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Making My Way Downtown

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Full Outfit:

Bosco was something extraordinary – a league apart, tenfold superior to even Fiore. From the rich culture, right down to the threads of clothing that adorned its citizens, other nations – minus Desierto of course – were faded echoes in comparison. Sure, the price tags carried a bit more weight, but for the Thunder Cat, money was hardly an issue. With a roster of clients longer than the day, her purse was packed. Though she wasn't exactly splurging anyway. Every piece of her clothing served as a trophy snatched from the grasp of it's rightful owner, as it should.

The sun was finally setting. A gesture that whispered summer's end through the chill that curled the air. Autumn, a personal favorite of Zari's, tiptoed its way into the scene. The thought of snagging a fur coat crossed her mind, yet for now, she enjoyed the calm before the storm of tonights grand heist. A fresh client, their face a mystery, had dealt her a hand in the game – a heist of monumental proportions, a bank's vault at the mercy of her ambition. She was aware that once the dust settled, her stay would transform from welcome to precarious because the authorities would ravage the city in pursuit of their greatest thief, so she had to enjoy what she could.

And so she embarked on a stroll down the streets. Amidst the allure of diners within high-end establishments and other pedestrians simply minding their business, the Ebony femme fatale stood out like a jewel in a sea of stones. Her very aura flicked with an untamable fire of confidence that incited envy within the women she passed. And then, desire revealed its claws, manifesting in the form of a grip that latched onto her arm. "Hey beautiful." It was like the music in her head had suddenly stopped. She pivoted and snatched her arm away, her gaze locking onto the stranger's eyes, before reclaiming her personal space with an assertive grimace. He was absolutely hideous.

"The fuck?" The words tumbled out.

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#2Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

The sun was setting in the great country of Bosco. It was the nightlife that brought the Daemon back here. After being down on his luck after suffering a great defeat at the hands of Yuurei his chance had only fallen even further down. He had left the guild that had become his first real home after he left his family estate, feeling like a failure after his defeat he disbanded from Sleeping Calamity. News of the guild falling apart after made him feel even worse. He had made a mistake, or so he had thought when he had left their halls. He had sold all his equipment besides his hammer, his chest armor, and his magical ring.  His best friend Fang had died, coming down with a sickness he was not sure how it had contracted.  Now he was once again all alone. What did a Vice Daemon do when they were all alone and in self-pity? Well, in short, they would travel to a city where they had fought for a warring family, find cheap alcohol, and even cheaper company.  If there was one thing the Daemon still had it was his love of gambling.  So that is where he found himself, on his way to play the tables betting his last amounts of jewels in hopes of scoring big time so he could refit himself with proper equipment and hopefully start looking for a new dragon.

He was doing just that when he heard it. It was something a person heard almost every night in this area. The sound of some pompous asshat thinking everyone woman he saw was his and she should be happy that he was showing her attention as if their touch was enough to change their life forever.  Unfourchantly for the man the woman he had grabbed had self-worth. She did not shyly try to pull away, she did so with ease and in a fashion of step that Knuckles could easily see was a movement that came from practice and training.  At worst, she was going to hit this guy with some well-deserved magic that would kill him instantly, at best he was going to get kicked in the nuts.  

While Knuckles was not a hero type of guy he did have honor and he did NOT like to see women treated as something like an object.   Walking by them Knuckles reached into his coat pocket of his white suit as he placed an unfiltered scented cigar into his mouth.  Pulling a silver-coated lighter from the same pocket as he put his case of cigars away, he attempted to light the cigar. Making the lighter only spark he made it seem like he was not paying attention as he occupied the space between the two.  He might of over overdo it when he stumbled more into the man's side of the sidewalk as he bumped into him.

"Oh, oh my. I am sorry my friend.  This blasted lighter was not striking and I must have been too caught up in having my evening smoke to notice you.  I deeply apologize sir.  "

The hope was that he could draw all the anger from the woman's actions onto him so that the man would center it onto Knuckles.  His hammer would come to his palm if he called for it to be there.  Though Knuckles doubted he would need such a Mythic weapon to suck a low-life scum. One look and Knuckles could tell the man belonged on the street. A proper peasant in too strong perfume and an overpriced coat.    The man gritted his teeth as he took a break to speak or rather yell at Knuckles. Though as he attempted to speak his first word Knuckles purposely cut him off. "My dear lady please forgive me. I seem to be a bit clumsy this evening. " He said with a charming smile and tone of voice.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Full Outfit:

Let's set the record straight – Zariya was far from a pushover. She flaunted her strength like a prized trophy, a testament of the harsh upbringing gifted by her homeland. Most individuals barely registered on her radar. She had been blessed with formidable magical prowess, honed by the finest vikings her frigid homeland had ever produced. So, when an unsuspecting man decided to disrupt her day with a flirtation attempt that made her want to puke, she stood ready to unleash a tempest of wrath upon him. The Thunder Cat was short fused, and although she excelled in evasive tactics, trouble had an uncanny talent for shadowing her every step.

Had she unleashed her wrath on this fool, it might have resulted in the Boscan authorities descending upon her like a swarm of enraged hornets. When Zariya unleashed her fury, there was no stopping the flood of chaos.

