mar 01, 2024 3:58 pm

Salem E.

Life was funny. The cleanest and one of the best, if not only, restaurants in Orchidia was hard to find. That and the fact that it was allegedly run by one of the most cut throat renegades dampened its reputation. Most of the people were broke and no one wanted to draw attention for having money. The thing about the restaurant was that it had enough influence and power. You could pretty much order anything you wanted. Even human flesh was an option.

Salem waited in front of the place being earlier than Alaric, which was becoming the new normal. Not that the Fae could help himself, he was very excited about the date. He even left his staff behind in his room at the guild. He had on his normal vest but a different outfit underneath. It had an underlying blue shine that made him look nice. He was semi dressy for this date with the wolfman. He would flash some onlookers a smile and a wink as they glanced at him.


#2Alaric Holloway 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Fri Mar 01, 2024 6:14 pm

Alaric Holloway
“Shit.” Alaric rushed down the street. His hands moved vigorously as he jogged. It was still a cool winter evening though the spring warmth was starting to show. Earlier this morning he had spent in the woods with Salem and now he was on his way to meet the Fae. An odd turn of events but one he was not shying away from. He had few friends in the guild and none besides Lumi ever asked to socialize outside of a mission setting. Plus Salem wasn’t too bad to look at either. He enjoyed his scent. It was fresh and clean but there was some heat there. Like an exotic spice.

He turned the corner and saw the other man standing there waiting. Alaric ran up to him, slowing his pace as he approached. “Hey, sorry I’m late. Couldn’t find pants that didn’t have a rip in them. Seems like I’ve got some shopping to do.” Alaric stood there in a simple black shirt with a jean jacket and tattered black jeans with red paint splattered along the cuffs. He had dressed somewhat up but truth be told he had little in terms of a wardrobe. Something, he felt Salem might have an abundance of.

“Shall we?” Alaric motioned with his body for the two of them to head inside.

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Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) HJqgsC6
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#3Salem E. 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Fri Mar 01, 2024 7:35 pm

Salem E.

Salem gave his compatriot a once over, as if undressing him with his eyes. He liked the style it clashed with his own, but still complimented each other. Giving them a general vibe like fire and ice. Opposite but mutually opposing forces. Every time Salem looked at him, he would almost swear that Alaric got more lean. Not bulky at all but super strong.

“We shall. Being late would have been fine as well. You could have shown up without the pants. Then again you probably would have looked better than the menu.”

The Fae gave a smile as he licked his lips and smiled, revealing his pearly white teeth. He would attempt to wrap his arms through Alaric and walk inside with him. They would be guided to a booth in the corner of the semi empty establishment. They would be given menus and asked if they wanted any appetizers or starters.

“I will take the tapa starters. My date shall get whatever he wishes.” Salem gave the waitress a charming smile before adding in. “And a bottle of red wine to get us started. Unless he would prefer something else.”

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#4Alaric Holloway 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Fri Mar 01, 2024 7:43 pm

Alaric Holloway
Salem was a lot more open with his thoughts and feelings than Alaric was. Typically, he needed something to help pry those out of him. He blushed a bit more at the compliment to his pantsless legs being more appetizing than the menu. “Quite the flirt, huh?” He cracked a grin and gave Salem a nudge as he accepted the other’s arm slipping through his side.

As they sat, Alaric stared at the menu for a bit but felt a bit confused. He’d never been to a place like this before. It was quite fancier than what he was used to. “You’re gonna have to walk me through this, man. I’ve never been somewhere that serves tapas. Small plates in my book are small because you cannot afford much else. But these small plates seem more expensive than most large plate meals I’ve had. What’s the deal?” He asked puzzled. He spoke directly to Salem even though the waiter was right beside them, almost acting as if Salem was the only one who held the answer to this bougie code.

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Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) HJqgsC6
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#5Salem E. 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Fri Mar 01, 2024 7:54 pm

Salem E.

“The small plates are not the meal. They are distractions or tastes before the real meal arrives. It also gives them time to work on the real meals. You don’t have to stress about it.”

Salem gave his reply almost instantaneously. He did not even think about it. He simply answered factually like a fae would. He didn't even feel bothered about being asked. The proximity and the full attention actually made Salem feel like they were closer.

He took the time to order some meat appetizers he felt that Alaric should like. He stuck with the red wine. The servers were quick with the wine. The starters would take a moment more. Not that it would bother Salem much. He did not feel like rushing through the day.

“Tell me about yourself? What brought you over to the North and Join Paradise Dawn out of all places?” Salem would ask the questions before taking a sip of his wine. Savoring the taste and the look of the wolf man in the low lighting.

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#6Alaric Holloway 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Sun Mar 03, 2024 12:53 pm

Alaric Holloway
“The small plates aren’t the meal? So, are they like an appetizer or something?” He gave a confused look at Salem while his head cocked slightly to the left and his brow scrunched. Salem took over and began to order a few different things. Alaric picked up the word steak on one of them and frites, which he knew meant some type of fried potato, so he was satisfied and not too worried. He glanced over the entrees of the establishment but really had not had this sort of cuisine before. He would likely just pick something on the fly when it came time to order.

