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Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ)

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#1Salem E. 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Sat Feb 24, 2024 9:58 am

Salem E.

Salem waited patiently at the edge of the forest. He accepted a mission to mediate a trade deal. It was normally no big deal, but Salem has a foreboding feeling about it. He elected to sign Alaric up for the mission and have his company with him. It would be better than heading into the unknown where the last mediator went missing. Salem would rather not underestimate the villagers and view himself as immortal. He was self confident but he also spent a long time in a coma. His learning curve was active.

The shine from his tiara reflected the rays of the morning sun. He was in full gear with his staff in hand and his armor being worn nicely on his body. He was practicing a new cleaning spell that made bathing and maintenance so much easier.

“I wonder how long it will take for my partner to get here?”  Salem asked loudly, not being too pressed about the fact that he was alone.


#2Alaric Holloway 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Sat Feb 24, 2024 11:29 am

Alaric Holloway
Alaric and Bron walked through the thick forest toward the recommended rendezvous spot from Salem. Honestly, he looked a bit goofy with his large horned helmet, yellow-orient-inspired garb, and unmatching fist weapons wrapped around either hand. It might have been silly looking but from what he could inspect, these items had some decent benefits for him—enough for him to overlook the silliness of it all.

He had arrived in the forest two days ago and had been doing a bit of his own reconnaissance. He wasn’t the fastest wolf in the woods but he was able to easily evade any suspecting eyes. As he walked under the sparse leaves, he picked up a familiar scent. It was akin to a warm, humid breeze. Salem. He made his way another few minutes through the trees until they broke to a large opening. There, Salem and their client stood. “Sorry if I’m late. Got a bit sidetracked.” He spoke as he emerged from the forest’s shadows. “Shall we get going?” He nudged his body back towards the trees.

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Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) THOXIZP
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#3Salem E. 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Sat Feb 24, 2024 3:14 pm

Salem E.

Salem was breathing in the mana around him. He could mainly sense the ones from nature and water but they were prevalent here. He breathed in and out the fresh batches of air. Revitalizing his mind and body. His eyes opened when Alaric spoke to him.

“Only a bit and it is better late than ever.” Salem raised an eyebrow when he looked at Alaric. He looked a lot more interesting than what he remembered. Like if there was a certain wild edge to him now, or maybe it was always there just not as covered as it was before.

“I got the location for the rendezvous. It is supposed to be an agreed upon spot built for peace. Apparently, I would like it.” Which was another point that Salem found suspicious after he accepted the mission. “The contractor was suspicious. Hope you are fast enough to keep up this time.”

The fae sat on his staff lifting his feet off the ground. Then shot off into the forest. He made it to a grove of trees woven into a circle as if a door made into the underground. Two squads from two tribes stood on either side.

“We are here representing the guild as the requested mediators.” Salem gave a smile and started to follow the lead of two guards into the underground cavern.

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#4Alaric Holloway 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Sun Feb 25, 2024 8:31 am

Alaric Holloway
Alaric noticed Salem’s eyes looking at him up and down. Perhaps he also thought he looked a fool with this hodgepodge mess of equipment that he wore. He decided to ignore it and turn back toward the woods as if he were expecting another to follow him out. Maybe he was just paranoid? He didn’t smell anything out there besides some animals. No humans or anything else. “Suspicious? Eh, we should be able to handle anything out in this area of the forest. I haven’t seen any signs of a large group of people or animals. We just need to keep our wits about us and not get too separated.”

Salem’s comment on him being to keep up made Alaric chuckle a bit. He wasn’t able to fly still like Salem could but he felt that his natural speed would be able to outpace the fairy. Something about his frame didn’t scream physically fit to Alaric. Not that Salem was out of shape or anything. He was just a thin thing. Probably not too focused on the physical side of life and are more magic base, not too uncommon among mages. “Don’t worry, I’ll manage.” He gave a snicker. Once Salem led the way, Alaric stayed in hot pursuit.

