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The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko)

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The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jan 15, 2024 3:02 pm

Miriko did have some other things on her mind to mention at the time. I sign that maybe she herself was the one who had problems making connections and she over all knew she was the problem there was secret to her shivering. Fear was the answer."I am....scared of opening to anyone..."Miriko said right away. Almost like as she kind of got her footing there was a reason for her, In which she was in some manner going to start explaining it.

It was something a bit more bleak to add into this oddly wholesome moment but maybe it would make sense why Miriko was such a odd person at times."I couldn't open up to the last person who tried to date me and they eventually left on their own accord....Everyone I grew attach too seemingly fades away from my life..."Miriko stopped walking almost like she was slightly worried about how much she just kind of ruined a romantic moment but seemingly wanted to let her worries out.

If any Miriko was pointing out the most simple thing just a bit more long winded, She was trying to open up but she was scared too."Between my parents being gone, My sister being gone, My first attempts at a love life having them walk away...Opening up is hard."It added context to how Miriko was in life.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jan 17, 2024 12:33 pm

"That sounds like a normal fear to have at least to me. I am not planning on leaving you, If I was planning on leaving to somewhere and I knew I was going to be gone a long time I would ask you to come with me, as I wouldn't want to leave you behind." She turned and tightly hugged Miriko as she meant every word of what she had said to the woman and that was a fact. She was never going to just leave Miriko behind ever.

"Take your time to open up to me and I will wait for you to be ready as I feel you are taking giant steps forward Miriko." The elf woman looked very happy that Miriko had allowed her to know and to understand what was going on and why she had been so guarded to start with as there was a lot that Vex had not known about why  Miriko was how she was but now she was seeing that it was mostly due to the neglect of her own family the ones that she needed and should have had her back and made her feel loved and needed but here she was having to list them off like they were dead or missing. Vex was a bit pissed off at how people could just do this to someone especially Miriko.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 20, 2024 1:31 pm

Miriko at the sad problem of letting out years to built up worry would continue on just for a tiny bit."I just....have my aunt Judith, Aunt Alisa and her wife Sofi...A few other friends I just need in passing.."Miriko stopped walking at one point and seemed to just stand in place with Vex listening almost like she was trying not to just unload the entirety all at once and."Even my step father Kazimir i don't see him much."All and all yes Miriko was just a lonely person who did not know how to express that loneliness in her life.

Miriko seemed to be relfection upon how long it has been since she had seen any of her family members and at this point it seemed to have made her said and she was just thinking about it over and over. Give how tall Miriko is compared to Vex there was a moment where she was leaning into her and after a moment of quiet, You could hear that Miriko was actually weeping quietly.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 20, 2024 3:01 pm

"Your step father was an ex-guild master?" Vex was surprised to hear that from the tall artist woman had that connection as well as the other to the former and current guild masters. Having felt the tall woman stop moving she looked up at her.

Seeing the woman is weeping Vex turned her self and put her arms around Miriko and tightly hugs her. "It is alright I am here I have you and I never plan to leave you or let anyone harm you." Vex started to softly hum a tune and stoke the woman in front of hers back to try and help her to feel like she is safe and that it was okay to let it out. Vex had always seemed the bad guy to a lot of people but she was never really bad just in a bad spot forced to do bad to get by but she had changed her path a bit and is focusing her cult for info and helping.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 21, 2024 11:38 am

There was a lot information that Miriko was letting out. Showing she was a really well connected woman, only merely lonely because everyone just seemed to be busy in their lives or never around over all that she did not where to fine or see them to get that comfort in life in which she sought. Yes Miriko's step father was the former guild master of Fairy Tail. But she was still kind of letting stuff out. She would stop weeping and sobbing for a moment to answer her question."Y--yes...my step father is an ex-guild master. I just haven't seen him in a long time."Miriko said

she started to some what settle down but seemingly staying in the spot they where at nice seemed to be just that, the quiet moment of peace one needed to settle down. Internally Miriko felt like it was a childish outburst but did not want to admit it.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jan 22, 2024 3:39 am

