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The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko)

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The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Thu Dec 07, 2023 5:09 am

Vex had invited Miriko to come to the island and see the beauty of the islands natural forest and the creatures in it are harmless so the painter wouldn't be in any danger here plus maybe she might see something that will inspire her or help her to enjoy this place. Vex was glad that the island seemed to be having a more middle of the road day so it wouldn't be too hot or cold for the painter as Vex knows that the woman has some issues with the weather so she had taken a bit of a risk on inviting the painter to the island and to come to the forest.

Vex looked at the clouds as she watched them go over head and she wondered if the woman would really come to the island and join her or if this was just a wasted effort and another misstep she has made in her life. She doesn't think that Miriko would just ignore the invite if she wasn't going to come but she needed to make sure that she didn't blame Miriko if she didn't come because this was an out of the blue invite and Vex knows that the painter is a more nervous woman.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Fri Dec 08, 2023 9:07 am

What better way to actually get Miriko places, then places where she could just watch things. After all Miriko liked going to place where she could paint and draw things. The invite was a simple thing for her to go to. Thus Miriko was already on her way there. Over all Miriko was not attempting to hide she was not the stealthy type.

With the sounds of grass being moved was most likely the sound expected from animal walking on grass, It was Alistair carrying Miriko as he always over to the place he was told to bring her too.

So eventually Miriko did arrive with her normal array of Miriko art and painting things. It was all things set up to have a normally happy Miriko day. Everything was all going as planned and Miriko might be in for a decent day today. The Forest was a safer part to bring Mimi there was enough shade to prevent being overheating and still warm enough to manage to not be cold.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Sun Dec 10, 2023 8:45 am

Vex had heard the big animal moving through the forest and at first she thought that maybe something had decided to come and hunt in the forest away from the island they were usually on and she had her hand resting on her dagger just incase of it being the case and she hoped that Miriko had not gotten caught in it's path if she was coming. Then she saw it, she saw Alistair and she knew that they were fine then she saw Miriko and she waved. "Good to see you could make it."

Vex was not sure that she had really said the right thing there but for now they were out her to just enjoy the outdoors and the simple things of life while they can. Vex is not sure of how Miriko feels or even sees her as so she might be able to lightly ask and see if Miriko might actually be interested in her but she doesn't want to be too over obvious about it and scare Miriko with it. "How are you feeling today?"


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Tue Dec 12, 2023 1:20 pm

It was something that Miriko was going to try and make the best of, most likely not being that hard to since Miriko did manage these things pretty well. When she was prepared anyway. Given Vex let Miriko time to she was prepared." Only had just had some minor things to look over for over all work. But generally maybe it will be good to out and do things."Miriko most likely had been head long in work always she always was.

But she would get off of Alistair since it had been a long travel most likely for her, Even if she did not do the walking she did need a break form it all."I am fairly content now days, I am trying to work on sleeping better now days after a few longer evenings awake from losing track of time."Miriko seemed to be trying to some what live a slightly more healthier life. Only because she knew how bad she could be at the time.

Then looking around the woods. Then figured it was safe to ask."But how are you doing?"Miriko asked because it was fair to do so.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Wed Dec 13, 2023 3:34 am

Vex smiled at hearing that the woman was going good and that she had been keeping herself busy with work and other things as well as trying to get some better amounts of sleep it was something that Vex had honestly worried about as the woman is very passionate for her art and she did seem a bit forgetful if not having someone to remind her of the things that she should be doing. "I have been good, ended up switching guilds so I am getting use to being in a new place and new people and not fall back into bad habits." She was just being honest about it as she had went from a dark guild to a neutral guild and she is still getting use to not just being looked down on though some people are still scared of her when they see her.

