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The Plague (Iza/Quest)

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The Plague (Iza/Quest) Empty Thu Sep 14, 2023 10:13 am

Yijun had received what seemed like a urgent message from the inspector and he wondered why that would be and if Iza had also gained a letter or not. He hoped that the strange man had gained the letter as well as he wouldn't have any idea on how to get ahold of the other strange man even if he needed too. Yijun headed into the town walking through the streets trying to head for the place listed on the letter but he realized that the city was kind of quiet which was weird to him but he knows that some days just have to be different than others when he felt someone run into him and he looked over only to see that it was the inspector and he seemed like he was a bit panicked and looked like he was in a rush to say something but looked like he was waiting for someone else to show up before he does which tipped Yijun to Iza probably also being on his way.

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Iza Bicdic

Iza was out and about, but he couldn’t get anybody to attend his small shows. He placed them out in the open for others to come and see, but nobody. He wondered why, and hopefully, he would learn about it today. He was putting his stuff away as there was no point and he would get a letter. When he read through it, he would see that it was an emergency and he was needed at a specific location right away.

The jester would make his way to that area, and there he would see that he would be the last to arrive. There he saw Yijun and the Inspector a bit too close. He walked over to them and he had a smile on his face.

“Nobody told me it was going to be this kinda of party. Both of ya are together alone, and here I am runin it.” He said to them wondering what was really going on.



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He looks at the man that had just said that to him. "You sure took your time didn't you? It was this man telling me that they need help fast no party." Yujin looked that the man and waited for him to start to speak and tell them what had happened in farther detail.

The man began to talk. "That plant has made all kinds of tunnels underground and it is poisoning the city and causing major changes in people and animals there is a high risk that you will also be effected soon so if I am begging you two to please save the city and deal with the plants the best that you can. If you can avoid it don't kill the animals." The man sounds formal yet still highly panicked with what has been happening but Yujin doesn't seem worried as this didn't sound like it could be possibly fully real this had to be, being blown out of proportion, but he still starts walking for the outskirts as the man had told them to do so he could see for himself.
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Iza Bicdic
Iza would hear Yijun and he would rub the back of his head. He was late, well fuck he didn’t know, but he was trying to make jewels on the side.

“I was doin some stuff on the side. I got nothin out of it, so ma bad.” He said to Yijun as he would look over to the inspector who gave them a briefing on the job.

Once he was done with explaining what he needed to do. Iza would give him a thumbs up and he would look over to Yijun. The man was already on the move, and he would follow behind him.

“He said we shouldn’t get touched by any of the animals. Things my affect us in some way.” He said to Yijun as a warning.

Iza knew what to do and he would use his summons to fight his battle. It won't mess with him if he isn’t doing the touching.



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Yujin looked at the other man and he is confused why the other man would be saying my bad to some one that was so far beneath him. "No need to say your bad, I was out of line." He can see how the creatures in the forest and the farms were warped looking and that kind of put Yijun on edge as he knows that they can't touch them but he doesn't want to get himself in trouble with the man he was traveling with as he was scary and Yijun was not sure if this guy would kill him if he got on the bad side of them. Once they got close enough to the area they were told about a few cows came running at them and Yijun acted fast and he debuffed the cows and let loose one small attack at them to debuff them farther and the cows stumbled over themselves from the debuff and the attack causing them to fall over into the dirt but not killing them.

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Iza Bicdic
Iza would follow Yijun and they would get close enough for some of the animals to take notice of them. That was good because now things would start; he would take on a weird pose as he looked at the animals.

“Fool Crimson.” He said this and another jester would come out this one looking scarier than him.

Fool Crimson would look at Iza and soon enough he would summon the Fool Jester and Fool Clown. This was perfect, and soon enough the two of them would move according to his stand’s gesture. They would run forward along with Fool Crimson and they would knock out the animals that were coming to their true creator. Iza would just stand there as he was wondering what would happen next. His summons was stronger than he was, but Fool Crimson was there to assist them. His magic was him, and he was his magic, so their strength was the same.



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Yijun keeping his head keeps his own power in check as he needed to make sure not to kill the animals and it seemed that his magic was stronger against them as if they had in some way got injected with nature magic and he was guessing it was from eating the grass but this made it harder to take on this job as he was darkness and he only had darkness to use. He just kept at dodging and fighting the creatures as they came keeping them alive but knocking them out and he has a few near misses as he was not all that strong but he probably could get stronger than he was but there would need to be better in his training and his time usage as he left a lot to be desired as he was more dealing with people more than he was doing missions and quests as he tried to find his feet but there were many things that needed to be kept above the water but there was so much that was going on as different animals seemed to just keep wondering in at them. He mumbled in Sinese to himself. "Why are there so many of them?"
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Iza Bicdic

Iza would look over to Yijun and it would seem like he was able to handle his own. This was good because he didn’t want to get stuck doing all the work here. Well, he wasn’t touching anything, but he was providing his mana for three clowns that had appeared in this fight. They were given instruction to fight the animals, but not to kill them.