Reaching the meeting point, Alaric picked up the scent of others. “Keep sharp.” He muttered under his breath, just enough that Salem would be able to hear him. Guards stood outside a dimly light cavern entrance. Alaric was wary of going underground. His magic wasn’t the best in closed situations plus the air below always played tricks on his nose. It was harder to pinpoint things down there. “You sure about going in there?” He warily asked Salem.

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Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) THOXIZP
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#5Salem E. 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Sun Feb 25, 2024 9:30 am

Salem E.

“Yep. That was why I called for your muscle on this.”

Salem made a cheeky smile as he replied to Alaric. He was still following the guards underground. They made their way through a tunnel that was adorned with glowing fungi. They cast enough light to make sure that everyone could see without problems. It was actually really pretty to see, in the pale green light.

“Whoa. I have not seen glowshrooms in some time. Most people don’t cultivate them. The growing conditions are simple but they have just not been in use. They are really pretty.”

The Fae would make small talk with Alaric. Imparting him with some cool fae knowledge and facts about himself. It was the second meeting. He figured he could trust him some. The muscle definition he put on a bit did help with the trust building.

They would come to a large room adorned with various tapestries and the like. The table was round and the two groups could be seen. One group had looked like a normal tribe that did not stand out much. The other looked a lot more creepy, there were four people sitting at the table with a group of people in dark clocks behind them. Something about them gave Salem a tingly feeling. The four people at the table looked vaguely familiar to him.

“We are happy to see you again at a mediation Mister Emir. I hope you can help us like you did last time. Feel free for you and your associate to take a seat.” Salem did not have to have fairy eyes to sense the disdain and anger in the man’s voice. It was then that Salem remembered the face.

“I think you should prepare for us to get attacked when we sit.” Salem spoke softly enough for Alaric to hear him as they moved. Salem made sure his lips did not move much as he sat down calmly. A playful smile on his face.

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#6Alaric Holloway 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Sun Feb 25, 2024 2:27 pm

Alaric Holloway
Alaric let Salem lead the way into the cavern, he was followed by one of the guards. Alaric caught his smell, blood. Not what he was hoping for today. The light faded from natural to an odd fluorescent as they entered the cave. The eerie color washed over the space. Salem was the first to remark. “I’m not one to really pay attention to these sort of things. Never needed light in the dark.” He remarked. His comment made the guard behind him make an odd sound, as if he was coughing but only because he willed himself to.

The party entered the large cavern room and Alaric noticed the smell of blood was much thicker here. While brassieres scattered across the room generated some light, it was likely not enough for most to see the dark reddish tint the floor held. Salem was wise in asking him to come. Poor thing trapped in a cave like this. His glittery fairy blood might be what was covering the floor next.

As Salem sat, Alaric placed his left hand on Salem’s seat’s back. “I’m more of a standard than a sitter.” He said in a firm but quiet tone. “Seeing how you’re already acquaintances, I’ll leave the negotiations to Salem.” He said, his presence not to be ignored in the room. Salem’s warning already had him itching and eager for combat. In this small of a space, magic would not be his friend. His hand squeezed the back of the chair tightly, waiting with anticipation.

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Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) THOXIZP
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#7Salem E. 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Wed Feb 28, 2024 6:14 am

Salem E.

Salem shrugged and allowed Alaric to stand. ]“Well since we were called and I already have some experience. I guess I will work as the arbitrator for this mediation specifically. What seems to be the problem with this trade going through. We will start with the perspective of side A.”

The story was not anything surprising from Side A. It seemed that while they were scared they really were trying to get trade going through with their village. It was not surprising to say the least. That meant that whatever fuckery that was going on, would come from the same village he had to threaten last time. It was oddly suspicious to say the least that this time they were letting the others talk without interrupting them.

