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Invest the weed (Quest/Iza BicDic)

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Invest the weed (Quest/Iza BicDic) Empty Sat Sep 02, 2023 1:38 pm

Yijun got gotten a follow up quest from the last quest he had done with the jester man that was apparently part of the same group of him. He walked up to see that man that had called on them again seeming to be swarmed in people that were endlessly talking but on seeing the two of them her at last he raised his hand to the group of people that had been talking his ear off and he headed toward the two so he could talk to them. "Nice to see that you two have made it, I need you two to go into the forest and take some more samples of anything that you feel is odd, we suspect it is someone using magic carelessly or with a deeper purpose to cause harm."

Yijun put his hand out taking the bag from the man that was sending them off into the forest to go and try to grab up some more samples for their tests.

#2Iza Bicdic 

Invest the weed (Quest/Iza BicDic) Empty Tue Sep 05, 2023 11:55 am

Iza Bicdic

Iza was within the North alright, and he didn’t think he would be here for too long. He was wondering what was the relationship between his Shogun and the Warden of the North, but duty called. It would seem like the man he had partnered up with, Yijun had found another job for them to take on. He was fine with this, and when he got to the location, he would see that it had to do with the man who hired them last time.

That was interesting, he would stay quiet for the time being and when he was told what to do, he would walk away from the area.

“It seems like we aren’t done with the tree. I wonda who is messin around with some crazy magic.” He said to Yijun as he figured that they weren’t up to the task on taking those guys out.

Still, he would make his way into the forest as they wanted some samples.



Invest the weed (Quest/Iza BicDic) Empty Tue Sep 05, 2023 1:32 pm

Yijun followed the other man and he wonders if they know where they are going and he now wished he had a weapon as he doubted anything good could come of him being empty handed but right now he didn't have a choice, he handed some of the sampling things to the other man and he looked around as he sees the strange plants and he wonders if that means that they are getting closer to what ever was causing all of this to happen. Yijun slowly gets closer to one of the strange plants and he takes a sample but he barely feels the effects of the plant and he wondered if it was because he was a daemon so nature was weaker against him and he he keeps going to more plants and taking samples and wondering if this was really the way to solve this. He looked over to Iza "How is it going for you over there?"
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Invest the weed (Quest/Iza BicDic) Empty Wed Sep 06, 2023 9:54 am

Iza Bicdic

Iza would lead the way into the forest, and when they got there, he would look at Yijun. He had given him things for him to put the samples that he would pick up. That was good as he didn’t get any of this when he arrived at the scene. He was fine with that and he would look around as they were getting deeper into the forest. He could see that some of the plant life here was different than the majority, so he would pull the ones that looked infected and place them into what was given to him.

The clown would continue to look around and he would continue to look around the place. He was feeling a bit weak and it would seem like the plants were truly infected because they were sapping at his mana. He would look over to Yujin who had spoken to him.

“I’m feelin ma mana being taken away fra me. I think we should get a bit more and then head back ta the detective and give him the things and tell him what was happenin. What about you are ya feeling the effects?” He asked him wondering if he was alone on that.



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Yijun heard the man speaking about how his mana was being taken from him by the plants but Yijun's darkness mana was not being taken from him even nature seemed to hate him for what he is. Yijun took more samples tearing up the plants a little but like the beanstalk it seemed to just regrow what he took this seemed to unsettle him self a bit as there was no reason that a magic should be able to do this and keep coming back like that. Yijun wondered if it was some sort of forbidden magic or maybe that it had a ties back to his father as he has no idea what kind of demon he was besides he had snake like features. Yijun hoping that the jester followed him started making his way back to the man that had sent them out here in the first place and he hoped that Iza would be okay and not have lasting effects from being in contact with the plants and what ever kind of weird magics. "Let's hope they figure this out fast." He turned in the samples he had taken to them and then he headed off once again.
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#6Iza Bicdic 

Invest the weed (Quest/Iza BicDic) Empty Wed Sep 06, 2023 12:33 pm

Iza Bicdic

Iza would speak to Yijun and when he saw that the man didn’t respond, he figured he didn’t know what he was talking about. Still, it wouldn’t take long, but the young man would leave the place. He would follow behind as he didn’t like this feeling that he had gotten. It was dumb and stupid that something could affect him in that way. It wouldn’t take them too long to get there, and when they got there, it would seem like giving the samples was all they had to do. Of course, Iza would explain the situation with his mana to their client, but he would hand them their rewards for handling the job at hand.

Iza would take his reward without a problem and he would look at Yijun. He had to agree with this guy. He was hoping that they would find a solution to this soon, so they didn’t have to worry about it.


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