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Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza)

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Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Mon Nov 13, 2023 10:25 am

Yijun walked through and the air here seemed thick and Yijun started to cough as this place was horrible on the eyes and nose and he wondered if there was a way to get out of being here but he saw the drinks and the games here and they seemed like timing games and games of skill not something some one that is drunk would really be able to master and undertake with a high level of skill. He looked back for where Iza and that spirit are and he wonders if the spirit helps him from not getting as wasted as Yijun was feeling right now and he picked up a cup and drank from it and the alcohol's texture was slimy and think and it was hard to swallow and it nearly made Yijun gag with how bad the taste was but he soldiered on and went up to a game that played a music cue and he had to hit the colors that matched where the notes on screen where going to and he wondered what this thing was and why it had to be here when he was so drunk and seeing double the notes and buttons but he fought to keep his focus.

#2Iza Bicdic 

Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Mon Nov 20, 2023 7:47 am

Iza Bicdic

Iza would go through the portal and he would feel the disgust that was in the air. They were on this island. It was the place where the sick had lived. He was pretty sure that he wouldn’t be here again, but here he was. His body shivered from this feeling and he wished the pandemic that filled this place would be rid of. Still, for now, he looked around and he saw that there were drinks around this place.

“Itz weird ain’t it? Da people here are sick, but they gotta putta event for us to drink.” He said to Sylph as he moved toward the drinking station.

She would hear him and she would look around to see if what he had said was true. He would take a drink for himself and he would intake the alcohol without hesitating. Sylph could tell from the wind that the people here were getting better and it seemed whatever it was, was leaving the place.



Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Wed Nov 22, 2023 6:57 am

"These are probably not the sick ones but ones that have been cured." Yijun was quick to speak up as there was somethings that it seemed even the spirit creature didn't understand but this place was still cursed feeling to him so it is weird to be all caught up in this place again and he walked over to take on one of the challenges that they had running and Yijun felt a bit uneasy with the robots and people looking at him as he was going to be doing this but he knows that there is no point in backing down and not doing what they can to make sure that the ones that were here probably couldn't take on Iza who seemed far more powerful than he had seemed from the start something was a bit off about it all but Yijun wasn't going to say anything as they might just be awkward people and don't mean to have issues going on like they were.

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Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Fri Nov 24, 2023 12:56 pm

Iza Bicdic
Iza would look at Yijun and he would have an eyebrow go up as he heard his words. He was probably right, but they would still have to be careful. They wouldn’t want to get sick here, right? Still, he didn’t care about that. He had lived a long time, and this wasn’t going to kill him.

The elf would just continue to drink as Sylph just looked around. She worried about Iza, and she knew that Yijun couldn’t get sick or else Iza would get sick or in trouble as well.

“Just be careful you two. Make sure you pour your own drink from now on.” She said to them.

Iza would raise his drink up in the air when he heard this.

“Ai, I make sur dat I pour me own drinks from hea on out.” He said to her as he would look at the two of them.


Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 3:29 am

Yijun just took a moment to hear what she said then he sighed as this place just looked and felt toxic to him and he kept trying but he was not finding much enjoyment in the things that were currently going on and he makes sure to follow as she said and he poured his own drink and he wonders if this whole night was really leading to any thing or if it was just a another dead end night and be lost to the darkness at the end of the tunnel and never ne able to get back up from the night. He shakes his head as clearly the alcohol had gone to his head and had him thinking darker thoughts as his transformation had now fully left him and that is something he realized a little too late that he had not been in his fully human form and he might have been being a problem to those that were around him.

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Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 7:35 pm

Iza Bicdic
Iza would walk around the place. People would look at the two people here. They looked weird and different than the others. One had shown a scary sight, and they had stood away from him. When it came to Iza he looked strangely scary, so they would back away from him too.

He would just look at them and he would smile at them and continue moving. The wood elf figured this was their final destination, so he continued drinking until whatever would happen. Sylph would land on his shoulder as she would watch him pour his drink. It would seem like he wasn’t the only one, and she was happy that they had listened to him.

“Wouldya plan on doin afta dis Yijun?” He asked as he was trying to make conversation about their time left here.

Sylph would look at the daemon and she would wait for an answer before she decided to say anything.


Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:06 pm

Yijun sighs loudly then gets another drink and he started snacking not caring if that makes him throw up as he was reaching the end of his rope cause he wanted to think and this night to just be over as he was more and more seeing that he was not worth a spit in the dark and that was something that was just hurting him deep down and he wanted to make sure that it was something that he could mitigate but it was becoming more and more clear that he was not worthy of being on these kinds of things with Iza as he was looking to make sure that there was something for him but there didn't ever seem to be a light in the dark as he looked around as Iza had a companion but he was still alone and nothing he seemed to do would help him fix that as there was nothing that he could really do as he needed something or somebody.

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Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:37 pm

Iza Bicdic
Iza would look at the man and it would seem like he had ignored his question. He would tilt his head and he would rub the side of it and then started tapping his right foot as he was looking at him. It would seem like he was gone too under with the alcohol. He would shake his head and the spirit would only she her head. She didn’t like the fact that he was ignoring Iza.

“Do we make sure that he stays alive and is fine?” She asked Iza.

The jester would look at her and pet her on the head with a smile on his face.

“Sur I guess. I don’t like takin care of humans, but I guess I gotta.” He said this to Sylph.

In reality, he didn’t care about Yijun as much, but he wanted to make sure that Mishiko noticed that he was looking out for his guild mate.


Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 9:00 pm

Yijun realized that he had been being talked about and that when Iza had spoke that Iza had asked him something. "Sorry I didn't realize you were talking to me and I guess I plan to be probably checking in at the HQ and see what all this needs to be done so I can keep climbing the ranks and not get let in the dust of those above me. How about you Iza?" Yijun had stopped drinking for a moment so he could focus as his un focus is what had caused this issue in the first place and that was something that he was not sure if the other man was sore about or not, as Yijun wasn't ignoring him just too drunk to know that he was being spoken to.

Yijun rubbed the arm that his spear was on as it seemed to really want to come out but he knows better than to show his trump card in a bad spot before it was time to show it so he was working on trying not to lose his cool and just fall apart and pass out maybe sobbing like an idiot.

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Is this Oil or Ale? (Iza) Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 9:31 pm

Iza Bicdic
Iza was talking to Sylph and making sure that they had a game plan for Yijun. They weren’t sure what was going to happen to him, but they figured they would take care of him for the time being. They were waiting for something to happen to him, but instead they would hear him speak.

When he finished speaking, he would look at Yijun and he would nod. It would seem like he had goals, and it was to make sure that the two of them were similar in powers than anything. He would nod as he wanted to see that.

“I needs ta find me a second dagga. I like ta have sharp things like that, so Ima be aiming fa that.” He said to Yijun.

“Yeah and I’m going to be helping him with that as well. Still, there aren’t many known daggers that would suit you Iza.” She said to him as they started walking away from this place.


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