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Drinking games on the Beach (Iza)

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Drinking games on the Beach (Iza) Empty Tue Oct 31, 2023 4:21 pm

Yijun came out on a beach with beach games set up and he wondered if this was the right place and the first game he seems in drunken limbo and they have to drink every time that they make an attempt that would test their balance and that was going to be testing how well they were at holding their drinks as they needed to drink one and carry one in their hand as they did it and he was not sure how well he would do in that as it was both drinking balance and focus but he guessed that he should be fine as most of that is something he learned during his time as a monk. He was making sure that he kept a straight head as he waited as if he had to guess that Iza would not be far behind him and if he waited that he might be able to see if Iza came and wasn't just lost in the crowd that was starting to surround the area they were going to be doing the games in and he hoped that he could at least walk out of the games here with at least one win.

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Iza Bicdic
The pub jumps they were doing was interesting. He didn’t think he would be leaving from the North and heading to a different location in such a short time. Honestly, they had traveled far, and now that they made it to this place, it would seem like they were on a beach. He wasn’t impressed by the scenery, but he did wonder what they were going to do here.

Sylph on the other hand, was excited about this place. She would fly around the area and she was excited about this.

“This is beautiful, and it feels so nice around here. Do we have to leave here Iza?” She asked pouting waiting for an answer.

“Yea, once I finish enjoyin my time hea, I plan on goin ta the next place.” He said to her.

He would follow suit after Yijun and he would enter the game of balance. There he would start drinking while keeping his balance.


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Yijun walked to the limbo and he took a drink and drank it and then was handed another one to go under the limbo stick and that was easy enough as the stick was still pretty high but he knows that it is going to get harder as he goes as the stick will lower after every round that people survive and he drinks the drink as he waits for his turn to come back up again as this was probably going to get wild as these fruit drinks tasted like they had a high alcohol amount in them or who ever made them had trouble balancing the taste with the bite that it gives and he wondered if this game was rigged to get newer people drunk off their ass and the locals win as their drinks are less spiked than the out of the area people that had come here for the games and new drinks but that was a bit of an odd thing to do as there was no real gains to be gotten from this if that was the case.

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Iza Bicdic
Iza would follow Yijun and he would continue drinking. It would seem like their game would be a limbo game. He wasn’t sure how this was going to go, but he figured he would enjoy it while it lasted. He would drink some more as he was waiting for his turn. He would see Yijun go under first, and he would be perfectly fine with the action. That was good and it didn’t seem too hard, so he figured he would give it a go. When he went under, he was a little bit off, but he was fine. He would stand tall, and he would watch a bunch of other people do it as well.

It was then he would watch everyone go under and then soon enough it would get lower. The clown would see this, and he would rub his eyes as if he wasn’t expecting that. This was going to get tougher every turn wasn’t it?


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As the turns go by and the stick lowered and people got drunker Yijun realized he was in trouble and on his next limbo attempt Yijun lost his balance and fell back into the sand he had lost but had not spilled the drink so he is helped up and walked off to the side that had gotten far harder than he thought it would and wondered if his thoughts on it were right that the drinks they got were stronger than the locals that had joined them there.

Once the limbo game was over and the winner named he headed toward the volley ball area and waited for his partner for two on two it was just drunken volley ball no drinking during the game but the losing team has to do like a bucket drink and from how Yijun was feeling he doubted that was going to end well for him and the sand felt good on his feet and he hoped that he could keep it together for who ever he was teamed with for the game,

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Iza Bicdic

Iza would see that there were people going under and as time continued, the pole would lower itself. He would look at everyone as it would seem like a lot of people were falling left and right. He would only shake his head because he saw how weak these humans were. He would go, and it would seem like he didn’t know what he was doing, but the clown was just that a clown. He performed, he acted, and he did things that not a lot of people could do in performance.

This was no different at least in Iza’s mind. The jester would go under and when it looked like he would lose his balance and fall, the two drinks would jump from his hands to his chest as he was spider crawling under the limbo. Once he had done that, he would pick himself up and catch the two falling drinks. People were shocked to see this and it was there they felt that this was rigged.


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Yijun started to play with the person that he was given and he made sure to try and keep his feet under him. The ball seemed to be a bit under inflated so the ball was a bit more bouncy than he thought it would be when he hit it up to his partner to spike and he dives when the enemy team hit it back at them right to his partner that quickly sent it back at the other team and he wondered if that was it and it was the ball hit the sand and Yijun got back to his feet and readied for the next round of the game as he was not going to lose again here and that was going to be rough or so he thought but he was not going to give up as they had a small lead now and he needed to help it grow so they can win this part of the games.

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Iza Bicdic

Iza had looked around to see what Yijun was doing and it would seem like the man had moved on to another activity. This was interesting and it seemed like his loss made him want to forget as soon as he could. Sylph would see this and she would laugh; the boy seemed to have a short fuse, and she knew that she could mess with him now, and in the future. The Jester would look around to see what he could do next. He didn’t want to bother Yijun right now, and honestly, he didn’t like having fun with people.

The man would look around and he would see a stage not too far from him. He would approach it and he would get on it. Once he had gotten on stage, there were people who looked in his direction. They were intrigued by what he would be doing. When Iza saw he had the attention of some people he would start his act.


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Yijun kept just trying to keep the feelings down but he couldn't he was pissed off and he wanted to just release it and he started to transform without him meaning to do it and he started to hit harder and move faster as his skills had become higher and he wanted to make it all count and not waste a second of this surge of power that he felt and he wasn't sure that it could last at least not to the level that he was attempting to do it at. He had to keep it up, he had to win this game was no longer fun to him but a game of survival and a test of if he was worth shit, or if he was just a giant pile of dog turds that was left in the son and that he should have just been killed that day his mother died as he was not worth the lose of her life. The lead him out and to a new portal to a new place which Yijun hoped would be better.

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Iza Bicdic
Iza would see everybody was ready and he would start performing for them. He, of course, started with his juggling act, which with many balls seemed impossible to do. While he tossed them into the air, he would ignite them on fire and while doing this eventually Iza would do this with one hand. The people were impressed with that part, but the next part would be interesting. Out of nowhere, Iza would bring out a blade, and he would ignite that into flames. They wondered what he would do with that, and it was then they would see that he would slide the blade down his throat, fire and all.

He would start acting nuts, and the balls would hit him on his head on fire. He would fall to the ground with the blade in his mouth still. It was then he would disappear and the crowd would be impressed with his act. He had been invisible but moved into the portal behind Yijun. It was his vanishing act as he took the blade out of his mouth.

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