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Rest (Maple)

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#1Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 8:53 am

Michael Winters
Michael was at Hargeon, he needed some rest. The north was quite the venture, but he used the Cristina to get back to Hargeon. Safe space he guessed. He just needed to rest. Both physically and mentally. He put off doing any quests because he thinks he isnt ready for them. He still hasnt recovered from that little spar he had. 'Little' being an understatement of the millenia. That spar was anything but little. And it did more harm to him then any good.

Who the fuck says exposure therapy helps you with conquering your fears. They're reaffirmed more then ever. But its not just the fear he had to deal with. But his own toxic mentality. The self loathing and hatred that hid behind his bravado. The negative feelings that he thought were gone. They started to resurface. And he needed to find a way to keep that at bay. So he needed to find something fun to do. How about looking at stores?


Rest (Maple) Empty Sun Sep 24, 2023 3:07 am

It would be a rare time that Maple willing went to the any spots, let alone by herself. But it would eventually be things that would happen eventually. Just the time needed to be given or Maple needed to feel like like roaming around in the forest and actually want to be around people that wasn't not one sole person alone.

Maple the mere forever free spirit she was did not seem to have much else. Roaming around Hargeon was eventually going to be her normal eventually. Just for now it was just a bit of a different day for this time. Maple at least seemed as she normally was. Seemingly happy and full of life reflecting the feeling of the starting of the fall season, there was a strong sense of internal peace. Her clothing colour did reflect the season as well the darker reds and brown of her seemingly made of the material of leafs, but she was seemingly walking by herself at this time.

#3Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Thu Oct 05, 2023 8:16 am

Michael Winters
Michael was in a way feeling opposite of Maple. Not happy and more drained of life, walking almost like a cripple with his spirit rather dampened. He looked at his right foot which was still hurting. He tried his best to walk normally, but he felt pins and needles when using his foot. His leg got fucked up in that sparring match and the healers couldnt heal him.

He sighed and decided to let go. He merely decided to take a breath and focus on what usually helped him when he was feeling down. Music. Though he didnt have an instrument at the moment. So he just quietly hummed as he walked by. Sometimes perhaps it was best to create songs that were a mood, nothing lyrical. Perhaps shopping didnt matter to him as he couldnt really discern what to do. So he just subconciously defaulted to keeping Hargeon safe and he'd look on and make sure there were no troublemakers. He'd crush them at the moment he saw trouble. Michael may not be guild master level strong. But he was still stronger than your average joe which gave him solace.

He'd look at the people of Hargeon, including Maple who was there. He was glad the people were fine, even if these strangers didnt do anything for him. Yet he still had to defend them, right? He was Blue Pegasus right? The idea of him being guild master level was funny. Tho he did wonder what would he do if he was one.


Rest (Maple) Empty Fri Oct 06, 2023 11:31 am

The sparking point had happen he looked at Maple, while in happen stance of looking around while she was walking Maple even notice she was stared at for a moment, It was now going to the most typical of moment for Maple possible once you kind of figure out who Maple was, Given she was unknown to anyone here Maple was most likely going to scare a few people here.

It would still be a bit of time as Maple was most likely still going to look around at things while she was going to reach Michael. But everyone and a while she would look at the things around her in some what awe as they seemed nice to collect at the time. But it was for a later time maybe after she tried to cheer up this seemingly perplexed person or lost in thought.

Then eventually it what seemed like a few minutes for Maple she would have managed to catch up to where Michael was while he was pondering and with out a word she hugged him, the most typically motherly embrace a person could give a stranger with well meaning intent one could give, It was an oddity of a situation yes but normal for her.

#5Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2023 5:13 am

Michael Winters
He went to another part of Hargeon, just walking and making sure all was well. He doubted there would be trouble. The place was peaceful and any rising dark guilds were nowhere in the region. One at East and another at West. They were south, all was good.

Though as we walked he felt something which made him freeze. Realizing that he was being hugged, his reflex of his body was to... shudder. This was such a motherly and loving hug and it was foreign to him. It wasnt lustful, but nor was it romantic. This was a type of hug that he didnt feel in over 2 decades.