She kept holding the woman and gently rubbing her back. "I am glad you are willing to trust me with such things, you were so brave to endure this for so long and it is fine to let it out and if you ever need to cry and talk let me know and I will come right back to you to hold you, cuddle you or what ever you need." She smiled up at the woman and looked right into her eyes, Vex's eyes were kind and caring as if she was someone that could be trusted and relied upon to help Miriko with what ever struggle they might face or have to take on so that there was no misunderstandings or thoughts that she would have to be scared to let out her feelings. She stood on her tippy toes and kissed Mirko's cheek and she giggle a little as her own cheeks had flushed pink from her making the move on the taller woman and she hoped that Miriko would be able to enjoy their time together.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jan 23, 2024 5:37 pm

For the moment these matter did pass, Miriko did not seem to need to worry about much else as what was going on with her at this time. But hey Miriko seemed to have settled down."I miss them all..."All and all she seemed okay now.

But kissing Miriko as she did, in some manner broke her focus and almost stunned her. her mind was now focused on being kisses and now Miriko was over all starting to feeling embarrassed n a different matter. But in some manner Vex on Miriko mind some where else and it might have worked getting her thinking about what just happen compared to what she was thinking about before.

So now Miriko seemingly was frozen in a state in which it feels like she was taking time to process it and she seemingly was just quiet and frozen in plac. it was different.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 25, 2024 4:12 am

Vex realizing she might have caused the woman some distress by giving her the cheek kiss gently rubbed the woman's arm. "Hey Miriko are you okay? Was I too quick to give you a kiss on the cheek?" Vex looked a bit worried that she had caused harm to her and had over stepped what the woman was ready for as she was not trying to cause the woman pain or to be in fear or make her freeze up, she hugged into her again and hopes that the woman will be able to snap out of it as this was not something that was meant to happen.

"I am sorry if I over stepped and make you feel rushed or like I am pressuring you." Vex's cheeks got redder as she is thinking that she had embarrassed herself and that she might have moved faster than Miriko was ready to be moving at. She was trying to think of how to help Miriko but she was starting to feel too flustered to think straight.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 2:28 pm

It would take a bit of time for Miriko to some what return to what would be considered a normal. She would eventually explain she just needed to get over her shock to start with because to Miriko these experiences were not normal to her, She was a show piece for the most part and often forgot that with love, various things like actual affection where normal."I'm....i'm okay."Miriko did finally answer."I...I don't get then kind of affection much..It's new."It did not seem she was uncomfortable she was just not use to it.

It seemed the hug some what made Miriko return to normal."N-n-no it is fine, I guess I am just use to so little contact."Miriko was not trying to down play it If anything Miriko was trying now to be a bit less Sheepish and hugged Vex back because it was now in her mind. Miriko was okay at this point she would even mention."The list of people who kissed me is less then ten."So experience was lacking in this matter.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jan 31, 2024 4:06 am

"what were people scared if they touched you that you might crack?" Vex rubbed her cheek on the taller woman as she was hugged back by her and she looked up and started to speak again. "I don’t think being kissed a lot is a great thing unless it is over time with the one you love. I also have not been kissed a lot but I guess I come from a family that cared more about their status than showing love to their children." Vex started rubbing Miriko’s back as she was trying to stay calm herself as this was something she never thought she would get to neing able to find love.

"What are your plans for the future?" Vex wondered what Miriko was aiming to do going forward so she can make sure to support her even if she wanted to stop doing art and move onto something new. Vex was going to support her and make sure that the woman will be able to make what ever she was aiming to do to come true for her and vex was willing to fight for the future she wants.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Fri Feb 02, 2024 11:51 am

In some manner, maybe Vex was right in this manner. Most people did treat Miriko that way."I do not know for sure...My aunt Judith hugged me plenty....I've always be skiddish about it..."Miriko was unsure how to explain it. But it was just how she was.

