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Stronger drink and faster drinking games (Iza)

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Stronger drink and faster drinking games (Iza) Empty Fri Nov 03, 2023 8:39 am

Yijun walked out into a new place and this time he was not sure where in the hell they were but all the drinking and his daemon form were making him feel like he is unstoppable and that was something that he couldn't ignore as it felt great to know that he was his own man that he was probably better than and stronger than his father but still wonders if he should have died protecting his poor mother but he knows that it is something that had long past happened and there was nothing that he could do about it currently but he was going to try and do it. Yijun was given a bigger mug of alcohol and he was sent to do strange dances that the new player mimicked the player they are paired and he was soon doing a stranger dance while drinking and probably looking like an idiot to anyone that was watching him but he wasn't going to back down as he needed to do this.

#2Iza Bicdic 

Stronger drink and faster drinking games (Iza) Empty Fri Nov 03, 2023 8:57 am

Iza Bicdic

Iza would make his appearance at their new destination. When he had gotten to the place, he had recognized it immediately. The elf had lived a very long time, so there weren’t many places that he had not traveled throughout the centuries. He would see that the place they were located had brought them to many people around them, that were drinking as well. It would seem like a lot of these people were enjoying their time. He would look around to see that Yijun was already participating in the festivities.

He wouldn’t join him on that, but he would join him on the drinking. Someone would see him without a cup and they would quickly bring one to Iza. The jester would take it and he would start drinking. Sylph would fly around her loving jester as she watched his back, so he could be himself and do whatever he wanted.


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Yijun staring at the person he was mimicking had made the person quick and give up and Yijun blinked and still in his daemon form he started to walk around as he started doing other things that seemed like they were some what competing at they kept looking at Yijun and wondering if there was some kind of issues with him as he looked scary and like he wasn't meant to be here and had just wondered in on the party and was just starting to poop the party so most people moved away from Yijun as they were feeling uncomfortable with the aura that the man was giving off and making them feel fear and more drunk than they really were as his aura made their stomachs flop a little and Yijun wondered if they were just racist and didn't want to be near him because he was a daemon. "What never seen a Daemon before!!!!?"

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Iza Bicdic

Iza would look over at Yijun as he was drinking. It would seem like the man wasn’t holding back. He would continue drinking and Sylph would look over to the man as well. This time she would sit on Iza’s shoulder and she would shake her head at Yijun.

“I thought that guy would hold his composure. He has shown his true form to everyone and isn’t giving up. What are you going to do about it Iza?” She asked him.

Iza would look at her and he would scratch the side of his head.

“Nothin, da man could do whateva he wanna do. He isn’t hurtin anybody, sa we got nothin ta worry about. We won’t get in trouble.” He said to Sylph as he would continue drinking and enjoying the show he was giving him.

Sylph wanted Iza to knock him on his ass. He heard all those weird things he said about her, and she wanted him to pay for it.


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Yijun kept looking around and he sighed then went back to drinking as it seemed that he was not going to be having fun here like the others were but he was going to just shrug it off as he is use to being an outcast to people so this was not anything new and he was just going to truly always be alone as he wasn't good enough to not just be ignored as he was garbage an unwanted half breed that was left for dead because he wasn't good enough to be what his father wanted and he was never going to be good enough for that and he was just going to end up sorry to have even been born and he keeps drinking probably more than he should be and his aura just kept growing as he was still only one part of the many cogs but that was it that was all he could muster as there was nothing that meant anything and he wasn't going to fight anyone or hurt anyone but the people around him seemed like that is what they wanted was to see him bare his fangs and prove he is a monster so they can feel justice in it all feeling as they do.

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Stronger drink and faster drinking games (Iza) Empty Sat Nov 04, 2023 10:19 am

Iza Bicdic
Iza would look around as he was drinking. He was enjoying this time for himself as he would look at the people who moved past him. They would glimpse at him and they would look away. They didn’t want any problems with the man, and he understood. They never knew what the jester would do to them. Sylph was bored and she would make it to Iza. There she would sit on his cup of alcohol, and she would look at him.

“Can I get some of that?” She asked him hoping he would say yes.

Iza would look at her and he would tilt his cup a bit to make it easier for her to drink.

“Sure ya can have some, but be mindful.” He said to her.

She would listen to him and she would drink a bit and she would burp as that was good and fulling. He would laugh a bit when he saw this and he would drink some as well.


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He looked at the other man and he rubbed his chin then he spoke. "Do you know where that spirit is from? If it is from Caelum it is bad luck to give it alcohol or was that fairies... What ever just be careful of what you give it." He doesn't need to be getting cursed by some other worldly jinx's Yijun got to his feet and he walked to where he could get another drink and people moved away from him as he sat and got more to drink and flick a small puck on a board to try and score points vs someone else that was trying to knock his puck off the board and keep theirs on the board to get more points. Yijun is smart with his attempted placements of the pucks he flicked to make sure they are in risky spots to try and knock off without their puck also not staying on the board.

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Iza Bicdic
Iza would hear him, and he would have a smile on his face. It would seem like the man was well-informed. He would laugh a bit to hear him warn him about Sylph. She would look at him with an angry look on her face as she didn’t want to hear it.

“I can do whatever I want, but if you want I can curse you if that is what you’re looking for.” She said that as she made ghostly sounds as he walked off to play another game.

“I’ve lived a long time, so I think a curse or two wouldn’t hurt me and would bring more excitement to me than I had before.” He said to him.

It was then he would drink more of his beverage. The elf would enjoy this as he would continue to be a spectator on everything that was going on in this place. He was here to drink and drinking he would do.


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Yijun wasn't so sure about how this other man thinks as he had looked away from the game and toward the him and the spirit. When he looked away the person he was against slammed the table to knock off Yijun's pucks and the ref started yelling at the other man about the clear lack of respect that he had for the game and Yijun moved to the side and drank as he was not going to stay close enough to be sucker punched by one or the other as they both seemed like drunken hot heads and he heads toward the next portal and area, Yijun has no idea to where they will go but he guessed that he will need to get there as quickly ass he can so not to be stuck here where a brawl was about to start for them as he was not going to get blamed for this. "Come on spirit and Iza we gotta go."

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Iza Bicdic
Iza continued his watch, and he would chuckle when he saw that Yijun was going through something with one of the people here. He wasn’t sure what was happening, but it would seem like it wouldn’t be good. It would seem like Yijun wanted to avoid the situation before it got out of control. He would see his friend approach him and he would hear his words.

“Seems like you pick up a lot of people who dislike you Yijun.” He said to him as he was walking to the portal.

Sylph would look at Yijun and she would shake her head.

“Don’t call me Spirit, my name is Sylph.” She said to him as she wanted to clobber him on the side of his head.

The man who was playing against Yijun would make his way to him, but before he got any closer, the two of them would enter the portal and it would close behind them.

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