"It feels very peaceful out here. How are you doing as well Alistair?" Vex looked to the big beast as she needed to make sure that he was doing well and if need be she could help heal or ease his pains for him.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Thu Dec 14, 2023 6:24 pm

Vex was changing her life around, Sadly Miriko did not entirely remember what all her previous guild was about if she even tried to recall it off hand. Miriko was a simple being at times however she merely looked at the work in front of her compared to remembering a lot of things that happen to be mentioned in passing once during meet a while a go. Miriko might have gotten a lot of things on her mind that it was kind of something she forgot.

But Vex wouldn't take that to heart hopefully."Oh....well forgive me...i entirely forgot you where in a guild..."Miriko almost sounded embarrassed about it for a moment.

Alistair was paying attention, as always."I am okay, been an interesting few days."Alistair could admit because it had been with some recent events. But they could get on to that later one depending if needed.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Sat Dec 16, 2023 8:02 pm

Vex gently patted and rubbed the artist's back with a soft sweet tone in her voice as she spoke to her."It is fine I rarely ever spoke about me having been part of Eternal Nightmare, so really I am not surprised that you don't remember it." She hoped that the painter would feel a bit better after she had explained her not really stating it out loud a lot so it was not really a bit of info that would really stick in ones memory unless they were scared of Eternal Nightmare or of herself, which she figures that Miriko was not either of those things.

She heard the big cat speak of something having been going on for the last few say and she decided to ask in and interested tone what might have happened. "What had been happening if I might ask to be in the know?" She wouldn't be surprised if she was turned down for knowing but it was still better to ask and be rejected than it was to not ask and them have being willing to tell but not being comfortable enough to just start telling without an okay or an ask from Vex.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Sun Dec 17, 2023 5:54 pm

Miriko seemed to have been worried about something that did not need to be worried about."Ahh good, I did not miss anything then."Miriko said in return. It seemed it would not be her worry for much longer at this point because there was other things on her mind now, much like did she tell her what guild she was in? Did that really matter? Not really but she does think about them.

Alistair seemed to be a bit more sure about herself at this time."We happen to be Stella, during in which I because of people were coming back from the dead....I saw my old owner."Alistair mentioned almost like it still felt like a dream for him to witness it but it was something that happen. But it happen."It seemed not everyone was prepared to see the ones passed on."Alistair also mentioned that too.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Mon Dec 18, 2023 6:57 am

Vex was glad that the painter was seemed to have been relieved of her guilt. Vex did have to wonder if she was doing well or not but she was not sure how to ask if this woman was feeling okay. "Yeah it was not something big I guess and is just a past thing that means nothing now. So where would you like to start today Miriko?" She wondered what the woman would chose to do or if they will just enjoy the forest and sit in the shade as the other woman draws or naps as Alistair had seemed to speak of them having a bit of a strange time as of late.

She looked at the big cat. "Are you telling me that the dead were being messed with? Like called from their rest once more? That seems like a dark magic that shouldn't be, being used so recklessly. Was she as you remembered or was she different from the woman that you had known while she drew breath?" Vex now had a few concerns about if Miriko and Alistair had been tricked into thinking that they had seen the old owner that the big cat had, had lost. Vex also hopes someone isn't needlessly awaking and using spirits against their wills for tasks that were not meant to be meddled with, as she still had a bit of the mind set of a dark mage and she knows that kind of magic and power were something that could do a lot of harm and get many innocent people killed.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Wed Dec 20, 2023 1:51 pm

Good thing Alistair at a witness after all Miriko was in the area at the time with him, in which was easily a really logical thing to remember."It seemed even if their rest of taken away everyone seemed....happy."Alistair said Almost like even he had found it odd it worked out that way. Miriko speaking out about it."It was something kind of unnerving at first."But Miriko was also at times easily scared by most things quite easily. So that was nothing new.

