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The Threat Remains[ Naryuu/Jikan]

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Chisi's barren expanse, with its lingering memories of ancient wars, stood still in the waning light of day. Shadows stretched, growing longer and deeper with each passing moment.
Naryuu, shrouded in his Beakface mask and armor, moved silently across the battlegrounds of old. Every step he took was measured, every breath controlled. The historical desolation of Chisi served as the perfect cover.Reaching the base of a watchtower, Naryuu noticed the soft glow of a lantern from above. There was a guard. The soft murmurs of his thoughts and the subtle shifts of his weight told Naryuu he was unaware of any impending danger.

With cat-like agility, Naryuu scaled the side of the tower using small cracks and crevices as holds. As he neared the top, he drew his Deafening Sword, preparing for a swift takedown.
The guard, engrossed in his own thoughts, barely had time to register the presence behind him before the cold steel of Naryuu's blade met his neck. Silenced forever, the guard slumped, and Naryuu gently lowered him to ensure no sound alerted the camp.

Now atop the watchtower, Naryuu had a clear vantage point. The enemy camp sprawled out beneath him. He took out a piece of parchment and began sketching the layout, noting guard patrols, tent placements, and any possible weaknesses. The Beakface mask's enhanced hearing and infrared vision further aided him in picking out even the most minute details.
Every detail documented was another step closer to executing the mission flawlessly. And as he sketched, Naryuu kept an ear out for any approaching sounds, ready for the next phase of his plan.

As Naryuu settled into his perch atop the ancient watchtower, the sprawling enemy camp stretched out before him, a tapestry of movement, strategy, and living beings. With keen eyes and heightened senses, he began to meticulously document everything he observed.There were three main entrances to the camp. The primary one was heavily guarded, its archway flanked by tall wooden stakes, sharp at their tips, clearly designed to prevent a head-on assault. The secondary entrance seemed to be for supply convoys, evidenced by a trail of wagon tracks that led to it. Lastly, the third entrance was more concealed, likely an escape route or a secret passage for commanders, nestled behind a copse of trees.

Naryuu noticed the guards' patterns. Every fifteen minutes, a pair of guards would walk a designated path, pausing at key points — intersections of tents, water sources, and campfires. There was a subtle gap in their movement on the east side, perhaps an oversight or a lesser-known spot, which could be an exploitable weakness.The tents were organized in a hierarchical manner. Larger tents with intricate designs, presumably for commanders and higher-ranking officials, were situated at the center. Surrounding them were medium-sized tents, which from the soft clinking sounds and muffled conversations, Naryuu deduced were for strategists, mapmakers, and other specialized roles. The outermost layer consisted of smaller tents, lined up in rows, likely for the foot soldiers. One particular tent, distinguishable by its dark maroon shade and guarded entry, seemed especially significant — perhaps the central command or a storage for crucial assets.

Towards the northern edge, there was a sizable area dedicated to supplies. Large barrels likely filled with water or wine were stacked in rows. Adjacent to them were crates, and from the occasional wafting aroma, Naryuu inferred they contained preserved food — dried meats, fruits, and grains. Any disruption here could severely impact the camp's morale and functionality.Several figures moved with authority, their postures confident, robes more intricate. Among them, one individual stood out. He was taller than most, his armor glistening even in the dim light, and wherever he went, others bowed slightly — a clear mark of respect or fear. This man was of significance, possibly the leader or a high-ranking general.

Scattered sporadically, the campfires were focal points of activity. Around some, soldiers chatted, their laughter echoing lightly. Others were more solemn, where the light illuminated map readings and hushed strategy discussions.To the west, a clear area was dedicated to practice drills. Soldiers sparred, archers took aim, and the rhythmic sound of marching echoed as squads practiced their formations.Every observation was methodically noted down, ensuring that when the time came, Naryuu would have a comprehensive understanding of the camp's workings. Knowledge was power, and he intended to wield it to its fullest extent.

Footsteps... Naryuu's head shot up and around as he heard two sets one from around the tower in the direction he came. The other he noticed was the next guard coming to replace the old one. He kept alert as he tucked away his notes and data.



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A slow breath came to fill the surface, a soft sigh as black and red robes draped over the form on a red headed beauty. From overhead the battle worn land of Chishi looked so large to Jikan’s eyes. The past tales of its people from old eras of old long forgotten and the growing story with its own border becoming more and more heavy to the mind. The thoughts of which not with her as the Duhlin mount carefully circled from above hidden within the veil of the clouds. There was no time to reflect only on the act, a task was upon her and with focus. 