He didnt know what to say as he felt like he had a knot in his throat. No words came to his now perplexed and overflown mind. But his body did start to relax in this motherly grasp. His hand reached up and touched the arm of the person
"I dont know who you are... but you can let go now" he spoke after what he felt was him holding his breath.
While his words didnt show gratitude for the gesture, his body language sure did.


Rest (Maple) Empty Mon Oct 09, 2023 10:47 am

It seemed this person did not take this over all. Not that Maple mind there was always going to be misses to these matters. But none the less Maple would always just be doing these things as she normally would do."Are you sure? It does seem to me you might not get too many, are you sure you do not want me to hug you for a bit longer?"Maple asked over all it was a harmless question. But assuming the answer was no Maple did actually let him go.

Maple was bold yes, but she was seemingly showing her signs of affection only because she felt in some manner maybe it was make him feel better because it seemed things where on his mind. But this was Maple the unnamed oddity in which lives in the woods who did things illogically. After all most cities where strange to her for a reason outside of shopping."Unless i am bothering at a times you really need to be alone."

#7Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Mon Oct 16, 2023 5:02 am

Michael Winters
Her words still expressed concern, very loving and motherly concern and he didnt know how to feel about that. Yeah, he wasnt a guy that would get many hugs. A lot of those would be lust driven. Would romance count as those kinds of hugs? But still this woman counted in a different manner. It was loving but not romantic nor lustful. It was a different form of love. He was sure Sevese people had a name for it. He sure didnt.

He was still left speechless with her words, only making a few sounds of uncertainty and confusion. It wasnt a no though. Ultimately he did hug her back, still rather confused how or why. But it did feel nice emotionally. He made sure the hug was short though as he didnt want things to feel weird so he let go and put a bit of distance between the two, so they werent touching. Only then did he realize he was kind of holding his breath
"Oh uhm... wow... you really left me speechless. I ... uhh.... thanks for the hug." but he was still speechless and didnt know what to say. Why did she hug him? He was just a random stranger to her.
He tried to get some words and make things less weird "So uhm.... who are you, lady, ma'am, person?" he wasnt sure what to call her. But he figured if he had her name this would be less strange


Rest (Maple) Empty Sun Oct 22, 2023 11:26 am

Maple seemed to have been prepared for these situation and ready to kind of just talk to Michael like a normal person. For Maple being lady of the woods she understood people greatly and knew how to keep boundaries of. It was an understanding hug to try and cheer some one up Maple did do anything else beyond that which made the intent clear."There see, Day is better."Maple said with a smile on her face almost like it seemed her goal was achieved and she was overly delighted with herself about the things she did. Well thing she did.

But she would explain who she was in most simply way possible."I am Maple, I am a half elf that lives in the woods just outside of the city."Maple said with a delighted smile on her face about it. Then she waited to see what all would be said by him.

#9Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Fri Nov 03, 2023 11:10 am

Michael Winters
Her words made it clear why she had hugged him, which made him happy and sad at the same time. It did remind him of his mother. The kindness, the care, the warmth. Whoever this was, he had decided that they were precious and always needed to be protected as long as he was close by. He clumsily asked her who was she. And soon she'd introduce herself as Maple.
"Nice to meet you Maple. My name is Michael and Im a werewolf that is part of the Blue Pegasus" he spoke rather gently and politely with her, opting to be honest with her. So once he knew who she was and realizing why she hugged him. He kind of shyly asked

"So... uhm... you wouldnt mind if I hug you? I... uhm... actually kind of need it" he barely had spoken the words, feeling his words get stuck and him having to force them out. The reason he wanted to hug her was that. Well one, he knew her motive, two, they werent strangers. And three, she did remind him of his mother and for once, he just wanted to hug and pretend all was well, to reconnect to a feeling that was long lost. Opting to try and open up and be vulnerable and innocent as he was in his youth.