As for what he actually saw. It was summed up pretty well."no doubt it was her. Same personality, emotions, way of acting even her memories where the same too."For Alistair it brought closure and that is something he seemed to enjoy even if he had done it before. But that was an entirely different situation with different people compared to what he spoke about here.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Fri Dec 22, 2023 4:21 am

"Okay I will take your word for it, as I have no idea about it as I was not there." Vex was just going to let it go as if it was real it was real and she was not going to rain on either one of their parades as she knows a lot of weird things have happened in this world that she can't explain. She looks at Miriko and she gets a bit closer to see how she will react to her being closer to her. "It is so pretty out here in this forest, it looks like a kind of paradise." She knows this a bit of a cheap tactic but she wanted to be a bit closer to Miriko and this was one way to do it and she hoped that Miriko will be okay and not start to panic cause Vex got closer to her in this instant. She wonders how far she could go with Miriko, Vex's heart was pounding a bit in her chest as she was scared of what might happen if she misses up here.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Sat Dec 23, 2023 9:51 am

It was pretty here. With Mimi and Alistair seemingly content and happy with being here even with the conversation at hand that was currently on their mind.Alistair wanted to simply ask one thing at least."Do you want me to just sit here while you two talk and did things?" After all they could easily leave Alistair behind and have a return spot."I don't mind at all."

After all Alistair was a wise old cat he knew sometimes people where here for other things and Alistair had a feeling it was the case. But Miriko was not paying that much attention she was using her free time to gather a sketch book and some pencil. For it would not be Miriko if there was some kind of art to be had with her around. Almost like her always thouht about it in that manner of work compared to relaxing.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Mon Dec 25, 2023 1:18 am

Vex giggled lightly at the creatures question of them. "You are free to do as you wish my friend, I am not going to stop or tell you want to do here in this fine and beautiful place." Vex looked to Miriko and she wonders if she should just ask and see what she will say to her. "Hey Mimi have you thought about me at all since that date day?" She was trying to still be a bit reigned in but she was just very curious to if the woman that was here with her had felt anything or was this just Vex feeling something and the other woman not feel it as well, this feeling hits her in the chest a little.

Vex would hope there was something but she also knows she had not tried to court with anyone before so this was one of those rare times that she was more at a lose than her being on her feet doing something that she was fully use to doing like leading or being the woman running around healing and trying to keep things in line for her group she was not sure if she really had any worth out side of the worth she gives herself as there are many things that could come from this but for some reason Vex can only see the worst case scenario ones at the moment. She was unsure if this was from the foresight powers of her companion or the fact she felt like maybe her self confidence was down.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Mon Dec 25, 2023 9:20 am

Alistair for now would just merely elect to stay where he was. After all he was not worried about many things, Miriko was safe with Vex so there was not much else he felt like he needed to do."I will just lounge here then. Been a long trip."Alistair simply liked a reason to be lazy so he left them to be normal people and did their happy things.

Miriko on the other hand, was some what still normally a shatter brain when it comes to some things. She had not thought about much else side from making art, Well not that she would openly admit. Sometimes the desire to see some of her little family did cross her mind. It at least to her was not as simple as saying i miss you mother come visit me.

But when that question was posed she simply said."I have after all I have thought a lot of people around me I value of late."It was a fair answer to give sure she did not really give detail but she did think of it.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Tue Dec 26, 2023 1:20 pm

Vex had thought about what she should say or admit here. Akiza took a deep breath and walked a bit away from Alistair with Mimi. "I guess I should confess... I, Akiza which is my actual birth name like you like you and I invited you out here to enjoy the nature and peace as well as confess to you my feelings for you. I just wanted to be honest with you instead of you just enjoying the day then I ruin it by dropping that on you at the end of the day." She waited to see how Miriko will react and what she will say to her or if Miriko will bow out of spending the day here with her because she doesn't feel the same way or she felt that this was too sudden or something else along those lines as she was nervous about this and confessing it.