The white and brown form of the Duhlin mount cut through a set of clouds like butter, descending on the land with a soft quick movement as Jikan sat up and leaned forward. Shifting below into the darkness on approach to the walls of her target before jumping off of her Duhlin mount. Her body lightly touched the ground causing a muffled sound of rocks chipping as she rolled before stopping her moment as she pressed her back again at the wall. Dawned in only her cloak with her other equipment sealed, Jikan took precautions for this stealth mission.

With a shift she tiptoed to her right, moving until she reached a point around the perimeter. Slowing down until she reached a tunnel, more of a pipe. A water system exists as the entity of the guard post. Laying a hand to the ground, Jikan made an impact into the ground that traveled under the path.  Keeping the terrain under the running water before slipping under before sealing it once again after she entered. In a steady pace she walked then, making more and more of a path through the underground land before reaching under the camp. Pulling  from her previous birds eye view she raised a hand, creating a small hole before waiting for sounds. Hearing jotting Jikan quickly peeped her head out to gather an observation before going back down. 

It was darkness, no sound. No smell of other individuals. Good, she made her way within the inner walls. On she went occasionally stopping to pull out a slip of paper from her personal and jot something down. Paths and distances following the route she was making.

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The hushed rustle of footsteps grew louder, climbing the timeworn steps of the tower. Every subtle shift and creak of the aged wood below was heightened to Naryuu's ears, thanks to his enhanced auditory senses. Drawing on the instincts of his demi-human wolf heritage, he faded into the shadows, every breath controlled, every muscle stilled.He listened intently, noting the guard's approach. The steps were steady but cautious. Whoever this guard was, they were experienced and alert. The slow thud of boots became more deliberate as the guard reached the tower's summit. Naryuu, cocooned in darkness, remained unseen.

Moments turned to what felt like hours, a tension-filled dance of hunter and prey. He could hear the guard's breathing, uneven and slightly labored, indicating they might've sensed an anomaly but couldn't pinpoint it. As the guard began to inspect the area, the rhythmic sound of a heartbeat, fast but steady, resonated through the silence.Naryuu remained patient, waiting for the perfect opening. The seconds stretched on, filled with suspense. Then, as anticipated, there came a soft exhale of relief from the guard, likely assuming they were alone. Their posture relaxed just slightly, their footsteps betraying a lessened guard. This was the moment Naryuu had been waiting for.

With swift, silent precision, he closed the distance between them. Using his bare hands, he gripped the guard from behind, one hand over the mouth to muffle any cries, while the other deftly twisted, rendering the guard lifeless. The entire motion was fluid, efficient, and silent, ensuring that no alarms were raised.Naryuu then carefully lowered the guard to the ground, ensuring that, from below, it would look like the sentry was merely resting. Once satisfied that the situation was under control, he melted back into the shadows of the tower, eyes still on the sprawling camp below, ready for the next phase of his mission.

Though the torch's flame danced as Naryuu continued on, its light was dwarfed by the blazing loyalty in his heart. Even with the Sleeping Calamity disbanded, his allegiance to its ideals and members remained unyielding. Memories of his time with them served as a driving force, urging him to succeed in his clandestine endeavors.Finding a relatively secluded spot near some dense shrubbery, Naryuu quickly discarded the stolen armor. The weight lifted from his body felt liberating, but the metaphorical weight of the mission pressed on. He adjusted his attire and cautiously moved to the shadows once more, with every step deliberate and silent.

The main tent loomed ahead, distinguished by its larger size and the cluster of guards at its entrance. Positioned strategically, they conversed softly among themselves, unaware of the lurking threat nearby. The tent's thick fabric rustled slightly in the night breeze, hinting at the vital discussions and strategies being formulated within.Darting from shadow to shadow, Naryuu reached the back of the tent. The soft glow of lanterns inside created silhouettes of those discussing on the canvas walls. Taking a deep breath, he tuned into their conversation, eager to extract every valuable tidbit.

"...our forces will move eastward, joining with the platoon from the south. This will fortify our position against any external threat," a deep voice stated.

"Reports indicate that there may be spies among us. We must be vigilant and double-check everyone's identity," another added, the weight of his words causing a stir among the gathering.
The urgency of the situation wasn't lost on Naryuu. He realized he needed to be more cautious now, with heightened security and suspicion permeating the camp. Staying any longer would be perilous, but this information was too critical to pass up.

