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New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael

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New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 2:14 pm

Mielle was trudging along in the snow, questioning exactly why the heck she suggested this. The woman was very happy to run into Sally again after they separated in Magnolia. She had immediately roped Sally into their shared guild events in the name of interguild relationships and birly bonding. To justify that Mielle signed them up for a random guild event. She only now realized the error in that.

Mielle was shivering as the two girls trudged through the snow, supposedly competing with each other in a cooking contest. "How the heck are we supposed to find any ingredients and cook them while it's so damn cold!" Mielle fumes, looking around while carrying cooking supplies loaned to them for the event. She was so tiny it was harder for her to walk in the snow, and she didn't want to waste mana by summoning a hand to carry her, just in case they came across a monster or something. 

"Sorry Sally, I thought this would be more fun." Mielle says, turning to the other girl.


New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Mon Feb 05, 2024 12:44 pm

"Good question! I dont know. I mean usually magic is good to help. Though I doubt zapping the ingredients will help us. Do you have any cool magic that can help us?" she would ask Mielle as they were in this event. All in all the girls were seemingly having a rough time.

Sally was inexperienced with this, a climbing cookout. It was the weirdest thing she probably experienced, so of course she was lost and didnt know where to start
"Do you think we need to fetch some help?" it seemed as if alone they didnt make the cut. So what was their next order of action, the solution. Seriously how do they find the stuff they need. She didnt know even where to start. Either Mielle is holding out on her with some amazing magic that would blow this challengr out of the water or they need an ace to help them

#3Michael Winters 

New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Mon Feb 05, 2024 12:54 pm

Michael Winters
Michael was bored, minding his own business and just kinda loafing around. He wasnt really partaking much in these events, mostly because he was a lone wolf. Pun semi intended. He was essentially picky with the people he hangs around with. Not willing to be friendly with just anyone. Hence why he rather observed instead of interacted. He wanted to avoid people because he believed it just wouldnt go well.

He then heard a voice. He recognized that as Mielle's voice. The small cute doll girl that hit him. He swears the girl kicked his funny bone because when she kicked him he just wanted to laugh at how cute it was. But of course he held back. He was ready to shrug off the girl and leave her be, until he heard another voice. One that piqued his interest a much one.

So he went to check out to see what it was. And surely enough when he arrived to the scene he saw her. He didnt even hide to peek, nah he just flat out approached in a bit of a surprise to see who he saw

"Its you"
"Its you"
They both said as they pointed to one another

"Sally? What are you doing here?" he asked stil a bit surprised by the scene
"Oh Im part of Fairy Tail and Im doing a climbing cookout with my new friend here. What are you doing here?"
"Im actually part of the Blue Pegasus"
"Whaaa? No way. I thought you hated that guild and called it girly or something.... well... a lot of somethings"
Michael just coughed as if cleared his throat and murmuring "Well clearly things changed" but then he spoke up to change the subject "So yeah, climbing cookout. Do you need any help. Im sure I can help?"
"Oh we need to find ingredients and stuff"
"Okay?... what are the ingredients?" he spoke as he placed his hands on his hips and then looked at Mielle. Looks like he will get to interact with the new girl after all.


New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 1:16 am

"Maybe," Mielle admits reluctantly to Sally's words. "I'm a seamstress, not a survivalist, and my summons can only help us grab things. Maybe we should ask the guild masters?" Mielle suggests, looking back at the way they came. Then she turned another way as she heard steps, hackles raised, ready for a possible fight. But to her surprise, it was just a guildmate of hers. Micheal was it? Honestly after that introduction, Mielle was rather embarrassed to see him again, and maybe a bit grumpy at his time with Sally being interrupted by such a rude guy. But her time quickly changed as her friend and Mr. Rude recognized each other.