Given as Vex continued in some manner Miriko let something slip that she shouldn't have said that she figured out about some else."Really? Sounds pretty close to a Nun i met at night time, her left was that way too."That nun did tell her to never mention their encounter as it almost felt like Miriko had some manner learned at that time what later she would admit to a few other people."She still kind of scares me to think about..."Miriko not realizing that a lot of things scared her.

But she was asked something that she was unsure what else to expect in her life. Miriko was not a planner she just did things in the moment."I need...plans for the future?"Miriko asked almost like she had never thought about it.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Fri Feb 02, 2024 1:33 pm

"That nun you speak of sounds like someone else I know but if she was from the same country I think I know why." Vex was guessing that she was talking about someone she had only really knew very little about but she knows that that woman is scare looking and acting but she had more of a heart of gold with some other under lying issues that needed to be dealt with but that will be done and fixed in time. Hearing the woman ask her if there was a need to have plans for the future Vex smiled.

"You don't have to have set hard lined plans more like a image or painting in your mind of where you wish to aim to be, that picture will of course evolve and change as you go and learn what new things you wish to have. Like my idea for the future is to have my group grow and be able to stand on it's own. Now that I am dating you the picture has changed a little bit from there as I wish to see where we go as a couple and maybe have a family with you once we talk about things and see where we each stand on such things and how we will do it, who we will use or what item or magic to seek to make it happen."

She was being honest as she knows it was just better for her if she was honest with Miriko. Vex knows it is far too early to be planning a family for her and miriko but the training and other things in her life had her slightly over thinking and trying to be the perfect planner of it and hopefully being a good wife for Miriko if it was to go to that stage of the relationship with her as Miriko might not want the same future or same things as she does or they may need to come to agreements and compromises that would other wise seem too far out to really worry about, she just really hopes that Miriko doesn't get too caught up on the idea that she had said and started to panic as most of what she said are vague future things that have no baring on what is going on in the here and now.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Feb 03, 2024 3:42 pm

Miriko even if she was enjoying the moment. Seemed to mention."If I had my drawing book....I could draw what she looked like at the time."Miriko mentioned because she can figure out these things so quickly with in her mind because she had some odd way or working these memories into her mind."They are with Alistair i think..."Miriko did not recall off hand see had a drawing book and pencil with her at this point. But maybe it was good to get her away from the art and the books.

It seemed to have in some manner gotten these too to actually talk. Miriko more and more seemed pretty decent with talking."Family talk?"Miriko almost seemed to be unsure how to take that as well. But she was not as nervous about these conversation any more."I suppose i can ponder on that.."She did not know an answer at this time. But for some reason the entire idea of being a mother felt odd mentally.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 9:17 am

"I am in no rush to see what she looked like. You are the only face I care about seeing right at this moment." She smiled up at the taller woman as it seemed that Vex had also begun to get more comfortable to talking with her as this was a simple joke but she knows that she needs to watch how far she pushes her luck with her but she knows that she happy to be with the woman.

"Only a little but we are just fresh together, such talks will only really take place later as I am sure you are no where near ready to be starting a family." She laughed softly as this was so weird for herself to even be saying as she thought she would never really settle down as there were many things that she still had to do and she was not sure that she would even live long enough to have a family but for now she was going to enjoy the new found love that she had found and make the most of the time she had left in the arms and heart of another woman.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 5:33 am

So she was not worried about it? In some manner Mriko was only slightly worried that she might have needed to show her for some reason, But Miriko realize she was all minor things she could just deal with later and it was not that much of a problem. Miriko slowly would realize over time that the things that were more important at the time was in fact what Vex was suggesting, the slight leaning on the paths forwards was a good thing to help Miriko on the path forward in life and towards the future that was getting implied."I guess that is fair."Miriko seemed not worried about it now.