Rest (Maple) Empty Sat Nov 04, 2023 5:18 pm

He asked something that Maple would not be even thinking twice about what her answer was to him."You can, in fact hug me as long as you need."Maple said because she knew what these kind of moments where needed. Because Maple always understood what the value of human touch could do. What it meant for the mental health of a person and what all could improve a persons day when they did hug a person.

At least that was what she noticed and watched with the world upon the many things that happen and do around her. But that was not the point anyway. Maple then simply raised her arms out for the most honest and open hug one could muster. Rather then saying anything else she let Michael let himself walk into the hug, Because that kind of stuff was important for the person to do. Unless he wanted her to do it.

#11Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Sun Nov 12, 2023 1:52 am

Michael Winters
He hugged the woman who had a strange and yet loving aura around her. For a moment, he pretended that things were the way they were. He wished he could pretend to be a boy from Caelum with a happy family. But he knew those moments were gone. But he could cherish that warm feeling. It felt nice. He can protect it and for a second, he was able to be happy. So much so, that he forgot about the Seraphim who put the fear of gods in him and injured his leg.

"Thank you" he said as he finally was able to let go of the hug. It really did feel good and made him feel better. A nice hug, one that didnt have sexual or romantic undertones. Just a feel good platonic hug. It felt very nice. But now, when it was done, he kinda wanted to do something for her
"So uhm, miss Maple... is there anything I can do for you?" he did wanna pay back the kindness


Rest (Maple) Empty Tue Nov 14, 2023 4:04 pm

Maple over all with this matter was seemingly happy with the situation and how it went. There was still a sweet calm smile on her face, So many things where never her thoughts of anything dirty. It was almost like she was an oddly wholesome woman who just seems to show up with out being asked."The world is an interesting place, Living in the woods has taught me as much."Maple said that as she was continuing the effort of talking to Michael like a normal person would.

To Maple everyone needed some kind of comment community feeling because it was a great comfort to the soul. But as for anything he could do for her."Well, I am here to merely pick up a few things. Mostly colder weather clothing, Do you know where I could find some good cold weather clothing?"Maple asked but it seemed to be a simple thing."Maybe smile a bit too. But i don't require you to do much."

#13Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Thu Nov 16, 2023 2:12 pm

Michael Winters
Was it odd that he clamped onto this stranger as his new mother figure. Its not like he asked her that or anything. He just kind of accepted because of the loving vibe she gave off. It just felt like.... home. Michael didnt quite follow her conversation because of this overblowing nostalgic sensation. He merely smiled and nodded when she mentioned the world and the forest

He spoke to her, asking her if she needed help. He even called her MISS Maple. Showing an enormous amount of respect towards her as he never EVER used an honorific on anyone.
Maple meanwhile said she is here merely to pick up some things. Like a kid he eagerly and curiously nodded as he listened to her. When she asked him if he knew where theres some good cold weather clothing, he thought to himself "Hmmm" as he was remembering locations. He eventually remembered a place, and he nodded "Right yeah. Follow me" he knew the place where there was good clothing for both the males and the females. And he was assured there was good stuff there. When she also added a smile, she caught him, by surprise and again looked deep in thought as if remembering how to do it. He did smile, albeit a lot more awkwardly and confusedly as he showed his sharp teeth


Rest (Maple) Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 3:31 am

Shopping with Maple would most likely be fairly different compared to most people, Maple was already knowing she was an oddity was not trying to hide it all that much, she seemed to get comfortable around people fairly easily."After all I can only make so many clothes out of leaves, Before it really does not help me live through the nights, I don't really have a house here either.."Maple was also entirely self aware that she was stuck in her own problems and caused them herself.

Even then she was really calm and happy."But I assume you know decent places to go shopping for such things, while we are out and about. Do you need anything?"Maple asked she was serious about this only because over all she was making sure the person who was helping her did get a thank you in return from it.