The doll's head whipped from one person to the other as they talked. For a moment Mielle looked enraged at the idea of Micheal insulting her beloved Blue Pegasus in the past. But her face was quickly changed into a dumbfounded look after Micheal offered to help the girls. "What, really?! You want to help??" Mielle says, gaping at the man. You didn't need to be a master of conservation to know this guy was downright antisocial, especially compared to everyone else in Blue Pegasus. In all of their wild parties, he was basically a cryptid, mentioned but never seen, despite everyone knowing he was in town. Okay. maybe she was exaggerating, but still, wild. Also, this intimidating guy knew sweet, friendly Sally? She needed the deets on this. "Wait, wait, first off, who the heck you you guys know each other? And not know you were both in Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail respectively?? Aren't our guilds, like, super close?" The doll asks, looking at both of them, eyes demanding answers.


New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 1:31 am

When Mielle asked how come they didnt know they were in these guilds considering how close they were, as well how did they know eachother, Sally spoke the answer from her part "I'd say we were childhood friends, but that seems too early. Lets go with teenager friends. We spent time together during our teen years and did a lot of trouble in Magnolia. You know rebellious teen stuff and pushing the limits" though they did push limits a bit too much which did break things up.

"But he left to travel Fiore last I heard and I stayed my life previously only in Magnolia, only a few months ago joining Fairy Tail. I havent heard news from Michael in years, like 6 or 7 years maybe" Sally explained her part that she could and then let Michael speak his own version and part to Mielle about it. Though she was glad to see an old familiar face

#6Michael Winters 

New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 1:46 am

Michael Winters
"Yeah, really. I wanna help" he said with a nonchalant shrug. As he really didnt mind. He figured he was good at finding stuff. Mielle then asked them how did they know about one another and how did they not know about being in guilds. Sally did explain most of the stuff

"Yeah, we were part of a friend group. But we split" and then he said his own version how come he didnt know Sally was in the guild. He crossed his arms as he looked at Mielle and spoke "Sally has her numbers off. I left when i was like 19 or 20. Sally was originally part of my ex's friend group. And while I am cool with Sal. Things got bad and I just needed to go. So for a good 5 years I just roamed Fiore from town to town, living in inns and doing quests and jobs to get money. I didnt want to join a mage guild, because unlike her over there, I dont have magic. So I didnt think I was suited to go into a mage guild. Didnt seem right. But Alisa, the Guild Master asked me to join. I did refuse her at first, but after meeting another Blue Pegasus mage, I joined when she asked me. I figured if they want me to join that much I'd do it. I needed some security on where to live"
He didnt join because he liked or believed in the guild, but because the guild master and her wife invited him to join. And he needed financial and housing security. Thats not to say he didnt grow fond of it. He liked some members, hated others.

"Anywho, enough chatter. What do I need to find for you ladies" he wasnt sure if he answered Mielles question or got sidetracked. But he was willing to help find the ingredients as he was good at that. He just needed Mielle to tell him what exactly was he looking for


New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Tue Feb 13, 2024 10:08 pm

Mielle's eyebrow raises as the two continue to explain their shared history to her. Teen rebels huh? Well, Mielle would like to say she's surprised, but honestly, she'd not. Well, maybe a tad for Sally? At least in demeanour. The young woman always seemed so hesitant when they interacted, like she was constantly worried about saying the wrong thing and paying attention to Mielle's reactions. No, that wasn't an accurate way to describe Sally, but it was close, Mielle thinks. In terms of fashion sense, she was definitely a rebel, but that always felt more like a stereotyping. But now Mielle knew it was accurate.

Micheal being a rebel though? Ya, that Mielle could believe easily. 

"Well, I guess I'm happy for you guys?" Mielle says, still a tad baffled. She was happy to get a bit of Micheal and Sally lore though, even if she didn't know Micheal that well, and frankly didn't like him much. But those feelings could change, and Mielle should take this as an opportunity to not only help these wayward friends bond again, but get closer to them herself.

In light of that decision, Mielle claps her hands together. "To celebrate your guy's happy reunion, let's get this show on the road!" She pulls out a sheet of paper from her skirt pocket and reads it over again. "So technically this is supposed to be a contest between us. Try to find ingredients and see who can prepare the best meal." Mielle says while dubiously looking around the snowy mountain tundra. "But I dunno about that. Uh, how about instead of each dish being the best, it's whoever gets the best ingredient? So we can all enjoy like, a soup or something? Like, hmmmmm..." Mielle thinks, looking at the other two. "How about Mikey here gets us some meat and prepares it while Sally and I try to forage for other ingredients for a stew? I think the kit included some seasonings and stuff." She said, patting the cooking supplies that she's been carrying, the pack almost as tall as she is. "How about that?"


