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The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko)

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The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Mon Mar 18, 2024 9:32 pm

Akiza looked at Miriko when she had asked if she should ask her about her own parents and Akiza smiled at her. "Well my parents were very heavily appearance oriented, they wanted me to be perfect in every way shape and form and be married off to a man of their choice to push our family higher in the hierarchy of the country I am from." Vex gently rubbed the back of Miriko’s hand before kissing the back of her hand and then she continued talking. "But one day my father caught me and my female best friend sharing a quick peck. My father lost it and kicked me out of the family, my mother didn’t want me kicked out. My younger brother and sister weren’t home when it happened."

Akiza simply looked deeply into Miriko’s eyes to wait to see what she thinks of that, her parents weren’t gods or anything super special she was just a simple woman not a goddess or something like that just a boring tired Wood elf and there were many things the wood elf wondered about or what the tall woman she was with might be thinking about what she said and what they will do from here.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Fri Mar 22, 2024 7:56 am

And thus Miriko seemed to almost ponder if she stumbled into some thing else that she did not expected, in some manner Miriko might have had things horrible for her, But it seemed Akiza had her own problems. The as the moment was letting that situation pass in the matter that she just asked."Well...I can honestly say that was not the answer, I expected."Most likely Akiza knew that Miriko did not know what to expect but almost was hoping things were a bit better for her then Miriko's life started out.

So she would try and slightly spin it to something good."Welll.....I promise whichever family of mine aside from one I never speak too....They won't act like that. My mother is just protective but lovely for the most part."It seemed Miriko was back to trying not to panic about these things. But if some one lke how Akiza was starting to get a grasp of how Miriko works as a person she was trying to keep things a bit more positive feeling and not having everything so horrible."And...I won't ask to meet your parents...."Miriko made that clear.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Sat Mar 23, 2024 6:27 am

Akiza looked at her and giggled a little and held her hand. "What I seem too well adjusted to seem like I could from a bit of a troubling background? Also I don't doubt that at least my mother would come to meet you if you want to meet her, father if he did come would probably not be very friendly to you to be around." Akiza got a bit closer and held onto Miriko's arm and she looked up at her. "We will be fine even if the world turns against us. I hope you are right though rather you not have to be uncomfortable if your family disapproves of me." She was a bit red in her cheeks as she thought about it as she was sure that her past would probably come back to haunt her in some way here.

Akiza just took a deep breath and tried to think about what she could do here to help this to work out for them though she had never really been in a committed relationship with someone so this might be a good learning experience for them both to help them bond but she was going to be careful about what she trusts of her family as her aunts Akiza had heard were tricky and maybe might pull something.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Mon Mar 25, 2024 11:15 am

If anything Miriko seemed to be willing to get it to work."I am not too worried about anyone turning against you, I doubt anyone has the actual need too."Then again such things where not worried about in her mind because most people would not see Vex as a problem in Miriko's life. Unless given an extremely reason. Miriko has visited and talked dark mages before with out problems. Her family just wanted her to be happy.

As for the comfortably part it was risky at times because Miriko was well an oddity in that manner due to her own problems. But she was trying in which most people could easily see if they witness things in what she was trying. "I may...use you to help me work on a few things if your not busy..."This was Miriko hinting that she had considered using Vex for a model while making clothing or a stand just with out being open about it.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Mon Mar 25, 2024 11:51 am

Akiza smiled at her softly and gave the woman a thumbs up and then she spoke. "I will trust you and not doubt you, I had just heard rumors of things so I was a bit unsure if they would be swarming to come after one of the members of a dark guild that was now dating their star niece." The last part was a bit of her teasing her as she knows that there were a lot of things that needed to be watched and looked over as there were some people that would probably love to watch Vex to fall and be killed off or embarrassed. She was not sure if there was a bigger thing behind anything that had been happening of late but she knows that she needed to focus and try not to fail to help her if she needed it.

