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Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem

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#1Alaric Holloway 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Thu Nov 23, 2023 4:16 am

Alaric Holloway
The morning slowly bled into the warm embrace of the afternoon, casting scattered rays of light into the guild's lounge. Tucked in a cozy corner, a couch beckoned, offering haven from the glaring sun. Seated there, Alaric Holloway lounged in an oddly comfortable yet awkward position. His head tilted back, feet propped on the table, and arms casually sprawled across the couch. He'd made this lounge a second home. It wasn't due to a hangover or work fatigue, just a preference for the plush seating and the convenience of having meals at arm's reach. Suddenly jerking forward, he let out a heavy sigh. ‘Too late for breakfast, too early for lunch.’ Tilting his head back, he sighed even louder. “Damn it.” Rubbing his face, he pushed himself up, letting his feet touch the ground.

Heading toward the quest board, he hesitated. Recently upgraded to the rank of C by the guild master, it meant access to higher-ranked missions. But as he scanned the quests, nothing quite caught his eye. He strolled back toward the D-rank section, eyeing the familiar requests. Despite the upgraded rank, the C-rank missions didn't offer the payout he'd hoped for. His eyes shifted to the adjacent B-rank section, and a whistle escaped his lips. “100,000 Jewels? That’s ten times what those D-ranks were paying. Am I being shortchanged here?”

Intrigued, he wandered over to the B-rank area, casually browsing through the requests. “These seem rather standard.” A hint of annoyance colored his tone; he wasn't thrilled about still being restricted from soloing these missions. Lumi was nowhere to be found either, and he pondered convincing her to sign up for some company and casual banter. Hand on his hip, he leaned a bit, arms crossed, and muttered, “Lame.”

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#2Salem E. 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 5:42 pm

Salem E.

Salem alighted on the ground. He had a lot to adjust to when it came to being in the North. The guild was familiar but different than what he expected. He made it in even if he did not meet the guild leader. It was weird that he had the guild emblem on him when he woke up, but it was unimportant. He needed some money for some bonus expenses and things so he came to the mission hall. He wanted to pick up an easy quest.

The A rank section of quests looked too time consuming. Salem ran some numbers and figured it would not be worth the hassle. If the monetary value was increased just a bit for him to do alone he would have been on top of it.  The current missions would not net him the money he wanted for his purposes.

When he got to the B rank section he saw a few things that caught his eye. A mission and a fellow guild member. Salem thought he was cute in a sad wet dog kind of way. Like when you see a puppy shivering in the rain, while in a box saying free to a good home. Salem wanted to give him a warm bath and abduct him.

“Did you find a mission here you wish to go on? If not, I recommend this. I was going on it and could use the company.”

Salem inserted his presence in like the two were old friends. The Fae was not a shy one and was never one to mince his words. It was easy for someone like him to approach others and be the sociable one. Normally the most anti-social fae he could think of would be among the pure ground types. They were anti-social or just too slow to react.

“The name is Salem. Salem Emir by the way. If you want to come along feel free to. We can work and chat. I am not too familiar with a lot of people in the guild.”

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#3Alaric Holloway 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Wed Nov 29, 2023 4:08 pm

Alaric Holloway
Alaric acknowledged with a slight lift of his head, his eyes meeting Salem's with a calm reserve. The Fae's directness didn't throw him off, though Alaric remained cautious. "I'm Alaric. Nice to meet you." He gestured toward the quest board, indicating a couple of B-rank missions he had been considering. "I'm still weighing a few options myself. This one here seems like it might be worth a shot. Doesn’t seem too hard. Not sure why the master would classify it as a B-rank.” A tone of annoyance could be heard in his voice.

While Alaric wasn't one to actively seek out company, he appreciated the offer. "Yeah, teaming up sounds alright. Always good to have someone watching your back out there." He rarely warmed up to new acquaintances quickly, but Salem's approach didn't rub him the wrong way. Yet.

He glanced around the guild hall, nodding in agreement. "It's a massive place, this guild. Takes time to get to know everyone. I’ve been here for nearly a year and I think I just got to a first-name basis with the bartender. Couldn’t give you the first or last name of most the members."

Alaric's demeanor remained calm and composed, but there was an underlying hint of wariness that lingered.

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#4Salem E. 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Wed Dec 06, 2023 1:29 pm

Salem E.

Salem barely resisted the urge to poke the man with his staff. He was sounding like a depressed slave, from his experience, freedom and a good poking was the proper solution. Still being poked with a random staff was frowned upon, in this day in age. Salem retained enough of the so-called common sense not to do it in public. He could poke and prod the dude later.

“I do not mind at all. Getting to know people works best on their own time and when they are meant to.”