With nimble fingers, he subtly created a small opening in the tent's fabric, providing him with a clearer view of the goings-on inside. Maps, marked routes, supply lines, and other crucial details laid bare before him, and he quickly committed them to memory.As the meeting progressed, Naryuu kept his focus sharp and his presence undetectable, playing the high-risk game of intelligence-gathering with the skill and finesse of a seasoned operative.

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Scribble scribble. Scratch scratch scratch.  The soft sounds of reality came as Jikan wrote. Creating her pieces of information for their forces elsewhere hoping to give a tactical gift over the enemy. With each step, each observation. With each use of her magic Jikan felt her mana drain as she moved underground. The sounds of live coming off and on from far overhead as she quietly made her track. The creaking wood of their foundation and base. The rolling of rocks and stones being carelessly kicked. Her carefully trained steps were light, unknowingly added by her genetic heritage. The muffled movement aided by the cover of the earth. 

Through her search she paused, rising through the earth and walls of the exterior compound. Her face breaking from the wall as she listened. She could hear them. The troop's hungry scarfing down their bare minimum nutrition. The refined goods and needs left to their superiors. The spikes of laughter and jokes breaking through the tired pins and needles question of war. Momentary. The slowed breathing. The rhythmic heart pace. This was their time. A rest, a lowering of caution. In this relaxation they easily let themselves have loose lips. Actions of the day, hopes and fears, complaints about comrades and leadership.

A reveal of information and their conditions within the camp. A scene that gives a show of the gilded cage within. The essence of which showed an aspect that took the static calm expression of Jikan to a growing subtle flame of rage. Slaves. Held captives of Joyan rebels and the enslaved. Bodies to use as cattle and meat shields as one fine example of an insect claim. Located right in the camp were a great number of men and women, some captured enemies as well apparently. Even worse…children.

She waited then. Following their words with a renewed interest and when bodies fell due to intoxication or the sweet sounds of slumber. Well, she made notes for places to come back to later. But she shifted. A goal on her mind. She could hear the other guards breathing still as they made their rounds. Strained and weary. The echo of steps far away and the sounds of leading routes. It took some time but eventually she found her aim. The location where the 'cargo' was being held. Two guards leaned against the wall. Stowed away from the caged and chained individuals.

With a swift sudden burst she came to the surface. Gripping the two soldiers by the neck. Her hands are empowered by her mana and pure physical strength to clutch and crunch the better around their throats. With a silent blaze as her hair bounced and flowers down her back. Jikan holsters their bodies into the air as their legs swing. Frantically kicking in surprise and fear. The loss of awareness as their vision became blurry. Tight, not even a gasp for air able to be heard. Their senses waning before becoming dropped in a hangman slump. Bodies dropped into magically created holes and covered before the keys were taken from their possession.

With a calmness that still acted with underlying wrath. She commanded those in chains to move. A personal side track to be sure, but the loss of possible information from capture forces so sweet all the same.

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Under the velvety blanket of night, the stars pierced through the vast darkness, casting a gentle luminescence upon the enemy camp. Naryuu, after having successfully infiltrated the stronghold and gained valuable intelligence, found himself amidst the toughest part of his mission: extraction.

Using the guard's armor he had appropriated earlier, Naryuu blended with the shadows, careful to stick to the less-trodden paths within the camp. Every step was meticulously planned, every breath carefully controlled. The silent rustle of leaves beneath his feet harmonized with the distant chirps of nocturnal insects, masking any semblance of his movement.

The enemy camp sprawled before him, tents erected in an unorganized cluster, the flicker of torchlights casting long, wavering shadows upon the ground. Occasionally, the murmur of men discussing their day’s conquests reached his ears, interspersed with the rarer, yet louder, sounds of laughter and merrymaking.

As Naryuu approached the camp’s perimeter, he noted a sentry tower that guarded the camp’s eastern exit. Two guards occupied the platform above, their conversations drifting down, carried by the gentle breeze. With deft agility, Naryuu scaled a nearby tree, using the branches as cover. Waiting for the perfect moment, he leaped onto the tower's platform from above, silencing the first guard with a swift, efficient maneuver. The second guard, caught off-guard, barely had a moment to react before Naryuu dispatched him as well.