Vex knows that there are a lot of people that seemed to want Miriko as she has seen how people talk about her art and t he ways that she is. Vex more came to understand how much she felt about Miriko from the mock date they had done, to see how she would do if Kaito had asked her out only to find out a different woman had hooked Kaito first. She wasn't sure how to feel besides nervous even though she wasn't showing it as to not scare or make Miriko uncomfortable.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Thu Dec 28, 2023 7:15 am

It was an odd game for Akiza she had to figure out hot to openly admit to want to commit to a overly skittish woman. One of the many secrets of Miriko being a flaw in not being taught many things from the result of it. Miriko in some manner was mature, Yet seemed to lack understanding and at times comprehension of a lot of adult things in life that one might have, Even if she was use to it."Akiza? That is a nice name."Miriko said almost like the entire thing did not hit her mind.

She was after all focusing on other things. It was slowly hitting her because Miriko was just how she was normally, mind set in so many other things at one time she did not think of things over all right away. But now it was."Wait....really?"Miriko seemingly was not starting to react as expected.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Wed Jan 03, 2024 12:48 pm

"Yes it is a name name in Joyan it means rose/Bloodred rose with thorns, and in one other language it means healer." Vex finds her real name very fitting as she is pretty like a rose with thorns and she is also a healer both physically and spiritually, so she thinks that she is living up to her name in many ways, she hopes that her mother who had had named her is safe right now as as she knows her mother was unhappy with her father tossing her out to the wolves but she knows she could never return there and risk her mother's life, though she does wonder if her sister and brother are safe as well.

She looked at the woman as she seemed to have finally processed that she had just confessed her feelings to her. "Yes I am interested in seeking a relationship with you. Would you have me as your other?" She looked at Miriko and wonders if she is going to panic and run or if she will give an answer here and now, Vex knows that she doesn't want to rush the woman as there was no need to rush her if she isn't sure. The birds are singing and the wind seemed to be perfect to keep them at a nice temperature to make a picture perfect day for them.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Sat Jan 06, 2024 7:18 am

Given Vex was most likely prepared for all of these. Miriko mannerisms was over all most likely to be expected. Since Miriko was not prepared after all she seemed to have too many things in her mind and she did not expected some one to over all feel this way about Miriko, She was use to be adored and looked up and viewed in high regard in terms of beauty and fame. Some manner praise was normal.

But it was almost like Miriko was not sure how to actually deal with these things even if she was an adult."I ahh....am willing try.."Miriko said it was an a confusing way or wanting to and over all seemed to be willing to try if anything their was no confidence in Miriko anymore the reality of dating was catching up to her and she did not know what to do now mentally but just deal with what she wanted to try and do.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Sat Jan 06, 2024 7:37 am

Vex gently takes Miriko's hand in her own and gets close to her with a smile. "Please don't feel over whelmed, you are a mage of water one of the most flexible elements, gently close your eyes and take a deep breath and envision a flowing stream in your mind and watch as it takes it's path and find your center." Akiza spoke softly and her words are warm and kind with no trace of malice or trying to rush the woman. She was not going to rush the other woman into anything just work with her on it as this too was Akiza's first real relationship, so she was as well nervous but she knows that she can do this.

"did that help with your nerves?" The woman asked playfully as she gently kissed the back of Mimi's hand that she was holding in her own hand to see how she reacts to that kind of contact with her which she hopes will be a stepping stone to helping the painter feel more confident in herself as a whole as she only seemed to ever see herself as an icon or a piece of art work that she seemed to have forgotten she was a person and that detachment made her have trouble with her feelings and how to properly deal with them.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Sun Jan 07, 2024 3:07 pm

Alas Vex was prepared in some manner, As it seemed some one knew that Miriko did not really think of these things right away and how Vex most likely thought about Mimi's reaction might be a good thing for Miriko herself did not think of it. Miriko did think of many things it was a rather rare time where in which she did not think too much about something.