]“Alright. I do not believe any lies were told. We will now give the others a chance to explain their side. A decision will be made after both sides have spoken and a discussion is made.” Salem spoke as if he was simply a higher being. Which was easy since he was from his perspective. Humanity should be glad whenever they are in the presence of the fae.

One of the people on Village B’s side started to speak. He was simply interrupted. The head honcho with a carrot up his butt was the one that pitched in. He started going off about respect, the embarrassment he suffered last time, some more evil dialogue then he got to the point. Talked about the power that he found to save his village, overthrow the guild and take over the northern region. The entire time Salem just sat there looking amused it was like a jester was putting on a good show.

]“Obviously, it looks like I will have to rule in favor of the other…..” Salem stopped speaking and narrowed his eyes. The hooded figures in the back made an invisible magic circle that encompassed the room. Salem and his fae eyes noticed it when it was made. He grabbed his staff upon the magic activating, and slammed the butt of it into the ground. It was a large scale restraint spell with some type of drainage. Salem was surprised when the staff stopped the activation in full. It was like the magic was wiped out after the split second it was going to grab them.

]“Targeting guild members by law is punishable. Using dark arts with evil intentions is even worse. Since the ones at the table did not cast they are considered innocent. The people in the back with the dark robes, not so much. Alaric, can you handle those people for me? Anyone that tries to stop you could also be considered an enemy. We can give the group a mini break as you clean up.”

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#8Alaric Holloway 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Wed Feb 28, 2024 7:39 am

Alaric Holloway
Alaric’s eyes were not as sharp as Salem’s, so he did not realize that a magic circle was being used. He did notice that Salem had moved to grab his staff, something he thought was odd. Was Salem going to be the first to use magic during this meeting? It didn’t seem like force was needed at all. Still, once Salem grabbed his staff, Alaric’s body positioning shifted. His eyes darted around the room to try and see if there was a threat he was unaware of. That’s when he noticed the man in the back making some odd hand signs. Salem’s magic nullified the incoming bind ability.

“I believe that attacking a guildmember charged with an official request can even be met with lethal force, right Salem?”

He had already moved himself slightly around the table. The eyes of those sitting and standing were both on him. Some of the men in the robes started to make a shuffle as if they were readying another spell. Alaric’s eyebrows lowered to a frown. “I wouldn’t do that.” Before he took another step, a blast of fire slammed into his chest. He took a step back from the force of the blast but it was nothing that caused too much concern for the wolf.

Alaric paused and looked at them once more before letting out a long sigh. “Sit tight Salem.” His voice became gruff as his stature began to change. His height grew steadily as fur began to sprout from his skin. His eyes shifted to a bright yellow color. He restrained himself the best he could but he was able to slip into a partial transformation. As the group readied another spell, Alaric had closed the distance to them and slammed the closest man’s skull into the wall behind him. As his body fell limply to the ground, Alaric’s eyes shifted to the next man. A low growl emitted from the back of his throat. “Should I take them all out Salem, or do you think they’ll play nice?” Before answering, Alaric snatched the next hooded figure up by his neck and pinned him against the wall, preventing him from moving any further.

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Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) THOXIZP
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#9Salem E. 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Wed Feb 28, 2024 7:32 pm

Salem E.

A werewolf. The partner he was traveling with was a werewolf. That was so cool. Salem could admit that a werewolf was a better deal than a human. It made Alaric look cooler than he was. Like some type of mythical beast from ancient times. Looking at Alaric rip and do his thing. Salem licked his lips because of the beast. A gentle outward and a real beast on the inside.

“Uh. Anyone but the ones sitting down. As they say in the casino. Dealer’s choice..” Salem was so busy checking out the fur that he almost missed answering Alaric. He needed to distract himself from the cool were that was putting in some work. “Just let me know when you finish up. I feel like this deal should go a lot faster when you are done.”

Salem sat back in his chair and would simply watch. The other tribe huddled together a bit terrified. They have seen carnage but they were not expecting this. An ill fated trap and a reversal so fast that it could make a head spin.