He quickly descended the tower, making his way to the dense forest that bordered the camp. The underbrush was thick, but Naryuu moved like a wraith, a shadow amongst shadows, taking out guards that posed a threat with surgical precision. With every step away from the camp, he felt the weight of the danger lessen, but he dared not relax his guard. Not until he was a safe distance away.

Several times, Naryuu's path was blocked by wandering patrols, but with his keen senses and unmatched stealth, he circumvented them or used the environment to his advantage, causing distractions or employing the element of surprise.

Hours seemed to stretch on, the distance between him and the camp increasing steadily, until finally, the distant hum of the camp's activities became a faint echo. Breathing a sigh of relief, Naryuu stopped at a nearby stream, using the moon's reflection in the clear water as a mirror to reassess his appearance.

The night was waning, and as Naryuu continued to move away from the camp, he could feel the slight change in the air. The once cool breezes of the evening were now giving way to the gentler, warmer whispers of dawn. There was a calmness to the world, a sort of serenity that only the early morning could offer.

After what felt like miles of trekking through the thick forest, Naryuu arrived at a small, clear stream. The water flowed gently, its surface shimmering under the caress of the early morning light. He knelt beside it, taking a moment to dip his fingers into the crisp water. It felt refreshing against his skin, washing away the grime and sweat from his earlier escapades.

Using the stream as a makeshift mirror, he could see the faint reflection of the moon giving way to the early tendrils of sunlight. It painted the forest in a mix of silver and gold, a breathtaking dance of shadows and light. The trees, tall sentinels of the forest, seemed to shimmer as their leaves caught the first rays of the sun, turning them into a sea of emerald and gold.

Listening closely, Naryuu could hear the world coming alive. Birds began their morning chorus, their melodies intertwined with the soft babbling of the stream. There was the distant rustle of creatures in the underbrush, each waking up to greet a new day.

He took a moment to re-tighten his gear, ensuring everything was in place. His fingers traced the handle of the blade at his back, a silent reassurance. Though he had successfully evaded any immediate danger, his senses remained sharp and alert.

Gazing deep into the forest, the path ahead was bathed in the warm glow of dawn. He thought about the intelligence he'd gathered, the challenges he'd faced, and those that lay ahead. With a renewed determination, Naryuu set forth, ready to face whatever awaited him on this journey, armed with the knowledge that he had once again proven himself against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Naryuu's footsteps echoed lightly against the stone floors of the headquarters, every step calculated and silent. The grandeur of the place never fazed him, even though its walls held centuries of secrets and tales. Statues of past heroes lined the corridors, their stone eyes seeming to follow him, silently judging if he was worthy to be among them.

The torches that lit the hallway cast elongated shadows, dancing in tandem with the soft gusts of wind coming in through the open windows. Their warm glow reflected off Naryuu's eyes, revealing little of the depths within. To most, he might seem detached, perhaps even emotionless, but to those who knew, every silent step, every fleeting glance was charged with purpose.

He soon found himself in front of heavy oak doors, which led to the briefing room. With a gentle push, they groaned open, revealing a spacious room with a long table at its center. At the table sat an assembly of the land's most influential - generals, tacticians, and spies.

His entrance, devoid of pomp or announcement, caught the attention of every individual. Conversations died down, replaced by an expectant silence. Everyone understood the gravity of the information he possessed; it could very well decide the outcome of the impending war.

Unfurling the detailed map he had brought with him, Naryuu began marking key locations of the enemy camp. With each point he marked, the room's atmosphere grew tenser. He then placed several small figurines on the map, indicating positions of importance, potential ambush points, and vulnerabilities. Each figurine was a testament to his attention to detail during his reconnaissance.

As he continued, the members around the table leaned in, absorbing every piece of intelligence. He gestured to certain points, emphasizing the enemy's primary supply routes, the strength of their perimeter defenses, and the most guarded points – likely where high-ranking officials or valuable assets were kept.

In the absence of words, the weight of the information settled heavily in the room. A senior officer, his uniform decorated with countless medals, rose from his seat, signaling the end of the briefing. Without waiting for acknowledgments or questions, Naryuu methodically rolled up the map, tucking it securely under his arm.

He retreated from the room with the same silent grace with which he entered. Although it was a significant weight off his shoulders, the job was far from done. He made his way to the spy barracks, a secluded section of the headquarters. Here, he could rest and mentally prepare for the next mission.

His room was spartan, with just the bare essentials. But it was all he needed. As he laid down, the weariness of his journey caught up with him. But even in sleep, Naryuu's mind was always alert, always waiting for the next challenge.
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