At least Miriko some what seemed to have settled down, Because she was some what over all thinking about it as a means of learning something good and maybe it was not as complex as she once thought it was. If Miriko focused she was okay thus she seemed okay for the moment. Miriko was a bit more calm now and she seemed to not have much else on her mind at this time. All and all it worked out.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Sun Jan 07, 2024 5:20 pm

Vex feeling as if she had done something right kept walking with the artist woman holding her hand and she made light hearted chit chat with her as they went as the day was beautiful and perfect for them to be having this walk and she wondered if no one had really taken the time to treat her like a person instead of a prize so she had no true clue on how to handle these kinds of feelings. "Are you tired or need anything like a snack or drink?" She knows that they had been walking and talking so maybe the woman right need a break and something to help her recover a little.

She had packed some stuff as she knows that she was going to be meeting with someone important to her but she had not known that it was going to go this well or that she would ever really have a good chance of being on an actual date and be dating Miriko, she had to admit that it was a lot for her to take in as she could just be dreaming right now but if she was she hoped that she wouldn't wake from this dream.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Tue Jan 09, 2024 3:10 pm

It was a good suggestion, For the moment it seemed Miriko was okay. Most likely over time Miriko might need something, If Alistair was here he might have laughed at Miriko because of her reaction about the manner she just agreed into. But it seemed that the Cattian's trust was not wrong in this case. But in some manner maybe Alistair was just happy that Miriko had friends and expanding upon other emotions in life knowing very well she was running form these things to start with because she never really learned how to comprehend them all.

It would eventually be about a half an hour before she stopped for a moment looked around and almost seemed to want to stop for a moment then continued on anyway. Whatever it was at the time Miriko did not deem it seemingly as important then compared to one of the other things at the time.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Wed Jan 10, 2024 3:08 am

While vex was walking with Miriko she saw that the woman had stopped for a moment and she looked to the woman who as soon as she had stopped had started walking again which Vex found a little weird. "Was there something there Miriko?" She slightly tilted her head as she looked up at Miriko and her beauty. She wondered if maybe she had seen a spot she wanted to paint or something and because she was on the date with her that she didn't feel right to stop and do so.

Vex wished to get to the bottom of the reason that the woman had stopped as she wasn't trying to make Miriko miss out of something if that was the reason but there was also other factors that it could be that she saw someone that was dangerous or a stalker to her and she might be in danger if they ignore it, Vex things she might just be getting a little too over protective of the woman as yes they were dating as of this moment but that doesn't mean everything is now a danger to the woman and should be protected against.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Fri Jan 12, 2024 9:24 am

It was a good question and in some manner Miriko did not answer right away. But it showed Miriko's attention span was some what shorten compared to other but she was most likely either observing something. Rather then making Vex worry about she simply would put it off for the moment."It's...nothing sorry."Miriko seemed like it was nothing but something Miriko was admiring in passing while they walked.

Then almost like Miriko seemingly was almost slightly daring for how she was as a person. She let Vex walk ahead of her then Miriko waked back behind Vex and seemed to have gone for a full embrace hug from the back. She seemed to be able to continue walk while she hugged Vex and seemed to almost feel a bit nervous about it still using it as a means to cover her nervousness after all if some one paid attention, Miriko seemed to be nervous from this action almost as if she was still some what shriving, Not from being cold but like she was thinking this was almost too quick of an action even if she felt comfortable doing it at this moment, It was a bold move form Mimi front and she knew it was almost funny that it was.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) Empty Sat Jan 13, 2024 5:40 am

As Vex walked with Miriko she saw that Miriko seeming to slow down a little then she felt the woman come up behind her and put her arms around her and Vex reached up and gently rubbed the woman's arm with her hand as this hug was warm, comfortable and nice and made her feel safe to her and then she felt Miriko shaking a little. "Miriko it is okay I like that you are holding me~" She softly kissed the woman's arm. She wanted Miriko to feel confident in the fact that she made a move on her own there which Vex had not been expecting as the woman really was something as this hug was perfect in height and pressure.

Vex wonders what else the future holds for them and she sees a bright future with her as there was a lot of stuff that they will need to over come and she will dive into making sure that she helps Miriko in what ever way that she can.

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