She heard the woman say how Miriko might have something that she could help with so she tilted her head a little before asking the woman. "What do you have in mind for me to help with Miriko?" She was willing to do anything for her but she needed to know what the woman would like her to help with or how she could be of use and she wonders if there was something more questionable that Miriko wanted as the woman hadn't just asked her out right for it.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Wed Mar 27, 2024 5:24 am

This was Miriko over all realizing it some manner she could bond with Akiza through work."Well...Your are far easier to base dresses off of compared to me. I would have to less resizing if i used you as a model for dresses."Yes she was thinking about work already even if it was freelance work and she rarely get offers to make dresses. But she had a more reasonable model now."Not...many people who seek dresses are as tall at me."Miriko seemed to be doing it as self reflection if anything else.

Thus now she was hoping the idea was not taken too horrible. After all Miriko considered it a good thing, she did not ask many people and just took measurements. Plus in some manner if Akiza thought about it it might be a good way for Miriko to get use to touching people a bit more that just for short periods of time.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Thu Mar 28, 2024 12:08 am

Akiza giggled as she heard the woman speak about her want to use her as a model for dresses, and she took Miriko's hand and shakes her hand. "I agree to help you by modeling for you. Also you being tall and beautiful makes you special so don't ever think of it as a bad thing okay?" She wanted the woman to understand that yes for things around normal woman sizes Akiza is very much that size but she also knows she loved Mimi the way she is tall, beautiful and kind even though she is very shy and that might make it harder for her to connect with her but she thinks that this is a good idea and a good step for them.

"I will also model other things than dresses for you as well if you would like~" She had to get a bit of a tease in as well as the tall woman was going to have to get a bit more use to being teased and spoken to in complements and given offers that are a bit more flirty in nature.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Fri Mar 29, 2024 9:35 pm

Miriko in some manner did have some manner did know these things."Yes I am aware, in some manner there are a low of things that make me fairly attractive in my own way..."Miriko said over all this was a message other people have bugged her about before. Her Aunt Alisa often wanted Miriko to embrace and show her beauty more."I don't show off a lot of how I can be in looks...because i want people to actually see my work and not my looks..."Miriko mentioned some what shyly even if it was something to work on over time.

Most could know that Miriko was never showing off much of herself. Just what her work was. Her dresses, her art work, anything that was not herself. Even at times Alistair was shown more then Miriko herself.

But for once something went over her head."Well yes...In some manner there are many things you could model for dresses is just the first thing."It was not connecting in her mind, Akiza most likely was going to end up pulling a fast one on Miriko and getting her to fluster up again, In some manner easily guessed how Miriko could work.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Fri Mar 29, 2024 11:01 pm

Akiza smiled at Miriko for being how she was and knowing that she has her own beauty but wanting to be respected for her talents, Akiza was very smitten by the artist and her views even though she was overly shy Akiza sees past that and to the simple beauty that was under the surface for the woman she was spending time with. "Would you be against modeling stuff you made for yourself for me?" She wondered if that would be a milestone for Miriko or not here that she would agree to that or not.

Hearing the woman accept to have Vex model other things for her Akiza’s cheeks got a tint of red as she was expecting the artist to say no to that part but she will see where it goes from here and see if Miriko had just simply misspoke and didn’t mean it but Akiza will keep her heart and head in the right place or so she hoped. Akiza knows this is going to be a bit of a struggle but she wasn’t going to give up.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Sun Mar 31, 2024 5:54 am

It was an interesting question to ask Miriko and over all she seemed to not think too in depth about it most likely because it was not something she felt like over all is gonna be a worry but she did have to ponder what it would all be."I suppose that is a harmless thing to agree too."Miriko mentioned because she had a lot of finished and unfinished work that she had not yet shown anyone.

