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Blood of the Wolf

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#1Alaric Holloway 

Blood of the Wolf Empty Thu 22 Feb 2024, 00:17

Alaric Holloway

Blood may disown you and you may disown it but the two of you are never apart.

Name: Blood of the Wolf

Difficulty: Long Quest

Participants: Alaric Holloway

Alaric Holloway's past is a tapestry of secrets and betrayal, woven with threads of darkness and despair. Abandoned by his father and shunned by his mother, Alaric's quest for answers leads him on a perilous journey through the heart of Bosco and beyond. With the celestial comet casting its ominous glow upon the world, Alaric seeks to confront the demons of his past and uncover the truth behind his tortured existence.

Guided by a chance encounter with a tradesman from Bosco, Alaric learns of his mother's whereabouts and sets out to confront her in the secluded village where she resides. Along the way, he traverses bustling marketplaces, treacherous borderlands, and the hallowed halls of his father's ancestral manor, each step bringing him closer to the dark secrets that have haunted him for a lifetime.

As Alaric delves deeper into the heart of darkness, he uncovers a web of deception and betrayal that threatens to consume him. With each revelation, he draws closer to the ultimate truth—and the final reckoning that awaits him in the shadows.

  • Track down and confront Alaric's mother in the secluded village of Worthwoodsea.
  • Cross the border into Bosco and uncover the truth behind his father's betrayal.
  • Discover his father's manor and discover a sick policy his father had in place regarding werewolves.
  • Kill his father, his younger half-brother, and the forces that seek to deny him his and the werewolf's right to live within the forests.
  • Confront his mother in a final showdown, bringing closure to a lifetime of pain and betrayal.
  • Gain full access to his true werewolf potential by unlocking Mhardoc's transformation (already have unlocked req. wise haven't story-wise)
  • Take control of his family's ancestral estate.

Base Rewards:
  • 68 Stats
  • 3,500 Infamy
  • 2,750,000 Jewels
  • 114,000 EXP

Total Quest = 5x A-ranks + 3x S-ranks

Storyline Rewards:
  • Von Grenzwald Estate: Alaric will seize control over the estate of his father and control it and the small border town. The total town's population ranges less than five hundred, most being dedicated to the actual role of keeping the border well protected and not under Alaric's direct command.
    • This is a Holding Tier Real Estate

  • Von Grenzwald Minor Noble Title: After killing his father and brother, Alaric will be able to keep a tight seal on what happened. He will be able to ascend to the title of current Lord Von Grenzwald.

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This storyline has been approved to start.

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