New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Wed Feb 21, 2024 8:55 am

"I like it! Lets combine our skills to make the best team based meal! We'll beat anyone!" Mielle suggested Michael gets the meat and prepares it, while Sally and her go and get other ingredients like seasonings and stuff. She nodded and spoke "Im down with that"

Sally didnt mind going to look for ingredients with Mielle, she hoped they could find it as they had a bit of trouble before running into Michael. Speaking of, she knew he could help them, considering he was a werewolf and had a keen sense of smell, he could track any ingredient they need. Although she didnt wanna spill Michaels lil secret considering he was picky with who knew what he was. But she was sure they could work in a way. Plus Mielle seemed super cool, Sally thinks she's cool enough to know. Then again it was all up to Michael

#9Michael Winters 

New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Wed Feb 21, 2024 9:04 am

Michael Winters
Michael shrugged and said "Sure. What specific meat do you need?" he asked as he drew his knife, showing that he is prepared for a hunt and meat preparation.
He had the easy job, granted anything in the wilderness was an easy job for him, hence why he offered to help the two ladies. And consdiering one of them was his guild mate and another was an old friend, he was more inclined to help them.

He just needed Mielle to tell him what specific meat or animal she wanted and he would hunt it down and prepare it for her and her soup. Hopefully the ladies would get their ingredients as fast as he hunts, because he doesnt wanna leave the meat out in the open as he waits for them to do the foraging. Though, maybe if its on his way he could help that too... Maybe. Who knows


New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Sun Mar 17, 2024 11:26 pm

Mielle gave a grin and a double thumbs up to Sally and her enthusiasm. "Awesome! Don't get lost, and if you encounter anything scary, just scream really loud, kay?" she says to the other girl, half-joking, half-serious, before turning to Michael.

Mielle put her hands on her hips and thought for a bit, tapping her foot. "Hmmmm... maybe a boar?" she suggested to the man, eyeing the knife. She was a tad jealous at his ease of use with the thing, mostly since she was terrible with any weapon herself. "Or a rabbit if that's too tough. We really don't need a ton of meat anyway. But something that would give good bone broth is good. You'd definitely earn extra points that way, haha!" she said with a grin. "Not sure if this is cheating or not, but if it's okay with you guys, can I use a summon to help me dig for roots or something? And move around? I'm tiny so it's hard for me to even walk in this snow." She asked the two before they all scattered.

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New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Fri Mar 29, 2024 3:50 am

Sally nodded "Right, so we all have our duties" when Mielle asked if its like cheating if she used a summon or something, Michael replied "Naah, go for it. Besides, you have me in your team after all" his logic was that in a way they were already 'cheating' since he was helping them, so she shouldnt fret about getting more assistance even if it was via magic.

Sally gave the two a nod and said that she'd be off as she went off to search for the stuff needed for their meal, leaving the two Blue Pegasus members together all alone. She wanted to go on and find the ingredients so they can make their meal. Looking around ever so carefully, she would eventually hear a loud and monstrous roar or a howl. She knew what that was, she just hoped that Mielle wouldnt be spooked hearing it

#12Michael Winters 

New Friends, Old Faces [FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Sally/Michael  Empty Fri Mar 29, 2024 3:55 am

Michael Winters
Mielle said a boar was fine, or a bunny, which made him snicker. But fine he'll do as she wished. When Mielle worried if using her magic was cheating he'd reassure her that it was fine and that she shouldnt worry about it. Sally would leave to start her search, and he'd gesture her with his head in which direction to go, giving her a hint

So it was just him and Mielle now "I guess I should go hunting. Unless you want me to help you find your ingredients too?" if Mielle wanted him to stay, he'd help her look for it and then after that go for the meat. But if not he would make his leave and make a bit of distance from the ladies so he can transform into his werewolf form with a powerful howl and a swift four legged run towards his prey, a boar.
Its why he wanted to help with the plant search too. He had a good nose, like a canine to sniff out what they needed. But he didnt wanna overtly say it.

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