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Fractured Diabolos [Guild Concept]

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Fractured Diabolos

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is the tenet of Fractured Diabolos, a loosely-aligned group of seven rogue Mages, sociopathic, mercenary in nature, and above all else power hungry. At first created in the memory of a once-legendary Dragon Slaying Guild, the allure of power that came from their wicked experiments have irreversibly corrupted the guild. Now what was a guild that sought to leave a legacy has become willing to do anything in further pursuit of power, further embracing their warped experiments, regardless of the cost.

Imbued with volatile and dangerous enhancements created by infusing sickening experiments with vile Magics, those within Fractured Diabolos venture as close as they can to sacrificing their humanity in order to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. That is the price of violating the laws of nature, to become something of a hybrid - the fusion of one's person and weapons of cruel destruction - as only then can full power be achieved.

Despite their collective desire for power, Fractured Diabolos is true to its name, fractured. With no actual master, the guild exists more as a collective group, with each of their members having joined, sacrificed a part of themselves, and utilized that power all to pursue their own agenda. As a result, members operate independently of one another, favoring their own objectives and personal alliances before that of anyone else, including other members. Thus, how much or little aid a Fractured Diabolos member provides another is irrelevant. The closest thing to sort of bylaws within the group is an unspoken rule of not directing interfering in another's operation. Not to say that it can't happen, but their sacrifices were made to pursue their own agenda, not hinder others.


  • The user must be at least A-Rank.
  • The user may not take any Good quests.
  • The user's Fame may never exceed their Infamy.
  • The user may not choose to Sacrifice as a means of resolving an incarceration matter.
  • The user may never reveal sensitive information about Fractured Diabolos to others for as long as they live. If they do, all future topics involving them and current Fractured Diabolos members will put only the user in constant Orange mode.


  • The user must be more active than the least active person to enter it if there are already 7 individuals listed as Fractured Diabolos.
  • All perks and benefits acquired Levels within Fractured Diabolos exist only while the user is in the guild. If the user leaves or is removed, all perks are removed, gear made incompatible is not refunded, and attempting to utilize such perks or gear will result in permanent limb removal/incurable damage.


Fractured Diabolos operates out of a forgotten military facility located at the base of one of the numerous mountain ranges in the frozen lands of Iceberg. Although situated in a theoritically advantageous position to combat the attempted annexation by the Sevese Empire, the brutality of the snowstorms plaguing the area and its relative isolation from the more populated parts of Iceberg made the facility impossible to sustain in the long term. Eventually it was abandoned, expected to be consumed by the elements and forever forgotten behind an endless amount of snow.

How Fractured Diabolos not only happened to locate the facility, but manage to get it operational enough to adequately function remains a mystery. Nonetheless, from within it serves as the ideal base of operation for the guild. The snowstorms provide a natural deterrent from those seeking it out outside of the most motivated individuals - the kind that would be drawn to Fractured Diabolos in the first place. Beyond that, the facility has an almost haunting nature to it, the exterior being intimidating while the interior of the base is similarly cold in its aesthetic.

Within the facility are the resources required for Fractured Diabolos to not only survive, but thrive within. With power restored to the key parts of the facility, members of the guild have full access to the living quarters, research lab, engineering workshop, armory, training quarters, and medical lab. Large supply depots are kept under limited access to ensure long-term sustainability within the facility for near indefinite periods.


Level 1:
  • What We Do in the Shadows: The ability to identify the user via reputation is removed, made capable only by effects such as the World Tarot.

Level 2:
  • Imperfected Hunter:
    • Non-hunters may purchase and wear Hunter-exclusive gear. They are not eligible for discounts nor can be resold/refunded.
    • Hunters may apply a Spell Overcharge Enhancement to a spell type of their choice. This does not count against Enhancement slots.

Level 3:
  • Black Market Connections: The user receives a 20% store discount on all items.

Level 4:
  • Twisted Machinery: The user, upon receiving this rank, may select one of the following enchantments to be applied to their character. This decision cannot be changed.
    • Enhanced Targeting Computer: The user gains either Blind, Deafen, or Sensory-Depravation Immunity.
    • Durasteel Skeleton: The user selects one Attribute. Debuffs applied to this Attribute are reduced by 2 Ranks.
    • Weapon Modification: The user is able to mold a limb into a makeshift weapon that can shoot at a target, dealing Rank damage up to S-Rank, moves at Spell Speed, costs no Mana, and may be used once per post.
    • Artificial Dragon Heart: The user may choose to have an Artificial Dragon Heart of the element of their choice inserted. This grants the user the Consumption ability towards the selected element.
    • The Brilliance of Man: The user receives a 20% Increase Modifier to either Word Count Reduction, Experience Gain, or Jewels Received.

Level 5:
  • Equivalent Exchange: Once per month, the user may resubmit an existing custom item to their forge for a rework. The intended slot does not have to be the same, but it may not be occupied. All customs have a unique cooldown attached based upon their respective rarity.
    • Mythic: 3 months
    • Legendary: 2 months
    • Unique: 1 month

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