The Fool, the Jester, and the Clown would move toward the animals, and they would continue to strike. They were making sure that the fight they were having wouldn’t take too long, or that they wouldn’t get hurt. Iza would chuckle as it would seem like there was no end to them, but he could be here for quite some time if he wanted to.

He looked over to Yijun and it seemed like he was a bit annoyed with the swarm.

“A lil longa and we got this.” He said to his partner as things continued.


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Yijun watched as the mans army of fighters that were summoned forward fought and he could see that he was at a major disadvantage as the gap in his and the other man's skills and power were huge as Yijun was still young in the fang and this other man looked to have mastered the magic that he was given and that was something that he had never thought he would see as he had thought the man that he was teamed with was something of a younger dog as the man dressed and spoke weird but now he can see that he had misjudged the jester looking man that had used a stand. Yijun would need to make sure that he started making head way into getting stronger as he was already behind this other person and he wondered if the man was also guild ranked higher than himself and if this man had picked to help him to help his skills grow.

The man stopped thinking about it as he dodged more attacks from the mad creatures that had come forward but Yijun was nearly out of mana and the debuffs on the animals were beginning to weaken. Yijun keeps at it the best he can as this was no place to die and he is sure that Iza doesn't want to have to explain how he let a rookie die on his watch.
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Iza Bicdic
Iza would look at Yijun and he would shake his head. This was getting out of hand, but they had numbers. He would look over to Crimson Fool, and he figured he would get his Stand magic to split up the summons.

“Have Clown help Yijun. We gonna need em lata, so him dyin is bad fa business.” He said to Crimson Fool.

The Stand would look over to Iza and it would nod, as the Clown would sense the gesture, and it would make its way to help Yijun out. When it got there, it would hit a few of the animals that were coming from the young man’s side. The clown was strong enough to handle this, and he would look at Yijun before looking back at their target.

The Jester and the Fool would move forward as the two would continue on with withering down the number of animals surrounding them. He wondered what would have happened if they hadn’t done anything against these creatures, would Orchidia no longer exist?



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It would appear that he was in fact holding back the other man, having to be protected was kind of humiliating but he doesn't really have a choice right now but he hoped that there was something that he himself could do but he was not seeing the light in this tunnel as there seemed to be too much going on and he was on the wrong side of this stuff but he was going to have to do everything that was in his power but that was very limited as he had no weapon so his only option was to use his magic and his mana. Yijun cursed himself for not being stronger or having grabbed a weapon with some of the funds that he had collected but he doesn't have a moment to waste right now as he needs to get through all of this stuff as he feels like he is being buried under all of this but he knows that he isn't alone but he needed to make these animals stop in place and he pushes himself and adds more debuffs. "I can't afford to die here!"
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Iza Bicdic
Iza wished he had weapons to use himself. If he had something, then he would be helping the young man fight this. It would be perfect, and it was something he would need to obtain in the future. He would get himself a beautiful dagger. He wasn’t sure when that would happen, but he hoped soon. For now, he would use his summons to help him out and destroy any and everything that stood in his way. The Jester would be ordered by Crimson Fool to dodge any incoming attacks, and he would do just that. He had to make sure to stay near the group, so he didn’t disappear. Crimson Fool and Crimson Clown would fight amongst the other animals that were around them. It felt like it was never going to end, and it was annoying.

“That man didn’t say there would be this many animals. How many got infected?” He asked as he continued to hold out with his magic.



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He hurries and he gains what they need from the area and he looked to the other man and he moved his hand. "Come on lets fall back before something else goes wrong." Yijun hopes that they can get away from here and back to the city to give the man some of the info that they had gained while they were out there. He hurries through the forest and he goes toward the city and he looked for the man as he had to report to him. The man still looked panicked and like this was the end of the world and Yijun knows that this is the proper response as shit had clearly started hitting the fan. Yijun walked up and started speaking. "Seems like the problem is worse than you first thought."

The man started to think hard and trying to make up a plan. "I will go and see what we can find out and then I will call on you too again soon so keep yourselves ready." The man rushed off looking like he was going to plan something crazy for them and Yijun looked over at Iza and he hoped that this hell hole problem will be ironed out.
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Iza Bicdic
Iza would do his best to fend off these infected creatures. While doing that he would see Yijun had done what they had come here for, and he was ready to be on his way. He would nod as he would follow the young man and when he got far enough, the jester and the clown would disappear from the area as well. They would make it to the city and there, they would look for the inspector. When they got there, Yijun would be their voice, which was something he didn’t mind at all. He didn’t like talking to others and it was kind of something he had to force.

Still, there was nothing they could do at the time and it would seem from what the inspector said he was right. He would reward them for their hard work and ask them to be ready for when he would reach out to them again.



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