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Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito)

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Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Sun Feb 11, 2024 5:04 pm

No matter the efforts even if little Averie seemed to be happy. That much they both knew for sure. It seemed the more and more these two where around each other the more Averie seemed to have come out of her shell, the way Kaito handled her so to say was seemingly never resisted she smiled and she seemed to be trying to express she was happy more and more."Well...Off hand i am sure my mother, Father and sister would like to come...I know we should avoid inviting my brother."Averie might have stopped rubbing his shoulders she seemed now focused on what that were walking about.

So much so she would just merely when free just lay on Kaito while they spoke almost like it was her sole focus at this time."They are easy to please and respectful. Most likely they will be fine with our boundaries."That was her side pretty much made up quickly she seemed not to need to think on it much."How many people did you need for it?"She asked because it was fair to ask how many people would be needed for it.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Wed Feb 14, 2024 7:00 am


He listened to the woman speak then press against him then she asked him how many people he would expect on his side. Kaito rubbed his chin to think about it and raked his mind for people. "Well I can think of four people that I know would probably come Judith, My brother and his two children. If my brother has a new girlfriend or wife she would probably come, and one I am unsure would come is my grandmother." he was sad to have to admit that as he thought he had, had a good relationship with his master who turned out to be his own grandmother but she seemed to have distanced herself from him and disappeared not answering him or saying anything to him since he joined fairytail he on a way wondered if she did that as she knew that he was going have a new person watching over him in the hands of Judith, so maybe she will maybe come for this huge life event.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Thu Feb 15, 2024 4:31 am

While listening to Kaito's answer Averie being some what more brave since she was comfortable around Kaito and how this conversation, Just continue to merely lay on him, then merely put her arms around his waist and merely continued her loving embracing cuddle. Then seemingly just let herself relax a bit more, Knowing very well she was light enough for Kaito to move her at any point."I can not say I know Judith personally...I know who she is from reading a few things."After all she learned a few things since she became a rune knights, it had not came to her mind to mention to Kaito she was part of the rune knights or if she told him already or not.

As for his brother."I have not met Emil yet...is he a decent person?"Averie had to ask because she wanted to be sure, She was not going to say no, more wanting to know what she was going to meet while he was there. But If anything Averie seeming would make sure."If you value all of these people enough do feel free to invite, I will not object."Averie still was going to be supportive. Even the following kiss upon Kaito's lips most likely made her point.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Sat Feb 17, 2024 5:39 pm


"My brother said he had met and tried hitting on you in the Halloween town place where ever that was I faintly remember helping Yuurei with somethings there. Oh Yuurei should probably be someone I listed to invite to my wedding dude is like my best friend but I didn't even think about him on that list, maybe I am a bad friend..." He turned to her and he holds her when he feels her relax a bit as he doesn't want her feeling like he is not paying attention to her and he rubs her back as he kissed her again.

"I am fine with what ever we do rather we invite a few or many we should enjoy it and our future together if you can stand me that long." His tone to the woman there was teasing as there was no way in hell she would really get rid of him and she was not the kind of woman that would drop him like love was going out of style but he was trying to lighten the mood as he had a lot that he was trying not to fall to far from as he hoped she would get it was a joke and not him being serious as he was trying harder to be a bit more lightened up and he wasn't aiming to make everything gloom and doom like he had been.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Mon Feb 19, 2024 10:42 am

These talks seemed to be her more focus and she seemed not worried about much else. if anything her focus on working on details."Did he?...well i am sorry I do not entirely remember him."Averie mentioned sounded not embarrassed but slightly perplexed by the manner she thought she would have remembered that but at times she forgot things and it was entirely normal."I owe him an apology forgetting this."Averie continued on about that and would continue on with what else they were talking about at with in this moment.

He did pose it with a worry that if things could end. In some manner Averie was worried about that herself, after all she was horribly worried about Kaito just for some reason finding some one better and leaving of his own accord himself."I do not see a reason for me to leave...if i am honest. I fear being boring or you leaving me in some manner as well."Averie managed to deadpan speak that, even if she was actually serious about it. Over all she seemed happy and grateful Kaito and her were together. After all in Averie's mind she was some what of a loser, Holding back even if admitting before she felt like an idiot for saying no to him the first time because it was something she felt like was a horrible idea.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Wed Feb 21, 2024 1:20 pm


He looked at her saying that she would have to apologize for forgetting that and he nearly laughed at that as she was being far too spineless in saying she had to ask for forgiveness. "Pretty sure you will not have to do that as it was probably a quick splash in the pan and it probably creeped you out with the ego he had been walking around with at that time and that is probably an understatement." He wonders if that would make that any better or if him saying that will just make that worse and he wonders if there was even a point in him having to say that but he wanted to help her feel more at ease about it as it was probably not that big of a deal.