Since Miriko in some manner had to think about how to process all of this idea of settling down, who else could she learn of these things from?"I don't require much in the long term....just a place to create things and a house to live in."She did not ask a question almost she was unsure how to ask what else Vex wanted in life with her.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Feb 10, 2024 10:19 am

Vex hears what the woman said and she smiles as those are simple enough things to get done and she looked up into the taller woman’s eyes. "That seems like a good starting set of steps, do you know in which country you, would like to have this place to live and create?" Vex is excited to hear that the woman wanted something so simple and easy to complete. She just needed the more boarder details so she can work on finding a good spot for them to set it up and if they can get it at least picked they know where they are going to be at probably for there first home of their lives.

She shook her head a little to snap herself out of the vision cause she was getting too far ahead of herself there and she was trying not to end up being in trouble for getting too far ahead of herself and scarring the painter before anything had happened.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Thu Feb 15, 2024 2:29 am

Miriko seemed to be doing her best to deal with this whole part of being hugged for a long time while they spoke she seemed okay and did not think much else just focusing on the conversation at the time."Country?....I didn't think of that yet, I just figured something would come up fitting eventually."Miriko said. Showing signs that she was a horrible planner and did not think these things she was just getting by. It was not the most adult way of behaving.

But most likely with this situation might work towards Vex's benefit."I have not figured out what area, I could settle in Fiore by my guild so my aunts can visit with me..."Miriko seemed to actually be trying to think and started to sound unsure again. But she seemed to at least be okay and not struggling at this time there was less nervousness at this time.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Feb 17, 2024 3:41 pm

Vex let the woman go and giggled. "It is okay Miriko that is probably something that is a long ways off, as we have only just started dating and I feel you don't want to rush into that kind of commitment. Which aunts are you looking to stay near if it is the blue Pegasus ones I think they will be fine without you so near. I am gonna be honest from the rumors I heard they wouldn't be good influences on you anyways and if we had children I would really not them around him or her." Vex was being honest as she doesn't really like the idea of them being so close to them as they are not what she would think are good people even if they are good guys. She was going to be very adamant in this stance against being close to them. She rather they have a very decent amount of space away from that as she doesn't like them and it isn't acting like she wants her to throw them away but is expressing that they are not good for her and if they have a family probably not their child as well.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Sun Feb 18, 2024 4:56 pm

It seemed Vex was not too keen for two of her aunts. Then again she had another."Unless you want to live by Aunt-Judi?"She would phrase it that way compared to other people and it almost sounded child like for a moment. But if the answer to that is no, there could be a middle ground between both parts of the family. They couldn't live around her mother."It would be the only family left to suggest, My mother well...isn't around here currently."And she seemingly avoided talking about her father. There was some options at least.

But Vex was right, it was all not a right away thing. Thus getting comfortable enough to stay where she is. Their where talking about things then Miriko seemed some what settled. Many things had left her mind at the time. Everything had a starting. But never set in stone right away.

Thus Mirko seemed fully relaxed. Miriko seemingly in her most settled state of being at this time, With for a moment just seemingly to settle in for a more comfortable embrace, no shaking or nervous feeling as she just hugged Vex again, The inner peace was there at this time.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Mon Feb 19, 2024 10:00 am

Vex hearing the woman say her aunt Judi she really had no complaints about that as she had heard nothing but good things about the guild master of Fairy Tail but she should be fair about this and she spoke. "When time for these kinds of thing come around I will meet her personally with you at my side if you choose to come with me. I will see if I could feel comfortable to come and live near her. I have heard nothing but good things about her but you never know till you meet someone." she made sure to use a respectful tone as she was not looking to insult Miriko’s idea and she fully supported them working together to make their dreams work for them.