#15Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Tue Nov 21, 2023 5:15 am

Michael Winters
He blinks hearing her that she made stuff out of leaves. Then again it might've been a half elf thing he didnt know about so he never judged. "Whats it like living in the forest? Is it comfy?" he asked curiously, because part of him wondered what was it like. Maybe daydreamed of living out there in the wilderness embracing his wolf nature. But that was more of wishful thinking what if. He's too tied to this human life to abandon it. He's torn between his two sides.

Now as he was taking Maple to a shop, she would ask him if he needed anything. He shook his head "I just need to walk. Its just minor training. I uhm... recently had a sparring match and got really injured... I mostly healed, but my right leg still hurts.... It was also why you kinda saw me depressed. Its just... some stuff bums you out, yknow? When you try so hard and yet it seems its all for nothing" he shook his head "But story for another day"


Rest (Maple) Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 10:50 am

It seemed there was questions to be had. Thus Maple would answer them with out a second thought, What was it like living in the wood was a good question."It can be, Keep in mind I end up making tents for me to sleep in, after making massive beds of leaves to make sure it all me being warm for winter time, make all of my clothing out of leaves."If ever picked up Maple's clothing just seemed like one massive leaf made into a dress and styled to Maple's liking. As well leaving out very easy hint she was a nature mage.

Then Maple listened because well that was what she was good at listening."Do you require more healing?"Maple asked because she had the power too. She knew healing magic just did not use it as much as she never needed to use it for anything much.

#17Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 2:51 am

Michael Winters
"Dont you have like animal companions to protect you and keep you warm? You know, wolves are quite friendly and snuggly" says the wolf
As he doubted leaves and tents would keep one warm or protected. Fur was much more warming. You can rest your head on a wolf or a dog as if they're a pillow. Those pack animals do like to sleep in a pile, so they like when you rest on them or if they rest on you. If wolves are too scary, dogs are great too. Intelligent as human two year olds, they understand orders and context clues. They're actually more intelligent than monkeys. They're also loyal and protective.

Though because Michael wasnt a mage, he missed the hint that Maple was a mage, he was a survivalist so he did things rather raw. And only managed to recently carve his way to civilization. As they talked, Maple asked if he needs anything, but Michael said all he needed to do was walk. He recently sparred with Yuurei who messed him up. As much as those people at the north healed him, his leg was still hurting. When Maple offered her own healing services, Michael tilted his head to the side, like a curious canine "You... can do that?" he was surprised indeed


Rest (Maple) Empty Sat Dec 02, 2023 5:00 pm

Maple had a lot of tricks up her sleeve even if she didn't actually have them but she a few things that might shock people. But back to the conversation at hand she really had just one other person but that was about it. Not really an animal."Well I have a some one with me from time to when they are not busy, But most of the time just has been me alone, the animals aren't too friendly when you try to greet them."Maple leaving entirely out of the part where she just kind of just pops out of the trees and scares them too. That was not important enough to mention.

But she did figure that part was worth explaining."It was something I figured out a while a go during the various times people happen to stumble into my tent when they where hurt."Almost like most magic worked she merely pulled out a really long leaf and offered it to him."Wrap this around damaged area, it should help over time as long as you don't step on something too hard."It was entirely up to him if he wanted to do such a thing now or later.

#19Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Sat Dec 09, 2023 4:12 am

Michael Winters
"Im good with wolves, I can talk to them if you like to be nice and stuff?" he said and offered to her to try and make her animal friends, he was unaware of her quirks that she scared the woodland animals, but he was willing to still bridge the gap between the fauna and the human elf person.

Later she asked him if he needed anything, but Michael spoke that he just needed to walk off his wound. He expained how he got injured and why he was sad, but also said despite being healed by people, a certain part still hurt him. Maple asked if he needed more healing, Michael was surprised and asked her if she can do that. Maple said some instructions about a leaf and he nodded and took her advice "So Im assuming when I get home, the effect doesnt work now over clothes"


Rest (Maple) Empty Sat Dec 09, 2023 10:09 am

Wolves where interesting being Maple had tried to get along with them before."They are a bit complex to deal with, Most of them seem to think i am a threat scare me away even if i would try and bring them food."Maple pretty much see to try and feed wild life most of the time, you know the thing you might be better off not doing for they might try and harm you. But it just seemed to be how she was."But they are I did manage to get a few to snuggle with me once during winter."