The server came over and poured a small bit of wine in Salem’s glass to see if he agreed to the taste. Once it was settled both of them would have a full glass of red sitting before them. Alaric was slow to reach for the wine. Too much too soon and he’d make a fool of himself.

“Ah, its closest to Bosco’s border. I’d be in the area after coming here to Fiore. I’d worked with a few locals who suggested the guild so I figured I’d give it a go. Better than trying to find work on your own. Plus, a free place to stay.” The first of the dishes began to come out. Banderillas is what the dish was called. It seemed like an assortment of pickled items. Alaric plucked a baby onion and popped it into his mouth. “That’s pretty delicious.” He mused. He popped a few more items into his mouth as some fresh bread and butter was brought to the table. “What’s your excuse? You seem pretty propper to be in a guild full of hunters and mercs.

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Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) HJqgsC6
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#7Salem E. 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Sun Mar 03, 2024 2:22 pm

Salem E.

Salem listened with rapt attention. Catching and storing a few details of the story away for later. Like the fact that the man was from Bosco, one of the countries he has yet to visit. He passed by the borders on his water route when he left Desierto, even twice when he went to and from Joya. The country itself he had never seen. Salem tried some of the dish before giving his response to the question. He would change some of the liquid properties of the dish to make it sweeter instead of pickled, before putting it in his mouth.

“Hmmm…. My situation is a bit complex. Humanity has a concept of a soul. Which is true to an extent. I was a pure spirit once upon a time. The planet brought me into being in what is present day Desierto. There I was a simple Oasis spirit for the longest time. Like the rest of the spirits I participated in the war against the invaders from the Demon and Seraphim realm. Like most of the others I too was to pretty much perish in that war. I spent many years at my source degrading and pretty much dying as humans put it. Then this body fell into my source and my source replaced the so-called soul of the body. The two had high compatibility so I degraded into a Fae.”

There was a lot of information given out at once. Salem did not hide anything on purpose but he gave a very abridged version of events. It would have been too much to talk about in one sitting anyway. Salem was not worried that his dining buddy would take him as an abomination. The man was a werewolf for pete’s sake. He of all people should be wary of discrimination. He took a much needed sip of his wind and a bit more to eat before adding the rest.

“The body that I have now was already in this guild. I simply followed the string of fate and joined it as well. It was the first step to figuring out what I wanted to do with my newfound life. The rest will come later. What about you wolfman? Any special thoughts, plans, or someone in your future so far?”

Salem would give a dazzling smile that showed off the mischievous glint in his eyes. Depending on how Alaric would answer. Things may go south very quickly.

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#8Alaric Holloway 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Sun Mar 03, 2024 3:25 pm

Alaric Holloway
“Wait, you’re a soul? Or you were a soul? What does that even mean?” Alaric asked with full curiosity, not understanding at all. “But you’ve been to war and you loss, so that’s why you’re Fae now? That’s a weird turn of events. Seems like you could have stayed in your oasis a bit longer if you just left things alone. I’m sure out there you got few travelers anyway. Safe from humans and their nonsense.” The next plate was sat down and to Alaric’s joy, it was two larger legs of chicken smothered in a bright red sauce and diced peppers. “Oh, He grinned “This looks delicious!” He quickly snatched the one closest to him and started tearing into it like the animal he was.

Alaric lacked formal education and even formal etiquette. He was raised by a poor mother who was constantly on the move. He didn’t really socialize too intimately with others until recent years. Always hanging in the shadows of society. “I really didn’t know much about Fae. Interesting way to be born. Did you feel a connection to the guild? Also, why would a Paradise Dawn member be so far away? Weird.” He placed the chicken down and took a few sips from the wine.

“Ah, none really. I don’t socialize too often. Hence me not-so-subtle nature back in the cave.” He reflected on how quick he was to smash those three men in. They didn’t stand a chance. “Any plans I have are made the day of. I’ve got a few things I’d like to tie up but they’re not on a timer. I’ll stick around the guild until its time to move on. I’m sure I’ll ware my welcome there eventually.” He reached for some bread and ate a few bites.

“Say, I heard the master is one of those, um Serphums? Or whatever they’re called. If you went to war with them and nearly died, wouldn’t you not want to mingle in a guild ran by one?”

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Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) HJqgsC6
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#9Salem E. 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Sun Mar 03, 2024 6:21 pm

Salem E.

It was an answer that seemed oblivious to the flirtation. Not that Salem minded too much. The were’s worked more on emotion so it was not surprising. If Alaric develops interest then he may just act on it in the future. That made the appetizer taste a bit better as he ate it down. He neatly dabbled his mouth after finishing.

Freezing stiff Salem had to mentally replay the last moment. He was sure he heard right when Alaric said the guild leader was a Seraphim. Salem held no love for the species and would be disappointed if it was true. Not that he was super attached to the guild. He simply joined because it is where his body came from.