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#10Alaric Holloway 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Thu Feb 29, 2024 6:50 am

Alaric Holloway
Alaric had only partially transformed into his were form but could already feel his strength surge. The man he had pinned to the wall squirmed to try and free himself but Alaric’s grip was too strong. He felt a blast of ice strike his gut and looked down seeing that the man had summoned some form of ice dagger. Alaric’s flesh and the armor he wore saw that he never felt a thing. Salem gave him the clear to keep the hooded cultist in place while he wrapped things up with the negotiation. Thank god he was here, Alaric would have probably swept the others into the fray if left to his own devices. He snarled at the man whose neck was wrapped around his hands. He leaned in, his face morphing more and more into that of a wolf.

“You hear that? Dealer’s choice.” His grip tightened and he felt the bones in the neck of the man starting to give. All he needed was a bit more pressure and he’d be a limpless body on the ground. Alaric could feel the blood flowing telling him to do it but something in the back of his mind held him back. He heard the man gasping and released his grip causing the man to drop to the ground incapacitated and likely with a broken collarbone.

The one who tried to cast the original invisible spell was using his magic once more. Alaric was unaware as his eyes could not see the unseen but he could tell by the hand movements that something was being done. He took a step forward towards the man but felt his body become sluggish. He felt as if the ground was rising up and dragging him down towards it. He looked down but saw nothing but the feeling in his legs was there. He grunted and pushed his way through the feeling. The man took a step back but with a snap of his fingers, Alaric blasted the man towards him and met him with a closed fist to his face. This prompted the man to fall to the ground as well and the feeling in his legs to dissipate.

Alaric was now the last one standing on that side of the room. He felt his mind calming down and he slowly reverted his body to his more humanesque-looking form. He firmly placed both hands on the back neck of each of the closest men to him. “I think you were wrapping up with the negotiations. Isn’t that right, Salem?” He asked his counterpart as his form fully reverted back to his human side. Small bags under his eyes had formed. He was still not fully use to shifting like this, so casually. It took a lot of mental power more than physical to keep himself from slipping away completely.

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Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) THOXIZP
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#11Salem E. 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Thu Feb 29, 2024 7:32 am

Salem E.

Applause filled the air as Salem clapped very enthusiastically. The prowess that was displayed was amazing. “Alaric, that was amazing. We can talk about the stellar performance. Hopefully, over dinner tonight, on me to any place you want.” Salem said in a flirtatious manner. The room was otherwise so silent you could hear the bugs crawling.

“Anyway. About the trade deal. We will be granting side A all the terms that were requested. You three can simply agree seeing as how we let you live after that little stunt. When in fact wiping out your village would be just as easy. Except this mediation would not benefit the others that were wrapped in, as well as that other village.”

The air was a little less stifling as the agreement was signed. Salem was happy that the job was easy to accomplish. It made the work so much easier to have Alaric alone. Salem was thinking that he would not mind having a partner after all. That and maybe the wolf man could be his version of a lucky charm. He would turn in the mission and hopefully get to see Alaric for that dinner.


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#12Alaric Holloway 

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) Empty Fri Mar 01, 2024 6:08 pm

Alaric Holloway
As Alaric’s mind and body relaxed he was suddenly jolted by the applause from Salem. It took him aback. “Oh, um thank you. “ He gave a small blush at the sudden attention on him. Alaric stood there in silence with nothing but a small smile on his face as Salem wrapped up the negotiations, more like demands. He watched as the remaining men at the table tensed up over the terms of the arrangement but Alaric could only pay attention to Salem. Once things had settled and the terms were clarified, the two guild members left. As they walked away from the meeting. Alaric spoke to his counterpart to clarify what was suggested in the cave. “So, dinner?” He glanced over to Salem and gave a playful grin. The two would plan where they would meet and when. Alaric left the forest with more than what he had originally intended for.

Trade Deals with Cultists never go well (Alaric/Salem B rank NQ) THOXIZP
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