Maple most likely had a lot of stories of various nights with cold animals."It does not go through clothing. It is simple to apply just place it on spot hurting and it should help."Maple did make how to use it pretty simple it was just a really long leaf that if fully laid on skin make it feel better and helped it heal.

#21Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Sat Dec 09, 2023 10:30 am

Michael Winters
"Im great with them. I can try and negotiate stuff for you if you want, so both of you can be like satisfied" again, he didnt know the extension of Maples extravagant ways, so he offered a way to try and mitigate both parties so both the wolves and Maple can be happy. It was the least he can do.

As he asked about her little magical medicine thing, she answered it doesnt go through the clothes, so it was something to do when he gets to the guild, he nodded "Alright, I'll apply it later" so he'd focus on helping her buy clothes since that was what they were doing before they got lost in conversation. He wasnt really good at fashion, despite being in Blue Pegasus, but he would help Maple as much as he could in that manner, otherwise everything was up to her. He just hoped he was good enough


Rest (Maple) Empty Sat Dec 09, 2023 3:43 pm

It was an interesting offer, if anything would be safe for both of them. Since he said he was good with wolves she would have to take him up on the offer eventually."Sounds like a good idea for something to do in the future."It was not becoming a plan.

But other things where going to go focus on other things like shopping."Entire up to you to use it anyway."Maple said with a bit of a smile. She was helpful but not forceful over all she was just trying to help and she was. But she was here to shop and that they would go do. while she would ask him."Is there anything you need while we are shopping?"She had to ask for a reason because when allowed to actually care for a person she did over all try to add them into things.

#23Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Mon Dec 18, 2023 11:43 am

Michael Winters
He nodded. It was a thing for the future. He didnt really say when nor insinuate that he'd do it now. So it was up to whenever they meet again, for now they'd just do some shopping stuff. As for the healing and when to apply the thing she gave him, Michael said he'd apply it later, but she said its up to him
"Yeah I know, I was just meaning later, Im no gonna take off my shoe now to apply it" he understood what she said and what she meant, he still liked to confirm

But since they were now shopping, she'd ask him if he needed anything, but he shook his head "No, Im fine. Im just here to help you if I can" he didnt need clothes or an outfit, he was fine with what he had. Plus he wasnt much of a clothes guy and this type of store wasnt for him


Rest (Maple) Empty Fri Dec 22, 2023 1:13 pm

With that Maple seemed to go back to just being a marry happy soul skipping about. Almost like she seemed like after things passed quickly things happen she seemed to over all move on from things quickly."Good good, as long as you get better that is all that matters."Maple seemingly over all kind of just at that level of carefree where this should be expected of her. "That part is simple we just need to find winterish clothing...some meat for later times."Maple said so casually.

But Maple did seem to almost still look over Michael every once and a while they were looking about. Almost like she was trying to see if there was anything else wrong she could pick up on that was going on with him. Just with out nosing in on too much. But she did seemed to start finding one of the things they where shopping for quickly.

#25Michael Winters 

Rest (Maple) Empty Fri Dec 29, 2023 6:25 am

Michael Winters
"Hmm, what kind of meat do you like?" he asked as he wondered since she wwas a gal who liked being in the wilderness, did she like hunted meat or store bought meat. He didnt mind hunting something down, it seemed like a fun idea. Getting winter clothes was easy enough, but the food was a different matter. Store bought food was already cleaned and cut and sorted. Meanwhile the hunted one, you gotta seperate the meat from the bone and move the skin and basically a lot more work put into it. Not to mention its bloody
Michael couldnt help but think how DID she eat? Did she have plates? A campfire? He was so curious how this woman lived, perhaps one day he would visit her dwelling as he was interested how a lady so fair like her was able to survive in the wilderness, she seemed happy

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