"I am gonna be honest I know little to nothing about your mother." she really had no clue who or what her partners are as the woman had Elven smooth skin soft hair yet some how was a big human with some bigger measurements and she had no idea what kind of DNA she had swimming around in her system. Vex feeling the embrace of Miriko hugged her back and enjoyed her warmth she was not sure how but it seemed Miriko was becoming more forward with her now and taking the time to lead in hugs and big talks this was a step forward not only for her self but for Akiza herself.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Tue Feb 20, 2024 5:18 pm

Well it seemed in some manner these things did partly sort themselves out. In Miriko mind it seemed like it all worked some what and would just be solved later because there was other things to think about at this time. Like one of the things to come. the talk of her mother was always odd. Just as much as her father. But at least her mother was around even if rarely. Miriko could not recall the last time she ever spoke to her mother. She missed her if anything else.

But she would have to go on and mention what little she know of her mother at this time."My mother is...."Miriko almost sounded unsure how to explain this. Even the pondering she was doing was not because she was nervous because she was trying to remember and phrase it."My mother...is a goddess in the literal term."Miriko said because she knew it sounded a bit absurd. But then again it was something a bit more easier to mention then most of her other family members.

Miriko was lonely for a reason. But her mother had not left her. "I don't see my mother often, But I always have a feeling if I call for her she will come."Miriko left it at that because she felt like she was speaking nonsense.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Fri Feb 23, 2024 6:17 pm

Vex heard what she said and wondered what she meant that she was a goddess literally but she knows that she wasn’t going to question it as she didn’t want to end up having the woman show her what that meant as it was still too early to be meeting parents she thinks. "I will take a mental note that in the heat of the moment for us to not as you to call me mommy or any form of the word for my safety." She giggled as she was teasing the woman but she really didn’t want her mother appearing out of no where while they are in the throws of love.

She is pretty sure she also wouldn’t want her mother just appearing out of no where as well so she was going to be careful what she says or does as she doesn’t need a goddess breathing down her neck either as she is trying to find the one and enjoy her time settling down with someone she loves.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Mon Feb 26, 2024 3:12 pm

Speaking that as she did almost seemed to embarrass Mimi for a moment only because thinking about things in the heat of the moment was not a normal thing for her to ever ponder, Nor did it seem like a desire she realized she might want in the future. But Mimi doesn't entirely know her desires as she seemed to sprout into a normal person so to say."W-w-wellI don't assume that would summon her." Miriko's face was red for a moment at the thought of that. it seemed her mind never went to such things.

But she got over it quickly seemingly over all had came to terms that maybe such desire was normal, Where here holding her hand just seemed a bit extreme for her at times. She almost seemed like a prude unintentionally from her habits. One day Vex would see how Mimi could handle such acts."My mother doesn't seem to come around much, She is busy."Given it seemed silly, maybe this did seem reasonable.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Mar 09, 2024 8:24 am

Vex looked at how cute Miriko was when she was embarrassed and Vex got close and stood up on her tippy toes and she kisses Miriko on the cheek. She then got back down onto the flats of her feet and she walked more with Miriko as the forest seemed to be coming to life as the birds had begun to sing and some of the other wild life had awoken and were beginning to roam and make sounds but they seemed to not bother getting closer to Akiza and Miriko as they were not bothering them.

Vex kind of wondered what Miriko’s mother was really like and if there was a point to asking about her as from how Miriko was making it sound there was a very small chance that they would ever meet the other but she knows that she needed to make sure that if they did come to meet that she was on her best behavior and not to disrespect the woman she loves mother.


The witch of the watery void meets a calmer water. (Miriko) - Page 2 Empty Wed Mar 13, 2024 3:52 pm

There was always other things to talk about between the two, Now that Miriko had her mind in some what of place that was able to think a bit more. At least they where not talking about Miriko actual father. She knew of his name but aside from that she would over all never really try to interact with him, not that she over all holds anything against him. She just merely isn't interested. But Parents seem to be some what of an odd piece of conversation. But she could not help be curious now."Do...Do I wanna ask about your parents?"Miriko almost sounded unsure by asking her question but since it was out in the open by her she figured she would ask.

While hoping this was not an odd subject after all Miriko admitted her mother was a god and most people kind of seemed ."I mean...if that's okay."Leave to Miriko to make sure it was okay.

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