However, It turned out that she had a guardian angel—or in this particular case, a guardian demon—who swooped in for her rescue. A flame-haired figure emerged from the shadows, "accidentally" colliding with the harasser. The machina couldn't help but wear a sly grin, her gaze shifting from the unwanted stranger to her guardian demon. The man seemed bewildered, perhaps even frightened or anxious. After all, Knuckles exuded an ominous aura that most people couldn't help but feel, especially when they were miles apart in terms of strength. Daemons had that uncanny ability to unnerve.

There wasn't much that Zariya's would-be harasser could do, not with Knux in the picture, threatening his masculinity. The Sin of Greed casually rested a hand on her hip, giving the man a subtle nod of approval before shifting her attention back to her savior.

"My knight in shining armor, you've come to my rescue... she playfully teased, "It's about damn time. It had taken him quite a while to locate her; after all, they did have important matters to attend to.

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#4Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles couldn't help but let out a chuckle, a low and slightly gruff sound that contrasted with the elegance of the Boscan streets. The situation had de-escalated quickly, as he had hoped, and the unwanted suitor now seemed more interested in preserving his own dignity than pursuing any further confrontation.

With a wink, Knuckles replied to Zariya's playful remark, "Well, my lady, you know how these city streets can be a bit tricky to navigate. But fear not, for your savior has arrived." He offered a slight bow, a touch of theatricality in his movements, as he glanced back at the retreating suitor who now hurried away, perhaps more intimidated by Knuckles than he had initially been by Zariya.

Straightening up, Knuckles turned his attention fully to Zariya, taking in her formidable presence and the confidence that radiated from her. "So, my elegant friend," he continued, "what brings you to these vibrant streets tonight? I can't help but feel that fate has crossed our paths for a reason."

As he spoke, he gestured towards a nearby café, a suggestion that they could continue their conversation in a more relaxed setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the sidewalk. Knuckles had a sense that this encounter held more significance than a mere chance meeting, and he was curious to learn more about the enigmatic woman he had just assisted.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Full Outfit:

The guy who had just tried his hand at flirting or whatever that was? Well, he was forgettable, to say the least. Even though she stood head and shoulders above him, it wasn't her imposing stature that had scared him off. Instead, it was the unexpected arrival of another man that had sent him packing. How typical. Zariya couldn't help but roll her eyes at the retreat of the would-be Romeo. Now that he was out of the picture, she could fully focus on the man standing before her, Knuckles Shi.

Knux had a distinct look with his pale skin and a fiery shock of hair. He was impossible to miss in this crowd. And she had to admit, he had a rugged, attractive appeal. It was almost amusing how both men who made up half of the Kingpin council turned out to be attractive. For a brief moment, she took it all in, subtly assessing Knuckles Shi. Then, her thoughts drifted to a more personal question—was he any good In bed? What if someone as formidable as him turned out to be a disappointment in the sheets? It would be quite the letdown.

The Kingpin maintained his composed demeanor, offering a respectful bow. Zariya was well aware that beneath that exterior lay a man who could be downright ruthless when the situation called for it. With a mischievous grin, she brushed a strand of hair away, pondering the strange twist of fate that had brought them together.

"Hmmm..." Zariya spoke, her tone carrying a sense of consideration as if she were carefully weighing her options. Money was her driving force, and disclosing the real reason for her presence wasn't something she did lightly, regardless of who was asking. However, she couldn't deny that Knuckles might offer valuable help to her current predicament.

"Actually," she whispered, leaning in closer with a more composed demeanor, "I'm currently on a job. Funny how life has a way of throwing surprises, right? You might just be the missing piece I've been searching for. If you're not tied up with something else right now, how about you join me? And, of course, I'm willing to be generous—I'll split the pay with you, thirty-seventy," she said with a subtle, knowing smile, her eyes scanning the surroundings to ensure their conversation remained discreet.

Offering a 70/30 split was a significant enticement, but Zariya was unfortunately fully aware that Knuckles exuded an air of self-assuredness that hinted at him knowing his own value.  


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#6Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles Shi couldn't deny the allure of Zariya's offer. The recent blows to his fortunes had left him teetering on the edge of desperation, and her proposition could be the lifeline he needed. The 70/30 split was a tempting bait, no doubt, but the Daemon was not one to rush into partnerships, especially not one involving high-stakes heists.

As she leaned in, her words and demeanor dripping with an enigmatic charm, Knuckles couldn't help but feel a sense of curiosity and caution warring within him. He was well aware that Zariya was no ordinary woman; she carried an aura of power and confidence that demanded respect. It wasn't just her imposing presence; it was the way she carried herself, a testament to her years of experience in the criminal underworld.

"Between endeavors," he mused silently, reflecting on his recent setbacks. He had left his former guild in the wake of defeat and tragedy, and his pride had taken a severe blow. Now, here he stood, at a crossroads, presented with an opportunity that could potentially turn his fortunes around.

But the seasoned thief in him couldn't ignore the necessity of caution. He needed more information, a deeper understanding of the job, its risks, and the woman standing before him. Knuckles met her gaze, his crimson eyes probing for any signs of deceit or uncertainty. In the world they inhabited, trust was a currency more valuable than any jewel, and he wasn't prepared to spend it lightly.

"Before I fully commit," Knuckles spoke softly, ensuring their conversation remained shrouded in secrecy, "I'd appreciate a few more details. What's the nature of this job? And do you have any insights into the potential challenges we might face?"

His thoughts raced, considering the possibilities and weighing the risks. This was a pivotal moment, and he needed to make an informed decision that could shape his future in the world of thievery.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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