He looked at her and he wondered why she would think that he would bore of her or that she would need to even be worried that he would abandon her did he give off that kind of vibe that she should be worried about him just up and leaving one day. He is digging through his memories and he wondered if he had done something or said something that would give her that idea. "I am not sure what gives you the idea that I would abandon you but I promise you I am committed to you as long as you draw breath, I would never leave you or abandon you I swear that too you." He hoped that him saying this would get through to her and help her feel less stressed about it as he was a man of his word.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Fri Feb 23, 2024 10:47 am

It did settle her some what, But there was other things they most likely had to talk about at this point most of them seem to be how Averie was. Sure she seemed a lot better upon opening up but Averie in some manner still had some flaws.Because of her lack of long term dating relationships she could not help but think there was still better for him. Other more appealing people, Was it jealousy? it could be? could she be paranoid very well could be the case too. But she was over thinking it and thus would start explaining herself.

It was all, illogical worry."It is more my illogical worry. Since my brain has never considered or processed such emotions, I in some way worry that I am replacable even when that shouldn't be a worry..."Averie said almost like she was worried and knew it was not entirely a problem but in her head.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Sat Feb 24, 2024 12:53 pm


Kaito hearing what the woman had said he reached up and he poked her forehead. "Stop doubting yourself. You are kind and caring and smart when you aren’t getting lost in a good book or fantasy." He smiled at her then he relaxed as he was worried about her as she was being a smart idiot which worries him. He wants to make them getting married an enjoyable thing but he has to wonder if she will be okay being married or if it would just be torture to her, making he think day in and day out that he might cheat on her and then ditch her. He didn’t want to make her suffer or feel like she has to be walking on egg shells as that isn’t fair to her or himself as he would honestly feel shitty if he were to hurt her like that. He needs to make sure that she understands that she is very important to him.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Thu Feb 29, 2024 9:00 am

It seemed maybe one needed to not listen to the thought of many that sunk into her mind. Averie over all would most likely change this over time. But it was just how things for the moment worked with Averie she had a lot of internal struggles that she was working on and in some manner she very some what at least expressing herself. In some manner that was progress she had yet to realize. But this was lacking foresight for other things she had in mind with her life at this time.

But that poke seemed to leave her actually able to express confusion and you could see it on her face for a moment."Oh...I see."She left out her curious ponder if she was reading too many books and needed to do other things with her life. But she had assumed that if she was fine this was not much worry at this time.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Sat Mar 09, 2024 8:16 am


Kaito gets closer and held her close to his chest and he thought about what could happen and what might still happen and he knows that she was not an easy one to gauge but he loved her and he never seemed to be getting closer to her as she seemed to keep a barrier around her self that he couldn’t seem to truly get through as there was nothing that could help him get through it as it seems others seemed to make it stronger to keep him out of the barrier. Kaito needs to get through to her if he hoped to have a chance at a happy life though he feels she might get over it herself and be able to get closer to him.

"Well if you ever think that I don’t love or support you I want you to tell me and I will inform you that I very much love you with all of my heart and all of my soul." He gave her a soft kiss and he hoped that she will truly remember it in the core of her soul that he was committed to her and only her.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Mon Mar 11, 2024 1:40 pm

For the moment it seemed to have settled Averie, Maybe eventually her mind would teach her she was in fact worrying about too much and her mind was getting the better of her."Alright, I will be sure to do that."One was over all to the point that way. Even if it did seem like Averie was some what a problem it seemed in some manner.

But alas Averie's worried where settle for now, At least it seemed that way. The proble about mentioning to souls to a necromancer however was met with Averie trying to make a slight joke about it."The human soul is easy to your hand on you know."Averie said this a bit casually with a happy smile on her face almost like her worries were gone.

She almost was going to want to go into depths maybe it was just not needed at this time."Not that I would need to attempt to pull either of our souls for a moment..."Averie seemingly was starting to be the in depth study she was. Then realizing she was trailing off, So maybe this was something Averie read some where in the many books that where piled everywhere of hers that was fantasy romance books. So generally maybe a lot of the stuff Averie could be guessed to reflect would be there.

Averie would merely take both Kaito's hands and place them on her back then she merely just kissed kiss upon the lips then merely started snuggling into Kaito then seeming did not think much else while giving Kaito a few kisses on neck just while she settled. Averie was adding more into the mix, why she was no one else really could figure out out most likely something she read figuring it worked slightly. Then merely guide Katios hands to left them at her hips almost like she figured they where good to be rest there.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Wed Mar 13, 2024 6:49 pm


Kaito looked at the woman and blinks at the comment that she had made there and he was wondering if she was joking but it seemed that she was in a mood as well and it seemed that they were going to been a private place to take this too as here they would get walked in on and he was not trying to get her in trouble and he kissed her back and allowed her to do as she had. No one was coming in and Kaito guessed that was normal as there were not a lot of people around and he was glad for that and he was just going to enjoy what ever Averie had in mind and he waited to see if she was going to be taking the lead this time around and tell them it was time to go or if she was going to be a naughty rule breaker and have a bit of fun here and he guessed that would show him if she might have a risk thing.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Sun Mar 17, 2024 6:11 am

With the delighted of her expressions done Averie would merely look at Kait for a moment. Then ponder if she just wanted to go some where akin to a home for both of them."Well, given we have seen the sites and relaxed here a bit? Shall we get our things and go to what is considered home now?"Averie figured it might be better this way just in case. In some manner she had gotten some what comfortable with this kind of life but also was self aware enough that some things where not suppose to be public. This might be one of them.