Accepting the quest on their behalf Salem was ready to get the show started. He glanced at his new companion and had a thought.

“Can you teleport or fly by chance? It would make traveling to our destination easier if you could. Not that it matters if you cannot. It is just more of a pain in the butt. I can fly us both if needed.”

It would be true the flying spell in question would be untested, but he could at least keep the man from turning into sidewalk art.

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#5Alaric Holloway 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Mon Dec 25, 2023 4:33 pm

Alaric Holloway
Alaric gave the man a puzzled look. Teleport or fly? [color:dcd5=#B72F22 ] “Ah, no. I’m not so great with my magic to accomplish anything like flight and I’m not sure teleportation is ever going to be an option for me. ” He scratched at his chin as he spoke. It was true, Alaric wasn’t the best with his magic. It was crude and explosive. He really had never sat down to try and learn something so delicate as flight.

“If you want to fly us both you can. I can always chase after ya. I’ve got a long stride and hella stamina.” He gave a wicked grin. He had never flown before and truth be told the idea made his heart race a bit. He knew it would be a thrill he’d become addicted to. Perhaps, he was a bit too much of a thrill seeker at times.

“ Up to you. Either way, we should get going soon.”

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Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  THOXIZP
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#6Salem E. 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Thu Jan 18, 2024 4:34 am

Salem E.

Salem manipulated the water around his staff to allow for flight.

“Hope on. We can take it to the destination. This is the first time I am traveling with someone else on it.”

The Fae made general conversation as they made it to the destination, however, they may have gotten there. The blue haired one met their director with a calm smile. It was basic work as far as he could tell. Help set up, make sure everything is in place, and make sure a show is put on. At least on the surface. It was really making sure a criminal was arrested. It was weird how some humans viewed others as criminals based upon things like stealing. Why property belonged to one person was beyond him. It was not like humans were what they came from.

“I guess the first thing we should do is find a proper place to gather materials. Do you know any spots around here? I am not the most familiar with Orchidia in all honesty. I have never stayed around here for the most part. If you can find the material. I can put some stuff together.”

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#7Alaric Holloway 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Thu Jan 18, 2024 6:13 pm

Alaric Holloway
As the two stood there, water started to leave the man’s staff and Alaric could not help but follow it with his eyes. It had to be his magic. “Are we going for a dip?” he grunted as the water coiled itself around him. He wasn’t sure he trusted this man with flight, especially with a water-based magic. He’d never heard of water flying but I guess there was a first for everything. As the two took to the skies, they chatted briefly. Alaric wasn’t one for many words, but being up in the air only made his lack of words more apparent.

The two went straight to their client as they came to the ground. Salem chatted with the man while Alaric listened and poked around the space. When they were finished talking, Salem sought Alaric’s advice on where to go to get stuff for the request. “Ah, well I know a little bit about the city but there’s somebody I know who should be hanging around here that will have the scoop on everything. Let’s find Dracol.” With that, he headed down the street towards the center of the town. Dracol normally hung around there and he knew Orchida better than anybody else.

“I’ve been here plenty of times but I’m not ever in a shopping mood when I’m here. Dracol acts like the city’s welcome committee. He’ll know exactly where we can find those supplies.” Once they found the man, they discussed what they needed while leaving the reasoning why they needed it vague. Once they were steered in the right direction, Alaric took the lead and went off. “What a waste of time and jewels. You think they can handle things like this on their own.” Alaric grunted, totally ignoring the fact that it was him who pushed this task. He was just bored and venting to a total stranger.

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Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  THOXIZP
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#8Salem E. 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Sat Jan 20, 2024 5:04 pm

Salem E.

“I do not. Your kind has always been extremely capable or incapable. I do not think Humans come in any other way. At least this way we can kill some time and gain some money. I guess that is the bright side. Besides, don't you think it is cool having these odd experiences.”

Salem was unaware that he spoke of humanity so distantly. He often forgot that he had a human body, so he could be viewed as one. It was why people that even knew about spirits would call him a Fae at the most. Which was true. He just often forgot that people viewed him as human. It was the flesh body and the lack of wings that he was not used to.

He did not think much about the stuff that they were getting. Anything they grabbed would just be tossed in a floating bubble that Salem made. He did not want the weight of carrying shopping materials and he had enough mana to support himself and carrying bags for days. The fae used magic as if it was simply breathing to him. A far cry from where he had been when he had first awakened in his human body.

“At least we had an easy time getting the supplies. And we did not have to walk a lot of places. One of the many benefits to being able to fly I guess. It is a different sensation not using my wings but nothing much to be done about it. At least my ability to use the flight spell has improved.”

A nice smell wafted across his nose. It was a scent of familiar roasted meats cooked in the spices that he was familiar with. Salem wanted to take a break and eat. Moreso to try the Desiertian place than anything.