Then again these were various states and eventually she would get back to them. Something about gaining a partner really some what made her not think about other things she had not finished yet."I do....have a lot of things I have made and kept."This was a hint that within all of the things she talked about making there was a lot even Akiza has not seen yet. There was a massive house of stuff.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Sun Mar 31, 2024 7:46 am

Akiza smiled as she heard that Miriko was fine with modeling things for her as well that she had made herself and it sounds like she had a lot of thinks from the look that Miriko had when she said it so this might end up being a better thing than she had first thought but she was going to make sure that she was respectful though she might sometimes later on ask for a bit more and she hopes by then that Miriko will have the confidence for such things but Akiza will do her best to support her and make sure that she feels comfortable in her own skin and doing things that were not so crazy but more to show herself off to herself.

Akiza got back by Miriko's side and gets back to the walk with her. "How are you feeling need anything or want anything?" Vex knows they had been going on for while and she wanted to make sure that Miriko didn't feel pressured or like she couldn't speak out to let her know if she had a need that needed addressed.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Tue Apr 02, 2024 10:07 pm

Miriko would think upon that question for a few minutes but in some manner it seemed the fresh air and casual walk seemed to have helped her in some manner. It seems this matter might have gotten Miriko in a creative mood."To go find Alistair so I can work on a few things?"Miriko laughed about it slightly.

There seemed to be nothing bothering or worrying her, if anything it seemed like she was thinking about making things again."Unless there is anything left to talk about here?"Miriko did not seem to assume there was other things to talk about at this point. These changes in life seemed to inspire something in her mind at this time. Or she had enough fresh air and she was just comfortable enough with what all has happen to be able to just return to normal life. If Vex had ideas she would likely not refuse.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Wed Apr 03, 2024 2:54 am

Vex smiled hearing that the woman was ready to get back to work, which means she was probably in a better mood and could more clearly see her path that she wanted to walk. Akiza was not sure what the future held for them and their relationship but she hoped that she could remain a part of it but she also knows that there are a lot of factors. "If you are ready to go lets start walking back as in all of this mister Alistair might be getting a bit worried about us being gone for so long. Plus you seem ready to go and get to work just call on me at anytime, you need me." Akiza was happy that this had gone so well for them and she wanted to make sure that it ends well as well and not one good time ended with a bad or any loose ends that didn't get handled the right way that would leave any regrets. She took Miriko's hand in her own hand and walked with her back toward where they had left Alistair.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Sun Apr 07, 2024 7:25 am

It seemed it was time, Then Miriko simply had to ponder because she was curious."But what are you plans after this? just go home?"Miriko asked for a reason. After all if there was other things she could do she was going to most likely figure out.

It was also because she wanted to be sure if anything what all was going to happen. After all they still had a walk back to Alistair, Even then Miriko would end just on Alistair until she got back to where she was staying."Because....even if I want to work...you can spend the rest of the evening with me too..."Miriko almost sounded unsure if that was a good suggestion or not.

as she was walking back with her and she figured a suggestion."I might wanna work...doesn't mean you can't...stay close by for now, Maybe spend the evening and get some sleep..."It was a typical Mimi way of suggesting things while they walked back.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Sun Apr 07, 2024 8:40 pm

She hears Miriko asking what she was going to go and do after getting her back to Alistair. She smiles at Miriko and starts to speak. "I didn't have plans but it sounds like you wish to have some more of my time huh~" She she said teasingly with a wink to the tall painter woman and Akiza tries keeping pace with her long legged companion. Akiza was glad to hear that she wished to spend more time with her as this was probably a huge step for her out of the shadow of her doubts and into a lighter future that will allow her to better interact with people. Akiza just hopes that the woman will be able to keep a good divide between lovers and normal with other people as she doesn't want to lose Miriko but she guesses only the future will be able to tell on that.

"I will stay back and watch you work and spend more time with you no worries." She was happy to hear the that she was wanted as she has felt like an outsider for so long that she might have forgotten what it was to be accepted by people that weren't her followers, so she needs to make sure that she doesn't mess this up as this is something that a fortune god looked down on her and gave her.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Mon Apr 08, 2024 10:08 pm

It seemed this work a bit easier then Miriko thought, she some what expected her to just go home and that was it."Oh? wait it that was simple..."Miriko said almost like she did not expect that for a moment. But it seemed Miriko did not know what to expect all and all. Then she realized she did not know what she expected at all entirely. But then again why Miriko almost expected to hear no right away was now also mentally beyond her mentally and she did not think about it all that much. Maybe it was just her adjusting to new things in life.