Averie even mentioning it most likely because Averie was in some kind of mood and was self aware of what things could happen."That way as well, We don't get in trouble if I am not mindful of what is around us even if I am opening up."Over all Averie seemed to know that she was intentionally getting into a mood and she was just going to be safe. But this was a safety suggestion over all. But if Kaito had wished to just relax a bit long Averie was not resisting either. Merely it was just how she viewed their time.

Even then, Averie's mind was more thinking about a quiet evening alone and Averie most likely getting back into reading a book, But all and all her attention for the most was on being with Kaito as well,seemingly in Averie's mind everything was perfect in her mind.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Tue Mar 19, 2024 8:04 am


Kaito looked to the woman and he smirked as it seemed that it was indeed time to be on their way out of here to farther work on their life together and getting some alone time that would probably end up leading them to not having alone time for awhile but he was ready for those risks as he loved this woman. He nodded to her asking him if it was time they collected their stuff and headed for their home. "Probably be smart or we will have to explain to the first one how they were made in a daring exchange in a hot spring near a holy tree and them see how bad we are~" He was teasing her a little and he got out with her and handed her a towel to cover up and he headed for the men's changing area as they needed to be ready to go.

Once Kaito had gotten dressed and ready he stepped out of the changing room and waited for the beautiful woman that he had come with to come out as well and he opened a portal back to their home so they can get that alone time that they were clearly wanting and maybe they can do somethings and not have to worry about being caught and judged for it.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Thu Mar 21, 2024 12:49 pm

Averie merely stopped for a moment and paused at being teased as she did. Almost like she in some manner for a moment forgot where they where and how risky such actions where. After all harmlessly Averie's mind was more about her bonding connection with Kaito. Not that she thought aside form her current worries that she was having too many problems"Right...."There was that moment of red on her normally pale skin.

But at least she would always recover some what quickly."No no we can't have that...Plus personally i would not like a talking too from some people for a thing I cause that isn't from Nercomancy..."Thus she would move on quickly. Gathering her things and getting clothing on because well she still needed them on while they where here."Anyway...No one needs to know this almost happen let's go now."Averie was not rushing him but in some manner was trying to make this something no one ever talked about again. As she would never speak of it again.

Hopefully they would hurry along before the mood was gone, In some manner Averie almost might have killed it for herself at least for the moment she might have done that.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Fri Mar 22, 2024 11:31 am


Kaito kissed Averie and he ruffled her hair. "I would have been fine with doing it here and never telling a soul about it~" He gets her through the portal and he carries her to their room and shuts the door laying her on the bed as he was going to make sure that she gets to enjoy the mood they had set and not lose it as Kaito was going to do his best to be the lover that the woman needed and not let a chance slip through his fingers as she was moving to make a family that he never had with this woman if she wants that but only time will tell and if they get to enjoy a quiet life is a whole either story as he was someone that had reacted to world threatening happenings and he was not sure if he would be called on once again if such a thing were to happen again but he did know he would return to his wife and children alive if he was to be called on to defeat the country once again.


Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Sun Mar 24, 2024 4:19 pm

It was too late not, Averie was already backing down. "No we do have to respect such holy ground...It is...risky to the possible spirits of the future i could talk too."Because Averie didn't need summon some spirit later in joya only for them to talk about how they saw them do such unholy things on holy ground it made her job complex.

Averie wouldn't admit it to him but it almost ruin her mood completely in her wanting to get it out of system due to possible embarrassment.So wait until Kaito put her down, Then she got up for a moment because she had been sitting for a while and stretch out. Then neatly folded her clothing as she was getting out of it, also as a means to merely see if she was still willing to commit to it. Then the only signifier of most likely was going to happen that rest of the evening was Averie then trying to be the one on top to say for the this time.



Walking up Rocks, Is good right?(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Sun Mar 24, 2024 5:23 pm


"I don't think that is an unholy thing if I am honest just a blessed child would probably be the product of it." Kaito was teasing her a little as he doubted that the spirits would really have complained about it as there are darker and far more evil things happening in the world if the simple act of love was a big deal then the spirits are probably weak and simply look to look for an excuse to not want to be summoned but that was weird that she was so worried about it but he was not going to try and tell her how to live her life if that was what she wanted to worry about then she was free to do so and he was not going to worry about it and let it all fade away as worries of the past would pass and leave him to feel like it was a past nightmare and he just was going to enjoy his time with her while he has it as she will die far before he will unless she has some trick up her sleeve.


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