“I’m gonna stop for a quick bite. You can join me. Get anything you want as a treat from me.” Salem was already going to make the detour. He was just nice enough to bring his guild companion as a plus one.

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#9Alaric Holloway 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Sun Jan 21, 2024 10:32 pm

Alaric Holloway
Alaric’s eyes shifted to Salem. That phrase “you’re kind” caught him off guard for a moment. His brow furrowed. “My kind? Hmph, I'm not sure you know what you’re talking about there. I’m not kin to him by blood or other measures.” Refering to the client in such a degrading way would probably look unfavorable to most but Salem seemed to be indifferent towards him in the first place. Why was he defensive if this man thought he was a human? Was he defending werewolves and their competency with that statement? The few he had crossed paths with before didn’t seem much different than humans. They all had their baggage and issues but so did he.

It became somewhat clearer when the man made mention of his wings and flight capabilities. Alaric clicked his tongue and wagged his finger towards the man. “Now, it’s making sense. You’re a fae, aren't ya? Haven’t met many of your kind. Can’t say I’ve ever really had a chat with one. Is it true y’all are some like spirit thing? Kin to a dryad or something right? Can you turn it into a tree or something? Wait, you use water. Maybe a pond?” Alaric truly did not know much about the Fae. So this was his chance to ask any questions he had.

As they walked into the cafe, Alaric’s stomach immediately started to grumble a bit. He took Salem’s generous offer. Once the two were situation with their food and drink, he would dig in. Like a stray, Alaric wasn’t one to skip a free meal. Once he had eaten half of the food would he engage with his patron. “So, I’ve not seen you around the guild much. You out and about on jobs or am I just oblivious?”

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Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  THOXIZP
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#10Salem E. 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Tue Jan 23, 2024 3:47 pm

Salem E.

Salem tried not to grimace at the mention of dryad. It was the human urge to classify things that made that specific distinction. They were all fae. The so called dryads were just usually woodland type fae or something. Same way Salem would often get called a nymph. Not that the nympho legends were always wrong.

The fae ate with gusto admiring the spice and flavors of the dish. He admired the way Alaric ate. It was wild and a bit unrestrained. It was beautiful in a natural sort of way. Even if some other people would find it disgusting.

Swallowing a big chunk of meat like an anaconda. Salem started to answer. “I think I was in the guild for some time. Then I had to leave for a long period. Only recently have I been making my way back to the place. It is all kind of odd from my perspective.” Salem ordered the spiked chai and was feeling delighted. This was one of those better days that people always talked about. Great food and decent company.

He was enjoying himself so much. He left a big tip for the restaurant as well as paying double on the bill. “We can chat but we do need to finish the mission today. Not that I am rushing you. Also an Oasis spirit. Not a pond one. They tend to be a lot more prickly.”

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#11Alaric Holloway 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 3:46 am

Alaric Holloway
An oasis? Huh, what was that? Alaric was confused. “What do you mean an oasis? Isn’t that just a fancy word for like, um a peaceful or nice place?” He gave an honest question to the fae, hoping he would enlighten him. Outside of Bosco and Fiore, Alaric had not ventured further out into the world. Even Fiore was limited to the North and some central regions. He gathered the reminded bits of his lunch and proceeded to follow Salem back towards their job site.

Once there, the two got to work. Alaric handled crawling under the stage and loosening several boards. He left the uptop stuff to Salem, his flying spell might have come in use there. He snickered to himself. If they wanted a show, he could hide under and use a bomb spell, but that was probably frowned upon. He didn’t want Salem to have his quest rights revoked because he took a chance on him.

Once the pair were done staging the place, they returned to Mr. Sov’s home to give him the good news. It was a pretty easy task, Alaric couldn’t understand why it was limited to such a higher tier in the guild. He was more annoyed with those stuffy rules than the task itself. At least Salem was kind enough to partake and help him out. He was a decent little fairy. Maybe they could buddy up again.


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Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  THOXIZP
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#12Salem E. 

Staged Justice - Private Quest ft. Salem  Empty Sun Feb 11, 2024 2:48 am

Salem E.

The rest of the mission went smoothly. It was easy having Alaric around. He handled the physical labor with ease and got the things in place. Not that Salem could not do it but why use the mana. It was also nice to see Alaric putting in the work. Salem would only help out when needed. Making sure the entire operation was smooth.

“That was easy.” Salem would say as they finish the mission. He would watch the fight and see the outlaw take the loss. It was not a long fight at all. Maybe about a minute in length. Salem almost felt bad for the guy but it was not his problem anymore. It was nothing personal he just had a job that he needed to do. He simply saw to it that it got done. If and when Alaric was ready. Salem would give him a ride back to the base.


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