“Hmm…. I do not recall that rumor. It could be true but I would need to see and find out.” Salem was trying not to let that stress him out or ruin his date. “I would prefer a lighter topic than planning a possible mutiny. To a degree I am more of an interesting kind. Besides, you do not need to worry about manners. You are cool the way you are. Would it be weird if I say I prefer it? I can be the fancy me and you can be the cool you.”

The smell of a sumptuous meal hit his nose. He ordered a rare dish for himself. It was a desertian snake cooked in various spices, it came with the soft desertian rice underneath. It had a strong scent to it that could tickle the noise.

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#10Alaric Holloway 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Thu Mar 07, 2024 8:44 am

Alaric Holloway
The mood shifted. Alaric could tell something was off but he was unaware that his words would have caused such a response from the Fae. Perhaps, he shouldn’t have mentioned that the master was of the angelic race. He found it odd that a high rank in the guild was unaware of that fact. Perhaps, Salem was like him and a loner? Outside of him and Lumi, at least currently, there were no others in the guild he associated with. There was that guy that picked a spar with him but that wasn’t too interesting. Feeling like it was the right thing to do, Alaric reached across the table and placed a hand on Salem’s forearm. “I’m sorry if that rilled you up. Not my intent.” as he pulled back his hand he returned it to the chick thigh he had been munching on.

As another plate was brought to the table, Alaric’s eyes lit up. Steak. “Well, I’m glad you feel that way.” He snickered as he stabbed the meat with his utensil and pulled it from the plate. With a mouth full of meat, he continued their conversation. “So, you knew those people from earlier, right? Have you dealt with them before? I’ve only been taking requests from the guild lately. I’ve not really built too much of a report with many people.” He finished chewing and took a sip of his wine.

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Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) HJqgsC6
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#11Salem E. 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Sat Mar 09, 2024 1:04 am

Salem E.

Salem raised an eyebrow at the riled up comment and apology. “It is very much alright. I was not really upset because I did not know about it myself. Seeing is believing and all. No need to apologize. Not like I am going to bite you for that.” He gave as a quick reply. A spoon full of meat topped over fragrant rice, practically made him arrive in his pants. It was so good that he could have cried. He even almost forgot he was with company until Alaric spoke again.

It took Salem twenty seconds to figure out what Alaric was talking about. The food distracted him and he did not consider the cultists in question important. He had never heard of them before and did not really feel like being bothered by them. It was not like humans paid attention to every roach they did with.

“Nope. Not the people casting death spells in robes. That should be investigated I guess. The only ones I knew were the ones sitting down. One was a village chief from a previous mediation. The others were his lackeys. He was pulling some shady stuff so he was punished before. This time it was even worse for his village. I would not be surprised if he was overthrown or killed by the robes in retaliation.”

Salem talked about the chief being dealt with, in the same town that people talked about the weather. He simply did not know when or how he died. Except if it was too interesting he probably would have enjoyed a painting of it. His food was important to him. Salem was putting it away with great gusto, while still being able to chat. He really wanted to see his desert.

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#12Alaric Holloway 

Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) Empty Wed Mar 20, 2024 10:39 am

Alaric Holloway
Salem was like the sea itself. On the surface, things may seem smooth and calm but underneath things were churning. Alaric could feel the shift in the man’s mood and smell the scent of something that was not there a moment before. Alaric shifted his position back in his seat, crossing his arms as Salem talked about the men from the caverns. “Investigate? Hmm, seems like a lot of work for somebody so weak. Interrogate seems like the better route, eh?” His brutish side was showing again. He wasn’t the only brute, Salem’s darker side was showing with his indifference to the death of the chief. Alaric had to appreciate that side of him.

As the two’s meal was coming to an end, Alaric was feeling something sweet and sadly, he didn’t think Salem was on the menu tonight. First date after all. Was this a date? Was it the first? They had eaten before while on that stupid fake justice request. Was he overthinking things? This wasn’t a date, was it? It was just two teammates meeting up for some dinner and drinks. Salem was just a flirt, he was a fae after all. What was that saying about faes, something about the face of an angel but the soul of a demon? Tricksters. “Meh, if you’re gonna be sketchy and manipulative, you better have a damn good escape plan. I’ve not known many of these folks out in the woods to be too forgiving. Its an eat-or-be-eaten world, not like the comfy streets of the bigger cities in the south.”

As the two finished their meals, Alaric felt more comfortable around Salem. He offered up a simple evening stroll to burn off all the wine and food they had consumed and maybe end up at a local bakery for something to satisfy both their sweet tooth. He had enjoyed himself today, both in their mission and now at their date, that’s probably not a date, date. He felt like Salem was interested in him but only time would tell. Alaric knew for certain, he would be requesting Salem’s presence again soon. Maybe this time the two could find a request a ways away and need some sort of lodging.

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Eat the food or eat me. Either way someone should get stuffed. (Private Alaric/Salem) HJqgsC6
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