It would reach the point they found Alistair, seemingly as Miriko kind of guessed, He was taking a nap. It was not a horrible thing. Miriko showed she was pretty quiet in walking, after all she never really made a sound unless she was working. Thus whatever she was holding on to at the time would be put into the saddle bags, Miriko would climb up. With out a second thought Miriko just merely looked at Vex for a moment, moved herself back slightly waiting said."Your spot is here in front."Mostly because Miriko felt as if it would be rude for Vex to just see her back the entire tip. When Miriko could see everything with out a problem while still sitting in the back Alistair was still sleeping.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Tue Apr 09, 2024 10:36 pm

Akiza looked at her when she said it was that easy? "What do you mean? Of course it is that easy I am enjoying my time with you, and I was still free for more time with you and I want to see you work plus extra time spent with you." Akiza was sure that she would be happy with that answer and she kept walking right beside the woman and she smiled as she was happy that Miriko had asked for her to have more time with her and that was enough for now and she was going to make the most of it.

Akiza seeing Alistair watched Miriko get up on the back of Alistair and then slide back so she can ride in front of her and Akiza get a little red in the face as it was very thoughtful of the woman to think about her like that and she did as she was told and sat in front of Miriko and she wondered what it would be like and where they would be heading to.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Thu Apr 11, 2024 7:46 pm

It isn't that Miriko thought in depth of many things. But in this manner it was all logical thought why she did this."I am sure to over people more slightly guiding me.."Miriko admitted because it was just something she felt. Even in some manner maybe it was just how previous things."Unless...When I tried with some one else to be a bit more open to suggesting things I did not try hard enough."Miriko did ramble a bit

But it was time to move on Miriko did kind of not work out because of things she felt was her fault. But after Every settled in. Miriko woke up Alistair merely patting his back hard enough it finally seemed to ruffled him enough to walk him up."Were done now. We can go to the place we are staying this evening."Then well Alistair would get up himself and start walking casually.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Yesterday at 2:00 am

Akiza was not fully sure what the woman had meant by what she was saying but Akiza was just going to let it go as there was no need to dwell on it as she was the one here with her here and now not who ever she was talking about and this was a time for the painter woman to find her feet and hopefully bloom and see that she is more than the shackles that had once held her back and stopped her from being able to truly shine the way that she should be. "I wouldn't need much convincing I will be honest." Akiza just thought it better to be honest with Miriko as she was not sure who Miriko had been talking about or if she even wanted to attempt to get that answer.

She felt Alistair roar to life as he started moving and Akiza wondered where they would be heading for her to work and if there was anything that she was going to need to do or if she will just be watching the woman at work at what ever that might be and what might have touched her soul in this moment and Akiza felt happy feeling Miriko behind her and she watched the scenery pass them by.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 3 Empty Yesterday at 10:27 pm

In some manner it was a good peaceful end to this manner. Then again Miriko seemed to enjoy not having to self reflect that she was bad in some parts of previous situation in life. She did need to maybe move on at some point. Maybe each problem was something she realize she had needed to work on a bit too late.

But alas it seemed to be a quiet walk on Aistair back to an inn for them all to sleep in. But Miriko seemingly trying to get comfortable with things, showed merely that she was adjusting to teach herself emotional expression was in fact okay.

At some point during the trip back, Miriko seemed to have gotten bravier then most likely she thought, Shift herself forward slightly so she could move up to where Akiza on her lap. Almost like she was trying to build up her own confidence. Then after settling her upon her lap. Miriko merely put her arms around Akiza while they continue on.

I would be a good casual stroll to where they would stay, Then the only problem would be trying to wake up her the next day. Miriko seemed to like sleeping and almost seemed to have problems getting up at times.


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